Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Internet Revenge 2

I couldnt resist posting some more pictures of these unwitting scammers as they make a fool of themselves. These pictures are so hilarious!!!


  1. The second to the last one looks like a manual 'photoshop'. Like they just cut his head off one picture, and pasted it on another one !!

  2. @boso: You're right!! Now why didnt I notice that? LOL

  3. This is hilarity in action! A fellow blogger wrote about her experience with this, and I thought I'd share this with her and others.

  4. Calabar Gal, I used to think you weren't okay, but now I KNOW you're not okay. Where did you get these pix from? LOL. They're just too funny.

  5. WHAT THE F***?

    yes, you're not okay. now people in the office are convinced (now they have evidence) that i'm not okay too....AAAARGH!

    they're funny though.

  6. awwwwwwww hecckkkkkkkkkk naawwwwwwwwwwwww!! bwahahhahahahhaha!!!

  7. @egm: feel free to share this with all ur pals. Thanks for stopping by my page.

    @barb, keshi, kulpreet & nakeel: hilarious indeed. The first pic cracks me up so much each time I have a look at it.

    @vera: I'm very ok oh. Its mike berry u should be examining for putting those fraudsters up to all this. To think they actually believed whatever yarn he spun for them and posed in these riduculous placards, fish and bread. LOL

    @modoathii: They are funny indeed!! Thanks for stopping by.

    @belle: hiya girlfriend!!


  8. Hey babe...thanks for caring about my daddy o! Don't tell anyone o....I have been on that 419 scammers website a million times, and just now that am seeing the pictures again, everything clicked....I know talk about Homer Simpson effect.

  9. How stupid can they be? A sane human being should not fall for this crap.

    Thanks for cracking me up this morning with the fotos


  11. all I can say is WTH!! Talk about stupidity to the highest level!!

  12. nice one calabar gal...came across 419eater a couple of years ago...Not sure what to say...

  13. @mamarita: Homer Simpson effect indeed!! LOL

    @temmy:Its the lure of money. That makes them fall into this trap. They thought they were fooling a white mugu not knowing the joke was on them. Idiots!!!

    @londonbuki: They crack me up each time I look at them. Especially the guy with his trousers around his ankles. What on earth was he thinking of? £££ & $$$ ?!?!?!?!

    @taureanminx: I love Cocky Sucky too!!! LOL

    @beautifully human: It is stupidity indeed. I mean cant they read english? Didnt they understand the meaning of the words on those placards they held out? *Sigh* I wish we'll one day have a chance to hear from the horses mouth what was on their minds when they were taking those silly pictures!!!

    @Aba Boy: I didnt know 419eaters has been inexistence for so long. He's doing a good job stringing all those idiot scammers along.

  14. @OWNB: Bloody Foolisg I would say!!

    @chubby chocolate: Yes Indeed!!

    @sykz-of-azure: How do I explain 'cocky sucky' without being too brash? Its a blow job - Cocky Sucky get it now? The joke is that he got other men to say they loved giving blow jobs to other men and just like you they didnt understand the literal meaning of the words on their placards. LOL


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