Friday, March 23, 2007


ABABOY is back!!! YEAH!!! Check out his new blog HERE.


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  2. OK, thanks for the shourrout!.... Have a nice weekend girlie....

  3. this love na wa!
    what is tickling you about this ababoy....

  4. sis, thanks a lot....


    Mba5 formerly known as Ababoy

  5. It was very great to know he's back on the blog.
    I feel a new blood flowing into my fingers.
    Have a noce wkend.

  6. Aba boy is no longer in his HOLE BLOG??? Lolll...aiight, we'll check him out girlie...

    Hope u and hubby are taking it easy...

    Have a great weekend!!!

  7. Hiya Calabar Gal

    I read your comments on my blog and thot I pop over to yours and drop a line or two. Thanks for the comments. I'm sure I've read another one of your blogs and I really liked it as well. Do you have more than one?

    Anyway, I'll be back here.

    Have a great my neck of the woods, IT IS COLD, this still feels like winter to me!

  8. Where was Ababoy before he came back?

  9. @everyone: Thanks for joining me in welcoming Ababoy or Mba5 back to blogville.

    @jem: Where was he? He'll be in a better position to answer that. LOL!


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