Sunday, February 18, 2007

Keeping Fit

I've been sitting here for the past hour and a half trying to catch up on Tmix 's Blogville Gist and hubby is at his desk marking exam scripts and exclaiming how the students arent working very hard at all. I cant help but laugh and plead on the students behalf, asking him not to be miserly in giving out the marks. I was once a student and know how bad it feels to put in ur best efforts for lecturers whose opinion is that ur best efforts are simply bladerdash, poppycock, not good enough.

I'll be out of the house in the next hour to go for a brief 30minute jog. Went for one yesterday and it wasnt that bad. Had a jog around my block. More like jogged down the long perimerter of the block, walk the next perimeter which is shorter and then jog the next long perimeter and walk the final short perimeter. Had to start from somwhere and build my stamina which I know isnt that good. After going round the block three times, decided to walk round another three times and then had a final last lap with a dainty sprint the last few meteres of the block. I'll see if my stamina will improve this morning and I can go 2perimeters without stopping. After the 30minute exercise, I decided to walk down to Tesco and get some Washing Powder as I intended to take a trip to the Laundrette when I got home. (My washing machine has chosen to go on french leave)

I made the 30minute walk to the store, got the Washing Powder which had been my original intention as well as a couple of other items and started the walk back home to sort the dirty laundry. Somehow I have discovered that it just isnt possible to walk into a Superstore and leave with just the one item you intended to purchase. Other items stare at you longingly and lure you into purchasing them. Anyway, back home and washing sorted and put into bags, off I went to the Laundrette. The lady there was quite helpful and put me through the paces. The bathroom mats went in first, all whites into another, coloureds into another and finally jeans, towels and other heavy items into a fourth machine. The mats finished first and she asked me to spin them in another machine to remove the excess water. More money down the slot. The Whites were next and when the coloured had finsished washing too, both categories went straight into the same dryer. The heavy items went first into the spinner to remove the excess water, more money down the slot and then into the duvet dryer. Money sloted into all the indiviual dryers and another wait began. Washing, spinning and then drying cycles completed 2hours later and then the journey back home. One thing I have discovered, it is cheaper to do ur laundry at home as I didnt leave that Laundrette with any money in my purse at all!! Back home, I prepared some lunch for us.

Lunch sorted and eaten, a friend of mine who is househunting came around and we went down to the corner shops to look at the adverts. Called a couple of numbers on the adverts and went to view 3rooms. The first one was a lovely single room in a nice and clean house and the rent was just right at £280pcm but my madam decided she wanted somewhere bigger as she's used to double rooms and told the guy we'd get back to him. Since it was the first house we viewed, we decided to continue searching and if we didnt see anything better, then we'd be back for the that one. The next viewing was near an underground station very close to the high street. When we got to the door, we stood outside laughing. It was a flat above a shop and the windows of the flat were quite ugly and unkempt, with paint chipping off and she decided she didnt even want to see what the inside of the flat looked like. The third place was a lovely attic room for £300pcm and had lots of space and both of us were oohhing and aaahing how lovely the room was and had loads of space too. The attic room had no door though and was accessed via a staircase. The landlord said he didnt want an extra landline installed in the house which she would want to have if she moved in there and so that one (room) was knocked off too. She has another viewing booked for 9am this morning so lets see how that viewing will go.

After my morning jog today, I'll be off to church for morning service and then, I'm perambulating down to The Strand at noon to watch the parade in celebration of the Chinese New Year. I have always seen the celebrations on TV these past years and when I mentioned it to Madam Househunter, she was interested in seeing the celebrations live too and so we're off to the Strand together to watch the parade at Trafalgar Square and the Fireworks at Leceister Square and China Town (Soho) generally. This New Year is the Year of the Golden Pig and the saying is that children born this year are destined for success and joy. The Year of the Golden Pig is celebrated once every 60 years and is said to bring good luck and prosperity.

Britney Spears has done it again. She's hit the headlines and this time has gone and shaved off all her hair. I dont know why she's been behaving radically since her split from K-Fed. In my opinion, she's just givimg him ammunition to use agianst her in their impending divorce.


  1. I wish I could invest in even a five-minute walk :-(.

  2. I was visiting London last year and I had to do laundry! Men! I was seriously tempted to buy a washing machine for my hostess!All that time and money spent!

  3. Chinese year is always fun...if you can get past not understanding the multitudes screaming in chinese!£280PM isnt that excluding bills?guudluck jogging...we myt just jog past each other and not know it;-)have a great week ahead

  4. I feel your pain- literally. Istarted laughing when you said you ran one and walked one. I remember I started to do that when I began running again, I was so sore the next day.It seems like you have had a busy morning.

  5. Britney oh!!! LOL!!!

    I hope the Chinese New Year celebration's fun for you :-)

    And well done with the jogging, well done :-)

  6. I should do a bit more exercise too, I do 15 minute walks about once a week.

    I love Chinese New Year.....went to eat Chinese today to celebrate ;)

    I've seen Britney Spears' photos, the girl is mad to say the least.

  7. The reason you can't leave with only one item in a store is because... the stores are designed that way! The essentials (bread, milk, water)are stocked all the way in the back so you have to pass by everything in the world to get to them.

  8. this blogger thing is annoying me o.. i have typed my comment twice only for the thing to ask me to verify my letters it blind? hiss.. wo. i don forget wetin i dey type B4.. let me think.. im coming

  9. LOL at pleading on his student's behalf. I wonder if the kids know that their lecturer's wife is helping their grades! Sounds like you are working hard at keeping fit and exercising. I wish I was doing more exercise!

  10. hehe the fitness bug is catchin on then

  11. Dont you just hate it when the washing machine goes on the blink... The other day all the water from my machine was coming up in the sink...

    Anyhow hope you had fun at the Chinese New Year Celebrations.. Good luck with your Jogging i tried Joggin once i thought i was gonna die!! but i saw the efects after some time..

  12. We all have to start from some where (meant about your jogging) - very impressed I am - I tried - and I had the most terrible dizzy spells and yet I started slow - so Ive decided to lift weights instead LOL. But I promise myself to try again - I gues I was having the onset of the flue when I decided to go out and excerise - My friend went off to new york for the chineese new year celebration - Im hoping she gets something back for me heheh.

    Hope you have a fun filled week. Stay blessed.

  13. Hmm what do you need the stamina for?. Are you planning some night vigils?.

  14. next time you're going jogging or working out, please call me ok... I'm too lepa, I want to go fat... and I hear say jogging beside a woman can make a lepa guy like me fat... LOL

  15. How I wish I can go jogging with you,but I am too lazy for my own good. Not that I need to shed weight, not with a size 6 top and size 10 bottom. I am fit.

    Britney is looking for attention, I guess she is getting it!.

  16. Theres a treadmill in my house and I never use it :(. I'll start tomorrow with 15 mins in the morning.

  17. hey girl, just thought to invite you to visit my new blog. I just started it today and kind of trying to create some awareness.

  18. I like your work out schedule...hope it works for u

  19. I was also wonderin about the same. Brits been doin 2 many radical changes since da split..Maybe it's that!!
    Feels like it's been long since I was here!!

  20. im back.. CG, if i type this thing ehn, and it dosent verify my letters, i go no say na personal beef btwn me and ur blog..
    Ok. i started jogging yesterday, but i jogged in my tiny room.. today i will expand my borders and jog round the house..
    britney needs to come to my church..

    2nd trial!

    CG!!!!! the thing asked me to enter the letters again o.. kai..!! where are glasses, i need to borrow blogger my glasses!

  21. @Azuka: Do try investing in any type of walk. It pays eventually.

    @Waffarian: It is a lot of time and money spent in the laundrette.

    @naija vixen:she's found an even cheaper one for £250. I'll look out for any knowing glances from any babe on my early morning runs. (smile)

    @simply gorgeous: My ssiter, an small small. I've been able to go 3 perimeters so far non stop. Its a big improvement from the run on my first day.

    @London Buki: Thanks Dearie. With you as an inspiration I cant help but stop all the procrastination.

    @Boso: 15minute walk isnt bad. You could progress from there to fartleks. (smile) I tried to discipline myself and stick only to vegetables when celbrating the new yr at the square.

    @lala: You can say that again. I had to caution myself that I came to get only Washing Powder and drop some of the other items I picked off the shelves earlier.

  22. @Bimbylads: blogger does that sometimes. I could have sworn I left a comment on Tminx page too over the weekend but when I checked today, nothing!! It wasnt there anymore.

    @Favoured Girl: I tell him sometimes his standards are too highf or them he should have mercy. (smile) Join us in the exercising bit. A little effort goes a long way.

    @Dami: It is catching on oh!! The size zero ladies ought to be afraid - very very afraid cos we're coming on strong. LOL!!!

    @Abujababe: I tried jogging sometime last yr too. But had dropped it so my stamina had dropped to little or nothing. Have to start building it up again. I cant wait to see the effects of my jogging oh. I'm praying they are glaring!!!

    @LOASCM: I'm planning on getting some weights next. Dont give up just yet. What did ur friend bring back from the Celebrations?

    @Ubong Da: LOL!! I have night vigils almost everyday!! Me and my man have vigils almost daily. LOL!!!

    @Unnaked Soul: Walking beside a woman can make a lepa man fat? Thats a new one. LOL!! Send me the digits.

  23. @Temmy Tayo: Girl!! What else do you want to shed? Bones and Skin?!?!?! You are quite fit o jare!! It used to be very cold. Thats why I didnt go all this while but seeing that buki was doing it, decided to brave it. Must say the weather is getting better now.

    @Tminx: Are you doing any exercise? But you know I've seen ur pic and u're a size 6 - 10. What do you want to shed? LOL!!

    @Moments: Been to ur page. Not bad at all. Will be back often.

    @Adebayo: Thanks. I'm taking it slowly and trying not to ingest as much as I used to previously. Hopefully, I'll see the results quicker.

    @Vera: Yes you can. I'm looking for a partner self. I'll give you an early morning call. 6.30am daily.

    @Klara: She had better get a grip of herself. She can afford to take the kids to some reclusive Island and spend precious time there exorcising her demons away from the paparazzi if she wants to. Others before her have done that to get a grip on their sanity and privacy.

    @Bimbylads: Blogger does that sometimes. But the word verification is a necessary evil.

  24. excercise has never been in my vocabulary. at least you did something sha. Britney is undergoing a nervous breakdown...that is not a radical hair change. she has gone crazy!!!

  25. Thanks fo visiting my blog oo!! and I've been a good girl today, done a lot of work :-)

    I like your blog girl, very colourful wow!!
    Will be back again, just doing some quicky :-)

  26. CG- What did you and abuja Babe have removed? I am still wondering?

  27. LOLLL...I overheard someone today at school talk abt Britney Spears shaving her hair off, but I really didn't believe it (or lemme just say it didn't really hit me well) until I read this post...lolll...

    Menn calabar girl, props on all these exercises (I feel like a fish, I haven't started on my plans yet)...

  28. Seems like fun. I think Britney is crying for help and attentiona and is getting jokes instead. I hope it ont be too late for her

  29. never heard of this.. but it sounds fun.. gluck with the run... if we all could have your determination... dang ur becoming a star oh babe... lol

  30. unnaked soul left some comments on this blog about calabargals..........he's cruising for some bruising from you.

  31. oooooops!!! I 4got 2 post the blog it's kain gbegborun work sef.But seriously do u agree with the comments on calabargals?ehn?

  32. AHHHHHHHHHH..... i envy your fitness regime.. and wish that i could do the same


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