Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thy Will Be Done - Pictures from the London Premiere - 1

The star studded London premiere of Thy Will be done held at the BFI IMAX Cinema at Waterloo.  Here are some more pictures from the event.  Shout out to the crew at Iroko TV - you guys rock!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Thy Will Be Done - Nollywood Movie Premiere in London

Yesterday was the movie premiere for Thy Will Be Done - A Nollywood Factory Film in conjunction with Roks Studio.  The premiere was a first in Nollywood.  The first Nollywood moovie to premiere at the BFI IMAX Cinema at Waterloo.
Mercy Okojie & Obi Emenloye
Mary Remmy Njoku
Ramsey Nouah
Jason Njoku

 I was really looking forward to this movie - it featured all my favourite people - Ramsey Nouah, Mercy Johnson Okojie, Mary Remmy Njoku, Jide Kosoko and loads more.  Missing this premiere was not an option.  Thankfully I got there on time and met other pressmen (paparazzi to you) still setting up their equipment.  I joined them.  (Even if all I did was bring my camera out of my handbag, I still had to make sure the battery was ok and the SD card intact.  That was my own prep.  I shall not be left behind.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thy Will Be Done!

Ramsey Nouah - A man after my own heart.  I grew up with Ramsey Nouah.  That did not come out the way I intended - I'll rephrase that.  I grew up watching Ramsey Nouah.  Ah!! Fine boy no pimples.  I digress.  Back to the crux of the matter - His acting skills are a delight.

Mercy Johnson Okojie - a versatile and delightful actress.  Always ready to display her skills - be it as a posh lady or an agbero.  Mercy will deliver - never found wanting.

Mary Remmy Njoku - a sight for sore eyes.  I remember when she started her acting career and my attention was drawn to her performance.  Her performance in BB babes - pure joy!  But that is most likely because I love her anyways.    Give me Mary Remmy anyday - I will happily spend the entire weekend watching her. (Pun intended)

My favourite actor and actresses have the premiere of their latest movie - THY WILL BE DONE taking tomorrow - Thursday 26th February 2015.  The movie is produced and directed by award winning director Obi Emelonye (of Last Flight to Abuja and The Mirror Boy  fame) and Roks Studios.  The premiere is scheduled to take place at BFI Imax Waterloo in Central London.  The red carpet starts at 6pm and the screening starts at 7pm.  Ye all take note - no African time!

I cant wait to see this movie - the trailer has tantalised and gotten me extremely curious.  The movie is about a Pastor who is torn between standing with his first wife who had an accident and was supposedly buried but turns up at his home a couple of years after the burial  or staying with his current wife whom he married after the 'death' of his first wife.  The decisions a man has to make!  Both women vie for his attention and affection and who wins in the end will be revealed at the end of the plot!! To find out how it all ends, all you have to do is turn up at the movie premiere.  The effects of the car hitting Mary had my mouth open in an extremely wide 'O'.  Get your tickets now from Event Brite.  They are going fast!  See you at the premiere tomorrow?

Watch the movie trailer below.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Berrilicious Smoothies

New Years are synonymous with new year resolutions.  I did not make any this year and I do not think I have made any resolutions for a couple of years now - just a strong and silent determination to try and eat right and healthy.  Delving into smoothies is my way of achieving that goal.

Today, I decided to experiment some more.  I looked into the fridge and saw that I had some strawberries, blueberries and bananas.  I decided to throw them together and make a quick smoothie.  While I was at it, I remembered that I had some leftover oats in the cupboard and got those out too.  Did I mention I love roughage in my smoothies?  The oats would see to that.  Out came my processor and we are good to go.

Banana - washed and chopped.  Blueberries - washed, strawberries - washed.  Oats - check. Ice cubes - check and we are good to go.  I dump  all my ingredients into the processor, pour a cup of cold water and whizz away.  I love making my smoothies with good old still or sparkling water.  You can try substituting yoghurt, coconut milk, milk etcetera, etcetera in place of water when making your smoothie.

Voila!! A lovely fruity summery smoothie!! It might not yet be summer but permit me to borrow the term.

I had some fruit leftover and so I decided to make another variant of my fruity smoothie by substituting oats with kale - good old kale.  A step in the right direction of focusing on a healthy new me,

Banana - check, Strawberries - check, Ice cubes - check, Kale - check, blueberries - check and again, I whizz away after adding a cup of water.

Voila!! This is greener than my first smoothie but it is just the way I love it!! Cold, healthy and full of green goodness.

P.S:  It tasted yummy to me but if you feel your smoothie is not sweet enough, you can add a few spoons of honey to yours for an extra zing!!

                                                       My berrilicious smoothies!!                

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

That means Happy New Year in Mandarin.  The Cantonese equivalent is 'Gong Hey Fat Choi'. The Chinese New Year is here once again and the air is agog with Chinese lanterns, food and camaraderie.  Each new year is associated with a symbol which has a significance.  This year is the year of the Sheep (or Goat?).  Well, I have read in certain quarters that there is some confusion whether it is the year of the sheep or the year of the goat.  It seems as if they are grouped together as they are seen to 'belong' to the same family so you wont be wrong if you say the former or latter.  We are still waiting for clarification regarding this from 'the horses mouth'.

I have attended a couple of celebrations and this year will be no different.  Today is the first day of the new year and everyone heads home to spend the festivities with their families.  The first three days of the year are usually declared holidays and some people take up to a week off work to to participate in the festivities.

Its not going to be any different over here and I bet Chinatown has been a beehive of activities the entire week.  There will be a parade on Sunday beginning north of Trafalgar Square, past the square and into China Town, there will also be the traditional lion dance and loads of dim sum and sushi for the uninitiated to try.  It will be a wonderful display of culture and a great way to spend the weekend if you are looking for outdoors activities.  

The clothing, the lions, the face painting, the Geisha, the dancers, the music, the drummers, the restaurants, the food, the paper lanterns, the souvenirs, - nostalgic!! I am so looking forward to the celebrations.  Culture is indeed a wonderful thing.  Below are some pictures to whet your appetite regarding the forthcoming celebrations.

Monday, February 16, 2015

My Kale Smoothie

I love visiting Dooney.  She is a lady after my very own heart who has opened my eyes on loads of culinary shortcuts.  Dooney has been educating us on how vile her kale smoothies are.  This made me curious as I had recently jumped on the kale bandwagon - kale chips inclusive.  I use it in soups, stews, yam porridge, as a substitute for spinach and efo and in my eyes, kale can do no wrong.  I haven't had a kale smoothie yet so I decided to experiment and see how it would go.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Is Anybody Home?

Does anyone still come here?   BRB....... :)

Friday, September 26, 2008


Does anyone still come here? I doubt it....... Even I dont seem to have come to this page in an extremely long time. Somehow, I seemed to have slipped under the radar - that may be the understatement of the year. Another one seems to have bitten the dust - moi. Havent really had a lot of time on my hands these days or should I say enough time and my page has suffered. Unbelievably! I'll still try and keep up with happenings in blogville, but I'm afraid the time has come to say goodbye. I never believed I'd be the one saying this but ............... (excuses, excuses).... LOL!

I've made some unbeliveable friends online and will still stop by ur pages from time to time but may not be able to update as frequently as I used to. Thanks Guys for stopping by my page, laughing, crying and smiling with me and sharing in the events in my life and around me ............

Friday, August 22, 2008

Blissful Weekend

Its been so wet outside all day today. I went running today - as usual. All week, I hadnt had time. We - me and my running partner (RP) were supposed to have run yesterday but as usual, when we woke up, we both looked outside our windows, it was wet outside and texted each other that we should postpone till today. I should put up sometime, some of the texts we exchange when one of us dosent want to go running that day and is trying to get a day off without making it too obvious. They are hilarious!!

The truth is actually she was hurting from exertion from work and me - from the various work outs I had been doing all week. We agreed we would run today instead. So this morning, we met at our usual time and started off on our slow run on one of our longest routes - the 6km one. We got to our first 2km landmark, rested a bit and started off on the second leg. The good thing about running is that after some time, the pain switches off and you just keep on moving without feeling as if you're the one running. Made the second land mark successfully, walked a little bit to rest and started off on our third leg. We got to the set landmark eventually and rested a little bit more, then started off on our final lap to the finish line. We made it back to our finishing line eventually - in 60 minutes. (I know loads of people make this same distance in 30 minutes or less but hey, we're still 'baby runners') LOL!! Back home, did a little bit of training with my dumbells for about 30 minutes, then prepared some breakfast.

I had been feeling very tired yesterday evening and didnt feel like doing the home workouts but while sitting on the sofa watching TV, TMF started showing "Most Wanted Celebrity Bodies". I told myself it wouldnt just do sitting down and watching others talk about their exercise regimes and well sculpted bodies and it inspired and motivated me to bring out my dumbells and start the workout I had been trying to convince myself I was too tired to do. Apparently, the stars secrets to those fabulous abs, arms and bodies we see everyday on the red carpet are various weight resistance training and high protein, low carb diets. So pronto, out came my own kit and I started my own weight training too while learning their 'muscled' secrets and tips. If you cant beat them........... lol!

Back to today - Immediately after breakfast, I crashed back onto my bed and went back to dreamland. Nothing like a much needed exertion and exercise to induce sweet dreams. LOL!! Woke up about lunch time and cleaned around the house, prepared lunch and then a friend of mine came around and we spent sometime gisting and gossiping. She said I still look the same and that my exercise hasnt had any effect yet as there is no visible weight loss. I know its a bit slow but hope to get there eventually. We stopped by the park on her way home - there was a carnival as well as a funfair going on there but cos of the rain, we didnt stay for long. Everywhere was too wet.

I'll tell you guys a bit about the home workouts. I love the tricep dips and I do them on my sofa arm. They are killers for the thighs though afterwards. Walking Lunges and Wide leg Squats are some other thigh and butt killers. They HURT! I have shelved doing any more walking lunges or any sort of lunges for the mean time. My thighs are complaining seriously. The crunches are good though. Loads of differnt types to practice thanks to my exercise books. There are a variety of bicep curls and presses I can do while seated and watching TV so I dont have to go to the gym. Very convenient. The only downside is the pain. It isnt exactly painful while you are training, its just that you wake up in pains - aching and hurting the morning after each workout. Taken to popping painkillers in double doses now to counter that.

I had a dramatic assessment sometime during the past week. It lasted the entire day and I was pretty much on my toes the entire time. Wanted to blog about it but having second thots. Huge doses of 'Should I' or 'Shouldnt I'? If I do change my mind, will put the post up. In this internet age, dont want a situation where I get to the next stage of the assessment and the first question I am asked is "Are you Calabar Gal?" That would be so embarassing!! This situation actually hapened to a defendant sometime during this past month. He had been prosecuted for medical negligence and took to talking about the jury and the case on his blog (he was blogging anonymously) while the case was going on although he substituted some names and stuff but somehow, the prosecution got to find out about the blog (Maybe the lawyers or their assistants were bloggers too) but they put two and two together from the things he had been saying on the various posts to determine which case he was talking about. When it got to the prosecution's turn to cross examine him, their first question was "Are you so so and so (Insert name of anonymous blogger here?" Of course, if he said no, that would be perjury and so he had to say yes, he was the anonymous blogger and the prosecution tendered all the pages of his blog with details of all what he had been saying about the members of the jury (oneof his statements had been that the jury were sleeping for the entire length of each court session)as well as other unsavoury things about the case. No prizes for guessing who won the case after that revelation.

I'm off to do some more home work outs and work those arms and abs. Do have a lovely weekend - right now, mine's still on the quiet side. Maybe tomorrow will be more eventful?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Update Police

Update Police - Will you please stop harassing my life? Biko? Mbok! I know I'm guilty as charged I've not been updating Calabar Gal as frequently as I used to - circumstances beyond my control. I've been updating the fitness one though - some people just havent bothered to check that. Not interested in exercise huh? Repent!

I'm good and for the past three months have been having a race a month. Would have had 2 in June but only showed up for one and baled out of the other - couldnt face those terrible hills without good training. Was supposed to have had 2 races also this month but over slept and woke up 5 minutes before the first race was supposed to start. Lackadaisicalness huh? (hope I spelt that right.) The second race for this month was today and I had a good race. The race report can be found HERE.

What else has been happening to me?!?!? Let me think...............
I'll be back.......................................

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bupa London 10000

Couldnt resist posting a picture of this bold contestant at the first London 10000 which held on Bank Holiday Monday who appeared in his birthday suit and some green body paint. Didnt go with my camera. It was a dismal race for me and I hope to do better in other upcoming races. Other Pictures from the race can be found HERE and HERE thanks to another runner who turned up with his DSLR.
The race was well organised though and the marshalls and those who turned up to cheer were great and extremely encouraging even though runners like me didnt seem to be doing much. I think there were bands at every KM also and they were wonderful. Will definitely run this race agian next year - even if only to exorcise my demons from this year.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter is here once again. Have a lovely Easter Weekend everyone.

ADAURE is part of an entourage - FADE on a trip across the Sahara enlightening desert encroachment with Chief Jibunoh who has conquered the sahara twice and is documenting his third and final trip, taking a team along with him. Read all about their journey across the Sahara on her blog.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Introducing Crystal-Eyez

For all of those nudging me to update. Dont you all get writers block sometimes? Its been getting a mighty hold of me this past month. For those of you who know me and have met me in person, my make-up has always been minimal. I would love to join the group of heavy kajal, wearing, bold make-up wearers but somehow, entering that league has still eluded me. Maybe due to the fact that my kajal (liquid eyeliner, mascara, eye pencil, you name them, I 've tried them) no matter how much I apply it emphatically always wears out before the end of the day? LOL!! Haba. I will get there one day soon.

I have been mentioning to my friends that I must attend a make up school pretty soon to learn the art of putting on my make-up. To embark on this self improvement, I even googled make-up schools in london and found one offering a one week course for £5000 (brushes included) and another offering a one week course for £2000 as well as one by ICS learn for £600. Somehow learning how to make up through distace learning just does not cut it for me. I would love to see, learn and practice how its being done. So if anyone knows of any quickie make up schools out there in town (that I can afford) where I can learn how to strut my stuff, pls put a sista in the know.

What brought on this make-up rant? An email from the ever ubiquitous Bisi oh! So here is introducing Crystal Eyez. The lady knows her stuff. From Architect, Web Designer and now Make-up Artist. She don do pass virtuous woman abi? (smile) I have had a look at her website and I must commend the sista for her bold step into the industry. I look forward to the day when I would transform myself like Bisi did to this lady (Jummy) from this to this effortlessly:

Pls support the newest make up artist on the block and go have a look at her website.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Kung Hey Fat Choy

Kung Hey Fat Choi - that means Happy New Year in Chinese. It was the start of the Chinese New Year - The Year of the Rat and there were loads of activities to mark the New Year. I had enjoyed the festivities which held last year and didnt want to miss out on this year's festivities and so off I went to Trafalgar Square and Chinatown for the New Year festival.

This year is the Year of the Rat. Each year in the chinese calendar is represented by an animal. It is believed by the chinese that Budha asked animals to meet him at the time of the New Year and so each new year is represented by the twelve animals (like a mascot) that came. 2008 is known as the Year of the Rat. Since there are 12 animal names, year names are re-cycled every 12 years. The chinese believe that every person born in the year of each animal has features of that animal's personality. Other animals are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

This year, I arrived in good time for the parade - I missed the parade last year ans wasnt prepared to miss out on the parade also this year. Thus, I was able to get a good spot where I could take loads of pictures unhindered. There were loads and loads of proper 'paps' like me there armed with their digital and DSLR cameras. I just refused to be oppressed by those carrying or hanging DSLR cameras and promised myself that come next year, I'll have one too hanging round my neck to oppress those who allow themselves to be oppressed. (smile)

The parade was lovely. Loads and loads of paps or should I say official photographers led the way and we sightseers had to beg them to get out of the way so the rest of us could take proper pictures too. (Smile) Then came the town crier, the mascots of the Beijing Olympics, then some 'rats', cartoon charaters, then gaily dressed dance troupes and cultural groups, lucky dragons, little kids dressed in beautifully made and brightly coloured garmets, they were a joy to behold. Of course, they smiled happily for those of us edging each other to take pictures. There were some acrobats too who performed some wonderful and daring cartwheels for the crowd as the parade went along.

It was an enjoyable parade even though a short one and it was soon over before it begun and off we went to trafalgar square for the dotting of the eyes of the dragon and other cultural performances lined up on the stage at the square. The blindfold was removed from the dragon and the dignitaries present were invited to 'dot' the eyes of the dragon. The dragon was supposedly brought onto the stage blind and when its eyes were painted on, it awoke and brought good luck into the new year. The sun shone brightly - too brightly for those of us amateurs with cameras. It was blinding our focus and there was nowhere to hide.

There were fireworks displays every hour from 2pm at Leceister Square and they were lovely. I didnt take a lot of pictures of the fireworks cos my sprint between Trafalgar Square and Leceister Square just before the hour each time wasnt enough to get me a good picture taking spot. (Smile) After the dotting of the eyes of the dragon, the money god arrived and then the cultural music, display and dances began. It is believed that red represents fire and that fire keeps away bad luck and brings prosperity and thus there were loads and loads of red lanterns in the square and around Chinatown, Leceister Square and Oxford Circus to keep away bad sprits and bring good luck.

I'm glad I went. Pictures from the Chinese New Year Celebrations can be viewed HERE. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Exercises for the New Year

My friend sent me this link and I couldnt resist sharing with all the inactive people out there who harldly ever indulge in any form of exercise. Wanna try this one this new year?!?!?!

Friday, January 11, 2008

You may now EAT the Bride

You may now eat the bride?!?!!!? Well, literally. Thats what caught my eyes when I saw this African couple on Page 2 of the evening papers today. In my mind, I was subconciously saying "What have we done now?" We Africans never seeem to make the headlines unless its bad news.

The Wedding Cake

Well, it wasnt bad news this time. Chidi Ogbuta and her partner Innocent who tied the knot in September 2007 at Dallas had made a life size replica of the bride for their wedding cake!! So you could say all guest at their wedding reception -literally ate the bride after a beach front wedding and horse drawn carriage ride to the reception.

The Happy Couple Cutting thier cake

If she wanted to make the headlines and have an unforgettable wedding, she sure did cos I googled her name and sure enough, found several pictures of her and her cake. According to the bride, having a replica cake had always been a fantasy of hers and a childhood dream which came true for her at her wedding and newspaper critics reacted and said " It's kinda weird to see a picture of her husband cutting into her with a knife, but it's really hard to be mad at her........"

I must say the concept was original and innovative and the bride got her heart's desire but a lifesize replica of myself as my wedding cake is definitely not my style. Wishing the lovely couple a happy married life. Other pictures of their wedding cake can be found HERE and HERE.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year

I heartily thank God that we have all seen the start of a new year. 2008 is here at long, long last and 2007 is so yesteday. LOL!!

Lazyness crept in towards the last quarter of 2007 and I didnt even notice my subscription for my counter had expired until new year's eve. Still havent renewed it yet - why?!?!?! LOL!!

Just sneaked in to wish you all a prosperous and happy 2008. Will be back soon - promise. (smile)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vagina Monologues

PAM sent me this email and I'm going to try and reproduce it for everyone who is interested.

Do you want your personal experiences to help others?

PAM is collecting Nigerian stories for the Vagina Monologues. The official Naija version as pioneered by KIND and now 4 other partners. Naija version aside from Nigerian content also means a less shocking title. (smile) The great thing is that it will reach far more people this way.
The monologues are basically stories from real women, dramatized by actresses that offer release for the survivors and victims of abuse, and celebrate the essence of femininity. Proceeds from the shows go to organizations that fight violence against women. The awareness created galvanizes action. The culture of silence against violence against women and sexuality, the granite wall that shields atrocities needs to come down.

Do you have a story to share?

As soon as I was asked to participate in this project my mind went to "Blogville". Here I read what my society is mad not to discuss. Here women take refuge in the anonymity of the internet and release personal, shocking and painful memories. Childhood sexual assaults, rapes, date rapes, circumcision, as I recall some of these stories it hurts as I write. The Monologues isn’t all about violence. There’s a place for pleasure, humour, regret, reminiscing, expressing your feelings and your stand about what makes you woman. "Blogville" is such a place. Here Nigerian women have vaginas. They have opinions. Ive seen blogs on virginity, masturbation, being frigid, first periods, childbirth and orgasms; it’s another world. Im learning so much.
So are you up for soul baring? Complete privacy guaranteed. I don’t even want your name. The curious should please contact me at

Friday, November 23, 2007

Passing Out

I'm so excited! I'm going shopping later on today for an outfit to wear. Yes, as usual, I'm one of those who love to do their shopping at the eleventh hour but oh well, better late than never huh? LOL!! I'm not sure what I want to wear either - whether to conform to the norm (outfit wise) or deviate from the norm. All ye fashionistas out there - any suggestions?

Remember THIS POST I put up about this time last year? Well, my turn has come and come saturday, I'm heading to Essex for my own 'passing out' too with a mini entourage in tow. I'm not sure who to appoint as the official paparazzi but I'm looking forward to those shouts of 'yeahhh' and 'yessssss' and 'well done' as each name is being called. Remember London Buki's mum shouting 'Praise Jesus' at hers too? LOL! Well, on such days, you'll be unhappy if your relatives dont embarass u by expressing shouts of joy as you are called up so thank God I attended my man's last year cos I'll be reminding them in the car as we drive down for the ceremony to shout as loud as they can when its my turn. LOL!!

Maybe I'll put some pictures up when I'm back huh? Maybe not....... LOL!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

An update at last

Where have I been? I ask myself that question too, loads and loads of times. I cant believe its been an entire month since I wrote any posts in this diary. I seem to be catching some people's bug of posting only one post per month. I'm not mentioning any names here, they know themselves. (smile)

Thanks to all those who've been leaving comments and checking up on me, enquiring, coaxing politely and nudging for an update. Its been a rollercoaster month. I do love writing my thots in this diary but my man has reservations about his private moments with his madam being laid bare for the entire world and thus I was torn between what to put down in the diary or joining the huge numbers of those shutting down their diaries. A thot which wasnt endearing at all. Should I stop? I dont want to be one of those shutting down, should I continue and vear in to other subjects or topics that dont involve me personally crossed my mind so many times. So I'll still keep on writing posts in this diary but how personal they shall be remains to be seen.

I've had a huge rollercoaster of emotions going through me this past month. So much that I abandoned even my running partner and refused to see her for almost an entire month talk less of even going out to run myself. So I've been in a huge, huge rot! (Or do I mean rut?!?!!?) LOL!! I think the cold weather contributed to my reluctance and eventual succumbing to lazying in bed and letting go of those early morning runs we so enjoyed. I know I'll go back to them pretty soon. The fact that I had no races to look forward to may have contributed to my lazyness and I hope to put all that behind me ASAP.

The New York City Marathon is next week sunday. I'm looking forward to watching the race and I think there's going to be a live transmission of the race on BBC at 2.15pm. Cant wait!! I do have a passion for running. Why I am not out there right now satisfying or fulfilling that passion baffles me.

I had so many posts drafted in my head so many times all these days I've been away and now I'm finally in front of the PC, they've all flown out! LOL!! Hope to write another post pretty soon when my thoughts are more collected.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Ty Bello

I seem to be developing a trend of writing my posts on friday nights. I was trying to do a quick round of blogville when I decided to write a quick post about a celebrity I met at Gatwick Airport a fortnight ago.

Was at the airport during the week accompanying my friend who had come in over the weekend to take her niece who was on holiday back to school. I saw this huge blob of hair at the check in desk and whispered excitedly to my friend who was travelling and whom I had gone to escort. OMG! I shrieked. Thats TY BELLO! Who? She replied and I was like you mean you dont know TY Bello? She was like - that girl over there? We came in on the same flight on Thursday. I proceeded to tell her what I knew about TY - She used to be a member of a girl band, a succesful gospel group called KUSH, now she's an acclaimed photgrapher. My friend still had this blank look on her face and I couldnt help but abuse her. You mean you live in Lagos and you dont know the celebrities in your own town? Which kind of person are you? LOL!!

My next thoughts were now to either get an autograph from her or take a picture of her or even more, with her. Proof to show Mrs S and rub it in. LOL!! She was waiting for her flight not too far off and I decided to do 'paparazzi' style and take pictures of her from a distance first of all before finally mustering enough courage to go up to her and start gushing......

"Hi, TY I'm a great fan of yours. Please may I have a picture taken with you?" With a smile, she obliged me. Asked me my name and we made some small talk. I didnt recognise her friend who was with her and couldnt tell if she was a celebrity also on the Lagos scene and hoped she didnt feel too bad that I was gushing over TY and TY alone. TY's friend stepped aside and allowed me to have my 5 minutes with my 'celebrity friend' who proceeded to tell me "She liked my hair". (In my heart I was like - Ha! this my scattered experiment I call my hair that you like? Maybe you're just being nice. LOL!) I told her she looked extremely lovely too and that I was a great admirer of her work. (Talk about major sucking up) LOL!! Then I asked to take a picture of her alone and she obliged me but decided to give me a side view and looked away from me. That was when I asked her to please look at the camera and felt bad immediately after saying that. This was an experienced photograher I was talking to but well, shit happens. She smiled and obliged me and I smiled happily and glided away after taking the pictures. Mission accomplished, I sent a text to Mrs Somebody gloating. Thank God there was no huge entourage of bodyguards and PA's around her to stop me - yet. LOL!!

We waited not too far from each other waiting for her flight to be called so they could check in. I overheard her telling her friend she was due in Calabar over the weekend for a photo shoot. Finally at least, she was called in to check in her luggage but not before she had pushed her trolley to where I stood and said she had been at the airport almost 3 hours and had made a mistake coming in too early. I was tongue tied and didnt know what to say other than mumble something in the lines of Oh, thats so sad or something. Really cant remeber what I said. I suck at small talk and thats one area I've got to develop skills in SOON.

Maybe someday in future when she's become even more famous, my pictures of us together will sell of hundreds and hundreds of dough huh? Until then, I'm keeping it close to my heart. I'll share the pictures with you but still havent had the liver to show you all my ugly face with the lovely and beautiful TY BELLO. So what you see is what you get........

My paparazzi attempts at taking her pictures sneakily....

The beautiful Lady.....

My treasured pic that will fetch me millions later on in life. LOL!!
Read Bella Naija Post on TY Bello.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Great North Run...

Its been exactly two months today since I got that phone call to come for an interview that I had given up on. I had sent my CV to them some months previously on one of my cold calling ventures and had forgotten all about them when I didnt hear from them. I was so excited. Went for the interview some days later and was asked to start the next day. Its a legal charity and the offer wasnt that 'much' (I have to rephrase this part later but I cant think of the appropraite words that really convey how I feel or what I mean right now) but I couldnt complain. So thats how I started work at my new place two months ago. Dont know why I didnt share but I guess the stress......... or maybe it was too good to be true but I'm letting the cat out of the bag now. LOL!! Thats also a little bit of the reasons why my posting has been a little bit inconsistent. LOL!! The next step for me now will be getting a Certificate of Eligibility so I can take my QLTT exams as soon as possible.

I enjoyed watching the Great North Run today. I could see the fun and excitement of the atmosphere over there in Newcastle and hoping that I can master running my 10KM ASAP this year and really looking forward to the next step in running which is the Half MArathon but on no condition will I attempt to register for on when I am not ready. Running at Bluewater has taught me a great lesson. It was fun seeing all the celebrities and listening to the stories of other runners. It was great to have Paula back and she had a great run - only Kara did better than her unexpectedly but it was still a good race.

We all watched stunned at the 9th mile when Kara got tired of running with Paula and broke away. The commentators were stunned as that was Kara's first half marathon and were saying maybe her inexperience had made her break away too early and that she might not be able to keep up the pace and I believed them too in my heart. We were all expecting Paula to shine and didnt expect the sort of performance Kara gave but she maintained the gap she gave Paula up till the very end and finished in 66minutes. Her husband Adam did well too and finished in the mens' race in 63 minutes and Paula finished in 67 minutes. I think all the contestants did very well. Its a big step registering for such a race, even bigger turning up on the day and actually completing the race. Congratulations to every one of the almost 50,000 runners that completed the Great North Run.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Great North Run

The Great North Run is holding tomorrow at Newcastle. I'm so excited! I'm so excited!! Its a 13 mile half marathon and hopefully, I'll be a part of it next year. This year, I'm still a part of it - only difference is I'm watching all the action live from my sofa and not running. LOL!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Reality sets in.....

I'm attending a wedding today and really looking forward to it. Weddings mean new clothes and true to form, yours truly went off looking for the perfect outfit. The couple had indicated they would prefer monetary gifts as wedding presents so I didnt have to crack my brain for suitable wedding presents for them. I saw this lovely pink bustier dress and loved it so much I placed an order for it in my usual size - a Size 14. It arrived a day to the D-day (yesterday) and I fell in love with it even more. I hurriedly stepped out of my clothes and tried it on. Pulled the zip up and it went past my waist but got stuck when it got to my boobs. They wouldnt go any further! My boobs were too ***. LOL!! I was horrified. How could this have happened? Why didnt I think of this? I had committed the cardinal sin of online shopping. Not ordering for an item in two sizes as insurance so you could choose the one with the perfect fit and return the other one that didnt fit perfectly. Now I was stuck.

Thats how I had to go shopping for an outfit on a friday evening. I discovered there are loads and loads of us in this category. The fitting rooms at the shops I went to were filled with us last minute ladies shopping for an outfit for a wedding the next day. I used to pride myself on being a Size 14 but I seem to be expanding some more (despite the futile attempts at dropping some off) Size 14 bottoms were quite tight. Size 14 tops - dont even go there. The boobs wouldnt even let that happen. These are the same boobs that used to allow size 14 tops glide over them easily. Seems those days are gone - never to return? I hope not! LOL!! With great sorrow in my heart, I headed to the till with my Size 16 purchases. *Sob*, *Sob* , *Sob*.

I'm not a theatrical or dramatic person but I seem to be exhibiting some of it right now. LOL!! I pray these "Size 16 days" or cup will pass over me pretty soon. Got home with great sorrow and told my husband I'm now a size bigger. He's encouraging and says "Dont worry, its not that bad" . I'm seriously alarmed. Enough of my theatrics. I'll get over it and avoid those Aldi Maple syrup popcorns on the days I cheat. The cheating has just been so frequent recently and I am reaping the rewards cos the pounds have piled back on so fast. LOL!!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Suddenly, there never seems to be enough hours in a day for me to get through my 'To Do' list successfully each day. I try very hard not to blog at work and when I get home each day, always so tired, the hours just fly by without me being able to check on my beloved blogville pals as much as I would love to. My zeal and passion hasnt died yet - just in abeyance. LOL!!

I've been following the story of Kate and Gerry McCann. Its getting more bizarre each passing day. It simply beggars belief that they have been made 'aguidos' in the case of their missing daughter. Ok. assuming and I repeat assuming they killed their daughter. They were foreigners in Portugal. Where would they have hidden their daughter's body in an area they were not familiar with that would not have been uncovered by the police or the natives by now? About the car where Maddie's DNA was found - It was hired 25 days after their daughter went missing. The Algarves were swarming with press and paparazzi who were following the every move of the McCanns. How did the McCanns give them a slip to dispose of the body? I hope that little girl is found or that some sense is made out of the messy investigation very, very soon because a lot of things just dont add up at all.

I ran another race over the weekend. The Hydro Active Race at Hyde Park. It was held in three cities at the same time - Birmingham, Liverpool and London. The race was good. Jampacked all the way from start to finish. I think there were about 20,000 runners that day. I must confess my fitness level has gone down but I still managed to finish in 45 minutes. I'm thinking very seriously of running my next race in fancy dress just for the fun of it. My next race would have been the Running 4Women 8k holding at Windsor on the 29th but the race has been cancelled due to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease at Surrey. The organisers have offerred to transfer all entrants to the Brighton 8k which will hold in October for free as no refunds will be given on any monies paid. There is also talk about a discount on next years race although the percentage being discounted isnt known yet. I was looking forward so much to the 8k race. I may just take them up on the Brighton transfer offer.

Phuket is in the news again. This time, its not a tsunami but a plane crash and 89 are confirmed dead and several others injured. May thier souls rest in peace.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm Back

Sorry guys, but I had to take a break. It wasnt as if I was running away completely. Just wanted to do one or two things to the template that I still havent gotten round to doing cos I just havent had any time for myself.

Thanks to all who said a prayer for me concering my post 'Prayers Galore' I can confirm that everything went more smoothly than I could ever imagine. I know that more positive things and testimonies are coming my way. Thanks for remembering me in your prayers and for your kind words to me.

I'll be back soon to put up a proper post.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Random Thots

I was watching the London Ambulance programme earlier on today and there was this car accident that was shown that made me reminisce about how roughly I used to drive previously. I used to think I was a moderate driver until one day, I got driven by someone else in their car which was a rare treat and my heart was literally in my heart cos the driver was going so fast. I was literally stepping on the brakes too while being seated in the front seat and driving the car along with the person. LOL!! I made a comment that I was actually scared and my younger sis turned to me and said "Now you realise how we feel when we are in your car" LOL!! I didnt realise I used to go so fast. LOL!! I know my minimum speed used to be at least between 60 - 80kmph or is it mph but I dont think I ever hit 100 in the city. Now my eyes have 'opened', I know that was way, way too fast to drive in a city but then, what did I know? Everyone seemed to drive at about that same speed too. My sis in law's nickname for the car was 'Tuke Tuke' LOL!! She would ask "CG, how is your tuke tuke?" It wasnt exactly grandoise but it got me from point A to B quite nicely - Thank You very much. LOL!!

That accident also made me remember how much God loved me then - even up till now. (smile) I remember the first time I had an accident. It wasnt through any fault of mine and Thank God I didnt hit anyone and no other car was involved. I had been stopped by FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps) officials who had asked me for the regular stuff.
  • Fire Extinguisher - Non Existent in my Car
  • Triangle - Non existent

OK. let me stop opening my yansh before you guys think I was a negligent driver. LOL!! They now asked to check my brake & reverse lights. I stepped on the brakes for their benefit and reversed also so they could check the reverse lights and told me both werent working. How was I supposed to know? I didnt even know they were supposed to light when you stepped on them. I am no longer laughing. It was terribly naive of me to have driven the vehicle then endangering others now I think about it.

So they wrote me a ticket and off I went to pay the fine as well as take the car to the electrician's place to get the brake and reverse lights fixed. At the electrician's, afterall the work was done, I got into my car and drove off. The electrician's place was at the top of a slope and when I was about going down the slope, I stepped on the brakes as a precautionary measure but my brakes failed. I was petrified. I couldnt believe my eyes. What was I going to do? And it was a very busy road too with all the 'okadas' around who if pushed down would unleash justice perpetrator of the evil. I was like OMG! I'm going to hit another car or worse still hit someone but luckily, my instincts swung into action and since there was no car coming from the opposite direction, I swerved the car into the nearest premises where I had seen a heap of sand hoping the sand would stop the car. The car hit the heap and started to roll back. I was petrified it would take my back onto the road I had just come from cos of the slope but thankfully, my front bender caught the framework of the garage shed which was next to the heap of sand and the car was held in one place.

The owners of the premises came out to find out what was happening. A crowd had started to gather. I was shaking and petrified and mortified at the same time. The lady who owned the premises was someone who worked in my father's office and recognised me (I didnt even know that was her house when I swung in there or that she lived there) and I was so embarrased. But they were all so kind to me as they all seemed to think it was no fault of mine since it was a brake failure. She got someone to drive me and my car back home. I was literally in shock and shaking all the way home.

Later on, I was informed that the electricians had made a vital mistake. Since they had worked on the brakes, they should have 'bled' the brakes after and topped up the hydraulic fluid but they didnt and that was what had caused the brake failure cos it happened immediately I drove out of their workshop. I remember another time I was speeding and my front tyre burst. Luckily, I had heard so many stories about not stepping on the brakes when you had a burst tyre and was able to not step on the brakes and bring the car to a stop and change the spoilt tire and continue on my journey.

I'm glad I can say now, I have been enligtened and I have repented from my days of rough driving. LOL!! If I am stopped by FRSC today, I can proudly say:

  • Fire Extinguisher - Check
  • Triangle - Check
  • Other things - Check. LOL!!

Prayers Galore

Me and my man are going through such a traumatic time right now.

Please remember us both in your prayers.

If I live to tell the tale, I'll let you in on it next month.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday Morning Blues

I was on my way to work yesterday when I decided to fish out my sunglasses from where they had been hidden in hiatus & make good use of them as the sun was shining quite brightly that morning. Sunglasses perched on my face and everything else in place, I kissed my man goodbye and headed to the bustop to catch the bus to work.

Some metres away from the bustop, I though I could see skin poking out from underneath a suit already standing at the bustop but thought to myself, "No, that cant be". Must be my sunglasses playing tricks on my mind cos I havent worn them in such a long while. Just to make sure, I removed my sunglasses from its precarious position on my face and proceeded to verify that I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing.

Alas, my senses or is it my thoughts still told me I could see flesh jutting out from underneath a well dressed suit and so I proceeded to wipe out my camera phone & take some first hand evidence/pictures from a very, very safe distance to confirm that I wasnt seeing double. LOL!! The picture below was confirmation that I hadnt gone bonkers. LOL!!

After taking the picture from a safe distance, it confirmed exactly what I thought I was seeing. There was indeed flesh poking out from underneath the 'suit' at the bustop some metres away from me! Oh La La! At 8am on a Monday morning?!?!!? In my mind I was like, Chei! Wahala dey oh! LOL!!
My problem was now how to get closer and take a clearer picture of the 'scene' before my eyes and yet live to tell the tale. As you can see, the guy was extremely huge & intimidating and I would hate to think of what he would do to me if I was caught in the act and he noticed that I was clicking away, taking his picture. LOL!!
I pretended to be typing a text and moved closer to the bustop, pretending to be reading the bus times/schedule but yet clicking away at my handset with my heart in my mouth. If he moves closer, I'll run away in the opposite direction. I kept assuring myself. LOL!!

I wanted to turn round and look at him properly but my liver failed me. Supposing he said "What are you staring at?" with his eyeballs bulging out?!?!? What would I do? Where would I run to? I'm sure I would have pissed in my pants. LOL!! Before long, the bus came and he got on it. I contemplated getting on the same bus as him to take more pictures, curious at the same time where he could be heading to. Surely he wouldnt be heading to work?!?!?!?!!? In that state!??!?!? I decided to let him go on his way. I had my own day to look forward to afterall. LOL!!
What would be your reaction if your manager, supervisor, co-worker or even your employee came into the office on a Monday morning dressed like this?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ashlee & George

The 'young' have grown and are getting married...............
My 'calabar sis' Ashlee is set to wed.......
A Big hearty Congratulations to Ashlee & George who tie the knot in exactly a month's time.
Check out their wedding website HERE.....