Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vagina Monologues

PAM sent me this email and I'm going to try and reproduce it for everyone who is interested.

Do you want your personal experiences to help others?

PAM is collecting Nigerian stories for the Vagina Monologues. The official Naija version as pioneered by KIND and now 4 other partners. Naija version aside from Nigerian content also means a less shocking title. (smile) The great thing is that it will reach far more people this way.
The monologues are basically stories from real women, dramatized by actresses that offer release for the survivors and victims of abuse, and celebrate the essence of femininity. Proceeds from the shows go to organizations that fight violence against women. The awareness created galvanizes action. The culture of silence against violence against women and sexuality, the granite wall that shields atrocities needs to come down.

Do you have a story to share?

As soon as I was asked to participate in this project my mind went to "Blogville". Here I read what my society is mad not to discuss. Here women take refuge in the anonymity of the internet and release personal, shocking and painful memories. Childhood sexual assaults, rapes, date rapes, circumcision, as I recall some of these stories it hurts as I write. The Monologues isn’t all about violence. There’s a place for pleasure, humour, regret, reminiscing, expressing your feelings and your stand about what makes you woman. "Blogville" is such a place. Here Nigerian women have vaginas. They have opinions. Ive seen blogs on virginity, masturbation, being frigid, first periods, childbirth and orgasms; it’s another world. Im learning so much.
So are you up for soul baring? Complete privacy guaranteed. I don’t even want your name. The curious should please contact me at

Friday, November 23, 2007

Passing Out

I'm so excited! I'm going shopping later on today for an outfit to wear. Yes, as usual, I'm one of those who love to do their shopping at the eleventh hour but oh well, better late than never huh? LOL!! I'm not sure what I want to wear either - whether to conform to the norm (outfit wise) or deviate from the norm. All ye fashionistas out there - any suggestions?

Remember THIS POST I put up about this time last year? Well, my turn has come and come saturday, I'm heading to Essex for my own 'passing out' too with a mini entourage in tow. I'm not sure who to appoint as the official paparazzi but I'm looking forward to those shouts of 'yeahhh' and 'yessssss' and 'well done' as each name is being called. Remember London Buki's mum shouting 'Praise Jesus' at hers too? LOL! Well, on such days, you'll be unhappy if your relatives dont embarass u by expressing shouts of joy as you are called up so thank God I attended my man's last year cos I'll be reminding them in the car as we drive down for the ceremony to shout as loud as they can when its my turn. LOL!!

Maybe I'll put some pictures up when I'm back huh? Maybe not....... LOL!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

An update at last

Where have I been? I ask myself that question too, loads and loads of times. I cant believe its been an entire month since I wrote any posts in this diary. I seem to be catching some people's bug of posting only one post per month. I'm not mentioning any names here, they know themselves. (smile)

Thanks to all those who've been leaving comments and checking up on me, enquiring, coaxing politely and nudging for an update. Its been a rollercoaster month. I do love writing my thots in this diary but my man has reservations about his private moments with his madam being laid bare for the entire world and thus I was torn between what to put down in the diary or joining the huge numbers of those shutting down their diaries. A thot which wasnt endearing at all. Should I stop? I dont want to be one of those shutting down, should I continue and vear in to other subjects or topics that dont involve me personally crossed my mind so many times. So I'll still keep on writing posts in this diary but how personal they shall be remains to be seen.

I've had a huge rollercoaster of emotions going through me this past month. So much that I abandoned even my running partner and refused to see her for almost an entire month talk less of even going out to run myself. So I've been in a huge, huge rot! (Or do I mean rut?!?!!?) LOL!! I think the cold weather contributed to my reluctance and eventual succumbing to lazying in bed and letting go of those early morning runs we so enjoyed. I know I'll go back to them pretty soon. The fact that I had no races to look forward to may have contributed to my lazyness and I hope to put all that behind me ASAP.

The New York City Marathon is next week sunday. I'm looking forward to watching the race and I think there's going to be a live transmission of the race on BBC at 2.15pm. Cant wait!! I do have a passion for running. Why I am not out there right now satisfying or fulfilling that passion baffles me.

I had so many posts drafted in my head so many times all these days I've been away and now I'm finally in front of the PC, they've all flown out! LOL!! Hope to write another post pretty soon when my thoughts are more collected.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Ty Bello

I seem to be developing a trend of writing my posts on friday nights. I was trying to do a quick round of blogville when I decided to write a quick post about a celebrity I met at Gatwick Airport a fortnight ago.

Was at the airport during the week accompanying my friend who had come in over the weekend to take her niece who was on holiday back to school. I saw this huge blob of hair at the check in desk and whispered excitedly to my friend who was travelling and whom I had gone to escort. OMG! I shrieked. Thats TY BELLO! Who? She replied and I was like you mean you dont know TY Bello? She was like - that girl over there? We came in on the same flight on Thursday. I proceeded to tell her what I knew about TY - She used to be a member of a girl band, a succesful gospel group called KUSH, now she's an acclaimed photgrapher. My friend still had this blank look on her face and I couldnt help but abuse her. You mean you live in Lagos and you dont know the celebrities in your own town? Which kind of person are you? LOL!!

My next thoughts were now to either get an autograph from her or take a picture of her or even more, with her. Proof to show Mrs S and rub it in. LOL!! She was waiting for her flight not too far off and I decided to do 'paparazzi' style and take pictures of her from a distance first of all before finally mustering enough courage to go up to her and start gushing......

"Hi, TY I'm a great fan of yours. Please may I have a picture taken with you?" With a smile, she obliged me. Asked me my name and we made some small talk. I didnt recognise her friend who was with her and couldnt tell if she was a celebrity also on the Lagos scene and hoped she didnt feel too bad that I was gushing over TY and TY alone. TY's friend stepped aside and allowed me to have my 5 minutes with my 'celebrity friend' who proceeded to tell me "She liked my hair". (In my heart I was like - Ha! this my scattered experiment I call my hair that you like? Maybe you're just being nice. LOL!) I told her she looked extremely lovely too and that I was a great admirer of her work. (Talk about major sucking up) LOL!! Then I asked to take a picture of her alone and she obliged me but decided to give me a side view and looked away from me. That was when I asked her to please look at the camera and felt bad immediately after saying that. This was an experienced photograher I was talking to but well, shit happens. She smiled and obliged me and I smiled happily and glided away after taking the pictures. Mission accomplished, I sent a text to Mrs Somebody gloating. Thank God there was no huge entourage of bodyguards and PA's around her to stop me - yet. LOL!!

We waited not too far from each other waiting for her flight to be called so they could check in. I overheard her telling her friend she was due in Calabar over the weekend for a photo shoot. Finally at least, she was called in to check in her luggage but not before she had pushed her trolley to where I stood and said she had been at the airport almost 3 hours and had made a mistake coming in too early. I was tongue tied and didnt know what to say other than mumble something in the lines of Oh, thats so sad or something. Really cant remeber what I said. I suck at small talk and thats one area I've got to develop skills in SOON.

Maybe someday in future when she's become even more famous, my pictures of us together will sell of hundreds and hundreds of dough huh? Until then, I'm keeping it close to my heart. I'll share the pictures with you but still havent had the liver to show you all my ugly face with the lovely and beautiful TY BELLO. So what you see is what you get........

My paparazzi attempts at taking her pictures sneakily....

The beautiful Lady.....

My treasured pic that will fetch me millions later on in life. LOL!!
Read Bella Naija Post on TY Bello.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Great North Run...

Its been exactly two months today since I got that phone call to come for an interview that I had given up on. I had sent my CV to them some months previously on one of my cold calling ventures and had forgotten all about them when I didnt hear from them. I was so excited. Went for the interview some days later and was asked to start the next day. Its a legal charity and the offer wasnt that 'much' (I have to rephrase this part later but I cant think of the appropraite words that really convey how I feel or what I mean right now) but I couldnt complain. So thats how I started work at my new place two months ago. Dont know why I didnt share but I guess the stress......... or maybe it was too good to be true but I'm letting the cat out of the bag now. LOL!! Thats also a little bit of the reasons why my posting has been a little bit inconsistent. LOL!! The next step for me now will be getting a Certificate of Eligibility so I can take my QLTT exams as soon as possible.

I enjoyed watching the Great North Run today. I could see the fun and excitement of the atmosphere over there in Newcastle and hoping that I can master running my 10KM ASAP this year and really looking forward to the next step in running which is the Half MArathon but on no condition will I attempt to register for on when I am not ready. Running at Bluewater has taught me a great lesson. It was fun seeing all the celebrities and listening to the stories of other runners. It was great to have Paula back and she had a great run - only Kara did better than her unexpectedly but it was still a good race.

We all watched stunned at the 9th mile when Kara got tired of running with Paula and broke away. The commentators were stunned as that was Kara's first half marathon and were saying maybe her inexperience had made her break away too early and that she might not be able to keep up the pace and I believed them too in my heart. We were all expecting Paula to shine and didnt expect the sort of performance Kara gave but she maintained the gap she gave Paula up till the very end and finished in 66minutes. Her husband Adam did well too and finished in the mens' race in 63 minutes and Paula finished in 67 minutes. I think all the contestants did very well. Its a big step registering for such a race, even bigger turning up on the day and actually completing the race. Congratulations to every one of the almost 50,000 runners that completed the Great North Run.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Great North Run

The Great North Run is holding tomorrow at Newcastle. I'm so excited! I'm so excited!! Its a 13 mile half marathon and hopefully, I'll be a part of it next year. This year, I'm still a part of it - only difference is I'm watching all the action live from my sofa and not running. LOL!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Reality sets in.....

I'm attending a wedding today and really looking forward to it. Weddings mean new clothes and true to form, yours truly went off looking for the perfect outfit. The couple had indicated they would prefer monetary gifts as wedding presents so I didnt have to crack my brain for suitable wedding presents for them. I saw this lovely pink bustier dress and loved it so much I placed an order for it in my usual size - a Size 14. It arrived a day to the D-day (yesterday) and I fell in love with it even more. I hurriedly stepped out of my clothes and tried it on. Pulled the zip up and it went past my waist but got stuck when it got to my boobs. They wouldnt go any further! My boobs were too ***. LOL!! I was horrified. How could this have happened? Why didnt I think of this? I had committed the cardinal sin of online shopping. Not ordering for an item in two sizes as insurance so you could choose the one with the perfect fit and return the other one that didnt fit perfectly. Now I was stuck.

Thats how I had to go shopping for an outfit on a friday evening. I discovered there are loads and loads of us in this category. The fitting rooms at the shops I went to were filled with us last minute ladies shopping for an outfit for a wedding the next day. I used to pride myself on being a Size 14 but I seem to be expanding some more (despite the futile attempts at dropping some off) Size 14 bottoms were quite tight. Size 14 tops - dont even go there. The boobs wouldnt even let that happen. These are the same boobs that used to allow size 14 tops glide over them easily. Seems those days are gone - never to return? I hope not! LOL!! With great sorrow in my heart, I headed to the till with my Size 16 purchases. *Sob*, *Sob* , *Sob*.

I'm not a theatrical or dramatic person but I seem to be exhibiting some of it right now. LOL!! I pray these "Size 16 days" or cup will pass over me pretty soon. Got home with great sorrow and told my husband I'm now a size bigger. He's encouraging and says "Dont worry, its not that bad" . I'm seriously alarmed. Enough of my theatrics. I'll get over it and avoid those Aldi Maple syrup popcorns on the days I cheat. The cheating has just been so frequent recently and I am reaping the rewards cos the pounds have piled back on so fast. LOL!!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Suddenly, there never seems to be enough hours in a day for me to get through my 'To Do' list successfully each day. I try very hard not to blog at work and when I get home each day, always so tired, the hours just fly by without me being able to check on my beloved blogville pals as much as I would love to. My zeal and passion hasnt died yet - just in abeyance. LOL!!

I've been following the story of Kate and Gerry McCann. Its getting more bizarre each passing day. It simply beggars belief that they have been made 'aguidos' in the case of their missing daughter. Ok. assuming and I repeat assuming they killed their daughter. They were foreigners in Portugal. Where would they have hidden their daughter's body in an area they were not familiar with that would not have been uncovered by the police or the natives by now? About the car where Maddie's DNA was found - It was hired 25 days after their daughter went missing. The Algarves were swarming with press and paparazzi who were following the every move of the McCanns. How did the McCanns give them a slip to dispose of the body? I hope that little girl is found or that some sense is made out of the messy investigation very, very soon because a lot of things just dont add up at all.

I ran another race over the weekend. The Hydro Active Race at Hyde Park. It was held in three cities at the same time - Birmingham, Liverpool and London. The race was good. Jampacked all the way from start to finish. I think there were about 20,000 runners that day. I must confess my fitness level has gone down but I still managed to finish in 45 minutes. I'm thinking very seriously of running my next race in fancy dress just for the fun of it. My next race would have been the Running 4Women 8k holding at Windsor on the 29th but the race has been cancelled due to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease at Surrey. The organisers have offerred to transfer all entrants to the Brighton 8k which will hold in October for free as no refunds will be given on any monies paid. There is also talk about a discount on next years race although the percentage being discounted isnt known yet. I was looking forward so much to the 8k race. I may just take them up on the Brighton transfer offer.

Phuket is in the news again. This time, its not a tsunami but a plane crash and 89 are confirmed dead and several others injured. May thier souls rest in peace.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm Back

Sorry guys, but I had to take a break. It wasnt as if I was running away completely. Just wanted to do one or two things to the template that I still havent gotten round to doing cos I just havent had any time for myself.

Thanks to all who said a prayer for me concering my post 'Prayers Galore' I can confirm that everything went more smoothly than I could ever imagine. I know that more positive things and testimonies are coming my way. Thanks for remembering me in your prayers and for your kind words to me.

I'll be back soon to put up a proper post.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Random Thots

I was watching the London Ambulance programme earlier on today and there was this car accident that was shown that made me reminisce about how roughly I used to drive previously. I used to think I was a moderate driver until one day, I got driven by someone else in their car which was a rare treat and my heart was literally in my heart cos the driver was going so fast. I was literally stepping on the brakes too while being seated in the front seat and driving the car along with the person. LOL!! I made a comment that I was actually scared and my younger sis turned to me and said "Now you realise how we feel when we are in your car" LOL!! I didnt realise I used to go so fast. LOL!! I know my minimum speed used to be at least between 60 - 80kmph or is it mph but I dont think I ever hit 100 in the city. Now my eyes have 'opened', I know that was way, way too fast to drive in a city but then, what did I know? Everyone seemed to drive at about that same speed too. My sis in law's nickname for the car was 'Tuke Tuke' LOL!! She would ask "CG, how is your tuke tuke?" It wasnt exactly grandoise but it got me from point A to B quite nicely - Thank You very much. LOL!!

That accident also made me remember how much God loved me then - even up till now. (smile) I remember the first time I had an accident. It wasnt through any fault of mine and Thank God I didnt hit anyone and no other car was involved. I had been stopped by FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps) officials who had asked me for the regular stuff.
  • Fire Extinguisher - Non Existent in my Car
  • Triangle - Non existent

OK. let me stop opening my yansh before you guys think I was a negligent driver. LOL!! They now asked to check my brake & reverse lights. I stepped on the brakes for their benefit and reversed also so they could check the reverse lights and told me both werent working. How was I supposed to know? I didnt even know they were supposed to light when you stepped on them. I am no longer laughing. It was terribly naive of me to have driven the vehicle then endangering others now I think about it.

So they wrote me a ticket and off I went to pay the fine as well as take the car to the electrician's place to get the brake and reverse lights fixed. At the electrician's, afterall the work was done, I got into my car and drove off. The electrician's place was at the top of a slope and when I was about going down the slope, I stepped on the brakes as a precautionary measure but my brakes failed. I was petrified. I couldnt believe my eyes. What was I going to do? And it was a very busy road too with all the 'okadas' around who if pushed down would unleash justice perpetrator of the evil. I was like OMG! I'm going to hit another car or worse still hit someone but luckily, my instincts swung into action and since there was no car coming from the opposite direction, I swerved the car into the nearest premises where I had seen a heap of sand hoping the sand would stop the car. The car hit the heap and started to roll back. I was petrified it would take my back onto the road I had just come from cos of the slope but thankfully, my front bender caught the framework of the garage shed which was next to the heap of sand and the car was held in one place.

The owners of the premises came out to find out what was happening. A crowd had started to gather. I was shaking and petrified and mortified at the same time. The lady who owned the premises was someone who worked in my father's office and recognised me (I didnt even know that was her house when I swung in there or that she lived there) and I was so embarrased. But they were all so kind to me as they all seemed to think it was no fault of mine since it was a brake failure. She got someone to drive me and my car back home. I was literally in shock and shaking all the way home.

Later on, I was informed that the electricians had made a vital mistake. Since they had worked on the brakes, they should have 'bled' the brakes after and topped up the hydraulic fluid but they didnt and that was what had caused the brake failure cos it happened immediately I drove out of their workshop. I remember another time I was speeding and my front tyre burst. Luckily, I had heard so many stories about not stepping on the brakes when you had a burst tyre and was able to not step on the brakes and bring the car to a stop and change the spoilt tire and continue on my journey.

I'm glad I can say now, I have been enligtened and I have repented from my days of rough driving. LOL!! If I am stopped by FRSC today, I can proudly say:

  • Fire Extinguisher - Check
  • Triangle - Check
  • Other things - Check. LOL!!

Prayers Galore

Me and my man are going through such a traumatic time right now.

Please remember us both in your prayers.

If I live to tell the tale, I'll let you in on it next month.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday Morning Blues

I was on my way to work yesterday when I decided to fish out my sunglasses from where they had been hidden in hiatus & make good use of them as the sun was shining quite brightly that morning. Sunglasses perched on my face and everything else in place, I kissed my man goodbye and headed to the bustop to catch the bus to work.

Some metres away from the bustop, I though I could see skin poking out from underneath a suit already standing at the bustop but thought to myself, "No, that cant be". Must be my sunglasses playing tricks on my mind cos I havent worn them in such a long while. Just to make sure, I removed my sunglasses from its precarious position on my face and proceeded to verify that I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing.

Alas, my senses or is it my thoughts still told me I could see flesh jutting out from underneath a well dressed suit and so I proceeded to wipe out my camera phone & take some first hand evidence/pictures from a very, very safe distance to confirm that I wasnt seeing double. LOL!! The picture below was confirmation that I hadnt gone bonkers. LOL!!

After taking the picture from a safe distance, it confirmed exactly what I thought I was seeing. There was indeed flesh poking out from underneath the 'suit' at the bustop some metres away from me! Oh La La! At 8am on a Monday morning?!?!!? In my mind I was like, Chei! Wahala dey oh! LOL!!
My problem was now how to get closer and take a clearer picture of the 'scene' before my eyes and yet live to tell the tale. As you can see, the guy was extremely huge & intimidating and I would hate to think of what he would do to me if I was caught in the act and he noticed that I was clicking away, taking his picture. LOL!!
I pretended to be typing a text and moved closer to the bustop, pretending to be reading the bus times/schedule but yet clicking away at my handset with my heart in my mouth. If he moves closer, I'll run away in the opposite direction. I kept assuring myself. LOL!!

I wanted to turn round and look at him properly but my liver failed me. Supposing he said "What are you staring at?" with his eyeballs bulging out?!?!? What would I do? Where would I run to? I'm sure I would have pissed in my pants. LOL!! Before long, the bus came and he got on it. I contemplated getting on the same bus as him to take more pictures, curious at the same time where he could be heading to. Surely he wouldnt be heading to work?!?!?!?!!? In that state!??!?!? I decided to let him go on his way. I had my own day to look forward to afterall. LOL!!
What would be your reaction if your manager, supervisor, co-worker or even your employee came into the office on a Monday morning dressed like this?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ashlee & George

The 'young' have grown and are getting married...............
My 'calabar sis' Ashlee is set to wed.......
A Big hearty Congratulations to Ashlee & George who tie the knot in exactly a month's time.
Check out their wedding website HERE.....

Monday, August 13, 2007

My First 10km Race

I know I didnt let on I was running this race but I wasnt so sure I would turn up for it too. I'd been getting these email reminders 6 weeks before the race about it being my 'last chance to register' which I had been ignoring dutifully since I felt I wasnt ready for a 10km race yet but last weekend, I got worn out and threw caution to the wind and registered. (They were offering me half price registration afterall and my august was free as the races I had lined up next were all in september.) LOL!!

That was how I started preparing for a 10km race - a week to the race when I hadnt yet been able to run a 5km race non stop yet. I aim to achieve too much too soon right?!?! You're not far from the truth. Our training run that week went well though. We ran 6km steadily and unwavering 3 times that week on Monday, Wenesday and Friday and finished in 53, 48 and 51 minutes respectively on those days. I figured I would start slow and then try to run 6km without stopping like we did during the week and then see how it goes from there, probably rest between the 7th and 8th km mark and then run the rest of the way to the finish line. With my Running Partner's last words of advice to me still reverberating in my ear just before the gun went off signalling the start was "Make sure you start slow" and me nodding in reply, the race began.

First of all, whoever charted the race course and then described it as a fast and flat course will be sued by moi for misrepresentation! LOL!! I felt since the course was a flat surface with no hills, then maybe I could manage it as my daily runs are on a flat surface. How wrong I was! The start alone was an inclination! We ran uphill! I think I followed the crowd and went along with their pace and when I tried to take some deep breath like I usually do and didnt succeed, I knew something was terribly wrong. I was somewhere in the middle of the crowd at the start line but pretty soon, everyone had gone past me. I was cursing and ranting to myself - "This isnt a flat course, OMG, what have I done to myself? This isnt a flat course." LOL!! By the 2km mark, I was already walking. Hills arent my thing at all. Havent mastered them yet. Then this elderly guy went past me at such a slow pace, I knew I had to step up. It wouldnt do well at all for him to get to the finish line before me - I was way younger than him and supposedly full of energy. LOL!!

Mustered all the energy I could garner and began running again. Went past him but couldnt keep it up and was soon walking again. Note to self: Let go of Lucozade Boost and stick to ur Diet Kick. Lucozade seems to do nothing for me. The advice was to drink it at least an hour beofre the race as the drink will enable you focus better, react quicker and delays the onset of fatigue. It did absolutely nothing for me. Maybe there was something else I didnt do right? LOL!!

Back to story - Well, when I began walking again, he went past me one more time and the humiliating thing was that it wasnt as if he was running particularly fast - more like a gentle jog. It just made me realise I need to do more speedwork. My so called running speed is almost non exsistent if not zero. (smile) Went past him one more time and then got to another hill where I simply refused to run and decided to walk up it instead. Self realisation came when I heard a little boy who had come to stay on the roadside with his family and cheer the crowds on ask his parent very loudly indeed: "Why is she walking, mummy?" In my mind, I was like YEAHPAH!! I am in real soup. Little boy is questioning my capabilities. Embarassment couldnt even let me turn round and look at his innocent face - just kept on walking as fast as I could with the intention of sprinting down the hill when I got to the top of it. But he was saying the truth - Why was I walking when other runners had just sprinted past at top speed before his very eyes? LOL!!!

The rest of the race was a mixture of running and walking - next to the elderly man who had been overtaking me previously. I decided to run next to him rather than engage in a mini comeptition with him. When I complimented him that he was quite fit, he smiled and said that he had run a marathon some days before and was quite tired and would need to get a 'tow rope' pretty soon so I could pull him along with me. Yeah, right. When I was struggling to keep up with him. (smile) He swamped me with tales of his younger years in the army and some of the piloting work he was doing currently. It was nice to have someone to run with especially as the batteries in my mp3 had given up 15 minutes into the race. I should have charged them the night before just to be sure but I foolishly assumed they would see me through the race.

Next thing, during one of my walks, the 'end car' or 'sweeper bus' as it is known in most races was behind our little group and I just told myself I had to do something drastic. I couldnt afford to come in last or let the car overtake me either and leave me behind. LOL!! So I started chasing the lady ahead of me and just when I got to her, she said she was trying to get to the lady ahead of her too and did a little jog away from me too. LOL!! Finally, we all made it to the finish line. Did I mention I got to the half way mark - 5km in 44 minutes? Finished the race in about 84 minutes I think. Was aiming to finish before 90 minutes and at least I achieved that. I was petrified of finishing after 90 minutes. Will try and work harder for my next 10km race - whenever that is. This made me realise even more that running a marathon which I have been thinking of doing is really, really hard work. I had even been contemplating half marathons, 13 milers and 10 milers recently and just enjoying everything generally about running as well as delving into that need by runners to always search for new distances to conquer. Will step down my search several levels and concentrate on 5km races now. LOL!!

Was intending to take part in the London Pride Run - another 10km holding this saturday in London but I've shelved running any more 10km's for the mean time to allow for further training and speedwork. Running a 10km isnt beans. LOL!! Some pictures from the race can be seen HERE.

I'm not sure if my eyes were deceiving me but I could swear I saw a 'naked guy' standing akimbo on Waterloo Bridge this morning at about 5.30am on my way to Bluewater. The car went by too fast so I really cant say if that was a man or a statue. He was standing really still and naked as in really N A K E D on Waterloo Bridge. Surely if it was a man, the police would have arrested him for 'indecent exposure'? LOL!! Maybe it was a statue - can someone help me out pls?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Carnaval del Pueblo

I was on my way to South London to visit some aunties - those I had neglected for the entire year over the weekend. On my way there, just after Elephant & Castle, I noticed there was some event going on at Burgess Park on Old Kent Road and being the inquisitive lady that I was, decided to make a detour, defer my trip for at least two hours and veer into the park to find out what was going on there. I dey chop dog leg now? Una no know? LOL!!

It turned out to be that the Latin American Festival - Carnaval del Pueblo was holding in the park that day! I had heard so much about the carnival but had never attended any and was so glad I didnt continue my journey but the downside was that I had already missed the carnival float/procession which was scheduled to arrive at Albany Road at 3pm and it was past 4pm already. Into the park I skipped and I was glad I did cos it was fun!

There was dancing and singing and loads and loads of food - I loved that part - the food part. LOL!! The weather was lovely too and we went round the stalls looking at traditional latin crafts which were on display in some of the stalls. There were four stages and loads and loads of singing and nice latin songs and dances which the crowd sang and danced along to, too.

I really enjoyed tasting the food from the stalls. There was food from loads and loads of countries. Now I can boast of having eaten Columbian food - I ate some Tamales made from potatoes and peas and carrots and chicken, wrapped in plantain leaves which wasnt bad at all, I also ate some Filippino food - which was a mix of assorted meat, fried plantain, rice cakes - I think which was quite a hit with the crowd cos the queue for those was astronomincal! There was also loads and loads of roasts and barbeques - chicken, kebabs, et al. There were churros and salad and ........ oh, the pictures say it all. Of course there was the eye candy too - loads and loads of eye candy both for the ladies and the men too. But in all, it was a family day and there were loads and loads of kids having fun in the park too with their parents. There was a fun fair for them, face painting, loads of ice cream vans, candy floss, music, dance, you name it. I'm really glad I stopped by but disapointed I missed the float. Saw pictures of the float in the papers yesterday and my heart ached. Next yr....... oh, next yr........, I have serious plans for next yr's carnaval. LOL!! But this year, all hope isnt lost yet. I also have serious plans for Notting Hill Carnival holding later on this month. No way I'm missing that! (smile) Anyone who knows of any more events like these holding this summer, please share! LOL! I just learnt there is going to be a carnival in Abuja, Nigeria too later on in November this year.

So 2 hours later, my journey began again to my final destination - my auntie's place. I'm glad I made that detour though. Did have lots of fun. Pictures from the Carnaval del Pueblo can be viewed HERE.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Courgettes Dilema

I went looking for some cucumbers this evening on my way from the city where I do some voluntary work and found some courgettes instead which I bought as a substitute but now, I'm having second thoughts. They're not really like cucmbers - anyone with some receipes on what to do with courgettes? Or do I just pop them into my mouth like I would cucumbers? LOL!!

My doc said I had a sprained back but Ibuleve and Neurofen have sorted out the problem and I feel much, much better now. Thanks all for your kind thoughts.

You guys should warn Dr Wilson oh! I have barely started running and he is talking about running marathons - when I can barely run 20 minutes? Marathon!! hours and hours of running on end!!! Ha!! But I am interested and must admit running the marathon is a little bit intriguing for me. Its in April next year - if we can make the ballot that is and he wants us to run as a group. Anyone else interested? He says if anyone has cause to stop either from fatigue or exhaustion, he'll carry the person on his back for the rest of the race. LOL!! OK - I embellished that - he says we can walk the rest of the way if we get tired and I must say it sounds fun. We've got 9 months to start training for that. The problem with running is that once you start, stopping is almost impossible cos you'll always find an excuse to run some more. Anyone else wanna join the team? Pls get in touch with him: -babawill2000@yahoo.co.uk

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tesco Race For Life

This is my 100th post at long, long last! Yeah!!! (Jumping up and down with glee.) LOL!!

Its all over at last - Tesco Race for life is completed. We (Me and my running partner - RP) got to Regents Park - the venue of the race in good time this time around. We met Buki and Vickii at the station where we excitedly gushed (well, at least I did) LOL!! over each other so much I forgot my name or even my RP's name too when we were introducing ourselves to each other. LOL!! After the introductions, all of us walked together to the park where we joined in the warm up activities which were going on, led by the organisers from the huge blue stage. It was fun getting into the hang of things. Warm up over, we all headed to the starting point where other runners were gathering also to await the start of the race.

When the gun went off, somehow, grappling with my mp3 so I could start the podcast to listen to while running, as well as my phone so that I could check our starting time when we crossed the starting point, my mp3 and headphones fell down and other runners helped me pick it up but not before I had bent down myself to rescue it quickly from under the feet of other runners when I felt that horrible pain in my waist again. Mp3 picked up from the ground and tucked away securely in its place, time noted, the race began.

It was fun and enjoyable. Me and my RP had agreed that we would run at a very moderate and if possible, slow pace to see if we could go the entire race without stopping rather than start fast and stop halfway through the race and start walking. We succeeded in doing that for the first 3km - Slow and Steady. I have read 2 other blogs where the bloggers had ran their first races all the way to the finish line without stopping and hoped to be able to do that in this race too. The guru's Buki and Vickii were running with us and were way, way ahead of us and we wanted to be able to tell them at the end of the race that we ran the entire race without stopping but alas, it wasnt to be. LOL!!

Just before the 4km mark, we couldnt bear it any more and stopped for a couple of seconds to catch our breath before we started running again. At least we had run 32 minutes without stopping which was a personal best for both of us too. We then started running again knowing that the end was in sight. At this point, the route seemed to curve and curve and curve. It was as if it was never ending but at last, we got to the 500m point and it was a sprint from there - not a very fast one but a semi sprint if I may say so and if there is anything like a semi sprint. LOL!!

Cos my eyes were closed when I got to the 500m point, and closed the rest of the race after that to block out the pain and the distance ahead, I didnt see the official clock or time which was placed strategically to the left as we crossed the finish line but just as I crossed the finish line, the unbelievable happened! My breakfast of brocolli and sprouts which I had eaten 3 hours previously (Yes, I am still on Atkins) LOL!! got upset and refused to stay put in my stomach and came spewing through my gullet, out of my mouth. I had to use my hanky to keep it in place until I could get one of the race marshalls to give me a sick bag to put the 'sick' and not disgrace myself. The problem was, how was I going to explain I needed a sick bag when my mouth was full already and I couldnt speak either? LOL!!

Luckily, Buki and Vickii who had finished the race way ahead of us and were waiting at the finish came to my aid and led me to the ambulance so I could get some aid but then I remembered I had a little paper bag in my waist pouch and got it out and was sick in it rather than spewing 'sick' all over the park like a little village girl. LOL!!

So, Race for Life was finished in 41 minutes. The time wasnt as good as my previous race but I'm glad I only stopped twice during the entire course of the race unlike my first race where I'm quite sure I must have stopped at least 8 - 10 times to rest, if not more. I didnt really get a lot of pictures of me in 'action' this time cos my personal photographer had called in sick. (smile)
But here's one of me with my medal after the race:

and another one of me after the race:

Here is another picture of me, Vickii & Buki - with our medals after our race.

More pictures from the race can be viewed HERE.

I havent got any more races lined up for the rest of July or in August either but I'm looking forward to my remaining races in September - the 5k Hydro Active Race and the 8k Windsor Race.
I'm off to read my new book - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows now. I couldnt wait and flipped through to the end as soon as I bought my copy and can reveal that Harry, Hermoine, and Ron are very much alive. LOL!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Story.......

"Babes, Aunty XX says she wants to take me, you, our friend Y and his family out for dinner to say thank you to us (hubby and Y) for helping her out when she was moving her things to her new house."

My man said to me one evening when we were together. Hmmmn, I repiled. Thats nice. When? "Well, she says me and Y should look for a restaurant and then set a date when everyone is free and isnt working so we all can go out for the evening." He replied. Thats alright I figure. Me, I love freebies especialy when there's food involved so I was game. As long as she's willing to treat us, I said to myself, I dont mind at all.

That dinner date was postponed so many times. The excuse was often "We havent found a restaurant or we havent had the time to go looking for a nice and suitable restaurant". At long last, a suitable restaurant was found and booked and even though the date set was during the week, we were all excited. Well, I was thinking of all the food I would eat and praying it would be one of those 'Eat as much as you like' restaurants which I had discovered I had developed a liking for. We got dressed and went to Aunty XX's house to get her and her kids and then drove to the restaurant where we met Y, his wife and kids already waiting for us. Aunty XX was decked to the hilt - as usual. U cant try that lady oh - she's a real fashionista and was joking about how her wallet was filled to the brim and she was going to spend to the max and have a lovely time. It was a lovely gathering with loads of banter getting to know each other and stuff.

We got to the restaurant, ordered our meal - a three course meal which was so much when spread all over the table in front of us. Of course we didnt need any prodding and delved into the whole package with glee, chatting over the table, enjoying the extras we ordered, it was a treat on Aunty XX afterall. Y and his kids came with a camera and those with camera phones too whipped them out and we had fun taking pictues too and just having a nice time generally.

Then the 'guys' went out for a brief spell after we had finished our meal and the kids were having their deserts mainly ice cream, if i remember correctly - to smoke I think and when they came back, Hubby stood up, cleared his throat and said he had something to say. Everyone at the table started smiling, coughing and talking at the same time and that was when I realised what was about to happen. This wasnt some dinner by Aunty XX to thank him and his friend for helping her move, it was just a ruse to throw me off the scent. My man was about to propose. The joke was on me and I was the only one at the table who hadnt known what was actually planned for that evening. Everyone had seen the proposal coming except me!

At long last, they allowed him some breathing space and he spoke: "Honey, this is for you" thrusting a box into my palms. Everyone was cheering and making noise generally and I was smiling and blushing at the same time and I think they just generally assumed I would say yes. I thought of bursting thier bubble but was too surprised myself and whispered into into my man's ear. Thats not how you're suppose to propose, you're suppose to say "xxx" and gave him back the box with a command - start all over again. LOL!! The poor guy tried again but the excitement at the table was too much. Aunty XX was excited and talking, her teenage kids were excited and talking, Y was excited and talking and taking photographs, Y's wife and his teenage kids were excited and talking too, In the hula that went on, no one actually noticed that I hadnt said 'YES' yet. I think Aunty XX said that on my behalf in the excitement. LOL!! All eyes were on us and the restaurant staff brought over a bottle of Champagne and we all had a toast to the 'newly engaged couple'.

We tried the ring on my finger during one of the attempts to say the right words - too big but that could be sorted out. After our sumptious dinner and toast we all left for home where I finally gave my man his answer. A mighty YES. Although I did think about saying 'NO' at the restaurant just to burst the bubble of our 'spectators' a little bit. LOL!!

I'm telling this story cos its our wedding anniversary today. A year of conjugal bliss. There have good days and bad days, ups and downs but I cant complain. My man has been very good to me and I couldnt have wished or asked for a better husband. Happy Anniversary Babes. Here's to many, many more happy and blissful years ahead.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Minor Rambling......

There are times I sit at my PC and my tummy starts contracting as if I've been doing situps and press ups. And I know I had not done any in the previous hour. So why does my tummy contract the way it does at odd times?

We were celebrating over the weekend with some alcopops and I had downed a couple when I decided to be naughty and went to look for oga's trouble. I was dancing and singing in front of him when I took a step back and stepped on something. I looked down and was like "Oh No!" On the floor of the room were his glasses which he had placed on a pile of books and I had mistakenly stepped on them and the hands of the frame were bent. Trying to restore the handle back to its normal position from its twisted state resulted in it coming apart in my hands. I have single handedly spoilt my man's glasses and banished him to a life of having to make do with -1 of his reading glasses.

I saw Victor Ebuwa from Big Brother 5 on one of the high streets in North London during the week. I was rushing to get into the bank like 5 minutes before the doors close for the close of businesss for the day so I could pay some money into my account to cover a direct debit that was due the next day when I noticed someone cross the high street to walk just behind me. I looked up in the midst of my hurry and behold it was handsome victor and flashed a wide smile, said a bright hello and a wave and started debating with myself if I could spare a few minutes to ask him for a snap with him as proof of our meeting and still make it into the bank premises on time. My camera was in my handbag that day primed and ready. (Ok, I can almost hear you tutting and sshing, he's just a z-list celebrity and not even an A-list celebrity but a once a celebrity always a celebrity innit? There isnt anything like an ex-celebrity is there? I digress. LOL!!) On second thoughts, I decided not to ask him for any photographs. Its a very thin line between paying a £35 failed direct debit charge and not paying and I wasnt ready to risk it and continued my sprint to make it into the bank on time. He also seemed to be in a bit of a hurry himself. LOL!!

I'm in serious pain. Looking forward to my next race which is on saturday but I was in the kitchen last saturday afternoon and decided to do a little stretch while reaching out to get some utensil from the cupboard, felt a little discomfort in my waist and decided to stop stretching. Too late. I have been on pain since then. My waist - cant bend, squat, twist, do normal things without being in pain. Wondered if I have dislocated something. I pray every bone, joint or muscle snaps back into their proper places painlessly too very soon.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sad News

We got some very, very sad news yesterday. Very, very sad and disturbing news. My husband's niece went to see her elder kids in boarding school over the weekend as it was visiting day and left the younger kids at home with her husband. He went to a programme in church later on in the evening that day with the intention of coming back later on and asked them to lock up when going to bed.

Apparently, there was a blackout or something but the kids were home alone aged, 11, 9 and 4. Their mum came back late from visiting their elder siblings but the younger ones had gone to bed and she couldnt gain access to their home. So she went to the nearest police station and spent the night there.

Early the next morning, a neighbour helped her climb over the fence surrounding their home to help her open the gate since the kids werent responding to her banging on the gate. Alas, the neighbour raised an alarm after he had climbed over the fence that there was smoke coming from the building.

Maybe the kids had left a candle smouldering while they went to sleep, no one really knows. But they were overcome by the smoke and all three died in their sleep - smoke inhalation and suffocation. 3 hale and hearty, vibrant and beautiful kids gone in one fell swoop in the twinkle of an eye. They've lost 3 kids at a go. Their mum is so inconsolable and devastated. The words: If only....., If only....., What if......, What if......, abounds. Yesterday she was a mother of five, now reduced to 2. Its so, so sad. May their souls rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Its been a while....

Its been a while since I've been shopping...

Its been a while since I've been to the movies....

Its been a while since I've been clubbing......

Its been a while since I've called on any aunties or uncles.....

Its been a while since I've called any aunties or uncles......

Its been a while since I've had a makeover......

Its been a while since I've had loads and loads of dough......

Its been a while since I've had threesomes....

Its been a while since I've really been me......

Whats happening to me!?!?!?!!? I need liberation!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

One Year in Blogville

I still remember that day vividly as if it was yesterday - 4th July 2006. My beloved partner had decided on the spur of the moment that he was tired of bachelor hood and wanted to sign the dotted lines ASAP while I was still willing. (Got to pep my ego now) I swear I didnt goad or egg him into doing so. LOL!!

So I was sitting on the PC trying to google Virgin Nigeria and get the cheapest ticket back home so we could go and get a special licence to get married. I typed in google Nigeria and Aderemi's Post on Virgin Nigeria and their antics came up in the search. I was perpelexed why the virgin nigeria official website didnt come up but as fate would have it, his post was the 4th or 5th search and somehow was the first search I clicked on. I read through his post and was 'baptised' into the world of blogs and blogville. Had never heard of an online diary before. Search for cheap ticket abandoned, I sat down and went through his Bloglist and got lost in the the virtual world of blogs.

Started from his blog and moved to Adaure's Blog, Mona, Onada, Dilichi, Sugar is Sweet, Monef, Nneka, Buki, it was a very busy day for me and I just couldnt drag myself away from the PC. I swear I got lost online that day moving from one blog to the other, clicking on this link and that link and having no idea how to get back to the page I came from, reading both their archived posts as well as their current posts. I put all their links in my favourites list so I could come back to them and the rest they say is history.

Everyday, at least an hour was spent with my newly found friends, laughing with them, crying with them, sharing with them and eventually, I started my own blog Calabar Gal within days in which I wrote nonsensical things. I blush and cringe nowadays when I remember the stupid things I wrote then. Thankfully, there was a problem with the blog later on and all those posts got lost. It was difficult at first, whether to write in present tense, past tense, first person or reported speech or in narrative form etc. I remember Adaure was the very first to write a comment on my blog and then she had these wedding website links that kept me very busy indeed. Back home, I introduced the world of blogville to my family even though eventually, I had to confess I had one too and show them my own blog and swore them to secrecy that my identity would forever not be unveiled.

My blog had some viruses and for sometime I couldnt post on it. Which was good for me since most times, I couldnt think of what to write in it. Eventually, I started a new blog - Calabargal2 and its been smoother sailing since then. Some months later, Azuka helped me out and restored my settings and the original blog Calabar Gal came back to life but that has now been converted into my Food/Fitness Diary. Then again, while I was tweaking and playing with my template, the entire blog dissapeared and Buki was ever willing and not only offered to help but actually did help me restore my settings once again. I'm more careful these days. LOL!!

There were times I used to go through all the links on my bloglist daily and then go through London buki's blog list too (I made friends with almost everybody on her bloglist) but that is no more feasible these days. My friends are so many. Going through my own ever growing bloglist is no mean feat these days. LOL! Blogville has come a long way since then and its been a lovely journey. From the 'couch potatoe' I was last year, reading buki's fitness diaries inspired me to start my own fitness regime about 3 months ago and it is so nice to have you all to share tips and experiences with.

In a year, there have been a lot of births, deaths, bloggers have come and bloggers have jumped ship, some have gotten bored and have gone away but couldnt resist the lure and come back once again. Catfights and quarrels on several blogs ........... OK, lets not go there. LOL!! I'm not sure if I'll ever go away but there are times when writers block comes upon me but then I'll still keep trudging on.

Hubby has yabbed me several times that I write thousands of words on the internet and spend hours wandering from one blog to the other gathering info from blogs and wondered why I cant put the same effort I put into research in blogville into researching, writing and finishing my disertation for a course which I had paid thousands of pounds for. I asked myself that question too several times. LOL!!

I'm glad I found blogville and I have you lot too - too numerous to mention and still increasing daily. I have grown from the young lady I was last year in many ways and learnt a lot from your tears and laughter. Here's to you all and to many more years in blogville.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

My First Race

I was so excited about this race but made sure I went to bed early the night before the race quite unlike me. Didnt want to take any chances. Woke up about 5 am and lay in bed drifting in and out of bed until 6am when my alarm went off. We were finally ready to go and left home about 7.30 am. On the train ride, we (me, my official paparazzi - hubby and my running partner) met another lady who was wearing the race T-shirt and by the time the train got to the city, runners with their race numbers pinned to their Tshirts and tops were more common place. It was a race against time to get to the starting point as we got out of the underground about 8.25. If we could find it on time that is. We had no idea where it was and I had forgotten the race map at home.

We came out of Embankment Station and started heading towards Charing Cross Station. At Charring Cross, almost everyone we asked seemed to have entered only for the 10km race and knew only where the starting point for the 10km race which was a more popular race was. At long last, some police men pointed the way to Northumberland Avenue by Embankment to us and told us to hurry that the race had started about 3 minutes previously. Gracious!! According to my watch, it was just 8.33am! Well, me and the lady started racing down Northumberland Avenue, diet kick in hand trying to gulp it down for the extra bit of energy before the race. Alas when we got to the starting point, true, the race had already begun and the runners had left but we started our own race all the same at 8.37am.

I had to try to get into the tune of things due to the excitement of racing to the starting point but I soon found my own pace. The lady I met on the train was running with me but I soon asked her to leave me behind since it seemed her pace was a bit faster than mine. She was a more experience runner and had run a couple of 5km races and 10 km races as well and had just given birth and so this race was one she was running to get back into shape. I soon got to the first turning point and my mischievious mind was telling me to slip into the opposite lane and run with the other runners who were going past me on the other lane at that point but my sensible mind asked me to keep on going since there were still more runners behind me who had joined the race later than I did. LOL!!

Pretty soon, with a mixture of walking and running, I got past Waterloo and Hungeford Bridges and began heading towards Westminster Bridge. There was this lady ahead of me at that point who was walking and I asked her to run with me since I was also a slow runner and we ran together for sometime until she started walking again and I had no choice but to leave her behind. Then two ladies ran past me at a very slow pace and I used them to pace myself and just made sure I kept behind them. (smile) Pretty soon, I was back to walking and they left me behind. (smile)

I started running again, got to Westminster bridge, then walked a little bit more. Halfway through the bridge, I started running again and that was when I saw the official race photographers at the end of the bridge by London Eye taking pictures of each race participant as they go past. In my mind I was like Yeah!! I hope they didnt take my official race pictures while I was walking down the bridge and wishing that I had looked up earlier and noticed them on time to put a little sprint in my step. LOL!!

We turned round at the end of the bridge and started heading back to the city and that was when Big Ben struck 9am. This meant I had been running for about 23 minutes. Finally, with a mixture of walking and running, I made it back to the finish line and did a little sprint at the end - from the 400m mark right down to the finish. I think I crossed the finish line at 9.12am (I still have to crosscheck this and confirm it with my official time which isnt up on the website yet) so that means I finished my race in 35 minutes. Although since I didnt start at the same time as other runners when the gun went off, there might be some more minutes added to my official time I think.

Hubby said he was so proud of me and my running partner was so excited!! She's now entering for the Race for Life so we can run together. She really enjoyed the race and was wishing that she had entered for it as it was so much fun watching others race. She was so impressed by other bigger ladies than her who were in the race and finished with a mixture of walking and running with some walking all the way!!

Rearing to go - just before the race
Go Calabar Gal!!
Heading back to the finish line
Last sprint to the finish line
Finished at last!
Proudly displaying my medal

So Goody Bag collected, medal round my neck, pictures taken, we hung around to cheer the 10km runners as they ran past and then left the city. Back to training for my next race now. Training begins tomorrow. LOL!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Modelling isnt easy

This video was sent to me via email and couldnt help sharing. Hilarious!! Highlights one of the several travails models go through to make it on the catwalk. Watch the video HERE.

Countdown to First Race - Day 1

I did my final training run yesterday. It was so and so. Didnt feel like running on the streets since everywhere was so wet so I went to the park where I first began to run. It was ok but could have been better. Each lap round the park took me about 7 minutes but I must confess that I didnt complete each lap without stopping. I just dont know what happened. Went 5 more laps round the park with periods of rest in between the laps doing 10 - 20 tricep dips on the park bench . Decided not to push my luck and stress my body too much and finally left the park after an hour.

I am resting today and will be back tomorrow or on Monday to tell how the race went. Although today, I couldnt resist playing with my dumbells and doing a couple of crunches and situps just to get my metabolism going for the day. Just checked the Aasics British 5k website and the news there is that the race will still hold despite the high level of alert in Central London due to the car bombs that were found in Picadilly and Park Lane yesterday.

Trying to get everything I need for tomorrow in place.
Race Trousers - Check
Race Vest - Check
Socks + Running Shoes - Check
Race Number + Safety Pins - Check
Water bottles - Check
Camera & Batteries - Check
Umbrella in case of heavy downpour - Check

The love of my life is coming with me as well as my running partner who refused to enter the race with me to cheer me on. Maybe this race will inspire her to run the other 3 races I have entered into this year with me but whether we will drive into the city is still to be determined due to the high level of security there right now. He is going to be my official paparazzi and will be on 'pap duty' all morning. LOL!! I am so apprehensive and excited at the same time.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Buki!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUKI!!! Wishing you many, many more happy years ahead!! Your zeal, determination and focus has been an inspiration to a whole lot of us and we all pray that God will grant you the grace and wisdon to live each day in his will. May you and yours be forever covered under the shadow of God's loving wings. Remain Blessed. Cheers.


Woke up on time and we went for our run on time. We ran bouts of 5 - 8 minutes each time and made it to the finishing line of our 5km route in 63 minutes. I'm glad we went today. It was good.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Countdown to First Race - Day 4

My intention was to go for an early run today at about 5.30am - 6am since I couldnt run yesterday and it became my day of rest. Woke up at 5am, looked at my watch and figured I had about 30 more minutes to nip and the next thing I knew, it was 2 hours later. Running shelved.

Went powerwalking in the evening instead. Mapped out a 10km route thanks to runlondon and set off. The journey took about 2hrs, 40 minutes with a 10 minute stop at Argos to get some rechargeable batteries for my mp3 and another 10-15 minute pit stop at my friends place at the 6km mark.

At the 8km mark, my speed slowed down a bit cos I was getting tired but trudged on till the end. My body feels ok right now, just that my thighs hurt a little bit but I'm sure I'll be ok tomorrow. I intend to run tomorrow and on friday too unfailingly - if only I can wake up at the right time and stay awake too. LOL!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Countdown to First Race - Day 5

Thanks to Abimars who sent me an email and I got several useful links from her page. Amongst them one link detailing a training plan for those who want to progress from sitting on the couch to running a 5k race. Its called Couch25k. There are loads of podcasts too you can download to listen to while running. Downloaded all the podcasts and anyone who is interested can go there too and have a look.

There's this group of ladies I run with and yesterday was so wet, I almost didnt go. Decided to go in the end since I had promised myself that I would run on Monday and Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, run again on Thursday and Friday and rest on Saturday in preparation for my big day on Sunday. Big Day ke?!?!?! It shouldnt last more than an hour! LOL!!

We started well and I kept to my own pace and didnt mind others. Come to think of it, I think the fast runners didnt turn up. About 10 minutes into the race, I started feeling some pain on the front muscles between my knee and my ankle (forgotten what they are called) and had to walk a bit. Tried to ignore the pain and run a bit more but it wasnt pleasant and the trainer soon came to run with me and asked what the matter was and told me to take it easy. In my mind I was like, I simply cant afford to be injured at this time! How can I pull out of the races I have looked forward to running so much? While she was running beside me, the pain went away a bit cos we were talking to each other and running and she mentioned that it could be a shin or ankle injury and I could go and see a doctor or physiotherapist to be sure. Maybe my problem is I havent any one to talk to while I run or what? LOL!! Spoilt Brat!

I made it to the finish line eventually in about 50 - 55 minutes I think did my stretches then set out on my journey back home. The pain had gone away by the time I got back home. Did my home work outs and took painkillers.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Accent Training

Both Accent reduction books have arrived and I am still contemplating whether to keep both of them or return one. My friend and I listened to both Audio CD's yesterday and we were giggling to ourselves as we repeated the words and sentences after each sentence. We have to be more focused than that if we are to make any headway innit?
I read all your comments in my previous post and couldnt help laughing. To answer all your questions - No, I do not have a 'calabar' accent. Infact, I am rather proud of the foundation I was given and I'm sure there is no hint or trace of all those famous 'Gringory' and 'Akpan' accents you guys hear all the time in TV comedies in my own accent.

I just want to improve my diction, pronunciation and phonetics a little bit. Life is all about improving one's self isnt it? LOL!! Anyway, I got this accent reduction idea from one 'SILVERBIRD BABE' like that whom majority of you know very well. I read her post last summer when I joined blogville and didnt think anything of it or about doing the same thing but earlier on this month began to dwell seriously on the possibility of improving my speech. How successful I will be, only time will tell.

Want to know who she is? Check out her posts HERE and HERE.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fathers Day

Fathers Day has come and gone. Happy Fathers day to all the men in blogville and all the fathers out there. You are all greatly appreciated. For me, fathers day was spent hitting the shops .......... getting a present for my man. He is afterall going to be the father of my kids so I figured we might as well start celebrating fathers day together early. I had planned to take him out but he was busy trying to meet his deadline (as usual) so I headed off to the shops to buy some presents for him. Being the naughty girl that I am, I decided on getting him some aftershave and fragrances - but only those that came with free gifts attached so I could get something on the side and more value for my money too. LOL!!

My race pack for my July 1st race arrived today. The days draw closer and all of the sudden, there never seems to be enough hours in any one day for me to train. Am I becoming boring? All I seem to be talking about nowadays seems to be my upcoming raceor my weight loss. Talking about my weight loss - my body is STUBBORN!! Ah ah!! Since April, the silly weight has been yoyoing steadfastly between 85kg and 88kg. Lord!! I look forward to going below the 85kg mark and maybe I'll throw a party when I finally hit that mark. That will be the day!

I'll share a bit of the purchases I have made lately with you guys. 3kg, 2kg and 1kg Dumbells and 0.5kg Ankle and Hand Weights:

Personally, Methinks I am becoming a little bit vain. These ones arrived today:

I'm loving this exercise book. The exercises are illustrated vividly and I'm hoping they'll work wonders if only I'll be steadfast. I'm loving it though. And this one too:

This is my vain side rearing its head. I was hoping for an audio book but the audio CD seems to conatin only audio exercises for each chapter in the book. Lets see how it goes. If I dont like it enough, may send it back to the seller before the return window closes.

I'm still expecting these purchases below. Maybe they'll arrive in the post tomorrow or during the week as they were ordered from the same suppliers. The purchases I'm still expecting are:

Will keep you guys posted when they arrive and if I'm making good use of them. Do have a lovely week ahead folks.
P.S :- The remaining purchases I was expecting are now firmly in my possession.

Friday, June 15, 2007


This picture greeted my eyes when I opened the papers two days ago. A naked bike protest through london's city centre! Why, oh Why, didnt I hear about it? I sure would have gone to feed my eyes! LOL!! Apparently, the naked cyclists, some sporting strategically-placed body paint, had toured the streets of London and other cities around the world on Saturday to protest oil dependency and the car culture. It made me think - If I had known about the protest? Would I have had the liver to join the protest and been a part of it? What about you?

I often look at the pictures of art like the one below created by the now famous photographer (his name fails me) who assembles volunteers in various cites and gets them to 'sit', 'stand', 'bend' or 'lie' for his pictures. Would I have had the liver to join them? Just for the fun of it? Maybe someday - if I get to hear about it on time?!?!?!! Lol!

I cant believe the first round of Blogville contest is over and I missed out. I had enough advance notice about it but believe me, I have been pretty busy since this week begun, and didnt have the time to check up on the contestants until now. Unforgiveable I know. My friend listened in on my behalf and she was telling me how funny and lovely ONB sounded as well as the other contestants. Must watch out for the second round this time.

I'm still training. What else has been happening to me? Good Things though. I'm still alive and my husband still loves me. (Dry?!?!?!) LOL!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Pheww!! At long last, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My dissertation done with and submitted on time on Wednesday. I have promised myself that I'm not going to undertake any more research based studies for sometime. Exam based studies, I dont mind that much but research based seems to be so tasking. I'm just so glad its all over now. But thats not the end of studying - I still have to practice Microsoft Office Programs and Outlook to horn my office skills and enhance my employability. Got some assesments coming up pretty soon.

Walking through the supermarket, I looked mournfully at all those biscuits, chocolates, cakes and a variety of various goodies displayed on the shelves that are beyond my reach right now. And to think that they were mostly on reduced prices! I was just thinking to myself - all these stick thin celebrities probably dont get to enjoy all these things like me now cos they're always on one diet or the other to maintain their 8-10 stone weight and to test my veneer, I strolled mournfully down the chocolates and biscuits aisle looking longingly at all the goodies displayed there that I couldnt have and made it to the end of the ailse and out of the supermarket without picking any. LOL!!

Thanks for all your advice on my previous post. My face is back to normal now and I'm getting specialist advice on what products to use. I have joined a running club too and running more now. The days are ticking fast and its only 21 more days until my first race. Wish me luck!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Disastrous Beauty Regimes

There comes a time in a ladies life when she realises that her biological clock is ticking and certain things may start heading 'south' pretty soon as well as get wrinkly in certain places. Well, that was how I've been feeling these past few weeks. I resolved to myself to stop being more of an 'I dont care' person and take better care of my self and my 'bits' so that when I hit my 'forties' and above, I'd give the teenager a run for their money and pass for twenty years younger.

So off I went to the shops to get some bodycare products. I got some Foaming Facial Cleanser, Apricot Scrub, Hydra + Cleanser, soft peeling gentle exfoliating cream bar and daily Facials lathering clothes with a firm resolve not to forget to use them daily. Yes I confess I am not really a girly girl and on past occassions, such items have remained in my cupboard for months without remembering to use them. From now on, it would be different I told myself.

The reason why I am telling this story is that just 2 days after I had started making good use of the above items, my entire face - specifically my cheeks and chin have broken out in scales. My cheeks are 'burnt' and terribly rough and no matter how much cream I apply, the cream soon dries up and the scales and rough burnt patches appear more vividly. The problem is I dont even know exactly which of the items mentioned above is the culprit for this misfeasance. So much for trying to look twenty years younger and being a girly girl. Its turned out to be a BEAUTY DISASTER! I will now have to get a really good moisturizer and hope the scales will go away ASAP, then try to work out which of them caused it so I can stop using it and continue with the beauty regime with the rest.

My ticker hasnt moved ever since its first slide on the 13th of April cos my weight hasnt gone past what you see above for the past 7 weeks. But my diet buddies have encouraged me that I may be loosing inches even though the weight isnt really faling off drastically yet and indeed I have discovered this to be true. There's this pin striped jacket that I loved so much but had to move it to the bottom of my wardrobe cos my arms were too fat and strained against the fabric quite obviously making wearing it anymore an impossibility. Even trying to wear the Jacket with a sleeveless top didnt resolve my dilema - my arms still wouldnt go through the sleeves of the jacket. Well, I am happy to announce that this jacket has been resurrected once again as it seems I have lost several inches in certain places as well as some flab off my arms. I wore the jacket on sunday to a christening and there was so much flab gone from my arms that I even wore a fitted long sleeved shirt beneath the jacket. (This is a jacket I couldnt even wear with a sleeveless top or shirt previously) HOORAY!!!

So to keep up this flab burning regime, I have taken up running. I found a running partner on GUMTREE or she found me rather and we've been running together at least 3 times a week. Our stamina and endurance is improving and we have both graduated from barely being able to run a 2 minutes stretch without collapsing to running for about 10 minutes or more non stop although I must confess that sometimes, there are days that our bodies scream out horribly in pain. Inspired by the FIT ladies, Buki whose fitness diary I have been following keenly for the past year as well as her running partner Vickii, I've also registered for three 5KM races - Women London Run, Race for Life in July, the Hydro Active Race as well as the 8 KM R4W Race in September too. So this summer, I wont be cheering them -Vickii and Buki as well as other runners on from my sofa but will be participating in the races myself! I have declared WAR on that remaining 15KG. It must drop off by hook or crook. LOL!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


SolomonSydelle has written an article titled THE NIGERIAN PROCLAMATION . It expresses discontent about the recent election fiasco and the state of Nigerian affairs in general.

Today May 29th will be the first time Nigeria has witnessed the transition of power from one democratic administration to another. The recent elections were severely criticized for not being fair and free. We bloggers are unified in our disgust and disappointment with recent and ongoing political events.

Friday, May 25, 2007

60 Questions

Got this from TMinx's Blog and decided to give it a go.

1.What time did you get up this morning? 5.15 am. My running partner was ringing my mobile incessantly for me to come out so we could go jogging.

2. Diamonds or pearls? Can I have both?

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Superman Returns. Its shameful but I havent been to the Cinema in almost a year!

4. What is your favorite TV show? I simply cannot choose. They differ - depends on the season. Desperate Houseives, Hustle, Ugly Betty.

5. What did you have for breakfast? An Omelette

6. What is your middle name? I dont have one. My father gave me his middle name instead.

7. What is your favorite cuisine/meal? Ekpang Nkwukwo.

8. What foods do you dislike? I'm liberal. Still tring to think which food I really dislike - none I think.

9. Your favorite Potato chip? Not so crazy about them.

10. What is your favorite CD at the moment? Cece Winas - Alone in his Presence

11. What kind of car do you drive? A Ford Focus C-Max.

12. Favorite sandwich? Anything goes as long as its delicious. Thats when I used to eat flour products. I'm off them for the next six months though.

13. What characteristics do you despise? Showoffs and people who feel life is all about showing off and competing and they have to compete with you and show you that they're better than you.

14. Favorite item of clothing? My rough Denim Jeans.

15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Disney Land.

16. What color is your bathroom? Peach

17. Favorite brand of clothing? I'm still acquiring tastes. Whatever that means. lol!!

18. Where would you want to retire? That would depend on where my man would want to retire.

19. Favorite time of day? Morning

20. Where were you born? Calabar

21. Favorite sport(s) to watch? This is hard. I'm not really into watching sports. I watch important football matches other than that, any sport I watch is cos my man is watching so I would say Formula One racing? Is that a sport? lol!!

22. Who do you least expect to respond to this? Hmmmnnnn..... how do I descibe them? Antagosnistic people?

23. Person you expect to respond first? Probably 75% of everyone in blogville will.....

24. What laundry scent do you use? Lavender

25. Coke or Pepsi? Neither

26. Are you a morning person or night owl? Morning person

27. What size shoe do you wear? Size 9 or 43.

28. Do you have pets? No.

29. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with everyone? Ehhhmmmmm - No.

30. What did you want to be when you were little? A Lawyer

31. Favorite Candy Bar? No favourites. Loved them all equally. Variety is the spice of life afterall they say. LOL!!

32. What is your best childhood memory? Driving around with my dad on saturdays visiting people or just driving around town generally.

33. What are the different jobs you have had in your life? A plethora of diverse jobs. I'll share the bad ones too. Library Assistant, Researcher, Head Teacher, Trainee Solicitor, Factory Worker, Turkey Plucker, Dish Washer aka Kitchen Porter, Dinner Lady, DVD Packer, Domestic Engineer, Customer Service Assistant, Trainee Compliance Admininstrator, Company Secretarial Assistant.

34. What color/type underwear are you wearing? Pink G-Strings

35.Nicknames: None I can remember

36. Piercings? Three in each ear.

37. Eye color? Brown

38. Ever been to Africa? Born, bred and buttered in Africa.

38b) Ever been to South Australia? No

39. Ever been toilet papering or rolling? Is this what I think it means? Not too sure what it means but I think Yes?!?!?!!? Why did I say yes? I dont know what rolling means!

40. Love someone so much it made you cry? NO!

41. Been in a car accident? Yes, but nothing major just some minor squirmishes.

42. Croutons or bacon bits? Bacon bits please

43.Favorite day of the week? Saturday

44. Favorite restaurant? Oh Gosh - None yet.

45. Favorite flower? None Yet.

46. Favorite ice cream? When I do eat Ice Cream - I love anything Raspberry. Love experimenting and trying new flavours other than good old vanilla and chocolate.

47. How many times did you fail your driver's test? This is a funny one - I never had a test. My dad presented my licence gallantly to me one day at home. He had asked the driver to teach me how to drive.

48. What color is your bedroom carpet? Peach

49. How many times did you fail your driver's test? Nil. I'm about to take my first test.

50. Before this one, from whom did you get your last email? Were these questions circulated by email?!?!? Got them off Tminx's blog.

51. Which stores would you choose to max out your credit card? Selfridges and House of Fraser

52. What do you do most often when you are bored? Daydream or Watch TV or people about on the streets.

53. Bedtime? Varies. 1am some days, midnight others. Depends on what I was doing.

54. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire? Everyone since I really dont know those who'll bother to do it or not

55. Last person you went to dinner with? Dinner - Do the ones I have at my house count? lol!! Lunch I can remember but dinner fails me.

56. What are you listening to right now? Its quiet around here

57. What is your favorite color? Purple or Pink - It is so difficult to choose.

58. Lake, Ocean or river? Either one - does it really matter?

59. How many tattoos do you have? None.

60. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I've answered this question before. Depends on which way you look at it. You need an egg to get a chicken and also need a chicken to get an egg. Which comes first? Dunno? Its a weird world of dependency.