Sunday, October 29, 2006

No Pants Day 2k6

Hey!! All ye fellow blogpals out there - I would like to advocate a No Pants (Trousers or Skirts) Day 2k6 in the United Kingdom on the Underground and Railway Lines or buses to raise money for any named charity of your choice. Let me know if you're in for it - NOVEMBER, 2006.

Blogpals in other countries and continents can help organise a No Pants (Trousers or Skirts) Day 2k6 on any form of public transportation in their country also to raise money with the proceeds going to any named charity of their choice. It'll be fun I tell you.

Click on the link below to see the video of the American No Pants (Trousers or Skirts) Day 2k6.

No Pants 2k6


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!1 I'M FIRST! GO GIRL! GO VERA! GO GAL! GO VERA!!

    This no pants thing would be easier for men. They could, after all, argue that their boxers are in fact colorful shorts!

    But 4 women, what do we do? Leave our homes with panties? In this weather?

    Abi can we wear a skirt instead??

    I'm all for a NO PANTS DAY but I need 2 know the details first.

  2. it's snowing here in Canada tonight....we'd freeze our booty off..but what a great cause!

  3. Is this a worldwide event? I think we should all go for it. Bring a blanket. The frost is on the pumpkin here in Walnut Creek - brrrrr.

  4. I hope folks back in Nigeria will understand what you mean by pant cos what we call pant back home is not necessarily what this day you are proposing is about. Any chance you can clarify this please

  5. Drats, couldn't load the video (was waiting to see what I could spot;) - what an excellent idea though!!!
    I'm just thinking, they are already promising snow here...(brrrrrrrrrrr)

  6. The police will porb beat you in Nigeria lol

  7. Errrm, it's for a good cause but not on the London tube... lol!

  8. @Vera: No skirts allowed!! Wearing skirts kills all the fun. LOL

    @masgblog: Freeze ur booty and have fun too figgling all the way. LOL

    @tsduff: You could bring ur blankets I guess but they should be wrapped around the upper half of ur body and not ur lower half.

    @anonymous: Pants is the American translation of what we call Trousers. So no wearing trousers or skirts or pantalons on that day. LOL

    @autumn storm: Hope u are able to watch the video. Its hilarious seeing the expressions on the faces of other passengers on the train or tube that day. SHOCK & AMUSEMENT!!

    @TMinx: Nigerian Police? You'll 'see' them now? LOL That one go pass 'RAG DAY' for naija.

    @TP: Why not? Early Morning Rush hour is the best time for this. It'll be wonderful to see the look on the faces of those city commuters and Traffic Police. (smile)

  9. calabar gal, please don't forget to take pictures o! I know you are just jiving this.

    Whatever happened to just handing money to the needy or even writing a cheque to a charity. To dey remove cloth again, I no know o! I no fit!

  10. Hahahah very funny ..will like to wee the women pull this off and the men too,cos wearing a boxers will not help with the kain bulge all the men will be spotting when they see women in panties chasing buses and tubes up and down.

    Hmmm ... dang what a scene it will be ...

  11. LOL! CB, I know you are joking... right?!?!?!?

    LOL @ NB!!!

  12. Ha Ha. I would be a willing observer but not a participant. LOL

  13. All right, you guys. I was just having a laugh. Saw the video on you tube and decided to wind you all up.

    @Naija Bloke: LOL at guys with bulges. I would love to see those too. (smile)

  14. Trust me to still stick to the British mindset of 'pants.' HE he.

    When I saw 'no pants da' I was like, don't many people already do it? :D.

    I'm not a shorts guy, unfortunately. I can't not wear jeans :(.

  15. This is too funny - Could this be possible - say it ain't so!!

  16. @LIFE: it is true!! Anything is possible in America or have you forgotten? LOL Didnt you see that lady in the blue underwear with her lovely derriere? (smile) I wish I was there myself to have a laugh!!


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