Thursday, January 11, 2007

Duke & Onari at the Carnival

Cross River State Governor Mr Donald Duke and his wife Onari leading the Bayside Band Group at the just concluded Calabar Christmas Carnival.


  1. hmmmm..... Calabar culture seems to be a very rich culture. Interesting attire ...

  2. @JEM:Well, since the advent of duke, we've ceased to be stoic and become quite young at heart with events such as these. (smile)

    You do bear quite a striking resemblance to Genevieve Nnaji u know? (wink, wink)

    @Azuka: Duke is the 'warrior king' in the picture and thats his wife Onari beside him. The majority of pics in this post bar one contain pics of him and his wife in various shots/poses. The Deputy Governor's wife is highlighted in the pic nest to theirs with white T-shirt and light blue livery.

  3. I can't believe the Duke himself is all dressed up in carnival gear. That's so sweet.. maybe "sweet" sounds like I'm being patronising, but I honestly think it shows an impressive amount of dedication to even something as fanciful as a carnival. Rock on Dukey!!

    Obviously I'm biased... Onari is a relative. Teehee! If only our guv', Odili, would get off his distinctly more rotund ass and do better things for our state. Sigh...

  4. I think Onari is hot!!!

    First time i met her i got a little hug from her. She had a faint vanilla smell. Made me hungry, made me horny at the same time.
    Such lovely eyes. Shame she's married.
    I still think about her...

    If she were single
    If i was richer...
    Story of my life. lol

  5. fantastic fotos! good really hi-lites the culture of calabar and by extension Nigeria with these carnivals. I pray they don't end when he leaves

  6. hey there..thnx for stopping's the link

    most of the thrashing i got were sent thru mails and IM's..xanga duznt allow anonymous comments or non-members to comment.xanga peeps were alot more understanding sha...

  7. copy and paste link in browser abeg!

  8. @bitchy: Thanks for stopping by my page. Saying the Dukes are sweet isnt patronising - they are wonderful and went the whole 12km walk with the carnival.

    @Babalaye: Onari sure is hot!! Too bad you werent born earlier. (smile)

    @Anonymous: I pray so too.

    @exschoolnerd: I will. Cheers!!


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