Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Close Shave

Its been a week now since my clipping accident and I've been waiting for my hair to grow out to no avail. Yes go on- Laugh and gloat to ur hearts content all of you who have asking to see my gori gori. It was last week monday, I wanted to add some texturizer to my hair but decided to crop some off so it would look more beautiful and allow the texturizer work its magic better. So I got out hubby's clippers and went off to work.

Switched it on and the very first run through my hair went awry. I had failed to put any 'combs' on the blade and it cropped off more than I intended right in the middle of my scalp giving me a bald spot. Attached the 'comb' to the blade and tried again. The second swoosh gave me the same result. Oh No, I told myself, "You've got to be careful now". Hubby heard the buzz of his clipper and turned round to me - "What are you doing?" He asked? You know I dont like you with short hair and you're still cropping more off". Do you think I would have said a word to you at the airport the day I met you if you had short hair? Babe, its a new look and only for some time. I replied. Oh dear, Isaid to myself – now I cant ask him to help me out. Decided to finish what I had started and so I tried to be a little bit more careful. Finished cropping to my hearts content and then noticed that the hair behind my ears were a little bit too much and decided to crop there too and that’s where the mother of all accidents happened. I was using back to front movements but I guess my hand slipped when I got to the front cos the back was ok but the clipper went too low and voila the result is what you see on the screen.

So that is the story of my hair. I have been waiting for it to grow out so I can head to the salon this time (hand on my heart) and get it done properly. I have been thinking of changing the colour too. Maybe get it dyed blonde or auburn.


  1. What can I say?

    Everyone has been talking about hair lately, however, one piece of advice - if you are not going for the gorímápá (bald head) look, never handle the clippers on yourself.

  2. ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA!!! I'm so sorry I just laughed ...don't know what came over me. please forgive me you know I love my blog fam.

  3. AHHH clabar gurl! Pele! Why now? Oya grow your hair quick quick and don't you ever hold the clipper again. LOL

  4. Hehehehehehehehehehehe

    LOL. This is too funny. You see what your cheap ass has done 2 u? LOL.

    Next time, you'll think twice b4 clipping ur own hair.

    Boy, this is good!

    BTW, I wrote about u on my blog

  5. Your husband is hilarious! I wish he'd grow long hair and get to take car of it ;-).

    I didn't know it was this bad. Sorry oh!

  6. Wow, what did you do to yourself?

    LOL......this is mad funny.

  7. Yay, she showed us the hair!!

  8. Whoever had coined the word 'scary' must have had that hair in mind.

    I hope you'll grace us with a picture of the same area when you grow it back?

  9. eyaaaa, no worries dear. It will all grow back in no time at all

  10. @akin: Never handle the clippers myself? Never say Never. LOL!!

    @Tminx: Yeah, Laugh and gloat!!

    @guy horny: Maybe I will, Maybe I wont. (smile)

    @Vera: Who is cheap? I'm coming after u - with my broom.

    @Azuka: grow longhair and get me to take care of it, that will be the day!! I cant even weave hair.

    @Boso: Ur comments always have me in stitches. Yes - I guess I do have me and only myself to blame.

    @Nilla: Yeah I did. I thot to myself, what the heck, the requests were getting lenghty and that I might as well give some people a laugh.

    @prof: since you ask, when I bleach the hair, I'll let u see what it looks like. What colour do you think will be ok for me. Hmmnn?

    @Jem: Its been a week now. I can hardly wait. Its embarrassing!!

  11. aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwh! It looks pretty bad i can't laugh sha cuz there is nothing as bad as losing the hair on your temple.Enuff of rubbing it in.So whats the next point of action?

  12. It's hair, it will grow back ... now that it's short, take the opportunity to do some wild crazy stuff you wouldn't do if it was long, platinum would be pretty cool!

    don't worry, it'll grow back quicker than you think

  13. your hair has really nice texture. the style wud have looked good if u didnt take that big chunk off the side. lol

  14. chei, honey'm, what have u done to ya head, chineke hmmm!!!!
    any one who tells u its manageable is jus deceivin u oh, thank God for caps, it looks like all those old women whos front hair has chopped.. jus teasin mehn, i hope it grows soon, you poor cow... jus dont use a clipper to touch that cute head ever

  15. I feel your pain oh! My hair fell out during my first year in the UK... as in Chunks!

    It'll grow, give it a month and things should be looking better.

    LESSON LEARNT - DON'T cut or trim your hair yourself... Wash - yes! But no clippers or scissors, ok?

  16. ok i need to let this out lollllllll.... i must commend you though for the boldness to share the pics. Don't stress too much about it though, i am sure your hair will grow back before you know it. Good luck :)

  17. I told you that you are Ijebu now. lol. Sorry about that jare my luv but i am sure the hair go soon grow back.

    You know i wont laugh at you.LOL

  18. bruuhahahahahah!!! ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    I didnt laugh o, I sneezed... LOL

    Brahahahaha!!!!!! I just cant stop sneezing.. I have dyed my hair golden copper and I must say it is not bad *wink*

    (small laugh) brahhahahahah!!!!

  19. wow - I didnt think you would be bold enough to show the pics which you did - it doesnt look so bad - well not as bad as u think. give it 2 more weeks . LOL - sorry didnt mean to laugh. Have a blessed week.

  20. ohhhhhhhhhh i had my hair like that a few years ago... loved it!!

    errmmmmm geez, i dont know how i would have reacted if that mistake had happened to me! eyah... pele! at least YOURS can grow back... some women have permant bald spots...

  21. so these r ur pics Calabar? :)

    Dun worry it'll all grow bakk soon dear.


  22. Hey, why don;t u take hair from another part and patch it? LOL

  23. pele... you for hire me now... I go cut carl lewis, bobby brown, mike tyson, grace jones with a little bit of punk & funk... just tell me wat you want... lol

    Barber Extraordinaire... lol

    you try sha... wink wink

  24. LOL! LOL! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Argggggggggghhhhhhhhhh! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I don't know what to say, but I can tell you're cute! Don't worry, it'll grow out before you know it!

  25. Calabar gal, you are not even from Ijebu or do you have Ijebu blood in you? You could have spared some change from mulberyy investments and gone to the professionals...serves you right. Now you will never cut corners with your hair...although I do not think it is too bad but I laughed all the same.

  26. Otio o!, If I had seen you at the gymn I would have thought you were a smallee (under 25) with this ya low cut. Like your hubby said I don't fratanize with smallees dem mouth too sharp (i don't mean urs is) and they spend too much time watching MTV. Now I know what the shape of ya head looks like am getting me a police artist(no be so una dey call them) to complete the picture.

  27. Parazone Super BleachJanuary 23, 2007 2:37 pm

    Abasi!!!..What in the world were you thinking!!Reminds me of when I was 6yrs old. I took my moms shaving stick and shaved the back of my head because I wanted to resemble my best friend who had thin hair at the nape of her neck. My mom made me go to school that morning with my hair piled high atop my head so that everyone could see the bald spot behind my head. It seemed like it would never grow but it did.Not to worry yours will too.So do you want me to suggest any wig websites?

  28. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. What on earth possessed you to do this yourself? Ah!

  29. @londonnaijababe: Next point of action - dyeing the hair blonde. wouldnt mind being a redhead though.

    @vickii:platinum eh? putting that on the cards or is it pipeline? (smile)

    @mofope: thank you oh thank you. Wish hubby would see it that way.

    @mimi: Got like a dozen in different colours - new look eh? They've saved me a lot of explainiing my 'sideburns'. (smile)

    @londonbuji: U've been a victim too? Pele. Wash yes. Trim - no. thanks for the advice.

    @Funmi & Temmy: Thanks Girls!

    @ms zee: u sneezed? yeah right. Copper eh? Hmmmn....... thats a bold statement.

    @LOASCM: Waiting earnestly for it to grow.

  30. @Belle: I'm thankful its not permanent. Would be quite distressing.

    @keshi: Thanks Girl - yes those are pics of me.

    @vera: Yes madam journalist - I trust u to make a scathing comment.
    U never let an opportunity pass u by. I'll be glad to take hair from ur head to patch it up. Common - start snipping!!

    @unnaked soul: Grace Jones hmmmn? I'm interested. Come over!!!

    @Nyemoni: U laughed!! U too? EXCOMUNICATE!! EXCOMMUNICATE!! (is that how its spelt?) LOL!!!

    @Amara:You too? Chei!! I have suffered in the hands of my so called friends. Just when I was looking forward to a pity party. Lord, Why did u give me such pals? LOL!!

    @ubong da: U have come again. Mr One for the road. Get a police artist? The drawing had better be good. Can Isee the finished product when u guys are done?

    @parazonesuperbleach: I wouldnt mind. Do go ahead and suggest them please. Could be handy for the last months of the year cos I intend to carry this look for a long time.

    @Uzo: I dont know oh. The Devil? LOL!!!

  31. Don't worry, it will all grow back....

  32. Friends indeed, maybe you should take hair from your head and patch their mouths - that should stop them laughing.

    Expect that kind of advice from someone who has no hair. :-)

  33. No vex o ..make I beg before I laff ..


    Men just thank ur stars that am not ur man o cos omo u will never hear the end of this ..this will always come into play when I need to make fun of u.LOLOLOL

    Like u said thank God for woolies,cos if it was summer,I wonder how u will play this off..

  34. @boorish male: Thank You. You're a kind man.

    @Akin: Very horrible pals I've got here. I'll take yr advice. Vera, Uzo, Nyemoni, Amara, Ms zee, Tminx you all know urselves. I'm coming after you to patch ur mouths!!!!

    @Naija Bloke: You too? I'm coning after you. Watch out!

  35. sorry oh!! but i have to laff
    dont worry it will grow back later

  36. Awwwww, you poor dear. I hope it grows back quickly. Thank God for wooly hats and berets! I'm thinking of cutting my hair too, but I don't know if I'm brave enough. One thing I've learnt from you though, is to go to a professional! :-)

  37. lol!
    u should have asked ur hubby to do it for u in the first place.
    As Jocelyn Jee says 'it will grow back'...

  38. he he he heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

    still laughing... ndo(sorry)...still laughing.....

    lesson learnt?

  39. I can't believe it, the comment I typed days ago did not get posted. Scheeew!

  40. heyaa, pele gan.
    No worry, d hair go grow bck soon, but if not try poultry waste as fertilizer... I think they still worl lol.


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