Thursday, January 11, 2007

Carnival Update

Its been a very quiet week for me and I have been thinking of you bloggers all week what with the calls for updates I've been getting. I just didnt know what to share!! Yeah - I'm not like most people who are able to write out interesting posts about whimsical things in their lives!! LOL!!

I did mention that I got 3 job profiles sent to me by my agency and was asked to indicate which of them I would be interested in and I did tell the recruitment official that anyone of them was fine by me. I havent heard from her since - presumably, she's given the jobs to better qualified people than me? Thats probably why she keeps on sending me more profiles about other jobs. I dont want more job profiles!!! I want an INTERVIEW!!! Ok now - breathe slowly, deeply - thats right, all will be well, Soon.

I couldnt resist sharing these pictures from the Calabar Christmas Carnival which held on Boxing Day. The theme of the carnival was "Celebrating our beauty and showcasing our people" There were five groups that took part in the carnival -

  • Passion 4 Band which won the competion,
  • Bayside Band -which was led by the Governor and had a blue theme,
  • Seagull Band led by Senator Florence Ita-Giwa and had a red theme,
  • Master Blaster Band which was lead by Senator Liyel Imoke and had an orange theme and
  • Freedom Band which had a yellow theme as well as a 'Negritude' theme.

I dont know what is wrong with blogger but I have been trying to upload Donald Duke and Onari's Carnival Pics - they lead the bayside group. But something is wrong and blogger isnt allowing me upload any more pics onto this post. Maybe I'll try again later?!?!? Or in another post.

Quenzy also has some more lovely pictures from the carnival on her page.

To all ye Fellow Capriconians celebrating your birthdays this January -

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!!!


  1. Ahem!

    When I saw your comment on my blog I knew you'd updated :-D.

    Blogger's been behaving like crazy in the past few days. I'm awfully glad I don't have my blog on Blogger!

    Hmm, those pics are super. Oh, the things I'd do for a one-week vacation in Nigeria!

  2. Yeah Clalbar Girl, I was in Obudu Cattle ranch for xmas. i saw the carnival on Tv. Fun.

  3. The pictures are lovely!

    Don't worry, you'll get your interview..AMEN

  4. Your interview is secured by His grace. Lovely pictures.

  5. Carnival pics look good. Blogger has been misbehaving recently, it was down for a while. Hope you are well.

  6. So sorry I wasnt able to send U more pics from the carnival. Truth is my cousin reformated my PC and I forgot to transfer the pictures so I lost all of them, I was just lucky I made that post before he did that. Alots been happening around lately. You take care of urself.

  7. I hope Imoke carries on with this great tradition

  8. Amazing pics, wow....maybe I will go next time by God's grace.

    Have a good weekend! xxx

  9. The carnival seemed like so much fun. I wish i could have been there

  10. Looked like you had a blast. And the colours are so pretty.

    Be anxious for nothing. That interview will come. Better still that postion you require is desperately near. It is well.

  11. Try not to worry, the interview is coming. And the carnival pictures are nice. Thanks for posting them.

  12. I never knew that the Calabar Carnival was this beautiful. The costumes are really really lovely. I miss naija all over again. And also, good luck with the interview.... while you were having a blast, i managed to open a new blog for the inspirational lot of us ...hehe


  13. Great pictures!!! The right job judt hasn't come yet-keep breathing!

  14. Dang! Looks like mad fun. Wish I could attend it some time. It really looks like a lotta fun. Maybe some day I'll attend and eat your food. But no 404 for me oh!!

  15. it looks like fun. In Canada, we have Caribana which takes place in July.....huge celebrations.

  16. Very cool blog with some fine pics!

    Hello from across the pond.

  17. @Azuka: LOL!! U seem to be perpetually online!!!

    @Guy horny: Hope you had a lovely holiday at the ranch.

    @Nilla, Temmy tayo, LOASCM, Jem, April & Butterfly Girl: Amen!! Thanks Babes.

    @ Boso: I am well thanks and I trust u three are swell too.

    @Queenzy: Oh dear. Losing the pictures must have been a very big blow. I've been caught by that bug once and have learnt since then to always have a back up for everything on my PC or Laptop.

    @nja: I hope Duke's successor continues this tradition indeed. Have you installedImoke as Crown Prince already? (smile) But thats stating the obvious anyway. (just teasing you)

    @mona & Uzo:You two could start planning towards this years events.Do have a lovely weekend.

    @Vera: You and this 404. I must make sure you partake of its goodness. Its my New Years Resolution conccerning you. (smile)

    @Masgblog: Carribean Carnivals are always fun and their Soca music is unique and beautiful. The festival holds annually on the last Monday in August here in London and Iwouldnt miss it too for all the candy in the world!

    @Dirk_star: Hello to u too from accross the pond and welcome to my page!!!

  18. I had no idea Calabar even had a festival. Looks really nice, reminds me of the famous festival held annually in London (can't remember the name). Funny i was in naija throughout and didn't catch the festival on any of those damn networks. Would have loved to attend, too bad i wasn't in Calabar

  19. Hello, first time I am visiting and had to read everything from the beginning. Got here from the Babalaye blog. Because of you, I have searched for a copy of Evbu my love online and will be ordering one shortly. Hard to imagine I first read it about 22 years ago. Eeek!! I live in London as well and need lessons in Calabar cooking :) Need to broaden my Yoruba cooking. Have a great 2007.

  20. whimsical things? I will have know that... ah... er... it's good to have you back... hehehehe

  21. Not to worry gorgeous, you will get the job of your dreams and in an organization that truly deserves you.........

    Great pictures by the way.

  22. lovely...wish i could have been there..looks like it'd have been loads of fun.

  23. Me i hope i also get a special shoutout on my upcoming 21st birthday on feb 7th oh.... i'll be putting up a post soon about the various gifts i expect from all members of my blog family... lol

  24. Nice pice CG. Hope you are cool.

  25. the carnival looked great sha. and hope you get the job of your dreams. if i could pray like that i would give you serious naija style prayer. and happy birthday in advance

  26. Uhmn,luvly pictures from the carnival...guudluck with the interview thing!

  27. Nice pictures. Are these costumes common everywhere in Nigeria?

    They look a little Greco-Roman to me.

  28. Well, it's time for another update. Hurry up!!!

  29. @Tutsy: Calabar does have a carnival - a fun one at that. LOL!!! Been blowing its trumpet since October

    @Kemi: Welcome to my page girl. Evbu My Love was a wonderful nove. Hope you have good luck finding it.

    @:elle: Whisical things? (smile) I didnt mean whimsical things in a bad way. Only in a good way. (smile)

    @:Boorish Male: Thanks

    @exschoolnerd: Start planning for next year then. Its going to be fun!!!

    @OWNB: Why not girl? You sure will!!!

    @Favoured Girl: Thanks Girl. I'm cool and you?

    @Omo naija: Thanks. My birthday was on boxing day.

    @The professor: thanks for stoipping by my page - those ya fantasies or stories as u refer to them - NA DIE!!! (smile)

    @:Naija vixen: Thanks Girl!!

    @VEra: U don come again with this ya call for update. You be blog police in charge of updates? shoot Me!!! LOL!!! One coming up in 48hours!!

  30. It looked amazing. I remember when we used to have carnival down here in Lagos. Up Calabar!! I'm really proud of what D.D. is doing.


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