Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Princess Charlotte receives her royal visitors

Prince William and Princess William announced the new princess's names yesterday.  She will be addressed henceforth as HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Wales.  Charlotte is believed to be a moniker for her paternal grandfather Prince Charles, Elizabeth as a tribute to her great grandmother the Queen and Diana as a tribute to her late paternal grandmother Princess Diana.
Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
 Her birth was registered yesterday at Kensington Palace by her father Prince William Wales.
Princess Charlotte's Birth Certificate
Princess Charlotte has received a host of royal visitors which include her Great Grandmother - Queen Elizabeth, Her Grandfather - Prince Charles and his wife Camilla,  Her Maternal Grandparents - Mr & Mrs Middleton as well as Aunt Pippa.
Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Charles and Camilla

Carole and Pippa Middleton

Mr Michael Middleton

Erection Day Is Nigh

If I could turn back time.  I have said that to myself so many times before.  More often than not, just after I click on the send button when sending an email and out of the corner of my eye spot an error or spelling mistake. *Sigh*  I'm glad to know I am not the only one prone to error.  The elections are here and someone spotted this glaring error in a Tory campaign leaflet.  Have a look and see if you can spot the error.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

WITJ Afro Hair And Beauty Expo

I have not been to a Natural Hair event before.  That is most likely because I am 'still in the closet'.  I stumbled on Woman In The Jungle (WITJ) Afro Hair and Beauty event coming up soon.  Looking forward to attending both events.  I will let you know how it goes.....

Monday, May 04, 2015

Crazy School Girls

Going by the activities in the video, this is obviously some sort of social event organised by at least two schools.  The girls seem to be wearing one uniform and the boys some other type of uniform so I suppose it is safe to assume that a boys only and girl only school decided to have a joint event.  

What bothers me however is that majority of the girls seem to be behaving outrageously. Loads of the boys in the video seem sane (with the exception of the few indulging in this crazy dancing) but the same cant be said for the girls in the video. Could it be something in the water they drank?  Does anyone have any idea which schools these students are from or the event?

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Chelsea Crowned 2015 Premier League Champions

Chelsea FC was crowned champions of the premier league this afternoon after beating Crystal Palace by a lone goal.  Congratulations to them and all their loyal fans....

Rita Chukwudi Gives Thanks To God

Dear Calabar Gal,

I want to give thanks to God for seeing me through 6 years of University (several years of ASUU strike inclusive).  My graduation was yesterday and my family came out to support me.  I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry Education from Delta State University.

More pictures from Rita's graduation after the cut......

Throw Back.....

Raise your hands up if this picture brings back some good memories...............
Did you maltreat this doll?
Pierce a hole in its mouth to allow you feed it?
Pierce a hole in its nose just so it could breathe?
Puncture its legs so it could poo and wee?

Or better still, tie it to your back with your mummy's silk scarf and put it to bed beside you.  Share your memories........

Saturday, May 02, 2015

The New Princess of Cambridge Leaves Hospital

The Princess of Cambridge greets the world
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital, Paddington this afternoon with their lovely new princess in her mother's arms.  The princess was born at 8.34am this morning and left hospital at about 6.20pm this evening.  The Duchess wore a summery 1970s Jenny Packham dress with her usual nude heels and of course we expect the dress to fly off the shelves and be sold out in a couple of hours.
The Duke, Duchess and the Princess of Cambridge

See a video and more pictures of the royals leaving hospital after the cut......................

The Royals - Kate and William welcome a Princess!!!

Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed a new princess at 8.34am this morning at the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital.  We join the entire world in congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their new arrival.  The new born princess is 4th in line to the throne after her grandfather, dad and big brother.  Unconfirmed reports say the Duchess will leave hospital at 2.30pm this afternoon.    See video below showing the town crier announcing the princess's arrival.  I say the odds of her being named Elizabeth are very high.

Friday, May 01, 2015

When God Has Your Back

Is it not wonderful when your dog has your back.  It is even more wonderful knowing that God has your back and will defend and fight for you in every situation.  Could not help but marvel at this video.......

Mayday! Mayday!! Mayday!!! May The 1st Be With You!

Mayday!! Mayday!! Ok - not that kind of Mayday.  May 1 is recognised in 80 countries as International Workers Day or Labour Day and how is it celebrated? By not working!  Some say the 1st of May was the date the pagans celebrated their Roman goddess of flowers - Floralia.  May Day is also used to remember the Haymarket Affair of 1886 in Chicago where police shot and killed protesters who were picketing an eight hour day.  Some more Memes after the cut to help you through your non working day.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Graduation Memes

This post is dedicated to Delta State University graduates and all graduates out there.  Send in your graduation pictures and get celebrated......  Here are some memes for you after the cut....

Barrack Obama Saves The Day

The video below may be a year old but I was enthralled.  Don't you just love it when your man has your back 24/7?  The wind was threatening to wreck havoc on Michelle's dignity and Barrack stepped in to save the day......

A big shout out to all the men who have their woman's back.........

Empower Yourself - Learn How To Make Cocktails And Mocktails.........

How do you spend your weekends?  Are you a serial 'Asoebi' buyer?  Now is the time to put some of your 'Asoebi' money to good use and let your money work for you.  Do you want to acquire a skill or hobby you will enjoy executing? Do you want to be paid to practice your hobby when you would have equally executed it for free?  Now is the time to empower yourself in a very affordable way.....  Learn how to make Cocktails (Alcoholic mixed drinks) and Mocktails (Non Alcoholic mixed drinks) at this forthcoming training in Ojodu, Lagos.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Quirky Costumes from 2015 London Marathon

Nurse Nancy

We all know a  marathon is not complete without the fun runners in quirky costumes who put smiles on our faces as they go past in their regalia.  Yesterday's marathon was definitely not devoid of persons in quirky regalia running the entire 26.2 miles.  

Majority of those in costumes were actually attempting to create new records.  E.g Fastest person to run with a cross; Fastest person to run as a framed painting; Fastest person to run as an elephant; Fastest person to run marathon as a Dinosaur;   The possibilities are endless!  The fact remain though that these runners, don their costumes, sweat it out, have fun in the process and raise money for various charities at the same time.  Such noble acts......

I did cheer them on from my sofa as promised and this post is dedicated to them - see you all next year!!
Mr Dinosaur
The Naked Runner......

'Jesus' with his cross......

Running as a giant testicle and raising money in aid of Testicular Cancer

Dear Neighbour - Put a Leash On Your Children!!

Dont we all love being 'passive aggresive'?  It can be fun throwing shade at others - sometimes in a polite manner but more often than not, in a not so polite way.  I know I more often than not write 'wash me' on dirty dusty cars.  Never been caught by the owners but I hope to God I am never caught in the act.  They just might ask me to help them out.  LOL! Sometimes we manipulate others subtly.  They may upset us but we smile, display negative emotions covertly and hit them in style right where it hurts with a massive smile plastered on our faces.  Found these passive aggressive notes online and could not help but share.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Delta State University (DELSU) - Announces Convocation Date...

The Governor and other Officials at the 8th Convocation Ceremony
The authorities of the Delta State University, Abraka have announced a date for its 9th Convocation Ceremony.  The ceremony will take place on Saturday, 2nd May 2015 at its Abraka Campus.

Calabar Gal congratulates all the graduating students and wishes them the very best as they commence on the next phase in their lives.  Interested DELSU graduants can send pictures of their big day/graduation party and we'll put them up in celebration of the new milestone.

Metro calls out "Deported Illegal Prostitute"

I stumbled upon this article in yesterday's metro and could not help but shake my head.  I suspect this article is about the Nigerian lady who has been in the news a lot lately.

Granted, she was an illegal immigrant and granted, she was deported.  Was there any corroborated or substantiated testimony in court that she was a prostitute?  Why the name calling now her son has won his appeal?  

Reminds me of the times when you have an argument on the street with a random stranger (more often than not, men are the usual culprit) and the best way he knows how to get back at you is call you a 'prostitute' or a 'hoe'.

Virgin Money London Marathon - The Final Countdown

Good luck to all those participating in the marathon on Sunday.  I'll be cheering you on heartily  - from my sofa.......

 Pictures from previous races below.  I would love to run in fancy dress one day very soon - if I can get up from this darn sofa.....

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Barr Legor Igagbo receives Certificate of Return from INEC

Barr. Legor Idagbo, The House of Representative Member Elect for Bekwarra, Obudu and Obanliku Constituency pictured above after collecting his Certificate of Return from the INEC Commissioner in charge of Cross River, Akwa Ibom and Rivers States.  Speaking after collecting his certificate, Barr Idagbo promised not to let his people down and promised to render effective representation.

The Governor Elect - Senator Ben Ayade, Deputy Governor Elect - Prof Ivara Esu and seven other elected representatives also collected their Certificates of Return at the same event.

CRS Governor Elect Receives Certificate of Return

Senator Ben Ayade, The Governor-Elect of Cross River State pictured above with his Certificate of Return presented to him by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).  The Deputy Governor Elect - Prof. Ivara Esu also collected his Certificate of Return on the day.  Certificates of Return were also presented to six other elected officials.

Speaking after the presentation, Senator Ayade stretched an olive branch to all and declared that he would join hands with all persons, irrespective of their political inclinations to move the state forward.

A Call out for CUDA

Calabar - the Caanan City known for its peace and tranquility.  I remember some first time visitors being taken on a tour of the town and being so amazed by the fact the entire town was in such a 'spick and span' state.  One of their comments that had us bursting at the seams was "Dem no dey drink pure water for here"?  Yes, its citizens were that conscientious and everyone worked together to keep the town clean.

Abang Essang Street

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Victory Rally in Cross River State

Governor Elect - Senator Ben Ayade leading the rally

It is no longer news that PDP achieved a landslide sweep/victory in Cross River State and went out to thank citizens of Cross River State for their trust in the party.  A Victory/Thanksgiving Rally for the elected representatives held in Calabar.  It was a good turn out and and opportunity to express gratitude to the electorate for their faith in the party.  The Governor Elect - Senator Ben Ayade, his Deputy - Prof Ivara Esu,  the 3 PDP Senators Elect,  6 House of Representatives members elect and 25 House of Assembly Members elect were all part of the rally.  More pictures from the rally after the cut:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Senator Elect - Gershom Bassey receives Certificate of Return from INEC

The Senator Elect,  Cross River State Southern Senatorial District - Chief Gershom Bassey, today received his Certificate of Return from INEC.
Receiving his Certificate

Monday, April 20, 2015

Death on the Mediterranean........

I have always wondered what it would be like to travel by sea.  I have this vision  of a journey by ship, nesting in your cute little cabin while looking out the porthole at the waters as you bob along to the final destination. 

Sea transportation has been in the news a lot lately and it has not been all good news.  First of all,  a ship which started its outward journey from Libya with destination - Italy was rescued on the Mediterranean.  When the passengers embarked, the Italian authorities were informed that some passengers (Christians of Nigerian and Ghanaian descent )  had been thrown off the ship and into the water by their fellow passengers (of muslim faith) following a verbal altercation about religion.  The number of persons thrown off the ship in the altercation was rumoured to be about 12.  No details have emerged of the names of the deceased - it is not known if they were properly documented prior to the start of their sojourn.
Photo Credit: AFP Photo/MOAS

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Question for South Africans: Why?

It is no longer news that there is a lot of unrest going on in South Africa.  The gory facts are being beamed all across the world thanks to the effectiveness of social media.

Burning, Looting, Maiming of foreigners and several other atrocious unmentionable acts have been going on unchecked, flimsy excuses have been thrown around as the reason for these gory acts.  Excuses like "They have been taking all our jobs and our sons end up being unemployed".  The atrocity has been going on unchecked for more than a week now.  Authorities in South Africa seem to be standing on the sidelines and watching the riots genocide taking place.  Black foreigners are the targets of these attacks.  Their shops are looted, they are maimed at will, harassed and their safety is no longer certain.

Warning:  Brace yourself: there are some extremely gory pictures after the cut.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Saving Father - A Film by Ebbe Bassey Manczuk..............

Saving Father is an independent film that highlights the advent of HIV/AIDS in seniors.  The film is being produced by Ebbe Bassey an internationally acclaimed actress, producer, director who has featured in American series - NYPD Blue, Law and Order, Brooklyn Shakara (Vox TV) and numerous Nollywood movies which include Dr Bello (nominated for best supporting actress), Ties that Bind (nominated for best supporting actress), Turning Point amongst others.  Ebbe was a guest on "Off Center" and talked with Abdulai Jalloh in the video below about the film.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Challenge 100: Nigerian Family - The Amazu's At The North Pole

I was pleasantly surprised to read all about the Amazu's (Sir Og, Lady Joy, their daughters) and the Challenge they had set for themselves.  They arrived at the North Pole two days ago on April 13 2015 and completed a back-to-back sky dive and scuba dive.  I could not help but be amazed at their their feat. Not only did they get out of their comfort zone, their kids also shared this great feat with them.  They have planted the Nigerian flag firmly on the North Pole raising awareness for projects they are undertaking through their Challenge 100 project. 

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Introducing Osawe and Clifford

Love is a beautiful thing - it all started 8 years ago when the eyes of an Isoko prince beheld a precious flower blooming in a university in the ancient town of Benin. Thus began a journey that sprouted in the ancient city and culminated in the dotted lines being signed 3,000 miles away in a leafy, affluent Enfield surburb when Prince Clifford asked his princess to be by his side forever.   Family, friends and colleagues all came out en masse to witness the joy being sealed between Princess Osawe and Prince Clifford.........

I don catch am - signed, sealed delivered......
Please  join us as we share pictures from Prince Clifford and Princess Osawe's wonderful day.......