Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snow at long last

Hoooorrrrrraaaayyyyyy!!!!! Its a wintry wake up today!!! Its snowing in London at long, long last!!!!! Ooohhhhh, I'm ecstatic! Now, if only there'll be enough snow for me to build my very, very first snow man!!! There has never been enough snow falling for me to achieve this feat for the past three years. And then I could throw snowballs at my friend who is laughing at me over my shoulder. Thank God for garages. I didnt have to scrape any snow off my windscreen - thats one of the downsides of snow falling but then, the pro's outweigh the cons. he he he. But why does snow always fall at the end of January? Why not before Christmas so we can have a White Christmas.

I hope lots and lots and lots and lots of more snow fall. I'm praying for knee deep snow this year at least!! The air smells so clean and fresh. And it looks just like in the Christmas posters and cards. Loads of snow on the
roof tops, trees and cars. Please Dear God,This year, I'd like to build my very own snowman so let there be enough snow pleassseeee!!!

Someone posted the link to Bisi and Ofon's wedding website on Adaure's Blog and I had a look yesterday. It was WOW!! Check out their Engagement Pictures. This is not advisable if you are at work cos I was engorged for quite sometime yesterday night just going thru their pics. You might get sacked by ur employer for non productivity so be forewarned!!

While you're at it, check out
Damis and Toyin's wedding website too. Toyin is Bisi's cousin. Lola and Lara of Just Weddings were the event cordinators of both weddings and I must say they did a good job at Bisi and Ofon's engagement.


  1. haah you want more snow please come and take it away from here in canada.. anyhow goodluck on your snowman

  2. CG, you know it never snows enough in London. I saw the snow on the cars and rooftops near home too and it's already melting.

    Snow means ICE on the roads... SLIPPERY!

    Well... goodluck in getting enough snow to build a snowman!

  3. It snowed here yesterday too. I love snow -- it's so fluffy and cute -- but when too many people have walked on it. Argggh... I just keep praying I don't slip and fall.

  4. Lol! I hate to disappoint you but I don't think we'll have anything more than a few centimetres more of snow. Still, enjoy it while you can!

  5. Good to see some snow at last. It was tricky driving down the A406 very early this morning.

    Wedding websites - something our folks are really into

  6. Wasn't really feeling the snow this morning o...the idea of standing in the cold...and cleaning windscreens..oh!!!

    But thank God it's cleared now...although forcasts have it there's more to come...Lucky us!!!

  7. Nice wedding pictures and I hope you'll be careful so you don't slip.. how's the hair coming on btw?

  8. @anonymous: Ha ha ha.

    @Londonbuki: True Talk. U wont believe all that snow had melted away completely by 10am.

    @azuka: I pray so too. I wouldnt mind sniggling though if you do fall.

    @april: You talked too soon but true all the snow had melted by 10am.

    @nja: they are the new craze indeed.

    @dimples: having to srape off snow from windshields is one of the downsides of snow falling. My car was shielded away in the agrage though. Hehehehe.
    More snow to come? Whhhooowweeee!!!

  9. Its good someone is excited - ooh the possibilities are endless. Did you manage to get a day off work - was it still the regular grind??

  10. gorimapa,

    you're back ehn.

    We just had snow tooo @ last. Lemme go look @ the pictures

  11. The snow makes it look beautiful but for those of us who are still legging it, we slip and fall that is the only downside.Take a pic of ur snowman that is if there is enough snow fall

  12. and CG, Any more wedding sites?I have gone through quite a lot.Am looking for 2007 weddings.

  13. i cant believe you like snow. wow.

  14. @Nyemoni: I'll be careful. The hair will survive.

    @LOASCM: Get a day off work, No Way!!

    @Vera: madam sharp mouth. yes I'm back.

    @londonnaijachick:there wasnt enough for a snow man or so I thought until I saw the pictures on the Evening news of snowmen other people made. Check out Adaure's Blog. The link is one of those at the beginning of my bloglist. She's the wedding website mistress.

    @Belle:I do love snow. Maybe cos I havent really seen a lot of it yet and it dosent fall as badly as it does over there.

  15. I was excited like a little girl that was licking candy. I love snow. I wish we could play snow games in London.

  16. I snowed in my area last night too. The snow is pretty to look at, but it does mean I need to walk very carefully! Still, I like it cos we don't get much of it.

  17. miss Calabar so u want snow, watch wat u pray for o. cos u know after the snow comes the deep freeze. unfortunately u would still have to go to work cos ur oga no go hear say bcos its freezing u couldnt make it to work.

    vera shey na that sprinkle u dey call snow. abeg comot for express make we pass jare. truth to God i dont want no snow, if u ask me i want it to be spring already make i go comot all my pikini's and all.

  18. Oh my, I've never seen london white with snow ever. I'm so sick and tired of snow. Think I've had enough wintery seasons to last me a life time. Snow means ice just as Londonbuki says...very unpleasant.

  19. I'm dreaming of a white christmas (in Nigeria). The snow does that to me too, (I think its all the Christmas cards and paintings I stared at as a child). I like the pictures of the 'snowed in' cars.

    Concerning hair-cutting, don't give up the day job.

  20. I thot I was the only one that liked the snow. I danced the day it really started to snow.....I hate it cos I drive a black car and it is always so dirty and the annoying thing about it is that I wait for the snow to dry out and then wash my car, the moment I finish washing....HEAVY SNOW starts again....

    Other than that I love the snow...we don't shovel ice where I come from:p

  21. pls more websites abeg! at least its somethings to do -look at with all the crazy snow outside! saw damisandtoyin, i know the bride from ISL or at least i used to see her as she was my senior- hmmn, looked at the site bout 25 times1 i know ...sick but the site does that to you

  22. @Temmy: I hear there'll be snow later on in Feb. I'm gettingready to make my first snowman no matter how light the snow id.

    @Favoured Girl: It is trricky to walk but then, its all part and parcel of the snow package.

    @Chief O: snow, deep freeze, all of them by whatever name - bring them on!!! (smile)

    @mari: Too bad you feel that way. I'm still excited about the snow. Maybe in about 10yrs time, i'll begin to get a wee bit tired of it all? On the other hand, maybe not. (smile)

    @lasapi: LOL @ not giving up the day job. I wont. I felt that way too when I saw the snow - it felt just like they're supposed to be in the Xmas cards. The only thing missing was a white christmas.

    @mamarita: I know its burdensome scrapping off the snow from cars. Thank God for my garage sparing me the pain of standing in the cold, scraping it all off.

    @Anonymous:More wedding websites eh? Be Prepared cos I'm about to ubleash them on you. Go to Adaure's blog - (the link is also on my page) Check out her ARCHIVES and fish out her March 12th 2006 post titled - "Confessions of a Wedding Website Stalker" and then the sequel on June 19th 2006 post titled - "Confessions of a Wedding Website Stalker II" Have Fun!!!!! (smile)

  23. There is no Lola with Just Weddings....just Lara. She is really fab! Damis and Toyin's wedding hasn't happened yet...but looking foward to see what Lara would do. She is Bisi's cousin and she is Toyin's sister.

  24. WOWWWWWW! Bisi and OFon have put up their Wedding pics...and they are even more beautiful!!! I always knew this was going to be the wedding of the year! Hands down!!! I don't think any wedding can beat this one this year. People look like they had tooo much fun. I wish I had carried through with my crashing plans. LOL. I'm sooo blown away.Absolutely stunning...and Bisi planned this one all by herself. More grease to her elbow! Maybe I'll call her when I'm ready for mine ;)


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