Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Suri Cruise

At loooooonng last!!!!!
Tom and Katie's baby finally unveiled to the entire universe shutting the cynical mouths and lips of the press and paparazzi!
I beheld pictures of dark beauty SURI CRUISE in this month's vanity fair and I went Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!! She is so so cute!!! So Gorgeous!! Drop Dead Gorgeous if I add. I must say that she really is adorable. Looking into her adorable face makes me so broody! (smile)
Her parents must be cooing and gagaing with adoration and pride.
I must appeal to the press and the paparazzi to cut Katie and Tom some slack! First of all was the rumour that Baby Suri didnt exist. She has now been revealed to the entire world and another rumour comes up - She isnt really their baby (Oh yeah? Was that a pregnancy suit Katie was wearing all those long months of gestation?) They posit that Baby Suri is really an Asian baby and also insinuate that that lovely, beautiful, jet black mane of hair isnt really Suri's but that a 'baby toupee' was used by Katie and Tom during the photo shoot. Yeah right!! Whatever!!
Katie and Tom like the rest of us humans in the universe deserve some privacy and peace to bring up their daughter and any other children they may be blessed with in future. Please pressmen and women - DO GIVE THEM A BREAK!!!!!


  1. LOL Babu toupe!! Can you believe it?? I agree with you though, they really need to leave them alone, they are people after all innit. Rich, completely successful people, but still people

  2. you're talking about it too, and invariably feeding into the gossip

  3. You didn't tell me you had a site back up, nor that you'd linked to me. Luckily I've discovered it and linked back!

  4. Finally found you...Excellent.

    Mr & Mrs Cruise...They are not gonna please everyone...So!

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