Friday, November 10, 2006

Legal Recruitment Fair

There was this Legal Recruitment Fair I had been looking forward to attending which was supposed to hold yesterday - the 9th of November. I searched Google for more information on the fair and discovered that the previous legal recruitment fair in September took place at the Law Society Hall and so I was looking forward to attending the November Edition which I presumed would also take place at the Law Society Hall at Chancery Lane seeing that the previous one held there and there and there was no information readily available about the next venue at which the fair would be held. Legal Recruitment Fairs are events where companies and firms in legal, banking, finance, insurance and other relevant sectors come together to create awareness and showcase their current vacancies. They aso give out job hunting tips and treats as well as hand out pens, biro, notepads, key holders, sweets, chocolates and other memorabilia to attendees or prospetive employees at the fair who stop by their stalls. (I love collecting the memorabilia from these fairs and was quite looking forward to that part!!) A couple of my friends had been intimated by me and we were all looking forward to attending the fair. We agreed to meet at the Law Society Hall at Chancery Lane after lunch.

Dawn broke on Thursday and I eagerly left the house but decided to stop by a couple of agencies first on the way and register with them. Linda my friend called me at about 2 pm that she was at Chancery Lane and there was no such fair holding there. To say that I was shocked for words is an understatement. I was so confident that the event would hold there. I told her I was at Victoria and was rushing down to another Agency at Earls Court to register there too and would be there at Chancery Lane as soon as I was finished at the Agencies.

I got to the Law Society Hall at about 2pm and inquired from the lady at the reception which room the Legal Recruitment Fair was holding. (Seeing is Believing) She checked her list and told me the event wasn’t listed but would confirm from those ‘upstairs’. True to her word, she made the call on my behalf and the search came out blank. She asked if I had a printout of the fair’s details but silly me didn’t. I was so confident that the event would hold there. The last one did – didn’t it? Well, I’d have to Google the fair and see if anything came up. I was getting a bit confused. I asked there if they had any internet facilities available and she said it was £4.50 for 30 minutes. £4.50 for 30 minutes?!?!? Certainly Not!! I will not under any circumstances pay £4.50 to use the internet for just 30minutes! I thanked her and left. There was an Easy Internet Café near Subway at Charring Cross Station – I’d go there instead. I took the bus and headed down to Charring Cross. At the café, surfing was £2 an hour. I brought out a £2 coin to buy some time and then changed my mind. The Ijebu in me reared its head. Surfing in other cyber café’s around my area was 50p an hour and I had free broadband at home. Why waste money? I decided to fash attending the fair and off I went to do my hair.

It was this morning I googled the
Legal Recruitment Fair and voila! There it was on the screen. It had held at Bishopsgate near Liverpool Street not Law Society Hall and took place from 11am till 7pm. Oh well, I said to myself – there are still more to come. I’ll attend the next fair - whenever or whereever it holds.

I had a very pleasant surprise sent to me in the post on Wednesday. I opened a huge bulky envelope addressed to me and in it were two store cards. One for me and one for a second cardholder. I was a little bit puzzled – I hadn’t applied for any Store Cards recently. I looked at the cards again - HOUSE OF FRASER store cards. Then it all clicked into place!! Remember my post about my
Mulberry Bag – where I had applied for a Store Card and was refused credit? They had approved my credit application!!! Six months after and sent me the cards completely unsolicited for!! Awwwww!!! More money to spend!!! Not that I will spend it quickly though or in a hurry. I’m owing enough as it is. Its just that its such a pleasant feeling though knowing I've got one more card to fill up the space in my wallet! (smile)

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  1. LOL @ the "House of Fraser" cards! I guess they realised that Christmas is round the corner, so they need many people coming into their shop to buy stuff, to help them achieve their sales and profit targets. Whether those shoppers get into debt or not is not their problem. Hope you just cut up the cards or posted them back....


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