Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pop Idol Hopefuls

I was watching Channel 4’s “100 Funniest Moments" on TV on Sunday and Funniest Moment No 75 had me so much in stitches I just had to share it. It was a performance by a group of Pop Idol hopefuls during half-time at a football match in Holland.
A group of the most unbelievably untalented Dutch pop idol wannabees were brought on to give a truly special rendition of Tina Turner's Simply the Best.
They were not only simply awful but seemed to be having a great time fulfilling their life ambitions of being a ‘popstar’. Its an old clip and some of you may have seen it already.

Simply the best - Pop Idol losers torture football fans

I’ve watched that video over and over again since Sunday and cant get over it. I am in stitches each time!! Each one of them is so woeful, I cant say which is the worst and the guy in a white shirt and mighty goggles waltzing around the pitch thinking he’s ‘da bomb’ - OMG!!! Someone played a cruel trick on all of them in booking them for that torturous performance and leading them out to the stadium bowl that day. Were they Tone Deaf? Oh the poor Stadium Crowd!!

Dutch Idols - Simply The best (should be worst)

X-factor (The UK version of the Pop Idol Franchise) is going on right now and lets hope they give us better performances than the dutch group did. I remember Brenda from last year’s X-factor. She is my inspiration!! She was so ‘healthy’ during the auditions and lost weight steadily throughout the show. I was embedded on my good old sofa pretending to be watching my weight and seeing Brenda drop hers effortlessly but cheering her on. (Oh Sharon Osbourne - wont you have a go at helping me too?) Now that she's pursuing a career in the theatre performing in ‘Chicago’ makes me so proud of her. My will power when it comes to resisting food is so appalling that Michelle Mcmanus and Janet Jackson have left me behind in the 98Kg Club!!! And I started watching the damned weight before them!!

I haven’t watched much of this year's X-factor auditions. The finalists start their live performances on Saturday. Hope I’ll be more faithful by then. Its difficult writing a thesis and keeping up with occurrences on TV daily. I have been working on my 'Literature Review' since June and I am ashamed to say I havent made much progress. Well thats because I havent done much reading either. Its so much easier to read novels and watch TV than my Governance Research Materials. This is a necessary evil that I must endure however or that much sought after M. A will elude me. If I delay in updating my blog, please forgive me. I’m trying to read up enough so I can answer one or two questions my supervisor spins my way when I meet him next Tuesday. Quaking in my boots right now!!!


Calabar Gal & Calabar Gal2 have both been restored!!
My thanks goes wholeheartedly to the Computer Science Degree Whiz Kid - Azuka Okuleye who offered to help and did restore the blog for me as well as removing the funny, blurring lines running accross this page. The Web Designer & Developer has just 'coded' and 'found a solution' to the various problems on my blogs caused by my attempts to change my settings. Who says there are no true & caring friends in BLOGVILLE? Thanks Man!! You are a true son of your father and may you come tops of ur class always with plenty, plenty A's. (Smile)

I know next to nought when it comes to dealing with the computer and I must have clicked on the 'delete blog' icon at one point in time or the other. I must confess that keeping a blog is hectic and most times, I have no idea what to blog about so keeping two blogs isnt in the offing right now. So Calabar Gal will remain dormant for the time being and Calabar Gal2 will continue to be my dominant and only blog until I can fathom out what to do with the first Calabar Gal page.


  1. I saw the chicken guy on X Factor..He cracked me up! I watched that clip over and over!!! I'm off to watch your clips now...

  2. Hi CalabarGirl,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I see you've got some template problems. Would you like me to have a look?

  3. @ Azuka: If You could I wouldnt mind!! Was trying to change my Template when that happened and cant fathom what went wrong. Cheers and Thanks too.

  4. Hello CalabarGirl. Have you got AIM or Yahoo? my id's z4hym4k4 on AIM and zahymaka on Yahoo.

  5. Hun, you've missed the very best bits of x-factor, the audition stages! I never fail to marvel at the people who can't hit a note to save their lives thinking that they are amazing singers! I like the live shows but without a doubt, all the people I love the most will go first!

    Great blog ... hope you don't have any more technical problems to stop you from blogging!

  6. I had to stop the clip after a minute! TERRIBLE and HILARIOUS! Cringeworthy!!!

    I agree with 1982, the best part of X-Factor - AUDITIONS! Do these people have friends???


  7. Hilarious. But friends and family are so wrong. They need to let these people know.

    How did u get to use your yahoo avatar as your picture for blogger? I want to do the same....Please help

  8. This is Hilarious .. will have to finish watching this ..

    I always wonder too if they have families or friends.

    Check my blog for the Okassi exam u gave me o

  9. @life or something like it: I saw the chicken guy too. Awful - simply awful!!

    @Azuka: Thanks a million!!

    @1982 & london Buki: The way they all come out to the auditions saying - "I was born to sing, singing is my life" and then they cant sing any tone!! Their friends & family may have told them but in their warped world, they simply refused to believe them.

    @Uzo:I checked ur blog. seems u've got ur avatar uploaded now.

    @Naija BLoke: Happy Bloganniversary!! I look forward to ur comments all the time time!! Ur yabis na die!! Well done - You did a good job on the Afang!!

  10. From the way they started dancing sef, I just knew I had to brace myself for the worst. Except, I dont think I was quite ready for what I heard.

    Gal, warn us better next time! :))

    And thanks for reading Every Woman.

    And yea, I know, Azuka is a genius. A nice one too.

  11. I'm just noticing these movies. Pathetic -- I had to stop it. Although I couldn't help laughing, I'm a little pathetic about depreciating humor that isn't intentionally from the person involved.

    Calabargirl, the eulogy long small... abeg you dey embarass me oh!

  12. Tha Dutch Idol thing is really funny. THe most funny bit is that nerd dancing, more like twitching and turning :)

  13. Somebody must shoot those Dutch Pop Idiots.

  14. Babe that was PAINFUL, and I couldn't even stop it on my computer, you should give a stronger warning next time lol. Anyways, since we are all computer geniuses out there, and I'm the original techo phobe, how do you guys put you tube on your page???

  15. @vera: I know!!

    @ Azuka: You deserve every embarrasment.

    @twisted Dna: Oh that twisting & turning!! Nerdy Mint!! He he he!!

    @varsity jock: If they're shoot, who will entertain us? We need idiots like them around!! he he he.

    @ Dilichi: Create a you tube account. There is an 'Blog this' icon which allows you to link ur blog with ur you tube account and transfers videos to when you want to. Shouldnt be too difficult.

  16. @CalabarGal You don't have to have a YouTube account babe... you can just blog it ;-)

  17. Wow, I'm tripped by the raw intelligence on your language and communication style. Keep it up, and we should chat sometimes.

    Traced you over from mine...thanks for dropping by.

  18. Oh dear God. Somebody hand me a shotgun, those peps can't sing to save their lives !!

    I'm a big X-factor fan, and I love the auditions, some of those guys are so useless and think they're good, how?

  19. My tummy is hurting and there are tears streaming down my face from LAUGHTER.......oh my gosh!!!! Too funny.

  20. *lol*
    I must confess i have a guilty conscience for laughing at the skinny dude in glasses....(isnt he kinda,...well "special"?)

  21. People sure like hitting you with a meme don't they?

  22. @Barb: Yes they dure do like hitting me with a meme. Not that i mind though. (smile) Welcome to my page!!


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