Monday, September 18, 2006

Tips on correct positioning for 'Number 2'

Has it ever occurred to any of you that you may not be performing the act of executing 'Number 2' in the right position? I am sure some will be wondering what positioning has to do with 'Number 2' when all you have to do is sit down and puuuuuuuussssssssssssshhhhh!!!!!!

Well, NHS Doc has come up with the correct position as proposed by our dear friend 'Tony' when doing your thing . He posits: "Is there any area of life that Tony Blair will not try to control?" I just used to sit down unconsciously and do my thing. Seems I may have to do some positioning reviews!

Have a look and confirm if you've been executing your 'number 2' in the right position!!!


  1. you know for a second I actually thought this was for real and even went as far as searching it online!
    (sad thing is if it were true I probably wouldnt have been that surprised.)

  2. @ beautifully human, It is true!!! The doc says its an NHS leaflet being circulated around in a North London Hospital!

  3. lol.. this is beyond funny.. so now theres a right and wrong way to do #2 eh?

    I bet the right way ensures blood flow and reduces risk of only BRITISH PPL.. hehe

  4. Actually, I read somewhere that If you are finding it hard to do your business, singing softly to yourself could ease the pressure and prevent damage to the rectum...scary right

  5. Hahahaha ..dis is funny.

    Well from my homies that actually snoke cigarettes ... all u need to download is just a stick and u r good.LOL

  6. @OWNB & Babe - different strokes for differnt folks. hahaha!

    @Naija BLoke - LOL you guys will not kill me oh!! BROOMSTICK!!! LOL!!!


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