Friday, October 06, 2006

My Mulberry Bag

Tutsy has a picture of her $700 D & G shoes that almost got lost during a shopping trip to purchase them. The girl has liver and is very brave paying $700 for a pair of shoes!! Having a glimpse of Tutsy’s precious shoes made me remember one of my own shopping trips to House of Fraser (or was it Debenhams?) about six months ago.

They were having one of their sales so me and my girlfriend decided to go and have a look to see if there was anything we could afford. We went straight to the bags section and fed our eyes!! Then my eyes caught this lovely bag that’s always in the papers on the arms of Coleen McLoughlin and other FOOTBALLERS WAGS & Celebrities. It was beautiful!! A Roxanne Mulberry Bag reduced to only £400 from its previous price of £850 with very, very soft brown leather. It was sooooooo CUTE!!

I thought it was a good bargain afterall, those who bought the bag when it was £850 would now be gnashing their teeth in envy. But at £400 could I afford it? And I had no job at that time. The bag tugged at my heartstrings and desire won over common sense. I picked it up and marched majestically to the counter to ask if they had the bag in stock in another colour. (Well, at least if they didn’t have it then I could console myself and say they didn’t have the colour I liked. ) The Salesgirl smiled and me and said that was the very last one in stock and at that price was a good buy!!

“I know!” I replied.

With a huge breath, I told her I’d take the bag but would like to apply for a Store Card and put the bag on the card. So I filled in the form and she went to make that vital call. As she was making the call, I was praying in my heart - £400 for a bag! A cool N100,000. Enough to buy me a small piece of land in Calabar, or raise that building to lintel level, or even buy an okada for businesss or maybe shares in a viable industry. I was torn between common sense and yanga. Oh how I would be the envy of all eyes during my impending Naija trip!!

Anyway, the salesgirl came back and smiled at me. My hour of reckoning had come!! **Folly or Wisdom.** “I’m sorry but your application has been refused.” She said. I was sad but relieved at the same time. See what Littlewoods had done to me? I had sent them a cheque 14 good days before their minimum payment was due. Was it my fault they hadn’t deemed it fit to cash the cheque before the due date leaving me blacklisted and my previously untarnished record now with blemish? Oh Well! A blessing in disguise!! My Mulberry Designer bag will come one day – maybe not just yet.

Tutsy my girl rock ur shoes with style!! If I had ur liver and a Store Card with enough ££ on it, I’d probably throw caution to the wind and indulge myself too. Christmas comes just once a year!!! LOL!!


My Girl Buki is running the Run London 10km race this weekend for NORTH LONDON!!!! She is running in the last start at 12.45pm on Sunday at Hyde Park. Best of Luck with the race gal!! We hope to be there at the starting line to cheer you and Miss Y on!! May u finish it in style and in good time also. (Not Jade Goody Style) We all in Blogger land are rooting for you.


  1. lol @ the sales person, I dont have the lover to charge a purse, lol. That must have been a lil embarrassing right? Take care n have a blessed weekend!

  2. Hahaha @at enuff to buy a piece of land in calabar or an akada for business ...

    Women sha.. I hope me and ma wife will not break our heads when I marry sha.

    Go Buki!Go Buki!!Go!!!

  3. I won't have even picked up the bag oh. I stay away from expensive accessories... As I earn more money (by God's Grace) I'll buy more expensive bags... for now, the limit is £80... I am serious. As for shoes... Limit is £100. LOL!!! Can you tell I am an Ijebu gal?

    Thank you so much CB and I assure you I will not do a "Jade Goody", I have been training oh! Thank you :-)

    @NB LOL! Thanks!

  4. oh that bag is georgous, but i just could't spend that much on a bag! fingers crossed for xmas then!

  5. @biodun: It was a mixture of both. Na longer throat been dey worry me.

    @Naija Bloke: We women have small business sense too u know!! LOL!!

    @London Buki: I dont know what happened to me that day oh!! Maybe the knowledge I could get the bag on crredit. My limit is normally £35 for a bag. That refusal was a blessing in disguise.

    @her indoors: LOL!! Well, Xmas only comes once a year. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. you were relieved at your application being declined? I was more than releived to read that!why on earth would I want to spend 400 bucks on a handbag when I could get pretty much the same thing, bar the designer label, for a tenth of that price? Then before you know it,that particular style/trend will be out of fashion and a new one will come along. that's just the way I see it.

  7. I could never spend that much on ANYTHING for myself. But, what a cute bag it was!

  8. Hey there..

    thanks for stoppin by at ma place.


  9. hahahaa eyah..sometimes when you see something you really want you dont think about the price but when you walk away from it you dont feel too bad...dotn worry. God will grant you mulberry bag. amen.

  10. Wow!...and they say we Americans spend too much! :-)

  11. Oh, cute bag, and oh the sorrow of no money! I completetly sympathize. I actually just bought a pair of short boots for $100. To me, that's a LOT!!! But they'll last me a long time, and with my new job, I can sometimes afford to indulge...a bit

    Your bag will come;-)

  12. I would be relieved as well. Good luck to your friend in the 10K.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. £400 for a bag ?

    £400 for a bag ??

    £400 for a bag ???

    You actually tried to spend £400 on a bag ????

  14. I finished!!! Thanks for your support!!!

  15. Hahaha, girl, I know the feeling! I would rather spend alot on leather bags than shoes o and yes I do have that Mulberry bag but did I whack the Garri afterwards?

    It's such a lovely bag though but it's a good thing you didn't buy it because by the time you'll be rocking it, it would be so last season so what the heck. Thank your stars jo.

    See my mouf, like say I get mouf to talk sef.

  16. That's a lot of money to spend on a bag for some. But these things dont run away. All in good time.

    On a personal note, i tend to stay away from expensive trendy items. Why spend a ton of money on stuff that will go out of style in 2 months and be so obviously "last season" when i have it on?

  17. I am laughing so much at all your comments!!

    @ Boso: A guy is allowed to spend £400 on a laptop or LCD TV and no one blinks an eyelid!!

    desola has admitted to getting the bag succesfully!! Babes can we share alternate weeks? LOL!!

    Thanks everyone for ur comments. U all made my day!!

  18. nice post, relieved that your application was refused. I think you should invest it in a piece of land.and get yourself a knock off. you will have one that looks like the original and you would not have spent all that money.

  19. I too can't spend £400 on a bag. No matter which way I look at it, I can't justify it. It's just ONE bag! Anyway you could pick up a similar bag for a fraction of the price. Just go to (my secret). Oh no it's out :-)

  20. Aunty Charge and Bail,u no go update ya blog again... LOL

    Thx for the Okassi recipe mehn ..I threw it down on saturday and it was the bomb,Ironchef aint got nuthn on me.Will post a pic 2moro cos my blog anniversary is 2moro.

    U have a nice rest of the week

  21. LOL I love Mulberry bags new fave is the Emmy! But I'm staying away from any shops that stock it in the christmas sales because God knows that I'll convince myself that half off is a bargain, even if it still costs £500!

  22. I too am a bag nut!!! Those are very nice bags. And I'm a shoe freak too! Cheers!

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  24. @starry night & TP: heading to asos right now to indulge myself. (smile)

    @naijabloke: ur mouth too sharp!! (smile)

    @1982: designer bags are a huge indulgence. Good luck with ur resistance!!! (smile)

    @masgblog: Are you a size 9? Need shoes & bags freaks like you around me that way I help myself whenever you're out of the way!! (smile)

    @christmas gift ideas: hmmn going over to ur page to have a look. thanks for stopping by mine.

  25. £400 on a bag...erm no way! When I get into them shops and I see the them kind of bags. I reach into by £40 bag, grab my bible whilst I hyperventilate and walk right out of there. It


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