Sunday, October 01, 2006

Calabar Christmas Carnival

Its Independence Day!! Nigeria is 46 years old!!
Happy Independence Day Y’all!!!

I know Nigeria has had her ups and downs but we all cant help but wish for the best for her all the time. Corruption is rife – yeah we know!! Rome wasn’t built in a day and Rome was also once upon a time corrupt with its fair share of ups & down!! We’ll get there one day – A corruption free NIGERIA!!

Not all bad things are inherently manifest in Nigeria & good things are happening there too!! October is here and the countdown has begun!! Christmas is around the corner and the end of the year draws nigh!! Wow!! 2006 almost over just like that?

Calabar AKA Caanan City – The Land of milk & honey is where its happening this Xmas!! There’s gonna be a
Calabar Christmas Carnival there organised by our hardworking CRS Governor Mr Donald Duke and his lovely wife Onari. They are a very beautiful and handsome couple who have served the state diligently these past 7years. (See their pictures below)

The Calabar Christmas Carnival is scheduled to hold from December 1 2006 - January 1 2007. This festive period will be loaded with events and colourful activities promoting the rich culture of Cross River State (CRS) and also boost tourism. The Christmas Carnival activities scheduled for this year includes:–

  • Switching on of Christmas Lights at the Millenim Square.(Majority of the streets in Calabar will be beautifully decorated with nicely designed Christmas street lights & decorations. When lit at night, its amazing!!)

  • Boat Race/ Parade, Boat Regatta, (A mix of the rich riverine cultures of CRS & Rivers State. (Mrs Duke is from Bonny, Rivers State)
  • There will also be a street parade of competitive floats about 12km long, made up of a Trinidad & Tobago themed carnival floats including traditional dances and masquerades, Trinidad & Tobago Steel Band, Calypso Music and loads more!! Pure fun & thrill I can assure you! The cross section of the state will be massively represented in the carnival float. It will be fun galore and Mr Duke and his wife led the Carnival Procession last year and will do the same again this year!!
  • City Walk & Campaign against HIV/AIDS. I have participated in several of these walks myself in past years.
  • Christmas Village & Shopping Arcade showcasing our culture and various foods. Lots of Ekpang Nkwukwo, Edikang Ikong, Afang, Ukang Ukom, Afia Efere, Usung Abia as well as 404!! LOL!! Well not only food will be served there but there will be lots of artifacts and other cultural products for sale.
  • Xmas Festival Raffle Draw
  • An 'The Apprentice' themed Reality Show
  • Carol Night
  • Musical Show ushering in the new year and a fireworks display to bring on the new year. This will also serve as an avenue to discover new talents as well as showcase old ones. Governor Duke plays the Saxaphone and is sure to give a performance during the variety night!! Other musicians will be there also and those lined up for this year include: Wyclef Jean, Damien Marley, Sunny Neji, Sammy Okposo, Tuface Idibia, Blackky and a whole lot of others. Mighty Sparrow and Maxi Priest were around last Xmas and may put in a repeat appearance this year.

Of course, there’s the wonderful Obudu Cattle Ranch to relax in. Its a tourist's haven!! Mr Duke has been organising carnivals like these since 1999 and as this is going to be his last Xmas as CRS Governor, he is leaving with a bang so its bound to be even more fun than all the previous years. The civil servants in CRS are always given a well deserved rest/holiday in December - fully paid!!

The Calabar Christmas Carnival is a month long International festival and creates an enabling environment for tourism as well as allowing Nigerians at home and in the diaspora to wind down after a whole year of working hard. So make it a date in December with my darling Caanan City cos its going to be FUN, FUN, FUN!! I have participated in several carnivals myself and I can attest to the excitement as well as the cheerful atmosphere released upon the state by the carnival every christmas!! All the activities will be interesting and entertaining!! I personally look forward to every forthcoming activity each December week!!

I am inviting you all to come and participate in this Christmas festival in December 2006. This is the time to plan ahead towards participating in the festival. For those who intend to spend Christmas & the New Year in Nigeria - Please do make out time and visit Cross River State!! You are all very welcome!!


  1. i have heard alot about the festival and will be visiting home myself.... so, what days exactly will the festivities be? do you know?

  2. Hey Calabar Gal, wat's up? Came across the link 2 ur blog on London Buki's blog.

    Listen, I'm writing a story (fiction) and two of my characters are Calabar. I thought I had it all figured out, but I guess not. My question: What are the Calabar States in Naija (apart from Cross River)? What do the people of Akwa Ibom speak? Do you know?

  3. Nice one ..I actually like Donald Duke ..I think he is the only person we have in Government in Nigeria that has a brain cos all the others r just plain fools or stupid including our so call Obasanjo.

    Nice post

  4. Happy Independence Day gal!


  5. Very joyful moments for the people of Nigeria.

    Enjoy living.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and please do come again.I love your blog will come back again.

  7. Forgot to tell you that you have been tagged.

  8. can you change your blog template? it is hard to read with the overlapping pink colors

  9. Meeen very inviting, my friend actually invited me for this thing oh, who knows, I might just go hehe

  10. @Calabar woman: Hello sista!! Idem eh? updated my post to include carnival dates. C U there?

    @ Vera: LMAO at me holding u up!! Check ur Mailbox!!

    @OWNB & Mona: Yes it is fun!! Need free spirits like U two there! LOL!!

    @Naija BLoke: I'm very proud of Duke myself.

    @Keshi, Ufukhati, Starry Nights: Thanks for stopping by my blog. Ah been tagged I know.........

    @anonymous: Change my template? I'd lose all my saved settings!!
    I try to use bold fonts to make my posts more legible. Actually thot the pink was ok. Maybe not.......
    Will try other colors instead.

  11. This sounds very juicy. But WORK, WORK, WORK will definitely tie my butt down. Maybe I'll resign on November 30th & Apply for the job again on Jan 2nd, 'cos forget leave - them dumb arse won't gimme.

  12. I am an Akwa Ibomite and I attended last year's carnival, it was soooo much FUN!!!

    Once its November/December all roads leads to Calabar.

    I will do anything to come home this year cos I cant afford to miss da funn.

    Abuja is always dry during festive period.

    Nice blog and thanks for stoping by and commenting on mine too.

  13. Hi Calabar gal! I have heard all about the Christmas Carnival thingy, my mum-in-law is Efik and lives in Calabar... maybe I will go there for Christmas one of these years what do you know?

    Its a really good thing when the whole state looks forward to an event such as this rather than to negative things. Way to go ppl!

    I hear one funny jist about Cross Rivers State.. You guys have your own State Anthem. My friend sang it to me some time ago.. How it tickled me. You guys are summin' else!

  14. sounds like very impressed with donald duke..he's implemented lots of innovative ideas no other politician has.ill luv to visit cross river some day

  15. hey calabar gal,nice blog you got there.makes me feel at home when am away like am right now outside the country.really missing home.

  16. my name is malem and i am a medical doctor i had to be in calabar for the carnival flew in on the 25th dec and i assure u it was worth the trip the bands were so nice even the soldiers were not left out.i hope this tradition has come to stay bcos nigeria has a way of making a mess of things.Duke is the best.

  17. @ Anonymous : Thanks!!!
    @Anonymous2: Hi Malem!! I'm glad u had fun in Calabar during the Carnival!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Dare I say can u pls email me some of the pics from the carnival? My email address is on my profile page!! Cheers!!!

  18. Hey,
    The last carnival was great so is the upcoming 2007 Calabar Carnival and Cross River State festival official website and Calabar Carnival for more information

  19. @Anonymous: I can only imagine what fun you all will be having. I'm missing the carnival this year again. *SIGH*

  20. Yes, I hope in this Carnival, all shall be well as we hope for more guests into the entire state.
    Hotels are ready to embrace Tourists into the State.

    This idea is welcome.


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