Friday, November 10, 2006

Google Nigeria

Google has launched the Nigerian version of its search engine. Its such a wonderful feeling knowing that there are nice things happening in and to Nigeria instead of bad things and the notoreity that follows the name - Nigeria. Such notoriety I believe will one day be eroded and fraudulent pranksters like the one featured in my previous posts - Internet Scams and Internet Scams 2 will be completely wiped out from Nigeria, Africa and the entire World in general. I say a very big AMEN to that!!!

The laptop has come back from the repairer's. Wiped completely clean. The repairer said there was nothing he could do to save or retrieve most of the files that had been stored there as the majority of them had been corrupted by the virus. I feel so bad knowing I caused the entire fracas. The most painful is that the 2 articles hubby was working that were due for submission for publication next week are gone forever and he had not saved a back up file on his flash drive (memory stick) so he has to start all over again completely from the scratch. I am trying to be a very good and submissive wife right now.

Each time I make mention about good things coming out of and from Nigeria, I cant help but refer to my hard working and ebullient governor Mr Donald Duke. I made mention of him and extolled his virtues in my Independence Day Post - Calabar Christmas Carnival.

Mr Duke has requested for our mandate for his Presidency Bid!!!


  1. Yea!!!
    One of the best news i've heard in ages is Donal contesting for presidency. I'm from delta state, but donald is my choice.
    At least let's have a handsome president for once in our life time.

    Donald Duke for President!!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN.
    He won my vote before he declared his interest officialy.
    Vote Dé Donald.

    As for scams. I think they'll just get more suffisticated. Cause stealing has been since the early days. This is just an electronic representation of same ol stealing.

    More on the goog things happening in Nigeria is
    Nigerian hardware marketers now use that place to advertise their hardware.

  2. I've heard about this Donald Duke guy and so far all reports point to him being a very good candidate... While I'm sceptical about the democratic process in Nigeria, I really hope tnat this time, Nigeria gets a worthy president!

    The same thing happened to my laptop ... everything had to be wiped clean, it's painful! I lost a 15,000 word dissertation, I had handed it in but didn't have my own copy so I feel for your hubby owe him!

    Great blog!

  3. Google Nigeria.


    Doesn't make a difference. Really doesn't.

  4. @prosper: A very handsome president indeed he will make. I'm standing in the gap on his behalf. God must certainly hear all our cries & prayers.

    @1982: Duke will be a worthy president indeed. keeping my fingers crossed for his successful nomination as presidential candidate.

    Thank God you had handed in ur dissertation before ur laptop crashed. I shudder to think of the trauma and untold pressure you would have been under to produce another one for submission.
    I owe him oh -Big Time!!

    @Chxta: (giggle, giggle) There must be a start for every thing. Please dont say it dosent make any differnce cos nonchalance will get us nowhere.
    Infact, nonchalance on the part of the populace may just get IBB that presidential nomination.

  5. I'm very glad to hear that good things are coming to nigeria from you because i always adjudge you to be very pessimistic on the views of other nations towards nigeria. On the prospect of Duke winning the election, I think we should leave that to the masses. Recently, Chris Okotie won the silverbird popularity contest, so don't be over zealous on Duke's prospect

  6. Chris Okotie winning Silverbird popularity contest!! Hmmmn!!! I still feel that we need a man with a vision who can see his vision through and that man is no other than Duke.


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