Friday, November 03, 2006


I have been weaned off the Web abruptly this past week. I caught a virus off the internet and the laptop has crashed and is under repairs - Thanks to my love of the Net. Someone sent me an offline message on yahoo messenger with a lot of chinese words on it and the link was made up of words like this: (Please dont click on the link) "www.quanti....... something something" and I foolishly clicked on the link and it unleashed a whole lot of viruses into the system. I should have told hubby then but knowing his hatred of yahoo, I kept it to myself hoping the virus would go away and the virus catcher would 'catch' all the viruses. He didnt know about it until he was working on an article one day, last week and the whole article he had written turned to chinese. It wasnt funny at all oh.

I used to wake up mentally creating future posts on my blog page, thinking which other blogger had updated their posts, who had dropped comments since the last time I checked, sometimes I would sit on the web from sun rise till the early hours of the next morning. When we went out, I would even rush to the PC to update myself on events in Blogland ASAP. It was that bad. Hubby had even complained until he was tired So I took to leaving a word document open on the screen and flicked or switched between the web and the document to cut down on the comments and admonitions I get from him. LOL Will this stop me from going back to blogging and hugging the web? No Way!! Aluta Continua!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Browsing through a couple of other blog pages, I have discovered that I'm not the only one and have reprinted their posts (with credits to them of course) and their experiences.

Bloggers Anonymous

Barb's page is one of the various pages I love to visit daily. She updates her blog 5-6 times daily with interesting 'mini posts' (smile) and had this to say in one of her posts titled "Pacing Myself":

Pacing Myself
Ever since I began this blog it's been consuming my days.
I make posts, browse other blogs, search for clipart, edit my sidebar.
My laundry is waiting, my plants are dying.
We have two NetFlix movies waiting to be watched.
Hubby talks to me and all I hear is, "Blah, blah, blah.. nice day outside" or "Blah, blah, blah.. are you hungry, too?"
You see, I've been so caught up in this blogging addiction that I've let everything else slide.
Today I began trying to pace myself. Here's how it went:
I put clothes that had been in the washer for a few days into the dryer. They're still there.
I washed a load of whites. They're still there.
I took a nap
I went looking for new clipart.
I found lots of new stuff to post about.
I'm sitting here writing a post about pacing myself. How'd I do?

Another of my Blogpals - BIODUN made this recommendation for curing ourselves of this Blogging Syndrome in a post she wrote last week too titled BLOGGERS ANONYMOUS:

DAY 1 @ Blogger Anonymous:
Biodun: Hi, I dont really know wot to say, this is my 1st time here.

Leader: You can start by introducing your self to the group.

Biodun: hi everyone, my name is D***** O.... and I am a blog addict.

Leader: Everybody say hi to D

Everyone: Hi D

Leader: Can you share with us today something about your self

Biodun: (starring @ the floor) I first discovered blogs earlier this year when a friend gave me the link to her blog. After reading all her entries and following her new blog entries religiously while leaving anonymous comments, I decided to start a blog myself. Its been over 6 months now my habit is now an addiction. (Pauses) I started off reading about 4 to 5 blogs once a day, but now I find myself reading almost 20 blogs a day and checking back on some more than twice a day. I leave comments on some too, its my way of establishing friendship. I try to update my blog as much as possible n love when I get comments. I once had a bad day bcos a fellow blogger didnt leave a comment on my post.

Leader: You can continue, if u have more to say.

Biodun: Ok, I wake up thinking of wot to write on my blog. I sleep right next to my laptop that is after spending most of the nite doing nothing but reading blogs. I feel like these people r my friends even though they dont even know my first name. That is why I am here today bcos I know I have a problem. I have been less productive @ work bcos I spend time blogging n my bfriend thinks its annoying n that I should stop, I think he is jealous though.

Leader: thanks D for sharing that we us today. You are very brave for coming in today, its the 1st step to recovery.

Will this temporary development stop me - Calabar Gal from Blogging? No Way!! All the viruses in this world couldnt keep me away from my Blogpals. Wicked Laugh - HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Annie Mole has her weekly friday post with hilarious pictures of London Underground's (AKA The Tube) Fashion Victims here and here.


  1. Hi, my name is Boso and I'm a blog addict.

  2. We seriously need to figure out what to do about this addiction....

  3. I have no internet access at home till next week and I am sitting in a FREEZING internet cafe! How's that for a blog addict?

    Enjoy your weekend! I need to get out of this place cos it is COLD!!!

  4. Computer viruses SUCK. I'm really sorry that happened to you.

    Don't do anything about your addiction. I adore your blog.


  5. When you told me on AIM about that Chinese characters stuff, I couldn't resist laughing. I'm glad everything's cleared up.

    I won't be making any posts in the nearby future. There're a few pressing things I need to do in time for a 'special occasion.'

  6. I used to think blogging was a waste of precious time until I found myself browsing various blogs at 4.30 in the morning.That's when I knew I was hooked! lol

  7. I did wonder - I've been on your site a couple of times and found your blog had disappeared - and this wasn't a single occurance - could it have been the virus -

    But its true - its something you tend to look forward to.

  8. i thought randomly bout something today and wanted to write it in my diary, but i didn't. Why? Cuz the web application on my phone wasn't working and i didn't want to write if i couldn't blog it.
    And i'm reading this at 3 in the morning. how's that for a blog addiction!
    I'm not as bad as y'all though. lol!
    (its jadedKiss-i'm on my phone and i can't sign in properly4some reason.)

  9. I have been weaned off the Web abruptly this past week.
    It took me 2 whole months of wait just to get net installed at my home, here in UK after I moved in. WHOA!!

    Something that was totally unexpected from a developed country :)

    anyway...can imagine how it feels to stay away from the internet....Im myself so totally dependent on it..

    and yeah..regarding those spywares infecting your system...trynna install nice Firewall with spyware like Zonealarm...always comes handy.


  10. @Boso: Hi Boso. Can you tell us more about urself? LOL

    @Uzo:We do love, we do. ASAP. LOL

    @londonbuki: Hope you switch ISP succesfully babes. Some peoples stories arent pleasant ones. The promise you immediate connection which ends up taking 2-3months or more sometimes. But I'm not wihsing that for you. Wouldnt want you going crazy. LOL

    Mother Jones: Viruses Suck!!

    @Azuka: Special Occassion hmmmn? Take all th etime you want. We'll be as patient as possible just give us all the details when you get back. LOL

    @beautifully human: Yes dear, thats what we all go through. Surfing at all odd and unbelievable hours. LOL

    @Anthony: It is reality indeed.

    @Life: I'm back now. The stupid viruses didnt suceed. (smile)

    @JadedKiss: You know babes, it was when the laptop crashed I discovered that I could access my mail from my mobile. I had internet access all along but wasnt making use of it. Neccessity makes you embark on discovery journeys. Or should I say addictions? (smile) Hope ur mobile gets it grove back. (smile)

    @Butterfly Girl: Its more than an addiction to most of us. (smile)

    @arz00n: I had McAfee spyware installed but it somehow slipped through that. I'm more careful with what I click on the net

  11. I didn't do my spanish homework the other day becasue I couldnt tear myself away from the blogworld. I am at my wits end (nail biting)

  12. Welcome back to bloggy land....AND....we're all freaking blog addicts! Cheers!

  13. Hi I am TD and I am a blogoholic.

    It was fun reading your experiences. In the first few weeks after I (re)started blogging, my productivity at work gone down 50%. Now I have a strict rule not to think/read/comment on blogs. I keep breaking the rule though :)

    Nice to know that there are more people like me :)

  14. I fell u jere calabar gurl.. u can imagine waking up @5am and the first thing u do is check blogs up ...thatz what am doing right now..

  15. You are a sport when it comes to tagging, and the results of the tag are always interesting.....thanks for being tagged....

    p.s. you really should move to the new is excellent!

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. thanks for dropping by our blog...

    and yea blogging can become an addiction


  18. @ Barb: You're welcome!! I love ur page so much!!

    @babe:Done the homework now? LOL

    @Masgblog: I've done it but not sure when I'll post it. LOL

    @Twisted DNA: LOL at ur productivity going down 50%. Mine's gone down 90% in the realworld and increased 110% in BLogville.

    @Naija BLoke: Tell me about it!! I do that loads of times. LOL

    @Nanye: Thanks for stopping by my page too. (smile)

  19. lol... my name is OVERWHELMED AND I"M A BLOG ADDICT!!! this is serious oh... i just started blogging almost 3 months ago and dang... I think i want to sign up for this bloggers anonymous.. the pacing it writeup was too too funny.. lmao

    have a great weekend babe... u and ur husband self.. yall are jokes... him go soon catch u with ur microsoft word stunts!!! hehe

  20. I didn't even know you're married. Oh, that poor hubby of yours. How does he deal with you? I can only imagine the pain. Tell him I'm sending my deepest condolences oh. LOL

  21. Ok.. so where's the new post??? LOL

  22. @overwhelmed:Thanks Babe. Hope ur weekend was swell too.

    @vera: He's adopting the "siddon look" stance right now. LOL


  23. you're going to hate me - I tagged you again...easy one though

  24. I'm a blog addict too. Even my sister who lives 200 miles away from me has noticed. God help us....

  25. Is there a cure??? lol, cos I need it

  26. masgblog: No more tagging me dear. I REFUSE to be tagged anymore!!!

    @TP: How did ur sis find out u're a blog addict? Web Cam? LOL

    @Biodun: We're waiting on you for the cure. Hurry Up!! LOL

  27. i tried to post comments to your blog all weekend, but your comment section was done (like mine).

    so about this bloggers anon... i thought having a hubby would be a quick cure... :( snap! seriously.... HELP!! lol

  28. **oops... done should read "down"


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