Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Happy Birthday to you ma cherie Overwhelmed Naija Babe. Wishing you many happy returns and many more fruitful years ahead.

Save some cake and goodies for me cos I'm coming over with ur present as soon as I close from work at the end of the day to join in the fun.

Its going to snow tomorrow. The weatherman forecasts about 14cm of snow. So all those planning on calling in sick - get prepared.

Blogger is trying to force me to switch over to Beta Blogger. I'm scared. I tried to log in throughout the early hours of the morning and the old blogger sign in page refused to open. The only page showing was the one asking me to switch over to beta blogger and create a google acount. So finally I created a google account this morning and blogger allowed me to sign in but I've not switched over yet. Still procrastinating.


  1. Happy Bday overwhelmed!!!!Hope you have a blast!I am not meant to be at work tommorrow but did oversabi and volunteered to come in seeing they were a bit short.Am definitely not going.Just gonna tell them i forgot.

  2. Oh have to head on over to OWNB's page and wish her a happy birthday.

    blogger beta isn't so bad. I had to switch over coz it was getting difficult to leave comments on other ppl's beta blog pages. Difference isn't so much coz am still wondering why the beta version.

    Regarding ure previous post, the carb thingy... here's my opinion: I did the carb thing and saw some changes but the moment I slacked off for a sec, the weight came crashing on me. No carb diet isn't for everyone. You body needs the carbs, really so avoiding it hinders ure metabolism from functioning efficiently. I agree, staying aways from sugar is one of the best ways to avoid bad carbs so totally avoid juice and soda...white bread and long grain rice too. Switch to whole wheat bread and brown or jasmine rice but most importantly, cut back on portions.

  3. @londonnaijachic: Hope u dont get caught out. Me I would have gone oh - cos of the extra ££. (smile) Cheers!!!

    @londonbuki: Been 2her page yet?

    @mari: Thanks for the tips girl.

  4. Blogger beta isnt all that. I wish you luck as you switch over tho.

  5. awwww.. thanks angel for the shoutout... i love it... love you too...

  6. @temmy: I finally switched over completely yesterday. Blogger wouldnt let me stay on old blogger anymore. So far, its all good. I'll have a go at changing my template next.

    @OWNB: Happy Birthday Girl. Hope you had a lovely day.

  7. yeah i wondered about the by force switching over happened to me last night I had no other way to access my blog without changing to the new ok I guess just wondered why it was by force!` happy b day ownb

  8. Wow are those your legs or Overwhelmed's gosh they are sizzling hot.


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