Sunday, September 10, 2006


Its that time of the year again!! No not just summer time, Its BIG BROTHER TIME!! Young, Hopeful and exuberant youths all squashed togeter in one house to make a happy viewing for the rest of us sofa rejects the rest of the summer.Its a common ground for striking up converstions with strangers; talking about housemates in the pub, on the trains, on the buses, on queues, anytime, anywhere, the whole nation has gone Big Brother crazy!!My favourite housemate award this year goes to the lovely and putulant NIKKI!!! I adore her and her antics!! The are pure mint!! Lets face it! I know some of you out there are not amused bu her tantrums, her hysterics, sobs, attention seeking strops et al!! But in my view, she is pure entertainment.For someone with such a small and tiny physique, she certainly does disclose and display an amazing vocabulary of words. Each time she gets into the diiary room, she is a pleasure to watch. I am in fits and giggles each time with her uninhibited use of dramatism, facial expressions, immaculate rollonig out of double barrell words, Nikki is indeed a force to reckon with. Lets face it: from suitcase gate, complaining abpout Dawn's B O (Body Odour) with Richard in the Diaryroom, Salmon gate with Grace, 'Absorbing' Ashlynne's words in the bathroom, she's unbelieveable!I would say that she gives Lauren - Catherine Tate's schoolgirl character a good run for her money!!

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