Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gong Xi Fai Cai

I cant think of a proper title to give this post. After my renewed vigour over the weekend in starting my early morning runs once again, my body protested seriously with serious aches and pains on Monday. So I put off going for any runs on Monday or Tuesday but it felt good to be back today. Went round 3perimeters of my block without stopping. The run was fun and my paces are increasing and getting faster and longer as well. There was a lot of sweat pouring out of my ducts today after the run. If I can keep this up - running at least 3-4 days a week it should be all good.

It was the beginning of the Chinese Lunar Year on Sunday - The Year of the Golden Pig which occurrs once every 60 years. I did go to see the celebrations and it was fun. I missed the parade though. Got to the square after the parade had gone past the square but the day on the whole was fun. There were loads of fireworks one at 2pm and another at 5pm, loads of food stalls and the Queens Guards even came around with an armoured Tank and gave kids a tour of the inside of their armoured tank as well as allowed them to do a little bit of rock climbing. The restaurants were full to the brim and there were huge queue's of people outside almost every restaurant waiting for the seats inside to be vacated so they could get in and have some grub.

Earlier on, the activities had begun at noon after the parade had gone past Trafalgar Square with the ceremony of "Dotting of the Dragon's Eyes". According to a brief history which we were given at the square, Dragons are scary animals and their eyes could only be dotted when they were sleeping. So the dragons were brought on stage blindfolded to signify 'sleep' and the Mayor of London together with other dignitaries proceeded to dot the dragon's eyes signifying the beginning of the New Year.

The dragons on stage just after their eyes had been dotted.

Legend has it that their eyes can only be dotted while they are asleeep so they were blindfolded when they were brought onto the stage for the 'dotting' of their eyes.

Thats also another reason why I couldnt go for my run on Monday. My entire body was sore from all the walking about in Trafalgar & Leceister Square as well as China Town. More pictures from the Chinese New Year celebrations can be seen HERE. There were loads of film crews and going around interviewing people too and a couple of them came up to me and I said "Gong Xi Fai Cai" to the people of China live on air!!!!! Gong Xi Fai Cai means Happy New Year in Chinese. So if any of you bloggers in China saw an african female being interviewed about how she was enjoying the new year activities on TV, that was me!!! (smile)

P.S: I did write my post's title as "Hong Si Fai Choi" previously but have now googled the sentence and discovered the correct spelling of the sentence is "Gong Xi Fai Cai" although when pronounced does sound this way: "Hong Si Fai Choi". LOL!!


  1. It can not be true, I am first???

    I am going back to read now.

  2. I think I have to call me friend Chao Meing Li to ask if she saw the programme. Good to know you had fun. And hey, you are really serious about this fitness thing o.

  3. You are first indeed. I posted literally seconds ago!! Blueberry Muffins coming ur way!!!


    Well done with the running and make sure you rest your body as well... I hope you strecth after your run.

    Good to know you had fun, I'll go and look at the pictures now.

  5. You really had fun. It's important to get into what's happening around jare, it keeps the world going round for you.

    Men... with that run, you just reminded me that I need to start my running again too. I stopped when winter hit us.... that was an excuse sha and then got myself one of those steppers and na lie o!! I haven't been stepping anything :-))

    Anyways, enjoy your day and I'll have to look for one Chinese person to say "Hong Si Fai Choi" too :-)

  6. Hong si Fai Choi..its a lie you just want us to go and make fools of ourselves or even worse get shot by a short deranged Chinese fellow for repeating those words. I am unto you...eyes squinting

  7. TminX lol!! ur nuts.. eyes squinting abi! lol.

    CG.. how far.??. u get any chinese friends wey go fit dey cook chinese for me? that yeye honkkong dragon near my house r too expensive.. imagine, selling special flyla (fried rice) for 6 squids..!

  8. Well done with the jogging, keep it up.

  9. Thanks for the pics and Hong Si Fai Choi to you too!

  10. Wow- I love chinese new year. How is your soreness now Calabar Gal? Pleasetry and rest. Oh, by the way i saw your post and i was talking about the uterus.

  11. wow I wil have to search for that so I can see you on tv .
    great that you enjoyed your day

  12. Hong Si Fai Choi to you all! Calabargal, I see you.....

  13. Calabar gal, I'm still waiting for the post on how your husband proposed o. Write it quick quick!

  14. @Temmy: First on three blogs this week eh? Well done. Su Pa Blog Perambulator. LOL!!

    @London Buki: I've started working on the stretches now. Na small small my sister. Set up a direct link to ur fundraising page so we can support you.

    @Moments: Come rain or shine. I wont let it deter me. I must be delectable by easter and looking forward to the comments with glee : "you look as if you've lost weight" Thats what keeping me going. Even went for my run in the rain today.

    @Tminx: Eyes quinting or not, I'm confident of the meaning of the sentence. Googled it and discovered I got my spelling wrong but its pronounced the same. The correct spelling should be: "Gong Xi Fai Cai".

    @Bimbylads: My dear, I no get chinese friend anymore oh, the one that was in my class invited us for one super end of yr party at the end of our studies and the dishes he made were wonderful. All prepared by him personally. I chop that day no be small. Dust ur Wok, or order one if you havent got any and begin catering practicals. Surely you should get the right mix of flyla after one or two trials? LOL!!!

    @Boso: Thank You, Thank You.

    @April: Gong Xi Fai Choi to you too!!!

    @Simply Gorgeous: Ibruprofen has put away the aches and pains. I'm back to normal now. Thanks.

    Omo Naija: Gong Xi Fai Cai to you too. Do let me know if you're successful. (smile)

    @Nyemoni: Gong Xi Fai Cai to you too. mischeivious smile and wink. LOL!!!

    @Favoured Girl: Haba!! Thats not a promise oh!!! But lets see what will happen. Gong Xi Fai Cai.


  15. Hey CG, I put the link up on my page already (it was part of the post)... it's

    Hope you are ok and enjoy your weekend :-)

  16. check this out unnaked soul made a crazy comment about calabargals.

  17. CG,
    Catfight on bella's blog o!
    all because of some people who like tru love magazine and some who like genevieve better!
    seems interestin

  18. The year of the golden pig?
    Nigeria should borrow a leaf from the Chinese and name its decades after some things.

    The decade of the Golden Eagles?

  19. Maybe i need to partner up with jogging could do my lazy behind some good....if i may ask, where do you joggers get the motivation from????

  20. Gong Xi Fai Cai to you too! The first thing I did was to google the title to know what it means (even before reading the piece.) Its kinda cool that the chinks export their culture wherever they go. (I'm almost a chinese food junkie!)Maybe we can export the new yam festival? I beg!

  21. guudluck with the running!nd d pics were bunz!howz ur wknd going?update!!!

  22. I've been a stranger...hope all is well!!!

  23. wow, you run?! well done. i keep saying i'll start but never do. *sigh* anyways, sha imagine me in the sidelines cheering you and LondonBuki on.

  24. @London Buki: yeah. seen th elink now. Will certainly add to the fund before the race in May.

    @Mrs Somebody: 3 gbosa's for you. out from ur hiatus at long, long last!!

    @anonymous: catfights seem to be breaking out a lot nowadays. These things are inevitable as long as there are diverse opinions about every issue in life.

    @laspapi@ the decade of the golden eaglets? LOL!! Thats a new one. Should pass that on to th einformation and culture minister or his several aides and advisers.

    @Tutsy: Girl, you aint got as much KG's like some of us are carrying around which we need to get rid of. the motivation is the thought of being able to wear all those delectable size 8-10 tops and outfits like you do. (smile)

    @Kiibati: Gong Xi Fai Cai to you too!!! Charity begins at home they say. We all should think seriously about portraying all our various cultures in good light in the diaspora too.

    @Naija Vixen: Gong Xi Fai Cai girl. Thanks.

    @Butterfly Girl: Gong Xi Fai Cai to you too.

    @Chameleon: Thank You but Buki is way ahead of me. She's run several 5km and 10km races so far. Me I am just a starter struggling to keep up to par with a 15 minute run.

  25. I swear i thought i already left a comment here... babe where you dey carry my comment go.. abi na racism because of my skin tone?

  26. Now you went and made us look bad by saying Hong Si Fai Choi... Anyway, Gong Xi Fai Cai to you... and Oi! I see your layout has changed! Black eh? Fell outta love with the pink? ;-)

  27. update oh!!!!!!!! I've waited for too long

  28. good luck with the phys ed thing, so because we nigerians as a whole need to keep our average fitness level the same, I will become even more not fit. Just to maintain the balance, you understand and not because I am lazy or anything. I suppose one could say that u are dedicated enough to accuracy that you not only researched the correct spelling and translation, you also told us about it. I suppose one could also say that you are just scarily anal. But hey its all a matter of interpretation

  29. madam update naaaa. meanwhile, i made a banging pot of edikaikong yesterday (me sef i get crossriver blood0. you would have been proud! lol

  30. I like lasasapi's comment. We could also give our years after corruption, nepotism, authoritarianism etc, democracy would have no place yet.

  31. I love running and don't know what I do if I couldn't run on a regular basis!! I am excited about Daylight Savings Time because it means I can run on my favorite trail after work!!!


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