Thursday, September 28, 2006

Nigeria Tel Rip Off - the conclusion....

I told you all about how a fonecard seller sold DUD fone cards to me at Brixton and promised I was going to harrass him. Well, I love my life and so exercised my right to change my mind. I did not go anymore!! Especially when I heard this news on the box the next day. Life is too short. Call me a coward if u like but if anything happens to me or I I die trying, what will I tell God in heaven? That I went to get £9 worth of phonecards from a hussler in Brixton and died in the process? Abasi Mbok Kan Idiok Mkpo!!
So those of you who have been waiting eagerly to hear the 'gist' about the harrasment, hmmnnn - I can conveniently say that I was on my way to the fone stall and the police turned me back due to ongoing investigations following the shooting in the McDonalds restaurant in Brixton!!! LOL!!

But this Gun Crime thing is a really serious issue that escalates daily. Radical action has to be taken about Gun Crime by the authorities!! Shooting inside McDonalds!! In full view of little kids and their parents who went there for a happy meal!! Sources say the gunman in the McDonalds shooting was black and about 6ft tall. Most likely another teenager. How do they get these guns? The kids in this country have gotten too much of a lee way from the government and their policies - You cant smack a child, bla bla bla.

Take the case of the
Nursey owner who was showing council workers round her daycare and a toddler misbehaved. She led the child to the naughty seat and asked her to stay there. The council workers decided to prosecute her for smacking the child or rather in their own words - 'tapping' or 'poking' the child with inappropraite force. Complete waste of time and tax payers money!!! Thats why kids these days are so spoilt and are misbehaving anyhow carrying guns and dealing drugs because the 'tapping' and 'poking' that our parents used to give us all in abundant measure during those good old days is no longer allowed in this country today.

Well, to each his own.........


  1. Lol...wayo! We know you didn't even get to 100 miles of Brixton jo! Why you dey fear now? You for don show the Metuseller say you be real gidi babe and I for don follow you fight am sef.

    But on the real, the gun in the UK is baffling and very serious. Only two weeks ago, two teenage boys were killed by a rival yob! What is going on these days eh? And Maccidee's of all places! Poor children!

  2. Hahah na wah u dan forgo ya 9pounds be that.Ole!!!

    Na wah for the shootings in the UK nowadays o.We dan dey use to it over here but not in the UK sha.Gatz to bring my bulletproof next month when I come over there be that.LOL

    Abeg u fit send me recipe on some soups for ya side?I want to start experimenting scather now..

  3. @ desola: these teenage yobs are a complete nuisance!!

    @ naija bloke: Na my PEROGATIVE abeg!! LOL!!!
    As for those receipes, simply sending them isnt enough oh!! U need catering practicals as well as tutorials. LOL!

  4. It's Brixton whaddya expect. They "iz" bored.

  5. lol very funny post my dear its good u changed ur mind oh no point dying bcos of phone card. when i heard about the shooting in brixton i felt a chill cos i used to live in oval and was in brixton a lot at that time. one just has to keep praying. funny post babe

  6. I read the story of the shooting in the papers. It's such a shame. I feel the people in government look away sometimes.

    Thank God you changed your mind o. Please don't get hit (or worse) because of phonecard.

  7. i dont blame you for not going back, jare; I probably would have done the same thing too; who likes stress?

    dont mind the govt! instead of concentrating on serious issues such as gun crime they're wasting time and resources on trivial and STUPID things like persecuting a teacher for disciplining her charge (she didnt even smack the kid!)or even worse was that whole 'Cherie Blair incident'. Talk about misplaced priorities. RUBBISH!!!

  8. Hahaha .. see cunny woman dey use english escape ..No be only ya perogative..LOL

    Oya send the tutorials join with the recipe and if u want me to come down for practicals..No wahala ..LOL just let me know when u will be available and am there

  9. Hiya Naija Bloke!!
    Here's the receipe for AFANG SOUP.

    a) Afang - known as UKAZI in Igbo finely chopped and blended or pounded to a smooth pulp.
    b) Waterleaf -finely cut and boiled spinach is a good substitute for those in diaspora.
    c) Spices - Pepper, salt, Knorr/Maggi cubes, Blended Crayfish etc
    d) Obstructions - Meat, dry fish, cowleg, snails, cowleg, shaki etc
    e) Meat Stock
    f) Palm Oil

    Bring the chopped waterleaf or spinach to a boil using stock from ur meat, add to the boiling spinach ur spices to taste, 2 or 3 spoons of blended crayfish also. Mix thoroughly to allow the spices blend in.

    2) Time to add ur dry fish, and then the varied & much desired obstructions.

    3) Bring to a boil then add ur palm oil. Let it simmer.

    4. Add ur Afang last and stir. Leave for 5-10 mins to allow the Afang cook properly and VOILA!!

    Its all READY TO EAT!!


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