Saturday, December 30, 2006

Baby Blues

We went visiting a lovely couple who are our friends today!! They had a baby on Xmas eve. The baby was so cute and handsome and had this long, straight and very black hair!! He was so cute and made my maternal instincts run riot!! His mummy said he wasnt expected until the end of Janurary and that she was cooking for some guests when she started having some pains but was determined to finish cooking and then served them. It was after their guests had been served that the pangs became worse and so they called for an ambulance. The ambulance crew said they wouldnt be able to send an ambulance before the next 2hours and if they could, they should either drive or call a taxi if they choose to and make their way to the hospital themselves as it would be faster. They decided to drive and the expectant father drove to the hospital and got there just on time!! As soon as he had wheeled his wife into the hospital and handed her over to the hospital staff, he realised he had forgotten his camera and went back to get it but alas, baby wasnt willing to wait and voila - he was born into the world into eager, loving and waiting arms of his parents. They are all fine and enjoying parenthood. Only Daddy was complaining that the little angel chooses to sleep during the day and then keeps awake all night!!! Both new Mum & Dad are taking turns at working the night shift. We went with to visit the New Parents with another couple - Mr & Mrs Y and Mrs Y has 2kids of her own and so was busy giving out motherhood tips to the new mummy. All I could do was oogle the baby and hold him listening steadily as I had no motherhood tips whatsoever to share!! Nada!!! Zilch!!! LOL!!!!!

Yeah!!! the sales are on!!! Although I must say I was too lazy to go out in the deep of the night and join the early morning queues waiting for the shops to open. I was interested in the NEXT sales but somehow I woke up late wednesday morning and then when I remembered the sales had started, logged online to do my shopping. I couldnt believe my eyes!! The discounts were good!! Most male items reduced to just £20 from £65 et al. I put as much as I could possibly afford into my basket and headed to the checkout. Unfortunately, at the checkout, all the items were out of stock!! *sigh* I should have known that!! What did I expect? That the items would be on the shelves waiting for me to pick them up leisurely 5hours later? Serves me right!! Will certainly not be caught short during the next sales!!!

Guy Goma is having a movie made about his life!! I was gobsmacked when I heard that on Jimmy Carr's TV Show this evening. For those of you who dont remember him, Guy Goma is the business graduate from Congo who went to the BBC for a Job interview and was mistaken for another person - Guy Kewney an IT expert and rushed onto BBC NEWS 24 set - live transmission to answer questions on the Apple V Apple case. We heard live from the horses mouth that the movie is going to be out sometime next year!!! Here is the video of his interview at BBC NEWS 24. He has become a little bit of a star since then and has also appeared on several shows since then including Jonathan Ross's Show although I cant imagine why he keeps on wearing the same mismatched trousers and jacket. He should make an effort to look good and do the rest of us proud!!

Its soon going to be New Years Eve and there'll be a Fireworks display over the River Thames at Westminster Bridge and a Parade on New Years Day that starts from Westminster as Big Ben strikes 12 noon and follows a 2.2 mile route to Picadilly Circus where it ends at Berkeley Square. I have always watched both the fireworks display and the New Years parade from my sofa in past years and would love to attend both for a change this year but lets see how it goes.



  1. Happy new year CG. Your maternal instincts went riot? He he he...that means we shd be getting some gists of ur own baby in a few......yayyy!!! when shd we expect?


    Baby Blues? Maternal Instincts running riot? Yep, we will soon have our own Blog Baby coming soon ;-)

  3. "Sleeping during the day, and crying all night"



  4. That's so sweet..another
    Happy New Years!

  5. Ha ha. A real baby for the blogsphere. It would be interesting to get her (or him) hooked on blogging as soon as she turns 3. I think it beats TV.

    Lol at Guy Goma disgracing 'us.'

  6. wow! do you know that having a baby on the eve of Christ's birth is truly a great thing ??? I am glad.


  7. Happy New Year to you girl!

    Should we be expecting a baby in 2007? I won't mind being a cyber-aunty! LOL

    (PS: It's the blogger formerly known as TP)

  8. Happy new year CG, and thanks for the comments on my blog. I would like to go see the New Year parade as well, but unfortunately I have to visit family.


  9. Happy New Year Calabar Girl.

    When I saw baby blues, I thought you had given birth! Was wondering why u didnt tell us you're pregnant. And if u were pregnant, I woulda warned u 2 make sure it doesnt belong 2 my sweetie, Bloke. lol.

    See u next year...

  10. Awe, a baby, what a blessing!

    Happy New Year girl!

  11. Happy new year. You were one of the good internet happenings of 2006...oh my God....maternal instincs running is winter you know and with longer hours in bed...the riot instincts will soon take possession and then what do you think will happen?? We are all ears in 2007.

  12. happy new year!!! keep on blogging hun.

  13. aww babies are so cute arent they. I hope you had a great new year and 2007 is better than 2006

  14. i agree. there's no such thing as an ugly

  15. HAPPY NEW YEAR GIRL! Hopefully we shall be heralding the arrival of calabar gal jr in 2007? lol!

  16. its always nice having kids, I mean I have 12!

  17. Awww that's so cute.
    I luv babies...I used to dislike them until
    I'm serious but now when I see a baby it warms my heart....
    Hmmm...are we getting a calabar girl baby anytime soon?

    Anyway, happy new year!
    stay blessed.


  18. I love babies! Happy new year to you! I took advantage of the sales too and bought 6 pairs of shoes :-) They were very good deals too, just could not pass it up. No more shoes for this whole year!

  19. awww...i'm a sucka for babies. :)

    happy new year!

  20. Happy new year gurl ...Pray 2007 brings all ur heart desires forth including the issue on maternal instincts going riot as well ..yes o cos we wan come naming ceremony jere ..LOL

    U have ablessed week dear

  21. happy new year girl, i know u love wedding photos. check these out.
    The wedding was too bad!!!!!!! wish you all the best the new year brings.

  22. Happy New Year Calabar!


  23. Happy new year girl! Did u go see the fireworks? I have a feeling u r so ready for a baby!

  24. Happy New Year!! hmm hmm hmm... baby coming soon? Don't worry I have all the tips you will need :-D

  25. Err excuse me but u have not updated ur blog since last year o!

  26. @VEra: LOL!! Thats what I'm doing right now!! Check back in 90 minutes I should be done and would have put the post up. (After Big Brother and Desperate Housewives) LOL!!!

  27. @jaycee: Very Soon!!! LOL!
    @LondonBuki: LOL!!!
    @Boso: Confessions from an experienced dad!!! LOL!!
    @ Nilla: Happy New Year to u to!!
    @Azuka: Its his muumy that will introduce him to blogosphere.
    @Jem: Having a baby at anytime is truly wonderful
    @favoured girl: This ur new name is a mouthful but we shall cope. Whats up with the change of name?
    @shola: Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    @Vera: When it happens, will let u all know!! LOL!!!
    @butterfly girl: Happy New Year to you too!!

  28. @Amaraeee: It is winter and Iam working hard indeed - very hard!!! LOL!!!
    @Elle & TMinx: Happy New Year.
    @chibs & confusednaijagirl: yeah - all babies are so cute!!
    @beautifully human, bella naija & naija bloke: calabargal jnr hmmn? We shall see. LOL!!
    @the_mix_3: 12!!! OMG!!! Thats a whole football team & more!! Maybe I should try to beat ur record hmmn? I've still got time on my side. (smile)

  29. @cassie: A shoe adict!! Are you sure you'll be able to resist? The january sales are just around the corner. Enjoy ur new shoes.
    @belle: Happy New Year
    @Anonymous: Thanks. Every girl love weddings including me!! The pics were lovely.
    @keshi & Temmytayo: Happy New Year
    @Biodun: Working on it. LOL!!
    @9ja mummy: LOL. Glad to know that I've got someone to turn to for motherhood tips. Thanks.
    @vera: was trying to write my post when ur comment came in. But Celebrity Big Brother & Desperate Housewives are on TV right now back to back. Will be back as soon as I've finished watching them to put up my post!! (smile)

  30. Happy New year to you too babe.. dang @ the congolese guy.. what luck he has eh! A baby on christmas eve.. what a miracle!!

  31. Hehehe, Happy new year girl... I was hoping it was your baby that arrived! lol... I know we'd be hearing the good news from you soonest eh??

  32. @the_mix_3: Nice One!! You got me there!! I actually believed you had 12kids until I got to ur page. Yeye Boy!! LOL!!

    @OWNB: He has a lot of luck indeed!! Maybe ih I hang around the BBC too a repeat occurence could change my life too eh?

    @Nyemoni: Happy New Year to you too!! Soon my dear, very very soon!! LOL!!

  33. It's a new year you know. I see you carying your triplets this year (all boys) in Jesus' name.

    Me sef go soon write my autobiography and put it on the screen for all to see.


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