Saturday, October 14, 2006


I have come to enjoy and relish spending time with my BLOGVILLE family.
I look forward each day to hearing from each and everyone of them. It pained my heart yesterday when I was doing my customary round of surfing and on Life through Rose Tinted Glasses page was this post: “He died” She had lost a very special friend and blogging pal.

Bhookey84 confirms their mutual pal’s death in her post “O Death” and hints he was the only one who had dropped comments in her blog. I check the previous post and there are his comments stamped in the sands of time.

Death is truly horrible. God’s promise to us was that the number of our days he will fulfil. The minimum number of our days being three score and ten. He was barely approaching his first ‘score and ten’. What is it with death taking us youths away in our prime?

Tola Okoya Thomas died just recently from Cancer aged 28. An old school girl of mine died about three months ago aged 27 – heart attack. Now LAWD*OF*D*DEEP has left us all in this lonesome world aged 27.
He joined our bloggosphere in September and in his last post said:

“for everyone that i left a comment on their posts,
if u dont like wat i wrote then im really sorry,

just in that frame of mind where everything seems like its not working

Maybe he could feel the life ebbing out of him? Did he hear God calling him that his work on earth is done? Well, he did have some kind of premonition and that was his way of saying goodbye to us all before his last breath.
Accept him into your bossom dear Lord for eternity. AMEN.



  1. Well Written... May their souls rest in perfect peace.

    May God be with their families and friends during these times of grief... Amen

  2. may the soul of the departed rest in perfect peace.

  3. Oh my! I came accross Lawd of the deep's blog some weeks ago and enjoyed it immensely! This is a very chilling news and I am so distraught. can you tell what the nature of death was? This really is sad. All these people were young! May their souls rest in perfect peace. (amen)

  4. I'm speechless. May God comfort their families and friends. I pray especially for Tola's twins, the good Lord will take care of them, even more than there mum could ever think of doing, had she been alive.

  5. Our Good God. Hear our prayers and comfort those who need your divine comfort right now. For in all things you Lord are in control, and nothing happens without Your knowledge.

    Father we pray that you will continue to guide protect comfort and be with evryone that is mouring right now, and exchange their surrow for gladness. You alone are worthy of our thanks. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  6. You put it the best possible way... May the lord be with him, his friends and family as they go through this truly difficult period.. i can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must be to lose someone especially in the prime of his life.

  7. May God rest his soul and be with his friends and family at this time.

  8. May their soul rest in peace n may He give their families strength during this period of life.

  9. thanks girl i couldnt even wriet about it this good. Thanks for the support and the comment u left on my page. God bless you

  10. It really is very sad, May God comfort all the families in mourning. My heart goes out to them.

  11. sorry about your friend. I hope you'red doing ok


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