Sunday, September 10, 2006

Credit Frustration

I had a most embarrasing day today!! My credit card company is trying to frustrate me! First of all, I am travelling to our dear motherland soon and decided to pay off my card debts so I could use the card to buy the tickets. At least, they will acknowledge my efforts and increase my credit limit abi? BIG MISTAKE!!

1. One week later, £1,000 was still not available to spend!! I get on the phone to their customer services department to complain once again. The explanation their Customer Service Adviser gave was that aparently the amount paid back was too large and as a precautionary measure to make sure that individuals dont launder money through their credit cards, any payment above £500 is put through the system kinko kiniko and thus it takes longer for the cheque to clear through the system. It thus takes about 8 - 10 days longer than a cheque with a smaller amount. He added that when next I was paying my credit card bills, I should try to pay in multiples of £500 or less as amounts higher than that takes longer to clear thus the long delay and untold embarrasment!! One thousand pounds a huge sum of money when politicians back home are dealing with "Ghana must go"? Hmmn, wonders will never end in this obodo oyibo!!

2. Ok, at last the amount clears after a loooooooong wait and I attempt to spend some of it!! It is my card afterall isnt it? Wrong again!! After buying travelcard to take us to Victoria, me and my friends couldnt get rail tickets we required as the transaction was not authorised. Shuoo!! When there is so much money on the card? See me see trouble oh!! We had to pay for our tickets with cash and proceed to Gatwick. How embarassing!!

3. Alright!! I get home and call my credit provider and they inform me: Oh its just a precautionary measure. Its ok now we've spoken to you. You are free to contnue using your card as normal!!

4. Went out that night with my pals. bought fuel £17. paid with the card. Was I succesful? Not at All!! Ok! This is one referral too many!!

This joke is getting stretched too far!! Which kind wahala be this now? You get penalised for not paying your bills and now I am being penalised for paying too much at one go and clearing the balance? Have any of you guys had the same problems with ur credit cards? LETS RIOT!!

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  1. That's really unfair. If i were you, I'd move all my credit elsewhere, hit them where it hurts !!


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