Monday, July 06, 2015

Queenette Awukam is crowned CRMBG 2015

The grand finale of Cross River Most Beautiful Girl 2015 held at the Main Bowl of Cultural Centre Calabar on Saturday 4th July.  10 beautiful contestants slugged it out for the 'Most Beautiful Girl' crown and Miss Ikom - Queenette Awukam emerged the winner.  Here are some pictures from the event.

Former Queen Prosper Ayuk hands over to Queenette 

Queen Queenette Awukam during rehearsals

Brave or Foolish? You be the judge.....

Check out the stunts 23 year old Leonardo and his 18 year old girlfriend - Victoria pull in their spare time on the world's highest mountain that ends in an ocean.  The mountain is called Padrea de Gavea and can be found in Brazil.

This is taking 'extreme selfies' to a whole new level

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Princess Charlotte is Christened

Princess William and Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was christened today at the Church of Mary Magdalene in Sandringham.  Her late grandmother - Princess Diana was also christened in the same church.  She arrived church pushed in a silver pram borrowed from her great grandmother - the queen.  Her grandfather and his siblings had also used that pram many many times and years before her.  Her are some pictures from her big day at church.

Princess Charlotte

Prince and Princess William heading to church

Cute big  brother - Prince George

The turnout to felicitate with Princess Charlotte was huge

Camilla - Duchess of Cambridge avoiding a 'Marilyn Monroe' moment

Pictures: Getty

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Eba, Poundo and Fufu Eating Competition - May The Fastest Man Win!

Could not help but share.  These men are not taking chances at all!

Shocking Video...This is unbelievable These guys can eat for Africa
Posted by Gossip Mill Nigeria on Saturday, June 27, 2015

Source: Gossip Mill 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hope Waddell Old Boys (HWOSA) Reunion in North America

Hey!! Hope Waddell Training Institute calling all ye Hope Waddell Old Boys worldwide! What are you doing the 4th of July weekend?  Your North America reunion is coming up!! It is happening at New York La Guardia Marriott.  Don't miss it!

Delegates from HWOSA (National ), HWOSA Calabar, HWOSA Uyo and HWOSA United Kingdom will be attending.  HWOSA North America will play host. It promises to be a fun filled weekend.

Rev. Hope Waddell

Patoranking to Perform at CRMBG This Weekend

Patoranking - The "Girlie O" crooner has confirmed that he will be performing at Cross River Most Beautiful Girl Grand Finale this weekend - 4th July 2015.

Vote online for your top 10 contestants.  The contestants with the highest number of votes will slug it out on Saturday.  Cast your vote at or HERE.  Get your family and friends involved now! Don't forget to buy your tickets and show up on the night.

CRMBG 2015 - Camp Experience Day 1 and 2

Reigning Queen - Prosper Ayuk

The Grand Finale of the 2015 edition of Cross River Most Beautiful Girl takes place on Saturday 4th July.  the contestants have gone into camp and you can now vote online for your favourite contestant.  The top 10 ladies with the highest number of votes will proceed to Saturday's finale.  You can vote online at or HERE.  Get your family and friends involved now.

Here are some pictures from Day 1 and 2 of the contestants camp experience

Beautiful Choreography of Yemi Alade's Johnny

Check out this beautiful choreography of Yemi Alade's Johnny by Petit Bagaza.

Floods, Loss and Tears as the Rains Unleash Havoc In Eket

It is a thing of joy when the rains arrive to wet the earth in preparation for the farming season.  For the people of Eket in Akwa Ibom State, the arrival of the rains has brought a lot of tears and sorrow.  It has been raining non stop for the past 48 hours and the heavens are still pouring as I write this post.  

Poor planning and poor drainage has caused the homes of majority of the residents to be run over by the floods.  Millions of Naira worth of property have been damaged.  More heart breaking pictures after the cut.

15 Unspoken Rules of Courtesy - Do You Agree?

Do you agree with these unspoken rules of courtesy?  I am guilty of No 13 and 15 and hereby repent from my sins.  See more unspoken rules after the cut.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Driver and Cook Strangle and Kill Vice Chancellor

Daniel Ita and Olayemi Bamitale (pictured above) were employed as Night Security Guard and Driver by Professor Albert Illemobade the Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Technology (FUTA) Akure.  The security guard called the late Professor out of his bed under the pretence that the house was fire.  When the late Professor Illemobade opened the door of his home, they jumped on him, strangled him to death, dumped his body in an abandoned store in the compound and made away with the Professor's Toyota RAV4 jeep, laptop, mobile phones and other valuables.

The RAV4 Jeep stolen by the culprits

Cross River Most Beautiful Girls Visit House of Assembly

The beautiful contestants for the 2015 Cross River Most Beautiful Girl paid a courtesy visit to the CRS House of Assembly recently.  The gorgeous ladies are pictured here with the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Majority Leader, Chief Whip and other officials of the House.

Dont forget to cast your vote online at  Cast your vote HERE.  Ten girls with the highest votes will slug it out at the finale on Saturday July 4. Get all your friends and family to vote!  Follow CRMBG on twitter and instagram - @CRMBG.

Cross River Most Beautiful Girl 2015 - Meet The Contestants

The grand finale for the 2015 edition of Cross River Most Beautiful Girl (CRMBG) 2015 takes place at the Main Bowl of the Cultural Centre Complex on Saturday 4th July 2015.  Meet the contestants who are taking part in the pageant.

Online voting to decide the 10 contestants who will participate in Saturday's Grand Finale is now going on at  Cast your vote HERE.  The girls with the top ten votes will make it to the finale. Get all your friends and family involved to decide the top ten finalists.  Follow CRMBG on twitter and instagram - @CRMBG.

See the contestants in their traditional attire after the cut.

FGGC Calabar (Fegocal) 93 Set Give Back To Their Alma Matter

Banner showing Names of 93 Set

The 1993 set of Federal Government Girls College, Calabar had their reunion recently.  They gave back to their Alma Matter by renovating a block of 6 classrooms for the current students.  The renovation project was commissioned during the reunion.  The ladies also had an award ceremony to remember their former teachers who groomed them through the years.  Pictures from the event after the cut.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Sandrea Takes Allen Home To Meet Papa

Beautiful Sandrea

Dashing Allen
Sandrea and Allen
 You know how the saying goes -"When you find a good and beautiful lady, you take her home to Mama".  In this case, Sandrea found dashing and smashing Allen and quickly took him home to meet Papa.  Here are some pictures from Sandrea and Allen's traditional marriage which took place on 25th June 2015.

Beaming Allen

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fruit Training In Lagos This Weekend

    The Countdown has begun.  A couple of hours left for you to register for this empowering training coming up on Saturday 27th June 2015.........
    Learn how to make varied fruits arrangement and receive crafts training......
                                              Fruit Arrangements, Fruit Baskets, Fruit Trees, Fruit Carving, Fruit Kabobs, Fruit Numbering, Fruit Lettering or Fruit Platters - oh the variety to choose from...  Learn the gospel of fruits craft training!

Iya-Iya Crooner Tubee Shares Selfie

Iya-Iya croner 2Bee recently joined the clan of half clad musicians sharing bathroom selfies.  
You Like?
2Bees songs are extremely nice and you know what they say - every little helps so please look out for his CD/Single.....

TuBee doing his thing