Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Sojourn into Blogland

Hello Everyone!!
I have decided to begin my sojourn into blogland after several arguments with my inner self.
I have been so enthralled by the internet that I could stay online all day long!! Never tiring!!
I literally become glued to the monitor from the minute I wake up till I get back to bed at about midnight. Surfing the Internet, Reading other blogs, asking myself, should I blog on my everyday life boldly or do so annonymously? You still get found out eventually cos someone somewhere will recognise one distinctive feature one way or the other. So Blogland here I come!!
My man complains that I sit on the Internet all day long. Literally, you could say from sunrise till sunset!! And berates me that if I put half the effort that goes into surfing the web on my research work, then I would be a very productive young lady indeed. (Did I mention that I have a dissertation due for submission in January?) I have picked up several novels during my academic sojourn and been so captivated by their contents that putting them down before I got to the last page was a definite no no. I cast a look at my reading table and the pile of books waiting there for me and wonder why they are not as captivating as the novels I've just finished reading.

Sometimes I wonder how can I sit here all day surfing the web I'm not making a living from and which others happen to be making a living from? I hear stories everyday about people making £3m and other vast sums yearly from surfing the internet out of boredom!! Abi dem get 7 heads? This is an appeal to all my brothers and sisters out there making a living from the internet. Abeg make una 'torchlight' me now? Wetin be the '911? (smile) All '419's and 'ODU' abeg make una keep una distance oh! I no get liver at all!! Infact, I travel!!

I cant wait for all this brohahaha about the World Cup to be over. I have become a football fan by force! When you choose to be around ur man and World Cup matches are being beamed at the same time as goings on in the Big Brother house, as long as he has absolute control of the TV remote and hugs it dearly, I just had to be interested in the 'going on' in Germany by force!!
I had my heart literally in my mouth during the England V Portugal Match!!
What is it with our boys and their lack lustre performances when it comes to penalties?
I shouted myself hoarse with dissapointment! Infact, if I had any powers to 'jazz' that portugese goalkeeper that day, I certainly would have do so but alas, bereft as I was of such powers, I could only watch helplessly as successive balls were punched away by the portugese keeper!!

Infact Erikson is a villian in my eyes right now!! Why take a player to Germany if you know you arent going to give him a second of the day to strut his stuff on the pitch? Yes!! I am talking about young, cool, cute, handsome, suave Theo Walcott!! Why was he not given a chance to show us what he's made of? Isnt that why he was picked as part of the squad in the first place? Scolari made good use of his substitution discretion and was making substitutions even up till the last minute! But no! Certainly not the England Coaching Squad!! The boys were picked to make up the number and warm the bench!! Imagine Melanie from down the road being made an instant Celebrity overnight infact, in the twinkle of an eye arising from the fact that her man - Theo was called up to England's World Cup Team!! She never even got to see him play!!

As for the England WAGS, I shall leave that story for another day!!

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