Sunday, September 10, 2006


Hello All!!!
I am so sorry my blog has been so inactive these past month. Apart from the fact that I just signed those dotted lines with my beau, my PC has been acting up and hasnt allowed me post any more than a few lines at a time as U all would have noticed from all my previous posts, that majority of them look half baked!! (smile) Its not me oh!! Its my PC. Trying hard to rectify the problem ASAP!! Until then, Thanks for remaining faithful to my blog.

I have received so many comments from my fellow bloggers asking why I did not have a blog. Having viewed my profile, they were met with a blank page when they tried to view my blog. Calabar Gal - my first blog was either cutting my posts into two (2) and publishing only one half or visitors were viewing a completely blank page when posts were published. I think I may have inadvertently or unknowingly deleted the entire blog when my PC was giving me problems and I was having difficulties in getting entire posts published.

So I have now created a new blog - CALABAR GAL2 !!

Thanks for your patience everyone!!!


  1. I alwasy wondered if you had a blog cos the link never worked... Welcome :-)

  2. nice to know you are back. would love to read your blog's future posts .


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