Saturday, September 16, 2006

'Aje Butter' & 'Pako' Kids

Kids can be so much fun sometimes. They can be witty, intelligent, naughty, lovable - so many qualities all in one little frame. Some of them can ask the most cunning and piercing innocent questions that you cant help but laugh at their attempts before giving them an appropraite answer. I remember my lecturer at school cracking a joke about how you could differentiate between 'Ajea Butter' and ' Pako' kids. The former being kids brought by high income earning parents and the latter being kids with low income earning parents. He alluded that the difference could be pointed out from the way they begged for confectionaries or things generally. He positited that Aje Butter kids practice what is known as 'CREATIVE BEGGING'. Lets say you have some cake and the kids are interested, This would be their different begging styles and how they would ask:

AJE BUTTER KID: Aunty, What are you eating? Is it sweet?
PAKO KID: Aunty, What are you eating? Give me some!

The Aje Butter kid beats around the bush while the Pako kid hits the nail bang on the head!!
It was hilarious to me at the time!! But thinking about it, was certainly very true!
My friends' Aje Butter kids beat around the bush too when asking for the remnants of their little brother's baby food. The conversation goes thus:

FRIEND'S KID: Mummy, What is Baby eating? Will he finish it?

Of course if baby dosent finish it, they (the elder ones) will very much be on hand to help baby out with consuming the remnants of his food.

I have also been at the reciving end of probing questions from my friend's little son who is 6yrs old. They came on holidays and we all went out for a chinese dinner. It was a buffet and mummy put more food than he could finish on his plate. I hate seeing food waste and while we were waiting for the bill, I started to pick from and eat the leftovers on his plate. He tuned and stared at his plate, then at me before asking:

"Aunty, Is that food on your plate?"

We all burst out laughing at the table. I guess that was his way of saying as politely as he could, 'Aunty why are you eating my food?' So Aunty had to ask politely: 'David' Can I please have some of your noodles? Then he nodded his head with delight and said yes!!


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