Monday, February 05, 2007

My 50th Post!!!

Yeah!!! This is my 50th post and still counting. Its been six months since I joined this wonderful blogger family. I havent had much time to do blog reading this week so I have a lot of catching up to do. Which I'm going to do right after I put this post up.

I went shopping today. I'll rephrase that. My brother-in-law (BIL) decided to hit the shops today and I tagged along with him. It was fun though. Seven good hours spent pounding the streets. It was worth it though. We started out at Jermyn Street, got some shirts from TM Lewin and Hawes and Curtis, Went down to Church's and got some wonderful brougues for him, Then we headed off to Oxford Street. Got some trousers for him, went to M & S, got some wallets and then while he was paying for the wallets, I decided to go down to the food hall to get some water and something healthy to nibble. My new months resolution is to stay free and abstain from carbs. (Is that the same thing as carbohydrates?) Anyway, I have decided to keep away from them this month and I pray I do this sucessfully - so far so good. (I can hear you all say yeah right - the month has only just begun) A good friend of mine has lost 13KG so far from abstaining from carbs and sugar and is heading towards losing 13KG more. I am more than inspired by her achievement!! She was two sizes heavier than me since she gave birth to her baby and has now dropped two dress sizes. I must say I am most ashamed that I'm now heavier than her and I havent even "dropped" yet!!! But heading steadfastly to where she's coming from. I shall not be left behind!! I am joining that train and come February ending, there should be some positive results. The only snag is I havent weighed myself yet so how will I know how many pounds I have lost? Anyway, I will not let that sidetrack me from this my new month's resolution.

Back to my story now. Where was I? So I bought some banana's and some sparkling water. I then went the whole length of the shop floor to see if BIL had paid for his purchase and come down to the food hall to meet me. No sighting of him. I headed up to the Ground floor. Called his mobile and he said he was in the food hall. In my mind, I was like, OMG!!! I just left there now. Oh why did I leave him in the first place? Serves me right if we waste time searching for each other. Headed back to the Food Hall and behold he was there standing by the counter. Apparently he was in the Gents when I went to that area to look for him and came out after I had gone past. I heaved a huge sigh of relief and we continued on our shopping sojourn.

As we were heading towards H & M, we saw this beautiful trouser suit in a shop window - Warehouse Direct for £10.98 and there was a buy one get one free offer going on too. I made a side comment that when you see such offers, you never get them in large sizes as they're only available in Sizes 6 - 10 but we decided to go into the shop and browse. To say that we were shocked when we got into the shop is an understatement. Beautiful clothes, shirts and other items of clothing going at ridiculous prices. Not only were there large sizes, we were able to get size 20 skirts suits and trouser suits also and the shirts were so beautiful and £10.99 too with a Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) offer too. Now, I'm not admitting I am a size 20. Remember the guy is shopping for his wife not me. (smile) To say that we chartered things from that shop is another understatement also. We picked and choose and picked and picked and smiled all the way to the paying counter/till. The things were so cheap it was too good to be true. And the suits were Dorothy Perkins suits with the labels still intact - no flaws or anything of the sort on the clothes. We just had to ask why the reduced prices and then the BOGOF offer on top of it all. The shop assistants mentioned that Primark was opening next door to them in the spring and so they were closing down to refurbish their shop in readiness for the competition they would be getting from Primark. Thank God for Primark moving to Oxford Street - I have gained wonderfully from it even before they opened the shop.

So now I'm back home and my feet are killing me seriously. But it was a day well spent - very well spent if I may add.


  1. AM FIRST!!!!!!!

    Ok! wow you really snapped those bargains.I work on oxford street and i've never seen this warehouse direct.I am definitely going in search for that shop tommorrow.
    Goodluck with your weight loss!!!

  2. Yay!!!

    My current post is my 50th

    Goodluck with your resolution for the month.

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. A day well 'spent'.

    That's almost literal !! lol

  4. Off to look for the shop before CL buys everything. Welcome to Low carbing. Hate to say Bananas are carbs :( First 3 days of Low carb are hell, withdrawal headaches etc, after that it's actually fun. Drink loads of water and lay of all all white carbs, potatoes, rice, sugar. Just lean protein and veggies and salads. Add some exercise and Bob's your uncle. I lost 1 stone, 7ks in about 6 weeks and even though I have fallen off the wagon a bit, the weight is still off. Good luck.

  5. good luck with the weight loss

  6. Ouch. Just reading about your mega-shop made my feet ache. I hope you soaked them and gave 'em a rub afterwards..

  7. Hi Calabar Gal,

    Yes... carbs = carbohydrates.

    I remember when I was in primary school, I was taught that protein was OK, carbohydrates were bad, fats were ugly and mins'n'vits were very good. But with the proliferation of various diets - Atkins diet, low-fat diet, glycaemic index diet, vegetarian diets - I'm now thoroughly confused.

    Perhaps you could go on the Shopping Diet - you eat what you want, and then you walk from Notting Hill Gate to Tottenham Court Road in a massive shopping spree to burn it all off!

  8. I need to lose weight myself. Found myself struggling into my jeans this morning. I'm not a girl but my hips have ballooned. Woe is me! :-(.

  9. Congrats on ur

  10. Really glad to read this, I just began my lose 5lbs a week goal today. Already had carbs but felt the difference immediately so nothing spoil.

    Like Azuka, all my newly bought summer jeans have refused to allow me again and its tres scary. Im back to wearing my 'fat girl' pants I havent touched in probably years. Good luck to us all. I really believe I will make it, drinking green tea is a good 'stimulant' too, for whenever you fall off.

  11. I love bargains!!!

    Good Luck with the weight loss... remember it's not only about what you eat, exercise is GOOD :-)

    Enjoy your week.

  12. Yee

    You went shopping without me????

    Primark moving to oxford street. Just what we need to add congestion to the west end.

  13. Congratulations, I am coasting towards 500, but then I've been at it for 3 years plus.

    7 hours of pounding the streets shopping? You've got to be kidding, I'll need someone to stand on my back after that.

    I learnt long ago, never give out the credit card, give cash (loads of it if you can), find a pub and make that the rendezvous in 3 hours and send her on her way, whilst you drink, read and chat.

    Whatever is bought is perfect simply because you copped out of doing the rounds too.

  14. Congratulations on your 50th blog.. dang... now i'm starting to feel like i blog too damn much... i started a month after you and my current post is my 77th!!! oh wow... I always love shopping... i hope you're planning on what my birthday gift is gonna be on feb 7th bcos i expect something big from you!!! goodluck with your weight loss babe...

  15. Ooh not taking carbs is a very difficult thing but goodluck witth that. How about just halving your carbs for a start?

  16. @londonnaijachic: Missy, Yeah - you're first. Well Done. I have been waiting endlessly for my Efo receipe. Dont think I have forgotten all about it. I'm still waiting.

    @nilla: 50th post too eh? Congratulations

    @boso: well it was a day well spent. (smile) Loads of money saved cos would ahve spent more if I had gotten those things from DP.

    @kemi:Banana's are carbs too? I knew there was something fishy about them from dieting books so I only bought 2 not a whole bunch. Thanks for all the tips. Will try to follow them strictly.

    @jeremy: I just gave them a good and proper rest once I got back home.

    @Atala Wala wala: It is confusing all these various and diverse diets isnt it? I learnt a new one recently - that vegan and vegetarian arent the same thing. Oh well to each his own.

    @Azuka: You caught th ebug too eh? All that lovely rice and chicken you've been cooking and hiding from that ur "eating partner". (smile) Nemesis has caught up with ur hips. Betta join us fast!!!

  17. @jaycee: blogarina eh? I love the sound of that name. (smile)

    @farrybombom: come back at the end of february lets compare notes eh? (smile) Good luck with urs too.

    @London Buki: Thanks Dearie. The excercise part my dear - my satmina and resolve is diminishing. Cold no gree make I commot for morning go dey jog. So I'll see what happens with this one first.

    @Temmy Tayo: Of course I got tired of waiting for you to join us on the trip. You didnt even call to say u werent coming along with us anymore to Oxford Street. Thats why we had a late start that day. Oya send ya apology!! (smile)

    @Akin: coasting towards 500 eh? Thats not bad. Well, I dodnt give out the credit card. I gave out cash.

    @OWNB: 77!! Well, u r more enthusiastic at posting than me. Dont stop though doing what you do. We're loving it.

    @Tminx: Half my carbs? Babe, I dare not. I come from a family where small portions dont just exist. Its recently I realised that the portions of food which I used to eat which I thought were just reasonable were actually quite massive. So its better for me to abstain.

  18. Seven hours of shopping? That is sure to make you burn some calories.

    As for your diet, it is not so much as staying away from carbs as it is minimizing the total number of caloric intake and maximizing caloric spend per day. You may be intrigued to know that fats pack as many as 4 times the caloric content per unit gram of carbohydrates and proteins as high as 1.5 per unit gram.

    You may find the post in the following link interesting :

    Good luck with your diet.

  19. 7 hours shopping!! Oh my God, I'll shoot myself. Glad it was worth it though and congrats on your 50th post (which reminds me, I better go check how many posts I've made).

  20. wow, 7 hrs of shoppin, dats rather mad, i love hawes n curtis shirts tho, nice bargain on them dorothy perkins suits o , anyhoos gluck with the loss!

  21. Calabargal, something is going on here o! All the comments I leave for you don't get saved. Grrr. Anyway, here goes again:

    Happy 50th. You must have lost a lot of weight just doing that trip. I hate shopping for hours but there's nothing like getting a bargain to perk me up.

  22. @veracity: Thanks Babe. I have been there and its useful information.

    @9ja mommy: U know how it is once u hit the shops. Time flies fast. Even I didnt know we had spent that much time in the mall until after our pockets were cleaned out and we had no more money on us. Of course we were more than happy to leave with the wonderful bargains we got.

    @naija babe: I love curtis shirts too. Colourful Stripes although Isometimes wish they would design something else other than strpies but then, TM Lewin is there to provide other designs in areas where curtis dosent venture abi?

    @In my head: Blogger acts up a lot too and last night was one of them. Imagine me too couldnt log in last night. Blogger refused to show me the old blogger sign in page and I stubbornly refused to switch over to beta blogger too.

  23. The carbs thing is something i battle with. Trying to reduce first. Its rice i swear. I am glad you had fun shopping....

  24. Oh no! Is it too late for me to get on the no carbs diet? I just had a peshwari nan bread with basmati rice and vegetable curry now and I still have one peshwari left over at home. Okay, i'll finish the peshwari at home and start the no carb diet by Monday eh? You know I have to eat Jollof rice with fried fish at the weekend, now?

    So, tell me. Aside the fish and meats bladi, bladi, blah, what else do you eat? I'm serious o. I wanna join the band wagon too.

  25. @uzo: Rice is my numero uno definte no no. So far, I have avoided it successfulyy.

    @desola: Not too late girl. Join the no carbs bandwagon. I try not to eat rice, yam, garri, cornmeal, younded yam and take just soup. Then I eat as much protein like beans and plaintain and cereal and porridge in smaller quantities. No biscuits, cakes or sweets too. It is very, very hard to see my husband's croissants sitting invitingly in our kitchen but I have a target and I'll try to get there. My friend who did it successfully says I can take as much fish and chicken (without the skin) as I want.

  26. ehn primark is movin 2 oxford street and least everytime i go there i can at least get summin rather dan window shopping.lolll

  27. Farri on report:

    I have killed 1.5 fistfuls of garri in the form of eba. I protested against my oncoming monthly and fed it a pecan mudslide and chocolate pecan blizzard ice cream, successively followed by a 1/4 pot of RICE, and only because my egusi/chicken/dried fish soup was feeling lonely.

    Have I sinned?

    I think the 6 tops I stretched out and left in the fitting room quietly today answer that question.

  28. For decent ladies shirts I buy Prowse &
    Hargood - - 9ja company as well!

  29. @Law Damsel: Primark has now opened on Oxford street but the queues are horrendous even up till now. There's a long queue to get into the shop, a long queue at the till to pay for ur items even though there are about 30 customer assistants serving customers. Its horrendous. Everyone seems to be heading there. LOL!!

    @Fatty Unplugged: O yes you have sinned dear!! Horrible!! LOL!!! 7 bowls of salad and 3 litres of water every day for you for the next 3 months to cleanse your system and help you repent from ur sins. LOL!!

    @Anonymous: Thanks you are God Sent! I saw an article about prowse and hargood on another blog but didnt mark the page and I've been cracking my head these past few months trying to remember the anme of the shop again. Thanks a zillion!!! (smile)


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