Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Week in Review

This week has been a little bit on the quiet side - as usual. Went to Oxford Street after service with my friend on Sunday. Hubby was doing some research work at home and we wanted to give him some breathing space and you all know what ladies do best when the men need breathing space - Retail Therapy!!! We didnt spend too long on the Oxford Street - only about 3hours. It was fun!! We went to as many shops as our tiny legs could carry us and even stopped by House Of Fraser to see if there were any Mulberry Bags on display to feed our eyes. Old Habits Die Hard. LOL!!

We meandered the whole length from Tottenham Court Road to just past Bond Street when the shops started closing at about 6pm and then we went home. Oh and she bought me a lovely pair of Combat Pants from MANGO!!! BLess her Lord and replenish her coiffers plenty plenty!!!

I need as many pointers from all and sundry especially all those that have been calling for updates including this lady who is blogville's sentry and update mistress. Trying to conduct a research on Companys' Compliance with the Combined Code and need to know how many companies FTSE 100 - 350 have either complied or chosen to explain instead (with the code) in the past two - five years. To all those who have my back - please help point me in the right direction.

Heard this announcement made by the driver of the train I was travelling on today:

"I would like to apologise for the lack of announcements throughout this journey from Orpington to London Victoria. This is due to my not bothering to make the announcements due to lazyness."
Just couldnt help laughing and majority of those in the carriage with me burst into laughter too. Thats a new one - lack of announcements due to driver's lazyness. Whatever will we commuters hear next?

I've been sporting a new Look since November - Baby Curls. It was time for some retouch and I decided to do it at home due to my inability to carve out time for myself and head to the salon over the weekend. My hair was a little bit overgrown and so I decided to use hubby's clippers and crop a little bit off before applying the Texturizer. I switch on the Clipper to start work and then I goofed. I had cropped the hair too low!!! I actually have 'GORIMAPA' (this means close shaven) in 3 distinct areas of my head. It looks so funny and I am so ashamed of myself. Serves me right for not going to the salon the whole weekend!!! Cant wait for those parts to grow out soon enough so I can go back to being normal. Thank God for woollies and fashionable hats. They're doing a good job covering my weekend indiscretion right now. The other option I have is to crop the rest of my hair a little bit more to make it even with the 'bald' spots. Now that I am not looking forward to!

P.S: No, I am not supplying anyone with pictures of my 'bald' spots!!!


  1. You MUST post the GORIMAPA pictures o!!!! my my my!!!... clippers.... cropping....well now u know better!!!!
    those pictures of the carnival are great...also serves a super purpose for me.. now when the lady from Trinidad start showing off with her carnival pictures, i go set up a viewing of your blog! but abeg u go encourage the CrossRiver belles to show more skin (NOTE: not for me o, just so i can compete with the Trinidad and Rio Carnivals show-offs! lol)

  2. Ahn Ahnnnnn Calabar girl sportng the new look aka GORIGORI...Mama sunshine. Lol. It'll be back to normal soon. You can ask Buki about her baldy experience too.

  3. GORIMAPA - with the right head shape....always looks cool...

  4. LOL - sorry I had to laugh. But there is nothing wrong with short GORIMAPA- your husband hasnt complained yet. I was thinking of giving my hair a trim, instaed of going 40miles, but I think I will do the drive. Thanks for showing things can go wrong.

    You make miss all the high stree shops in London. Ok I can always have something to look forward to.

  5. Lol @ the announcement...

    It's been a while since i heard the word GORIMAPA?...Pele ehn!

  6. No way!!! Please just show us a 'lil bit of you head pwetty pwees? I promise not to laff! *snicker*

  7. May I introduce Gorimakpa Girl!

  8. lol. Good 4 u! That's wat u get for referring to me "this lady". Ha!

    I have no idea what you're talking about. What codes? Company compliance 2 what? Xplain.

    I read everyone's comment and no1 talked about the code kini cause everyone is busy talkin bout ur gorimakpa. Good 4 u! You got what u deserved.

    But err, put a small picture now biko

  9. @home,line,sinker+fisherman: Post the pictures? See the last line of my post!! (look of horror on my face) Encourage belles to show more skin? U no say na Africa we dey. U no want make their papa open door of house for them when them don dance for carnival finish.

    @tminx: LOL @ Gori Gori. Girl - If I get my hands on u, those ya little legs will not get u very far and that ur gorigori song will cease. Bukky was hit by the bug too? I will certainly ask her about it.

    @nja: Thanks for the reasurance girl but my Gorigori right now looks anything but cool. I dropped hubby at the station earlier today and decided to wait with him on the platform while he was waiting for his train. There was this guy that walked past us and looked at me. YIKES!! I got out the the station ASAP - In our haste to get to the station, I'd forgotten my woolies!!

    @LOASCM: I forgot to write about my husbands reaction when he heard the buzz of the clipper! He's complained my dear and is of the school of thought that ladies hair need to be long.

    @nilla: Thanks You dear.

    @Nyemoni: Well, I didnt get to see ur 'chicken pox' spots so my defence in this case is "Show me urs and I'l lshow u mine" LOL!!

    @Azuka: If I catch those ur coding fingers eh............?

    @Vera: Put which picture? Take ya time - miss green eyed monster!! Heard of Sarbanes-Oxley enacted after the fall of enron?

    Love ur baby pictures - u r so cute!! That green eyed thing is a ruse to keep the guys away? (smile)

  10. Adanri! sorry you hear?

    About the combined code thingy, I was discussing somethings with some friend that works with Lehman Brothers. Will do a skeletal research too. Will keep you in the know.

  11. Why not kukuma shave everything so that all will be level? :D

  12. Why not kukuma shave everything so that all will be level? :D

  13. Oh my word! what possessed you to do that yourself??? honey, I feel you though my own accident happen in a salon.

  14. @Guy horny: Thanks man!!

    @ Anthony: Both sides of my head (just above my ear)have patches as close shaven as my husbands own. Cropping the rest of my hair to be that low would be too close shaven for a girl. Will wait a week for it to grow out instead.

    @Elle: Oppps!! I'm sure you gave the vbarber a hard time for that kind of cropping error? LOL!!

  15. Calabargal...I know you are trying to lose weight just like me but stop reducing your hair,reduce your calorie intake

  16. Lol at you CG!

    You were trying to do ijebu that is why you didnt go to the salon.

    Post the pix now, please!

  17. @mrs somebody: Easier said than done my dear, easier said than done.

    @ Temmy: I was oh and learnt a very mighty lesson.

  18. haha! @ driver's laziness.Sometimes its best to leave certain things to the experts.I remember when i was 13 and i tried tto trim my eyebrows and i made a mess of the whole thing since then, my eyebrow has stunted growth and has never recovered.Have a nice weekend and thanks for stopping to read my blog!

  19. chei, i wish i cd se that GORIMAPA-ED HEAD OF URS, Maybe it serves u rite 4 doin
    N.B. pls i'd like u 2 send babaalaye a comment tellin him 2 tell us his crush, or r

  20. LOL you have to show us those pictures!!!!

  21. this reminds me of when I tried to shave the coco on front of my hair when in secondary school LOL.

  22. lol..was just about to ask for pictures..till i saw the last line..not fair!! we want to see ur 'almost gorimapa' well i want to see it sha..and laugh.

  23. Lol @Gorimapa. You can always spot a 'naija weave' hehehehhe.

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes. Twas nice of you. I have asked you for a small favour on my blog. Please oblige me.

  24. do women go bald? lol... next time they starting having... I no yan again... LOL

    anyways, there's a fun meme waiting for you on my blog... you'll surprise the outcome...

  25. @londonnaijachic: Thanks for stopping by my page too

    @mimi: pls dont pressurize babalaye. Let him take his time b4 he falls out of love again. (smile)I'm as curious as u are to know who he's got a crush on but willing to let him spill the beans himself - after he's let the object of his affections know how he feels.

    @Onada: I'll think about that - give it very careful consideration.

    @confusednaijagirl: what's coco?

    @exschoolnerd: Well, I could take a couple of pics. If I wake up on the right side of bed tomorrow.

    @coral: U r sending me to tell Duke what? That u feel him? Try Its faster. Meanwhile, I'm forwarding ur blog link to Onari. You'll be hearing from her lawyers. (smile)

    @unnaked soul: next time they'll start having what? Yarn make I hear!! Yes - I'm listening! (standing close to u with a large frying pan in my hand) LOL!!

  26. That train driver must be a very funny person!

    Gosh, I miss window shopping on Oxford St - even though I could never afford anything, it was always such fun to look.

    Please abeg, I'm joining the ranks of those who want to see a picture of the shaven head.


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