Thursday, November 30, 2006

Driving Safely Always

Its the last day of the month. *Sigh* Christmas draws nigh. Only yesterday we were laughing and hugging each other and wishing ourselves a Happy New Year. Now December is around the corner all over again. Gayly lit shop windows, gayly decorated shop floors, Christmas Lights switched on in town centres and on the streets too, my christmas list growing daily, there always seems to be someone you've forgotten to put on the list. There is so much goodwill at Christmas - Smiles, Hugs, Presents, Eating, Drinking - The Drinking Bit especially!!!

I would like to sound a warning to all out there this yuletide season. If you drink, please dont drive!! The story I'm about to share is one of those stories that I wish were an urban legend. It is so true and so heartbreaking.

This young lady was shown on Oprah's Show and what a loving, forgiving young woman she is! An amazing story of what she has suffered and will bear for the rest of her life.

Jacqueline Saburido was 20 years old when the car she was riding in was hit by a drunk driver.

Pic 1: Jacqueline Saburido before the accident.

Pic 2: Jacqueline and her father before the accident.

Pic 3: The car in which Jacqueline traveled. She was hit by another car that was driven by a 17-year old male student on his way home after drinking a couple of hard packs with his friends. This was in December 1999.

Pic 4: With Friends before the accident

Pic 5: With her father during treatment in 2000. Without a left eyelid, Jacqueline needs eye drops to keep her vision.

Pic 6: Jacqueline was caught in the burning car and her body was heavily burnt during around 45 seconds. After the accident Jacqueline has needed over 40 operations.

Not everyone who gets hit by a car dies. How True!! Some like Jacqueline will live in pain and sufferring for the rest of their lives. This picture was taken 4 years after the accident and the doctors are still working on Jacqueline, whose body was covered with 60% severe burnings. Now 24 year old, the driver of the other car cannot forgive himself for driving drunk on that night seven years ago. He's aware of devastating Jacqueline Saburidos life.

Please drive safely not only at this Yuletide Season but at all times!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wee Revelation

Been getting some nudges from Vera and Buki to update my blog these past few days. The past week has been quite hectic for me. Not more hectic than any of you out there who mange to update ur blogs with ur busy schedules if I may say. But its been so bad that I must admit that I've fallen behind even in reading and keeping up to date with the happenings on the various blogs I read. Very, very unlike a whole Calabar Gal who loves Blogville like mad!! I logged on yesterday to update but somehow didnt get round to updating before I logged out again.
Hubby's PhD graduation was on Wednesday and we had a little party on a wednesday!! I was so proud of him having achieved that great milestone. (Pls dont ask for any pictures cos I havent uploaded them yet and wont for sometime.) Moi was his official photographer at the event. The Head & Chief Executive of ICSA (Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Adminstrators) was also given a honorary PhD by the University. Twice the camera took a little bit of time to 'get ready' for the next shot after taking a picture and oga just walked past his photographer back to his seat. Photographer had to run after him in the hall and beg him to slow down so she could get a shot of him. Twas hilarious!!
Due to the fact that me and hubby's sisters were cooking party food, we didnt leave london till 1pm and Essex where the school is situated is an hour's drive away. Hubby drove like mad!! Luckily, we didnt get caught by any speed Camera's or pulled over by any traffic cops for speeding. We got to the school 1.45pm. Guests were supposed to be seated at 2pm and the ceremony to start at 2.30pm. Went to get his gown, took some pictures with the official photographer and headed down to the Church hall where the ceremony would take place. At the hall, graduant went to join other fellow graduants and we - his family took our seats with other guests. The VC led in Senior Staff and they took their place on the stage facing the guests and graduants. They all looked so splendid and regal in thier robes. Speech by the VC, presentation of honorary degree, presentation of certificates to graduants. Now when each of the graduants were being called up on stage individually to collect their certificates, they were hailed with shouts of 'Well done' and 'heyyyyyyy' and 'yeahhhhh' or 'yesssss!!!' by their excited relatives. It was fun anyway and I'm sure they must have all been so proud to have gotten over that hurdle in their various lives. Those shouts and exclamations drew some bouts of laughter from the crowd anyway each time - Light Entertainment. After that was a cocktail reception for the graduants and thier guests with enough finger foods on platters. I'm not one to say no to that either. Made sure I tasted everything!! Then it was back home to prepare to receive our guests.
We got back home for the reception and moi was prancing around in stilettos serving guests and all present for the next 8hours. Was a foolhardy thing to do but there were no flip flops available at the time. My calves are still suffering for that. I can hardly move them. My whole body aches. But I'm grateful to God for seeing him through. So thats why I havent blogged much this past week but I'm back now.

I saw this sideline titled "Wee Revelation" in The Guardian newspaper last month and couldnt resist sharing.

The owner of a Public Toilet in Vienna has agreed to replace its urinals. Why?
Well, they are shaped like a woman's mouth - including plump red lips, teeth and a tongue.
More bizzare is that they were installed three years ago but have only just been brought to public attention. "What surprises us the most," says Marianne Lackner, of the Vienna department of women's affairs, "is that no man has ever said anything about this".
What else are blokes concealing from us.......?
I could not help but smile when I read that sideline. Oh the glee and thrill those men must have been feeling peeing into ladies' plump well painted lips, teeth and tongues. Boys, Boys, Boys!! Whatever will you think of next? Maybe we ladies should take revenge too and design our own toilet seats shaped as a phallus? Have a lovely weekend folks!! My man and I are resting from our graduation party exertions while our pockets recover.
Boso has a post on his page about my favourite commediane - Catherine Tate and some hilarious clips from her show which can be found here.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Over Active & Randy Blokes

Reading UZO and Pilgrimage to Self's posts on the numerous items in their handbags made me look into mine with a view to removing some unnecessary items and lightening its load. It’s a red number I got from Finsbury Park for £20.

Contents of my handbag:

  • Rubber Bands, 5 Pens - 3 Black Pens, 1 blue, 1 red – always pays to have loads in case u loose any.
  • 2 Address Books (They double as my fone books where I copy all the numbers I have on my mobile as back up in case my mobile goes missing)
  • An envelope containing 2 souvenir notebooks & a drawing book from my nieces birthday. I’m supposed to have delivered these to her grandma 3 months ago. (I keep planning to drop by there each time I go out)
  • Leaflet from last Sunday’s church service; A pack of paper handkerchiefs; Bank Mini Statements;
  • Paper Bag - Handy if I'm popping into Aldi or Lidl;
  • Tube and Bus Guides I pick up from LU stations which I think could come in handy one day;
  • CD containing pictures of my cousin’s daughter (I’ve been planning to drop by the photoshop and order some prints so I can send them to her grandmma)
  • Nourishing Lip Treatment, Lip Gloss; Passport Pictures of Me – you never know when they’ll come in handy;
  • Newspaper cutting of Alton Towers & Mme Tussards 2 for 1 voucher - I love free things;
  • Printout of Steet Map to Old Billingsgate for the Graduate Fair I attended 3 weeks ago!! What is it still doing in my bag?
  • Complimentary Cards of various Recruitment Agencies; Printout of money I sent to my sister - got to keep it handy until she confirms she's received the money;
  • Digital Camera – I could make that award winning snap of a celebrity in an awkward position that will fetch me loads of £££;
  • Aloe Vera Hand Cream, Cerruti 1881 Hand Cream;
  • More TFL tube and bus maps – South East London and Central London bus guide;
  • Chewing Gum; Vaseline Pocket Sized Lip Therapy; Random post it notes; Stick on glue; Old Sales Receipts from Tesco;
  • Wallet; Umbrella - needy for unpredictable weather; More post it notes with mobile numbers scribbled on it;
  • Hubby’s complimentary cards perched precariously in the little side pocket; Eye Pencil.

Wheew!! Thats All. Not a lot is it? Each item seems ablsolutely essential to me. What do I throw out?

A mobile number written on one of the Post It notes catches my eye. That I am definetely throwing out! It was a skirt chasing bloke at London Bridge that gave me his number last week on my way from my botched attempt to attend a Legal Recruitment Fair. I took the train from Charring Cross to London Bridge. As I was waiting at London Bridge trying to figure out the platform for the Woolwich train, this guy wearing a brown Faux Fur leather jacket walks past me carrying a shopping bag and says: “You OK?” I look up a little bit startled and nod assent.

The Public Address System says the Woolich Train will depart from Platform 4 and so I head to Platorm 4. Bloke follows me to the platform and this conversation takes place between us:

BLOKE: Hi, Saw you looking at the Time are you lost?
ME: No, was trying to find out what time and platform my train will
BLOKE: Oh ok. Where are you going to?
ME: Woolwich.
BLOKE: OH! I’m going to Charlton myself. Went to do some shopping with my friend. (Cue Friend comes over, gets introduced and makes himself scarce)
BLOKE: We parked at Charlton and took the train into the city. You could come with us to Charlton and we’ll drop you off at Woolwich.
ME: No, Thank You. Woolwich is the next stop. I’ll stay on the train and get off there.
BLOKE: Do you work around there?

BLOKE: Where do you work? (I pretend I didnt hear that. This one don pass inquisition for a stranger you just met on a train platform)
BLOKE: Are your relatives here in London?

ME: I mumble a YES.

BLOKE: I thought you said your relatives arent here in London. (What has this got to do with the price of rice?)

ME:No, most of them are in Naija but I live in North London with my husband.
BLOKE: You’re joking!
NO: I’m not. See!! (I show him my my engagement ring and wedding band with glee)
BLOKE: Wearing rings dosent matter some girls wear them just to camoflauge.
ME: Well, I’m not camoflauging, I’m married.
BLOKE: Where did you get married? Here or in Naija?
ME: In my heart I'm like - does it really matter? I reply: Here.
BLOKE: How long have you been married?
ME: Three Years (No need telling him I'm a new bride. Does it matter how long I've been married? I'm married. End Of!)
BLOKE: Where do you work?
ME: I’m thinking in my heart this is an inquisition too much for someone you have just bumped into at a railway station!! Why do you ask? What’s that got to do with you?
BLOKE: Can I have ur number? Brings out his mobile - a Nokia Camera Phone.
ME: I give him a fake number. He starts to dial the number I've given him so his Caller ID will reflect on mine & I quickly tell him that my mobile isn’t with me. Its at home.
BLOKE: Ok. Take my number: 07984649287 – 'Segun', 'Prince Segun'.
BLOKE: You have the kind of Physique I like.
ME: Excuse Me? What do you mean? Are you collecting girls’ physique to use in cooking soup or something?
BLOKE: NO I mean I like ur physique – Its very nice. You never know where the relationship will go.
ME: Excuse Me? There will not be any relationship that’s going anywhere. (My mobile rings)
BLOKE: I thought you said you didn’t have ur mobile with you?
I move away to answer my call and the train pulls into the station. BLOKE motions for me to join him in the next carriage and I purposefully ignore him and move to another carriage.

The Randy Idiot!! Physique Ko, Physique Ni. He really has no morals. I think its just me being too polite to tell such idiots to buzz off or be plain rude to them. Propositioning ladies up and down trying to pick up anything in skirts wherever he can - Married or Single anything goes. If he’s not careful, a wife, scorned girlfriend or maybe an angry husband may perform a BOBBITTon him putting an end to his randy overtures since he does not really care whether they come married or not. I have heard some rumours that London Guys prefer their ladies married – that way, there’ll be no strings attached to the relationship. So ‘Prince Segun’ - You've been Named and Shamed!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006





My buddy NYEMONI has been out of circulation for sometime. Just discovered that she's been down and recovering from a bout of CHICKEN POX!! Get well soon Babes!! Please stop by her page and drop some words of encouragement for her.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Duke For President!!!

My beloved Governor - Mr Donald Duke has declared his intention to serve Nigeria if we will give him the mandate as President come 2007!!!!! He declared his intention to run for presidency on Tuesday the 7th of November at The International Conference Centre,Abuja. Well he can certainly count on my support!! I'll shout it from the hilltops and put it to paper and ink as well come the D-Day!!! Duke for President 2007!!

Mr Duke has been serving as Cross River State Governor Since 1999 and has done a wonderful job in those seven and a half years. He may not have finished the work he set out to do but what we in Cross River State have seen is very commendable. Previously unnavigatable roads transformed into pothole free, smooth roads, tourism has been promoted vigourously through the rejuvenation of Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar Christmas Carnival, The Tinapa Project and many other succesful projects too munerous to mention. I can proudly say that Donald Duke has restored hope generally to the people of Cross River Stae with the meagre resources available to the state and is asking for a chance to give to our country Nigeria - the same love and service he has rendered to the people of Cross River state.

Check out Donald Duke's Blog and drop a few words of encouragement.

Google Nigeria

Google has launched the Nigerian version of its search engine. Its such a wonderful feeling knowing that there are nice things happening in and to Nigeria instead of bad things and the notoreity that follows the name - Nigeria. Such notoriety I believe will one day be eroded and fraudulent pranksters like the one featured in my previous posts - Internet Scams and Internet Scams 2 will be completely wiped out from Nigeria, Africa and the entire World in general. I say a very big AMEN to that!!!

The laptop has come back from the repairer's. Wiped completely clean. The repairer said there was nothing he could do to save or retrieve most of the files that had been stored there as the majority of them had been corrupted by the virus. I feel so bad knowing I caused the entire fracas. The most painful is that the 2 articles hubby was working that were due for submission for publication next week are gone forever and he had not saved a back up file on his flash drive (memory stick) so he has to start all over again completely from the scratch. I am trying to be a very good and submissive wife right now.

Each time I make mention about good things coming out of and from Nigeria, I cant help but refer to my hard working and ebullient governor Mr Donald Duke. I made mention of him and extolled his virtues in my Independence Day Post - Calabar Christmas Carnival.

Mr Duke has requested for our mandate for his Presidency Bid!!!

Legal Recruitment Fair

There was this Legal Recruitment Fair I had been looking forward to attending which was supposed to hold yesterday - the 9th of November. I searched Google for more information on the fair and discovered that the previous legal recruitment fair in September took place at the Law Society Hall and so I was looking forward to attending the November Edition which I presumed would also take place at the Law Society Hall at Chancery Lane seeing that the previous one held there and there and there was no information readily available about the next venue at which the fair would be held. Legal Recruitment Fairs are events where companies and firms in legal, banking, finance, insurance and other relevant sectors come together to create awareness and showcase their current vacancies. They aso give out job hunting tips and treats as well as hand out pens, biro, notepads, key holders, sweets, chocolates and other memorabilia to attendees or prospetive employees at the fair who stop by their stalls. (I love collecting the memorabilia from these fairs and was quite looking forward to that part!!) A couple of my friends had been intimated by me and we were all looking forward to attending the fair. We agreed to meet at the Law Society Hall at Chancery Lane after lunch.

Dawn broke on Thursday and I eagerly left the house but decided to stop by a couple of agencies first on the way and register with them. Linda my friend called me at about 2 pm that she was at Chancery Lane and there was no such fair holding there. To say that I was shocked for words is an understatement. I was so confident that the event would hold there. I told her I was at Victoria and was rushing down to another Agency at Earls Court to register there too and would be there at Chancery Lane as soon as I was finished at the Agencies.

I got to the Law Society Hall at about 2pm and inquired from the lady at the reception which room the Legal Recruitment Fair was holding. (Seeing is Believing) She checked her list and told me the event wasn’t listed but would confirm from those ‘upstairs’. True to her word, she made the call on my behalf and the search came out blank. She asked if I had a printout of the fair’s details but silly me didn’t. I was so confident that the event would hold there. The last one did – didn’t it? Well, I’d have to Google the fair and see if anything came up. I was getting a bit confused. I asked there if they had any internet facilities available and she said it was £4.50 for 30 minutes. £4.50 for 30 minutes?!?!? Certainly Not!! I will not under any circumstances pay £4.50 to use the internet for just 30minutes! I thanked her and left. There was an Easy Internet Café near Subway at Charring Cross Station – I’d go there instead. I took the bus and headed down to Charring Cross. At the café, surfing was £2 an hour. I brought out a £2 coin to buy some time and then changed my mind. The Ijebu in me reared its head. Surfing in other cyber café’s around my area was 50p an hour and I had free broadband at home. Why waste money? I decided to fash attending the fair and off I went to do my hair.

It was this morning I googled the
Legal Recruitment Fair and voila! There it was on the screen. It had held at Bishopsgate near Liverpool Street not Law Society Hall and took place from 11am till 7pm. Oh well, I said to myself – there are still more to come. I’ll attend the next fair - whenever or whereever it holds.

I had a very pleasant surprise sent to me in the post on Wednesday. I opened a huge bulky envelope addressed to me and in it were two store cards. One for me and one for a second cardholder. I was a little bit puzzled – I hadn’t applied for any Store Cards recently. I looked at the cards again - HOUSE OF FRASER store cards. Then it all clicked into place!! Remember my post about my
Mulberry Bag – where I had applied for a Store Card and was refused credit? They had approved my credit application!!! Six months after and sent me the cards completely unsolicited for!! Awwwww!!! More money to spend!!! Not that I will spend it quickly though or in a hurry. I’m owing enough as it is. Its just that its such a pleasant feeling though knowing I've got one more card to fill up the space in my wallet! (smile)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Internet Revenge 2

I couldnt resist posting some more pictures of these unwitting scammers as they make a fool of themselves. These pictures are so hilarious!!!

Internet Revenge

These are the faces of some of the online scammers who tried to swavve Mike Berry into revealing his bank details and relieve him of his money by sending fraudulent emails. The scam turned on them when Mike asked them to verify their identity by posing for a photo holding up a special "codeword" saying something ridiculous like "I am a Plonker" or "King of Retards" "I'm a Rat" or "Shag me gently" and email it to him to convince him that they were geniune.He also convinced them to pose for pictures with loaves of bread or fish placed precariously on their heads and one joker even agreed to pose with his trousers pulled down to his ankles!! Hilarious!!! He had his revenge by posting the pictures in his Rogues Gallery - Trophy Room and Hall of Shame which are a part of his website 419eater. More pictures of these unsuspecting conmen can be found in the rogues gallery on mike's site. That'll teach them for sending out those emails!!! I hope it serves as a lesson and a warning to all potential scammers out there!!

Friday, November 03, 2006


I have been weaned off the Web abruptly this past week. I caught a virus off the internet and the laptop has crashed and is under repairs - Thanks to my love of the Net. Someone sent me an offline message on yahoo messenger with a lot of chinese words on it and the link was made up of words like this: (Please dont click on the link) "www.quanti....... something something" and I foolishly clicked on the link and it unleashed a whole lot of viruses into the system. I should have told hubby then but knowing his hatred of yahoo, I kept it to myself hoping the virus would go away and the virus catcher would 'catch' all the viruses. He didnt know about it until he was working on an article one day, last week and the whole article he had written turned to chinese. It wasnt funny at all oh.

I used to wake up mentally creating future posts on my blog page, thinking which other blogger had updated their posts, who had dropped comments since the last time I checked, sometimes I would sit on the web from sun rise till the early hours of the next morning. When we went out, I would even rush to the PC to update myself on events in Blogland ASAP. It was that bad. Hubby had even complained until he was tired So I took to leaving a word document open on the screen and flicked or switched between the web and the document to cut down on the comments and admonitions I get from him. LOL Will this stop me from going back to blogging and hugging the web? No Way!! Aluta Continua!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Browsing through a couple of other blog pages, I have discovered that I'm not the only one and have reprinted their posts (with credits to them of course) and their experiences.

Bloggers Anonymous

Barb's page is one of the various pages I love to visit daily. She updates her blog 5-6 times daily with interesting 'mini posts' (smile) and had this to say in one of her posts titled "Pacing Myself":

Pacing Myself
Ever since I began this blog it's been consuming my days.
I make posts, browse other blogs, search for clipart, edit my sidebar.
My laundry is waiting, my plants are dying.
We have two NetFlix movies waiting to be watched.
Hubby talks to me and all I hear is, "Blah, blah, blah.. nice day outside" or "Blah, blah, blah.. are you hungry, too?"
You see, I've been so caught up in this blogging addiction that I've let everything else slide.
Today I began trying to pace myself. Here's how it went:
I put clothes that had been in the washer for a few days into the dryer. They're still there.
I washed a load of whites. They're still there.
I took a nap
I went looking for new clipart.
I found lots of new stuff to post about.
I'm sitting here writing a post about pacing myself. How'd I do?

Another of my Blogpals - BIODUN made this recommendation for curing ourselves of this Blogging Syndrome in a post she wrote last week too titled BLOGGERS ANONYMOUS:

DAY 1 @ Blogger Anonymous:
Biodun: Hi, I dont really know wot to say, this is my 1st time here.

Leader: You can start by introducing your self to the group.

Biodun: hi everyone, my name is D***** O.... and I am a blog addict.

Leader: Everybody say hi to D

Everyone: Hi D

Leader: Can you share with us today something about your self

Biodun: (starring @ the floor) I first discovered blogs earlier this year when a friend gave me the link to her blog. After reading all her entries and following her new blog entries religiously while leaving anonymous comments, I decided to start a blog myself. Its been over 6 months now my habit is now an addiction. (Pauses) I started off reading about 4 to 5 blogs once a day, but now I find myself reading almost 20 blogs a day and checking back on some more than twice a day. I leave comments on some too, its my way of establishing friendship. I try to update my blog as much as possible n love when I get comments. I once had a bad day bcos a fellow blogger didnt leave a comment on my post.

Leader: You can continue, if u have more to say.

Biodun: Ok, I wake up thinking of wot to write on my blog. I sleep right next to my laptop that is after spending most of the nite doing nothing but reading blogs. I feel like these people r my friends even though they dont even know my first name. That is why I am here today bcos I know I have a problem. I have been less productive @ work bcos I spend time blogging n my bfriend thinks its annoying n that I should stop, I think he is jealous though.

Leader: thanks D for sharing that we us today. You are very brave for coming in today, its the 1st step to recovery.

Will this temporary development stop me - Calabar Gal from Blogging? No Way!! All the viruses in this world couldnt keep me away from my Blogpals. Wicked Laugh - HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Annie Mole has her weekly friday post with hilarious pictures of London Underground's (AKA The Tube) Fashion Victims here and here.