Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Long Distance Relationships

I'm just a wee bit curious about couples in long distance relationships keeping in touch with each other. With modern technology these days, its not difficult at all to keep in touch. Email, Phone calls, Webcam etc. What should be the frequency of contact between lovey dovwy couples? Alright, I'll be more specific on the mode of contact - Phone calls. First thing in the morning? Last thing at night? Four times a day? Every Hour? Every second? Ten times a day? Twenty times a day? More frequently than that? Does making such vast frequent calls amount to showing love? Where is the line drawn between hounding or wearing the other partner down with calls?

I ask cos I've got a friend who has been in a long distance relationship for about 5 years and her partner calls her practically every second!! OK, I may be exagerrating a bit but her mobile seems to be ringing all the time. 5am - he calls to say hi. They talk a little bit, all the lovey dovey mushy stuff and then he drops the call. Then 10minutes later, he calls again. They talk and then end the call. And again and again and again. And the calls continue all day until midnight or whenever one partner goes to bed. The next day, it starts all over again. Where exactly should the line be drawn between showing this kind of love and affection and allowing the other partner some breathing space? Where should the line drawn between hounding or wearing the other partner down with calls? Or is it just me being unromantic and a wee bit jealous?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Keeping up with the Joneses

Is it only me or is there anyone else having a problem keeping up with the Joneses in Blogville? Keeping up with blog reading I mean. Once upon a time, I had just a couple of blogs (well, about 45 blogs) on my bloglist and could conveniently scroll through the list daily reading each updated post and then head onto London Buki's blog and read the blogs on her blog list conveniently too. Nowadays, its a struggle!! I have given up stalking blogs and discovering new blogs. Its becoming harder. There never seems to be enough time!! Even going through the blogs on my list now is also fast becoming a chore. It takes ages for me to go from the 'A's to the 'Z' on my bloglist, read comments, post some comments myself and check out new profiles. 120minutes a day no longer seems to be enough time. Lately, I have relegated blog reading to weekends only as I have discovered during the week that often, when I start reading blogs, I look up after a while and discover that I've been blogreading for about 180minutes!! Time flies so fast when you're having fun.

But yet, there are the Joneses in Blogville who seem to be sailing smoothly reading updated blogs and keeping up with gist, events, and general happenings in Blogville. They know themselves. How do you guys do it? Juggling work, school, other activities and then staying ahead of updated blogs? Do you spend tarry nights dedicated to blogville or something? Madam Vera who perambulates from blog to blog crying for updates, London Buki, Tminx and others who visit blogs daily dropping comments. What is the secret please? Keshi - you too!! How do you stay and keep ur head afloat? Its hard for me to keep up!! Thank You Buki for those small tips, hints and links you give on which blogs have updated and where to go to. They help no end. And Tminx - thanks too for ur blogville gist. Saves me a lot of time.

An uproar erupted on
Overwhelmed Naija Babe's page sometime ago and I was stale!!! Was chatting with Azuka one day and he asked if I had been there and I told him I was only in the 'B' part of my bloglist, when he said katakata had burst over there, I abandoned all decorum about sticking to reading from A-Z and rushed there and not only had 'My Sex' caused an uproar but there was already a sequel - 'High Horses' with 50 and 100 something comments already!! Lordy, I'm sure having to work extra hard keeping up! I'll leave you all with just two questions: -
How often do you read blogs - daily? weekly? forthnightly?
How many blogs do you read during each visit to blogville?

A Nigerian chief's son has made history by becoming the first black officer in the Grenadier Guards. Second Lieutenant Folarin Adeyemi Olatokunbo Olugbemiga Kuku, who trained with Prince William at Sandhurst, said he was proud to have joined the Queen's personal bodyguard and his race had never been an issue. The 24-year-old Harrow-educated soldier said his mother Rita, who is a chief in his native Nigeria, was very supportive of his decision to join the Army. He is not only the first black officer in the 350-year-old Grenadier regiment, but the only black officer in the entire Guards division, which includes the Scots, Irish, Welsh and Coldstream Guards. British Grenadiers. Read the full story

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snow at long last

Hoooorrrrrraaaayyyyyy!!!!! Its a wintry wake up today!!! Its snowing in London at long, long last!!!!! Ooohhhhh, I'm ecstatic! Now, if only there'll be enough snow for me to build my very, very first snow man!!! There has never been enough snow falling for me to achieve this feat for the past three years. And then I could throw snowballs at my friend who is laughing at me over my shoulder. Thank God for garages. I didnt have to scrape any snow off my windscreen - thats one of the downsides of snow falling but then, the pro's outweigh the cons. he he he. But why does snow always fall at the end of January? Why not before Christmas so we can have a White Christmas.

I hope lots and lots and lots and lots of more snow fall. I'm praying for knee deep snow this year at least!! The air smells so clean and fresh. And it looks just like in the Christmas posters and cards. Loads of snow on the
roof tops, trees and cars. Please Dear God,This year, I'd like to build my very own snowman so let there be enough snow pleassseeee!!!

Someone posted the link to Bisi and Ofon's wedding website on Adaure's Blog and I had a look yesterday. It was WOW!! Check out their Engagement Pictures. This is not advisable if you are at work cos I was engorged for quite sometime yesterday night just going thru their pics. You might get sacked by ur employer for non productivity so be forewarned!!

While you're at it, check out
Damis and Toyin's wedding website too. Toyin is Bisi's cousin. Lola and Lara of Just Weddings were the event cordinators of both weddings and I must say they did a good job at Bisi and Ofon's engagement.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Close Shave

Its been a week now since my clipping accident and I've been waiting for my hair to grow out to no avail. Yes go on- Laugh and gloat to ur hearts content all of you who have asking to see my gori gori. It was last week monday, I wanted to add some texturizer to my hair but decided to crop some off so it would look more beautiful and allow the texturizer work its magic better. So I got out hubby's clippers and went off to work.

Switched it on and the very first run through my hair went awry. I had failed to put any 'combs' on the blade and it cropped off more than I intended right in the middle of my scalp giving me a bald spot. Attached the 'comb' to the blade and tried again. The second swoosh gave me the same result. Oh No, I told myself, "You've got to be careful now". Hubby heard the buzz of his clipper and turned round to me - "What are you doing?" He asked? You know I dont like you with short hair and you're still cropping more off". Do you think I would have said a word to you at the airport the day I met you if you had short hair? Babe, its a new look and only for some time. I replied. Oh dear, Isaid to myself – now I cant ask him to help me out. Decided to finish what I had started and so I tried to be a little bit more careful. Finished cropping to my hearts content and then noticed that the hair behind my ears were a little bit too much and decided to crop there too and that’s where the mother of all accidents happened. I was using back to front movements but I guess my hand slipped when I got to the front cos the back was ok but the clipper went too low and voila the result is what you see on the screen.

So that is the story of my hair. I have been waiting for it to grow out so I can head to the salon this time (hand on my heart) and get it done properly. I have been thinking of changing the colour too. Maybe get it dyed blonde or auburn.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Week in Review

This week has been a little bit on the quiet side - as usual. Went to Oxford Street after service with my friend on Sunday. Hubby was doing some research work at home and we wanted to give him some breathing space and you all know what ladies do best when the men need breathing space - Retail Therapy!!! We didnt spend too long on the Oxford Street - only about 3hours. It was fun!! We went to as many shops as our tiny legs could carry us and even stopped by House Of Fraser to see if there were any Mulberry Bags on display to feed our eyes. Old Habits Die Hard. LOL!!

We meandered the whole length from Tottenham Court Road to just past Bond Street when the shops started closing at about 6pm and then we went home. Oh and she bought me a lovely pair of Combat Pants from MANGO!!! BLess her Lord and replenish her coiffers plenty plenty!!!

I need as many pointers from all and sundry especially all those that have been calling for updates including this lady who is blogville's sentry and update mistress. Trying to conduct a research on Companys' Compliance with the Combined Code and need to know how many companies FTSE 100 - 350 have either complied or chosen to explain instead (with the code) in the past two - five years. To all those who have my back - please help point me in the right direction.

Heard this announcement made by the driver of the train I was travelling on today:

"I would like to apologise for the lack of announcements throughout this journey from Orpington to London Victoria. This is due to my not bothering to make the announcements due to lazyness."
Just couldnt help laughing and majority of those in the carriage with me burst into laughter too. Thats a new one - lack of announcements due to driver's lazyness. Whatever will we commuters hear next?

I've been sporting a new Look since November - Baby Curls. It was time for some retouch and I decided to do it at home due to my inability to carve out time for myself and head to the salon over the weekend. My hair was a little bit overgrown and so I decided to use hubby's clippers and crop a little bit off before applying the Texturizer. I switch on the Clipper to start work and then I goofed. I had cropped the hair too low!!! I actually have 'GORIMAPA' (this means close shaven) in 3 distinct areas of my head. It looks so funny and I am so ashamed of myself. Serves me right for not going to the salon the whole weekend!!! Cant wait for those parts to grow out soon enough so I can go back to being normal. Thank God for woollies and fashionable hats. They're doing a good job covering my weekend indiscretion right now. The other option I have is to crop the rest of my hair a little bit more to make it even with the 'bald' spots. Now that I am not looking forward to!

P.S: No, I am not supplying anyone with pictures of my 'bald' spots!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Duke & Onari at the Carnival

Cross River State Governor Mr Donald Duke and his wife Onari leading the Bayside Band Group at the just concluded Calabar Christmas Carnival.

Carnival Update

Its been a very quiet week for me and I have been thinking of you bloggers all week what with the calls for updates I've been getting. I just didnt know what to share!! Yeah - I'm not like most people who are able to write out interesting posts about whimsical things in their lives!! LOL!!

I did mention that I got 3 job profiles sent to me by my agency and was asked to indicate which of them I would be interested in and I did tell the recruitment official that anyone of them was fine by me. I havent heard from her since - presumably, she's given the jobs to better qualified people than me? Thats probably why she keeps on sending me more profiles about other jobs. I dont want more job profiles!!! I want an INTERVIEW!!! Ok now - breathe slowly, deeply - thats right, all will be well, Soon.

I couldnt resist sharing these pictures from the Calabar Christmas Carnival which held on Boxing Day. The theme of the carnival was "Celebrating our beauty and showcasing our people" There were five groups that took part in the carnival -

  • Passion 4 Band which won the competion,
  • Bayside Band -which was led by the Governor and had a blue theme,
  • Seagull Band led by Senator Florence Ita-Giwa and had a red theme,
  • Master Blaster Band which was lead by Senator Liyel Imoke and had an orange theme and
  • Freedom Band which had a yellow theme as well as a 'Negritude' theme.

I dont know what is wrong with blogger but I have been trying to upload Donald Duke and Onari's Carnival Pics - they lead the bayside group. But something is wrong and blogger isnt allowing me upload any more pics onto this post. Maybe I'll try again later?!?!? Or in another post.

Quenzy also has some more lovely pictures from the carnival on her page.

To all ye Fellow Capriconians celebrating your birthdays this January -

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!!

2007 is here at long last! Its that time of the year again. Yes - you guessed right! The time for making all those New Year Resolutions. Fitness DVD's, Weight Loss aids and props adverts - the whole works are being unleashed on us TV viewers. Its as if its only in January these things get sold and we are bombarded with every Tom, Dick & Harry's Exercise & Fitness DVD who tell us how they dropped 10 dress sizes simply by dancing to the Video. Yeah Right!! You forgot to mention that hidden band round ur oesophagus too. We the populace are such suckers and fall for all these celebrity gimmicks daily. How many have made new year resolutions? Its always the usual isnt it? Lose Weight, Join the Gym and attend regularly, Pray more, read my bible more et al. This year, I have purposely not made any New Year resolutions. I have always abandoned my previous new year resolutions after one month. This year, I'm just taking it as it comes. No need making resolutions that I know I wont stick to that will be chucked away by the end of January. Lets just see how this year goes eh? LOL!! I need some dumbells though. Its amazing how they arent in stock or available in the stores the rest of the year but somehow always manage to appear on the shelves in full force every January!! Well, I'd better get them before they perform their dissapearing act off the shelves again.

New Years Day was fun for me and hubby. Though we didnt go out to see the New Year's Parade, We drove out to Slough and visited some of our relatives. The drive out was fun and the roads were free of all traffic. The loving and attention we got (and gave also) was nice. Lots of food - Ofe Nsala (In calabar we called it Afia Efere or White Soup) and Pounded Yam, Jollof Rice, Chicken, Salad, pudding, wine, shandy and then sat and gisted, got to know each other better, took pictures and then watched some movies afterwards. *Sigh* Thank God for loving relatives. God Bless them real good. We certainly have to retaliate soon.

I was at Victoria Station today and saw this lovely 'mannequin' advertising holidays at On a closer look, I discovered she wasnt a mannequin after all. She was a model simply earning a day's pay sitting on her deck chair on the beach - at the station of course!!

What luck!! I

wouldnt mind a job like that!! "Sit down on the beach and get paid to be ogled at." Only snag is I'm sure she would have been bored to death as her 'newspaper' had little or nothing to keep her busy. She's simply starring at the beach and wishing she was there too or maybe she's thinking of the easy pay she'd get at the end of the day? I'm not too sure which one.

A New Year treat - Check out the Anandu/Amamize wedding. It was WOW!! But be warned!! There are about 200 pictures in the album so set the slideshow to 'fast' mode when viewing them!! Congratulations to the newly wedded couple. May there be the sound of pitter patter of little feet in your household in 9months time. (smile) The bride is so pretty and her sisters are WOW!! As for the groom - oh la la!! But I shall not talk about another woman's husband. LOL!! He has been caught already. There are more babes in that household where the bride came from so NaijaBloke (and all ye single men out there) - this year a babe must 'catch' you so please head on there and check them out. LOL!!!

Yeah!!! Celebrity Big Brother is here!!! Jermaine Jackson got into the house with 10 other celebrities. Its going to be fun watching them all. He seemed a little bit reserved when meeting the other housemates. There are so many musicians or rather former musicians that have gone into the house this year. Almost everyone of the new housemates seems to have been in some band or had a hit single at one time or the other. So people if I dont post too regularly, you know what I'm doing - watching the housemates! LOL!! Dont mind me. Desperate Housewives too is back with a bang!! January is good to me!!!

I got a call today from my agency telling me about 2 job offers which may be available for me. Its so refreshing to get a call from this agency at long last!! I had actually thought they had removed me from their list and forgotten all about me. I've been looking for a better position with a new firm away from my current job. I'll call them tomorrow to get more details. 2007 may you bring loads more of of these sort of offers where they came from. Amen!!