Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wee Revelation

Been getting some nudges from Vera and Buki to update my blog these past few days. The past week has been quite hectic for me. Not more hectic than any of you out there who mange to update ur blogs with ur busy schedules if I may say. But its been so bad that I must admit that I've fallen behind even in reading and keeping up to date with the happenings on the various blogs I read. Very, very unlike a whole Calabar Gal who loves Blogville like mad!! I logged on yesterday to update but somehow didnt get round to updating before I logged out again.
Hubby's PhD graduation was on Wednesday and we had a little party on a wednesday!! I was so proud of him having achieved that great milestone. (Pls dont ask for any pictures cos I havent uploaded them yet and wont for sometime.) Moi was his official photographer at the event. The Head & Chief Executive of ICSA (Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Adminstrators) was also given a honorary PhD by the University. Twice the camera took a little bit of time to 'get ready' for the next shot after taking a picture and oga just walked past his photographer back to his seat. Photographer had to run after him in the hall and beg him to slow down so she could get a shot of him. Twas hilarious!!
Due to the fact that me and hubby's sisters were cooking party food, we didnt leave london till 1pm and Essex where the school is situated is an hour's drive away. Hubby drove like mad!! Luckily, we didnt get caught by any speed Camera's or pulled over by any traffic cops for speeding. We got to the school 1.45pm. Guests were supposed to be seated at 2pm and the ceremony to start at 2.30pm. Went to get his gown, took some pictures with the official photographer and headed down to the Church hall where the ceremony would take place. At the hall, graduant went to join other fellow graduants and we - his family took our seats with other guests. The VC led in Senior Staff and they took their place on the stage facing the guests and graduants. They all looked so splendid and regal in thier robes. Speech by the VC, presentation of honorary degree, presentation of certificates to graduants. Now when each of the graduants were being called up on stage individually to collect their certificates, they were hailed with shouts of 'Well done' and 'heyyyyyyy' and 'yeahhhhh' or 'yesssss!!!' by their excited relatives. It was fun anyway and I'm sure they must have all been so proud to have gotten over that hurdle in their various lives. Those shouts and exclamations drew some bouts of laughter from the crowd anyway each time - Light Entertainment. After that was a cocktail reception for the graduants and thier guests with enough finger foods on platters. I'm not one to say no to that either. Made sure I tasted everything!! Then it was back home to prepare to receive our guests.
We got back home for the reception and moi was prancing around in stilettos serving guests and all present for the next 8hours. Was a foolhardy thing to do but there were no flip flops available at the time. My calves are still suffering for that. I can hardly move them. My whole body aches. But I'm grateful to God for seeing him through. So thats why I havent blogged much this past week but I'm back now.

I saw this sideline titled "Wee Revelation" in The Guardian newspaper last month and couldnt resist sharing.

The owner of a Public Toilet in Vienna has agreed to replace its urinals. Why?
Well, they are shaped like a woman's mouth - including plump red lips, teeth and a tongue.
More bizzare is that they were installed three years ago but have only just been brought to public attention. "What surprises us the most," says Marianne Lackner, of the Vienna department of women's affairs, "is that no man has ever said anything about this".
What else are blokes concealing from us.......?
I could not help but smile when I read that sideline. Oh the glee and thrill those men must have been feeling peeing into ladies' plump well painted lips, teeth and tongues. Boys, Boys, Boys!! Whatever will you think of next? Maybe we ladies should take revenge too and design our own toilet seats shaped as a phallus? Have a lovely weekend folks!! My man and I are resting from our graduation party exertions while our pockets recover.
Boso has a post on his page about my favourite commediane - Catherine Tate and some hilarious clips from her show which can be found here.


  1. great to see a post-I can relate-congrats to your hubby on the phd-

  2. Hmmm, in Nigeria you'd be 'Mrs Doctor.'

    Congratulations to both of you!

  3. Yay!! You finally updated your blog. A big congrats to your hubby o. My second-best friend has also just completed his PhD and I know that thing is not easy. Which uni did your hubby finish his? Sounds like you had a cracking time at the graduation ceremony and party afterwards. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. there is absolutely no excuse, NO EXCUSE!, for not updating your blog! j/k..lololol!
    so thats where you've been? Celebrating with your beloved hubby. Woohoo!! Congrats on the PHD! May you have many many more reasons to celebrate! (Amen)
    Azuka, i like that... Mrs.

  5. Welcome back!!!

    Congrats to hubby!

  6. Hey, congrats to your husband, and to you too !! Thanks for the link to my blog, hey, any friend of Catherine Tate is a friend of mine !!

  7. Congrats to your hubby!!!

    I have missed your posts oh...please don't desert us :-)

    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Congratulations are in order for your husband - He is now one of the elite 2% population with that all important degree classification.. Glad to hear that it a very enjoyable day.

  9. Oh congratulations madam. I have a friend who will be done with his pretty soon. The vivid description of the graduation hoopla makes me wish i can be there for his. Anyway, have fun and ALWAYS have flip flops around...

  10. CONGRATULATIONS Doctor's wife! How are you? I am glad for you.... My best to the Doc himself!

  11. @BUTTERFLY GIRL & AZUKA: Thank You!!

    @TP, Belle,& Skittles: I was only gone for a week!! Glad to know I was sorely missed. Will try not to stay away for too long and update weekly. Hope that helps? (smile)

    @Boso: Twas a pleasure to link up to ur blog. I love Catherine Tate so much.

    @ Londonbuki, LOASCM, Uzo & Nyemoni: Thank You Guys - and I'll certainly have flip flops handy next time. (smile)

  12. awwww.. congratulations to your hubby... we're proud of him oh as we know you are too 'madam photographer'.. lol... abeg update more regularly oh.. we're missing our calabargal fix!

  13. Congrats to ur Hubby o ... and abeg biko update ya blog on time ..

    U have a nice week

  14. congrats to your hubby! that is awesome! take care..

  15. Congrats to your hubby o.
    That means say you go buy Advanced, advanced, Cambridge-Oxford Merged Dictionary becos na big big gramma Oga go dey blow for House now o.Brace yourself.hehehe

  16. Big Ups to your hubby. And as Babaalaye said make u brace your self for grammer in the house.

  17. Hey Calabar gal...congratulations to your hubby and you for surviving the day...looks like it was more of your show than your hubby's...but hey you put up with him while he was suffering through the really deserve to treat yourself to something nice...the mulberry bag beckons... I hope your ankles feel better now.

    I call not updating your blog lazinesss...excuse, excuse, excuse, you are simply lazy but you just tied the knot...not even sure how you find time to should be busy girl!!!

  18. LOL @women's mouths!

    Calabar ur married? didnt know b4 :)


  19. @OWNB: Thanks Babe!! I'm enjoying the photography bit so much. Really learnt so much from Etomi(TaureanMinx) and the rest of the crew at Shutterchance. There's so much out there we dont know about unless we come out of our cocoons.

    @Naija Bloke: I didnt realise u guys missed my posts so much. It was just a week before I updated!!! Oh well, Note Taken.

    @East of Oregon: Thanks for stopping by my page.

    @Baba Alaye: Thank You! True Talk!! I had been bracing myself from the big grammer that has been hitting me from all angles even during the studies.

    @Temmy: Hmmn, the big grammer been don dey flow ever since. Thanks Babe.

    @Amara: Thanks Girl!! It was very much his day oh!! He was the one decked out in his suit, flowing robes with bold gold & silk trimmings and a mighty round cap all night!! No upstaging him!! LOL

    @KEshi: Yes my dear. Women's mouth's are terrible. I should know!! I've been at the receiving end all week. (smile)

  20. Two thumbs' up and congratulations to you and your hubby on the successful completion of his PHD program. That is no easy task, so big kudos to the brother.

  21. Congratulations to your husband o, men you're now a Dr Mrs :) and thanks for the prayers.....AMEN

  22. I read this post ever since; i dunno how come I did not leave a comment.

    Anyways, consider this as another nudge to update! And FYI, you've been tagged...check my blog 4 details.

  23. Pure Clipart is free.. they have a ton of ads that you have to ignore.. just stay on their page. :)

  24. @Eagles Nest: Thank You my brother. It was no man feat indeed. I know cos I had to go through and read that thesis for him about 3times. You wont believe it!! He's started another course already!!

    @Mama Rita: Thanks dearie. LOL at being Dr Mrs.

    @Vera: Another Tag? Count me out puhlease!!!

    @Skittles: I went there when I was looking for ClipArt for Azuka's birthday and every clip I clicked on had a price tag attached. I'll go back and have a look. I remember saying to myself Barb must be paying quite a tidy sum for all the clip art she uses on her page. Thanks. I'll go back and have a critical look.


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