Friday, November 10, 2006

Duke For President!!!

My beloved Governor - Mr Donald Duke has declared his intention to serve Nigeria if we will give him the mandate as President come 2007!!!!! He declared his intention to run for presidency on Tuesday the 7th of November at The International Conference Centre,Abuja. Well he can certainly count on my support!! I'll shout it from the hilltops and put it to paper and ink as well come the D-Day!!! Duke for President 2007!!

Mr Duke has been serving as Cross River State Governor Since 1999 and has done a wonderful job in those seven and a half years. He may not have finished the work he set out to do but what we in Cross River State have seen is very commendable. Previously unnavigatable roads transformed into pothole free, smooth roads, tourism has been promoted vigourously through the rejuvenation of Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar Christmas Carnival, The Tinapa Project and many other succesful projects too munerous to mention. I can proudly say that Donald Duke has restored hope generally to the people of Cross River Stae with the meagre resources available to the state and is asking for a chance to give to our country Nigeria - the same love and service he has rendered to the people of Cross River state.

Check out Donald Duke's Blog and drop a few words of encouragement.


  1. Thatz the only Governor in naija O and I think he will be a good candidate for president ...

    Duke for Presido !!!

    Donald Duke is our Man o

  2. I hope he can beat IBB at the primaries. Will he make a good president? My support goes to Pat Utomi for now, but let's wait and see.

  3. He seems like a good guy. Heard about Donald Duke's blog on Jeremy's blog. Nice post!

  4. Nice site! Keep it up! Take care

  5. A good guy deserves good support.

    I wish him well.

  6. He is a good guy, I back him in full...probably over Utomi because I believe that he has what it takes to deal with all the issues that come with Nigerian politics!!

  7. Hmmmmm... I don't know much about this guy.. i think i have to read up on him... but one thing's for sure... I don't support Orji Uzor Kalu(thats if homeboy is still running).. and I don't like the way Naija ppl did not let my oby run for third term!!! he's a poor widower.. plz allow him to enjoy naija's money.. lol!

  8. I've heard about this guy from a friend. I'll check out his blog.

  9. I like Duke but I'm sorry to say that I feel Utomi would make a bigger impact especially since he is somewhat untainted by the political mess.Unfortunately, I don't think either man will win except they are appointed by one of the king makers.

  10. Hhhhhhm hope one of the one guys get a chance. IBB had picked up his nomination form so we better all start fasting.

  11. Have faith my people. Naija people give up way too easily. If it were in america or somwhere else, the citizens wouldn't fold their arms and let someone like IBB win. We're way to "siddon look" for our own good- and we're the biggest complainers. Donald duke is a man with a vision. we all need to VOTE!!!

  12. @naijabloke: yes oh!! Duke is our man!!

    @boso: Of course he will make a good president if given the chance!

    @through these eyes:He is a good guy!!

    @bipolar_girl: Thanks for stopping by my page girl!

    @Keshi: Thanks Babe.

    @Monef: Thanks for backing Duke babe. He needs ur vote to make a change

  13. @OWNB: Any attempt for OBJ to go for a third term. His farm beckons!!!

    @chubby chocolate: He is a 'bloke' that delivers. Do stop by his page.

    @arsenalakers: Utomi - I feel is just trying his luck. The thing about Nigerian Politics is that only the ordained get through. We can make a change this time and a departure from the norm.

    @broccoli: IBB will only succeed if we the voting populace sit back and become nonchalant as well as allow sychophants to reign supreme. IBB must not rule us again under any circumstances.

    @ Anonymous: True Talk!! Siddon Look on the part of the voting populace will get IBB that much coveted nomination!!

  14. What i am sure of is that if the whole world is to look at achievement then Duke is already president.

    He really really deserves it he is a proven case of someone that can transform Nigeria and by God's grace he would get there.

    We need him.


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