Monday, January 29, 2007

Keeping up with the Joneses

Is it only me or is there anyone else having a problem keeping up with the Joneses in Blogville? Keeping up with blog reading I mean. Once upon a time, I had just a couple of blogs (well, about 45 blogs) on my bloglist and could conveniently scroll through the list daily reading each updated post and then head onto London Buki's blog and read the blogs on her blog list conveniently too. Nowadays, its a struggle!! I have given up stalking blogs and discovering new blogs. Its becoming harder. There never seems to be enough time!! Even going through the blogs on my list now is also fast becoming a chore. It takes ages for me to go from the 'A's to the 'Z' on my bloglist, read comments, post some comments myself and check out new profiles. 120minutes a day no longer seems to be enough time. Lately, I have relegated blog reading to weekends only as I have discovered during the week that often, when I start reading blogs, I look up after a while and discover that I've been blogreading for about 180minutes!! Time flies so fast when you're having fun.

But yet, there are the Joneses in Blogville who seem to be sailing smoothly reading updated blogs and keeping up with gist, events, and general happenings in Blogville. They know themselves. How do you guys do it? Juggling work, school, other activities and then staying ahead of updated blogs? Do you spend tarry nights dedicated to blogville or something? Madam Vera who perambulates from blog to blog crying for updates, London Buki, Tminx and others who visit blogs daily dropping comments. What is the secret please? Keshi - you too!! How do you stay and keep ur head afloat? Its hard for me to keep up!! Thank You Buki for those small tips, hints and links you give on which blogs have updated and where to go to. They help no end. And Tminx - thanks too for ur blogville gist. Saves me a lot of time.

An uproar erupted on
Overwhelmed Naija Babe's page sometime ago and I was stale!!! Was chatting with Azuka one day and he asked if I had been there and I told him I was only in the 'B' part of my bloglist, when he said katakata had burst over there, I abandoned all decorum about sticking to reading from A-Z and rushed there and not only had 'My Sex' caused an uproar but there was already a sequel - 'High Horses' with 50 and 100 something comments already!! Lordy, I'm sure having to work extra hard keeping up! I'll leave you all with just two questions: -
How often do you read blogs - daily? weekly? forthnightly?
How many blogs do you read during each visit to blogville?

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  1. I am FIRST!!! :-)

    LOL!!! I sound like a saddo, like someone who spends ALL day reading blogs and commenting... LOL!, that's me though!

    There's no secret... I have nothing to do at work so I keep myself busy reading blogs... I am at home waiting for my fav show to download or come on... I read blogs... How sad!

    Have a FAB week, I am going to sleep oh! Instead of me to sleep, I am leaving a comment on CG's blog... SAD!

  2. Calabargal, I'll leave you with two tips.

    If you use Internet Explorer 7 or any version of Firefox, you can build up your Technorati favorites. Everytime you visit the page (here's mine), you'll see a list of updated blog posts from those blogs. The problem with the Technorati approach is that a lot of blogs I love to visit don't ping any blog services (I discussed this in Of Blogs and Blogging IV on my blog).

    I visit Nigerian Bloggers and Technorati all the time to check for updates, although it can be annoying having to visit my other favorites that are not on either service.

    You've been querying me for not signing into AIM. Well, I can't see you there either :-P.

  3. I had to do a post saying I'm going to stop discovering blogs by stalking, because really there are too many blogs to keep track of. I'm begining to love those bloggers with short posts, cos you get done with them quickly and head on to the next one (That does not mean I don't read long posts oh!!
    In answer to your question, I read blogs daily.

  4. LOLLLLL....esp with school work, I can't really get to read everything I wanna read (cos I love reading)...

    but what I do (that can help u) is that if I start reading a blog at 1pm I have to be done in an hour (2pm). So at 2pm, whether or not I went thru my blogsville lists, I'm signing out! I no go fail for class o...

    (It's usu a testimony when the above paragraph works for me...LOLLLLL). I know how u feel...

  5. I use good reader to keep up with blogs, its a pretty nifty tool, and it works for me just fine. I get to read about 150 blog posts a day. Of course most of them I read the first and last paragraph. I also get to 'star' some really good posts for the weekend.

  6. My dear, I thot I was the only one... Its hard for me to put up a post in my blog, but of course much easier to browse my fav blogs and get a load off em, time consuming as it is...

  7. Hey. It isnt that easy going thru blogs. Considering that lately i have not been doing anything at work anyways. I can blog 5 time sin a day. SOmetimes I even want to blog about what I am eating at work.


  8. I thought i was the only one having a hard time keeping up with all my blogs and then wanting to check out the recommended ones on everyone else's.

    Very interesting about the nigerian soldier though.

  9. Well I'm amazing, what can I say lol. I through my list first then start linking from one blog to the other for other ppl not on my list. I update three times a week except I have something pressing to say. I read blogs daily when I'm done with immediate tasks at work.

    Also I can scan a blog really fast. Its a talent.

  10. I thought I was the only one with the problem. I haven't been able to blog for almost a week now. Nothing really interesting to blog about but even when I get the chance to start a new post, I get distracted and .....

    I also find it hard keeping up with new posts on other people's blogs. I try my best to comment every now and then but somedays go by and all I be is a silent reader.

  11. By the way, I wrote about you sef. I read when I update because like u said, it takes tooooo long.

  12. @Londonbuki: Stalking blogs past midnight. U sure u actually went to sleep? (smile)

    @Azuka: I made proper use of Nigerian Bloggers this weekend. As for technorati, I joined since last year and dont know why I wasnt utilising their services to the hilt. Thanks for enlightening me some more cos they'll be fully utilised from now on!!!

    @Nilla: Daily hmmn?

    @jaycee: LOL!! Thank God its not only me.

    @omodudu:Read only the first and last paragraphs? You'll miss a lot of gist in between!!!

  13. @Nyemoni, Uzo & Mari: Try or Technorati. They give a links to updated sites and make reading blogs easier.

    @Temmytayo: 5times a day!! Oh u r so faithful!!!

    @Tminx: Scan a blog really fast hmmn? Thats a talent I've got to develop.

    @Vera: U wrote about me? U've come again oh!! I'm off to read ur post about me. It had better be good!! Better ping ur blog!! Its still unclaimed!!!

  14. **How do you guys do it? Juggling work, school, other activities and then staying ahead of updated blogs?

    Easy - Just acquire angelic powers from ;-)


  15. I read your blog everytime I go online, that's one thing I can say...

  16. You are not alone. My rss reader works overtime. I must have close to 300 blogs that I ‘read’ each day. Just cant stay away…

    Happy New Year, Calabar Sis

  17. i feel you o! though relatively new to blogreading i already feel goin thru the ever increasing interesting blogs is a full time job.

    thanks for your comments on my blog.

  18. @Keshi: LOL!!! Heavenly Strength and might we all need indeed!!

    @Araceli: You do?!?!?!!? Awwww!!! Geeee!!!! Now I'm blushing!! (smile)

    @Aba Boy: Hello!! Kiss Kiss!! 300!! And I'm complaining baout mine. LOL!!!

    @Desola: It is an achievement indeed. His parents must be very proud of him.

    @Shola: It is ever increasing!! Whats ur next line of action?

  19. Depends on how busy I am, reading blogs everyday definitely is a no no, I just won't get anything done. Normally what I do, when I'm done working (I cheat I go read blogs, post a few comments. Then first thing in the morning or last thing at night I make a new post every other day...ok every other

  20. a) I adore Prince William....I think he is simply stunning, like his mother was.

    b) I try to get around to a few blogs, but like you, I can't find enough time to visit everyone. I am always glad when you stop by though, and I continue to try to do the same.

  21. It can be hard keeping up the with reading. Once you get behind...forget it! As you can see, I haven't been here in a while.


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