Monday, September 18, 2006

Cherie Blair's Assault Probe

There has been a lot of furore in the press this weekend over Cherie Blair and a 'rabbit ears' incident at a sports event in Scotland. I couldnt believe my eyes and ears when I saw the news headlines. The headlines went:

" Cherie Blair questioned by dectectives",

"Cherie probed over 'slap' allegation"

The news channels and papers were awash with the pictures and videos of the 'incident' and I couldnt imagine why some 'concerned citizens' in the Child Protection in Sport Unit decided to lay a complaint with the Met. Apparently 17 year old Miles Grandolfi found himself standing next to Cherie Blair during a sports event and decided to signal 'rabbit ears' behind her back within full view of the pressmen and the entire world. Some 'idiot' in the Child Protection in Sport Unit fathomed Cherie's reaction wasnt appropraite and decided to lay a complaint.

I thought to myself - Did young Miles action signify good behaviour? Was it proper for a 17 year old to motion behind a lady who was not only a guest at the event but also happened to be the PM's wife as well as a county court judge and revered solicitor? The child protection 'idiot' did not complain about the appropraiteness of Miles behaviour but rather Cherie's good-natured reaction!! Talk about misplaced priorities!!

The Met as usual 'sprang' into action!! Not one, not two but SIX - yes, SIX dectectives were assigned to question Mrs Blair about the incident and conduct an investigation!! And they say the Police Dept is understaffed and overworked! Well, they would be if they persisted in investigating incidents such as this while the real criminals got away with their various crimes because officers are attending to matters such as this. Whatever happened to common sense?

I say this is another blatant waste of tax payers money as well as political correctness gone MAD!!!

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