Friday, October 27, 2006


I found this tagging format from the blog page of that Crazy Girl we all love so much and thought I'd join in the tagging game. Blogspot's Expletives Master did his too. So I thought I'd join in and share as much as I possibly can about me with you all. If you're reading this - YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED TOO!


I used to love exchanging story books with my mates at primary school. Sometimes though, I conveniently forgot to return them. When my friends ran out of books to exchange, my primary school teacher who was my mum’s friend would borrow me story books he had seized from the pupils in his class. The look on their faces as I walked out of their class with the seized story books – priceless. I loved reading Enid Blyton –still do. My first Novel was a Pacesetter Novel - Evbu My Love by Helen Ovbiagele. Moved from pacesetters to Mills & Boons and I used to fantasize about the men in them. On bad days, would stay in bed all day long reading and dreaming. Barbara Cartland Novels and James Hardley Chase and Pacesetters took a huge chunk of my pocket money. I’m a very fast reader. Once I start a novel, find it dificult to put it down until the very end. Everything else suffers during that time.

I love lipgloss. I make sure I have one stationed permanently in every handbag I own. The same goes for handcream – a vital necessity and one in every handbag. My makeup is minimal – just eyeliner and lipgloss – lipstick sometimes but more often none.

I’m a quiet and reserved person. Trying very hard to shake off that skin. I used to think guys were gods. Couldn’t talk to them when I was a teenager. Had to learn slowly how to make conversation with them when I got to university. My first boyfriend was in university. A Tall dark handsome Tiv boy with cute sideburns. We still keep in touch though. I have done all the breaking up with all the guys I ever dated. Why? Sometimes I ask myself that. Someone new came along I guess. Always break up with the old one before moving on to the new one though. I never knew there was anything like pidgin English until I got university. I still cant speak pidgin properly – tried my very best to learn but when it comes out of my mouth it sounds real funny. I write pidgin though. (smile)

When I was younger, used to cry along with the sad or touching parts of a movie or at the end of it. My sisters would laugh at my tears and I would try frantically to hide them. I still do if the movie gets too emotional. LOL

I used to sing alto in the Sunday School Choir. Was in my college protestant choir & CCIC church choir too. I love good music. More on the gospel side though although I have no reservations about secular music if its being played. Bishop TD Jakes is my main man, deep dreamy soul stirring voice, Mary Mary, Cece Winas, Bebe Winas, I love Beyonce too and Daniel Bedingfield. Oh and I enjoy going to bed listening to some jazz too. Kunle Ajayi or Kenny G.

I have 6 ear piercings. 3 on each ear lobe. Don’t have any nose piercings yet. Wanted to do one in uni but my boyfriend persuaded me not to. May get round to that someday. Havent had a tattoo done yet. Am not a huge fan of Artificial nails. First time I had them done was at my wedding. Just haven’t gotten round to fixing them again. Loved them though.

I couldn’t be bothered about politics. I think I pay way too much tax. What’s the point of working overtime if a huge chunk of it is all going to taken off as tax? I am always succumbing to working overtime though if its offered. Who dosent want the extra cash?

My family is terribly important to me. Both Extended, Nuclear and Conjugal. I love my sisters dearly though I know I don’t tell them often enough so dear sisters if u’re reading this – I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY!! I love my brother too - TEENAGE HORROR. I was making a call from a phone booth at Heathrow Airport one day when this guy approached me and offered to take me back to town. Looking at him, I thought at least they don’t cut off human heads in London so I'm safe in his car. Besides, I could always scream for help to any passing police car if he drives in the wrong direction. We got talking and been talking since then.Turned out to be my partner for the next 20 months and made an honest woman out of me 3months ago. Love you dearly BABES!! U R D BEST!! Working hard on shoving a bun in the oven ASAP. Would like to have two pregnancies. Both sets of twins – first set male, second set female. Chapter Closed.

I have been asked by not one, not two people if “I chopped dog legs” LOL!!! Well, literally, I’ve had several. Its not that I walk about aimlessly - I just like sight seeing and window shopping especially. Beats staying at home on the sofa scoffing food or making endless trips to the fridge looking for what to snack on. That’s a habit to be curtailed seriously cos like right now – I make about a thousand journey’s a day between the sofa and the fridge. Love shopping online. Gives me a thrill to receive the packages and unwrap them when they arrive. Oh and they keep increasing my credit limit!! Catalogues will not be the death of me.

I love comedy shows. Catherine Tate, Little Britain, could watch the Cosby Show over and over again tirelessly. ‘Hustle’ is so cool. Waiting eagerly for the next series. Sometimes I wonder what its like to ‘binge drink’ should try it one day – drinking loads and loads of Smirnoff Ice in the confines of my own home of course. Love Ginger Beer and Shandy as well as trying out the various drinks in the Supermarket. The last one I tasted was Dandelion drink. Sweet and nice.

When I was a kid about 7 or 8yrs old, I went to the Boys Quarters in our compound where the gardener lived with his kids and they (the kids) were roasting something which they gave me to taste. Twas after I had consumed the whole lot was informed it was a toad or was it a frog? Cant remember which one it was but one is edible and the other is not – just cant decipher which right now. Cant remember what it tasted like so don’t ask!! LOL

Daddy was my favourite man and could never do wrong in my eyes. Still love him dearly. Mum had to come second best but we bonded against dad’s various side kicks in my late teenage years. Aaaah Female bonding against men. We made up though – couldn’t stay angry with him for long. She went first – cancer and I went back to my first love – dad. he went too 3years later – heart attack. Intend to enrol in a French class one stay to fulfil my dream of being bilingual. Havent had vanilla yet guess its too late now.

I’ve got a couple of friends – not too many just a few but when I’m stressed couldn’t be bothered to keep in touch. Then something happens and they’re there for me and I remember why they’re called friends in the first place. I prefer to communicate via email. Couldn’t be bothered to make fone calls anymore. Its cheaper in the long run. (smile) I am addicted to the internet. Can stay online 5 hours at a stretch just surfing. My dedication to blogger and blogspot is amazing. Wish I paid that much attention and dedication to my studies. I love God and I'm working hard on being closer to him.

You’ve been tagged if you are reading this!!!


We're reverting to Winter Time this weekend as British Summer Time ends. So dont forget to set ur clocks back 1 hour on SATURDAY night!!!!! Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Hey, i am the first to comment! But i am not doing any tagging.LOL.
    Moment of truth i have isues with calabar girls. One took my best friend away from his girlfriend.)not like its entirely the girl's fault o.

    I have to blog about the story next week. My fingers are on vacation now.

    Hey, i have no issues with you my one and only fave calabar gal!

  2. Hey, great read, I feel I know a lot more about you !! I won't be doing anything like this though !!

    I on the other hand, I'm a massive fan of Calabar girls, they know how to look after their men !! (Let's just hope my wife never reads this !!)

    Interesting story about how you met your husband........

  3. Wow, you sound so much like me! If I do mine now, it will sound like we are the same person... LOL! I am a real daddy's girl too, I once told one of my friends that the man I would marry must be exactly like my dad :-)
    I used to read all those Enid Blyton books too. Moved on to M&Bs, the Sidney Sheldons, the Jackie Collins et al when I became a teenager. Like you I read very fast and I zone out when I am reading a good book. Everything else doesn't matter.

    Gosh, at this rate, you could be my twin....

    LOL at how you met hubby :-)

  4. cal girl, didnt know you were a MRS... how did I miss that one?
    I loved exchanging novels with my friends back in primary and secondary skool too, and yes pacesetters, enid blyton, kay tracey et al were all favourites. (aaahhhh, the good ol' days!) I was a bookworm, still am. I remember my 1st crush back in sec skool; when he came to talk to me I almost passed out from the shock!!!lol. I used to think crying at movies was lame, until I found myself crying watching the color purple (go figure!)LOVE all types of music; I think life wouldnt be worth living as much if there was no music in it. piercings? yes, tatoo? not yet, maybe my family & friends to bits; I can say I have one best friend. I've had frog legs once - never again though!! (Sorry to hear about your folks, may they rest in peace. amen)LOVE God too.
    I've kinda cheated on this one but this is the closest I'll come to revealing about myself.
    btw: I thought the clocks changed on sun morning?

  5. LOL at Calabargal.. Feel like I know you soooo well now...maybe I'd do mine? Who knows?

  6. @Temmy: Sorry about ur friend babes. The bad reputation Calabar gals have is overrated in my opinion. We're just like any other normal girl out there. Looking forward to reading about the story though.
    Awww, Thanks babe. You're one of my faves too. have a lovely weekend.

    @boso: LOL at Calabar Gal being able to look after their men. Every girl does quite about the same things we do too in taking care of our men.

    Your wife wont mind. She knows she's got u firmly in her grips. Love to her and Baby O.

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  8. That title belongs to Delot :D
    Sad he isn't blogging anymore:(

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  10. @TP: Wow!! At last I meet my long lost twin!! Girl - We've got a lot of catching up to do. (smile)

    @beautifully human: *blush* started blogging as a single gal b4 my title changed. That was about one of the various times my blog started acting up and was displaying a blank page.
    We all have so much in common - Enid Blyton, crying during movies,not being able to talk to crushes, family, frog legs, loving God, its a small world.
    There'll be an official confirmation of exactly when the clock goes backward one hour. Will have to watch out for that.

    @Nyemoni: Looking forward to catching up on all about U too. (smile)

  11. Three tags. One right after the other. Hmmm.

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  13. Calabar have to be kidding, this is kinda spooky oo in a good way sha. I just wrote about Evbu my Love as well in my blog, because I was thinking about it last night before falling asleep. Lo and behold, I came on here and I saw that you had also written about it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  14. I was the same way, I always borrowed novels in school I loved Barbara Cartland Novels and owned almost every James Hardley Chase and Pacesetter ever made!

  15. @Nosa: Too bad Delot is leaving. We'll all miss him.

    @Azuka: Well, I did mention at the start of my four memes post that this whole week would be dedicated to posts on tagging and after that, I'm retiring from he tagging game. (smile)

    @Omo Ibadan: ooh! A pleasant coincidence. I'm off to ur blog to see what u wrote about Helen O. I wonder where she is now and what she's doing now. She used to churn out such pleasant novels then and I think she was a Vanguard Newspaper Women's Columnist too.

    Adahope: I guess those of us who were interested in reading and improving our vocabulary, devouring as much as possible from all those novels did turn out OK didnt we? The novels must have had a good effect and not a bad effect on us. (smile)

  16. That was really interesting Calabar Girl.
    I didnt know that was how u met your husband.
    That is sooo sweet!~
    I had better keep my eyes open next time I'm at
    have a great weeknd

  17. I had no idea you were married.
    might just do this.
    And Enid Blyton's used to be soooo exciting. You got to read them when you were done with your homework at my house.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog btw.

  18. OH my!! i used to luVV james hardley chase and mills and boon and harlequin romance novels in naija 4real!!memories... "and then he put his joystick inside my computer chip"... lmao.. that was some funny stuff oh my God..another lipgloss addict.. my dear i have 3 in everybag.. my friends come lipgloss shopping in my house all the time... lol.. so i started dating a little earlier(just a lil.. lmao).. i cry all the time 4 everything.. its terrible.. i'm over tattoos(don't have one and dont wanna get one anymore)... have 9 piercings.. belly button included and i wanna get one last one.. on my eyebrow.. babe ur married!?!?!? I didnt know that oh.. awwwwwwwwwwww.. heya sorry about ur parents death.. have 6 best friends.lmao i def spend more time on blogspot than i should... absolutely funny and fun writeup.. luved it!!

  19. @ bella naija: yes love - keep an open eye and mind. You never know who you'll meet. LOL

    @Atinuke: Well, no need rubbing my 'title' in. there's no big deal about it. I'm still very much a single gal at heart. Hope 'he' dosent get to read this. (smile)

    @Vera: U refuse to be tagged? Not only you dearie. Even I staunchly refuse to be tagged anymore. (smile)

    @Overwhelmed NB: "and then he put his joystick inside my computer chip" Girl - U got me LMAO over here. Lipgloss is the BOMB!!! Does wonders to a lady's appearance.

  20. Hi there....and thank you for the B'day was a great day after all.

    I have a question re my profile.....are you referring to the avatar (which I am having a problem bringing in to the new blogger) or is there something not the same on the profile?

  21. re My Sweetie - My Sweetie is the male half of the marriage.....I am the female half...and we were just talking about that scenario this morning...hwhat I would have done if the Creepy Person had shown up if My Sweetie was away or something. Hopefully my fears would have been realized up front, and I would have thought of an excuse not to let him in.

  22. I concur with Temmy & Boso on calabar chics.. used to date one and wow!!!.. She was really a keeper men .. at a point in time I was practically staying in her house .. was just wasting money paying rent o.. Men this chic can cook scather and men she took care of me as in taking care of me.. ..

    Nice knowing a lil' bit abt calabar chic o.. I bet ya boo is a lucky man

  23. thank you lady.....I was doing a little maintenance of my own today...had a heckuva time getting my beloved avatar back.....cheers!

  24. That was good writing. It flowed. I am an alto as well even though my voice (not me) aspires very much to be a soprano. Never read an M and B though. Quite strange, I must have missed some rite of passage or something. Prefferred Sherlock Holmes even though he was a druggie.

  25. @ masgblog: Phew!! Glad it was just maintenance. Was a little bit scared as I had the same problem a couple of days ago.

    @Naija BLoke: This calabar gal hype is overated. We simply do the same things other girls do to take care of our men. *blush*

    @chibs: Welcome back to blogville girl. Where have you been hiding? We all missed you and reading your posts dearly. Thanks for stopping by my page.

  26. I love lipgloss too, mac has the best.
    I like to work overtime. I'm just so greedy when it comes to money.

  27. I have missed you oh!!! I am back (full-time) in blogworld!

    I love(d) my Enid Blyton books oh!

    As for how you met your hubby - SWEET!!!

  28. @beautyinbaltimore: *sigh* lipgloss. What would we ladies do without lipgloss? (smile)

    @london buki: Sis has gone back to america abi? We missed you too. Things werent the sme without ur full attention. (smile)

  29. interesting piece....loved the part about how u met your hubby.

  30. Aunty I can categorically affirm that the hype abt Calabar chics is not overrated o.. am serious ..dated a few in PH as well now and I have friends that can testify to it too ..even if na to go court swear..LOL

  31. You are married? A newly wed too. Congratulations. I love the story of how you met HIM. Nice one.

    Still cant get over the dog eating thing. I really cant. You ate a frog as toads are inedible. I might get round to doing this someday.....

  32. @ funmi & uzo: *blush, blush*

    @Naija Bloke: LOL. Okay Oh! If you insist. (smile) We (calabar girls) accept the compliment with all graciousness. (smile)

  33. I loved pacesetters, read a lot of them in high skool, u cant speak pigin, how come, lol
    I am a lip gloss kinda chick too, I have too many. I sing @ church n I still think its weird that u eat dog meat, lol
    Love ur hubby story
    Nice post, but am not doing this assignment o

  34. nice blogg u got here calabargal

  35. There was so much about you that I didn't know - for one I didn't know you were married - But I really really really enjoyed this post - It was nice to know a little bit about you.

  36. @biodun: pacesetters were so helpful to my vocab then. Too bad they're no longer being published.

    @anonymous: Thank you!!

    @life: I'd like to get to know you too!! So hurry up and post urs. (smile)


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