Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Its Springtime!!

Its Official!! The daffodils are blomming beautifully and Springtime is here. My woollies are officially retired and banished to the back of the cupboard over the weekend and will stay there until the end of Autumn and my flip flops are coming out!!!! Horaaay!!!!!

We're thinking of rebooting our PC's this weekend as they're becoming slow all over again and so me and hubby headed to the stores and got us some new toys. Ok not really "toys" per se but external hard drives to store all our documents and pictures. I got a Maxtor 320GB external hard drive which will do just perfectly to store all my pictures which are increasing daily as well as my documents and he got a Freecom 120GB external harddrive which is so small, sleek and mobile and so very handy that he can take all his documents with him wherever he goes. So even if our PC's decide to crash one more time, our documents are all safe.

So come this weekend, we are going to perform a system restore on both PC's knowing all our documents are stored somewhere safe and readily accessible anytime we want them.

Longerthroat is not good. I've been dreaming of this handset ever since the first time I saw a picture of it and counting the days until my upgrade was due. At long long last!! Upgrade day is finally here. Did some more research and I found the Palm Treo and it was now a matter of choosing between the Palm Treo and the HP PDA. In the end, the HP won. Called Customer Service yesterday and they've popped it into the post for me. Looking forward to it being delivered today so I can play!!

Update on my carb diet. I am trying very much to be faithful but it is hard. I've been cheating a little bit more. I havent had any swallows since then but not really been adhering strictly like I did at the beginning of the diet either. I really must have a weigh in by the weekend so we can find out of the hand on my ticker is going to move a wee bit or not at all.
Was walking going round my favourite supermarket the other day buying one two things and just happened to pass by the fruit aisle when I heard this announcement: "Will customers please refrain from eating any fruits or other products until after they have paid for the items. Thank You." Just couldnt help laughing. Was that for my benefit? When I told my friend, she laughed and said they knew I was around and the announcement was specially for me. Indeed!!!


  1. Ha Ha CG-m I am first. I am doing my dance of joy.Let me go and read and come back.

  2. I am happy that you will not be losing your work anymore CG, losing work can make you cry.

    So you are one of those shoppers that nibble and bit and put things back, abi? Then you approach the counter with crumbs and food next to your mouth while you smile and try not to act guilty. They have cameras all over the store. THEY- SEE -YOU!!!

  3. Ha CG... it's supposed to get REALLY cold this weekend for about 3 days! You know this England and it's temperamental weather! Make sure you have a couple of warm things within your reach.

    It does look beautiful outside today.

    I have never heard that announcement in supermarkets before! LOL!!!!

  4. Calabar Girl, Calabar Girl, I'm envious oh! No, not about the phones. That 320GB would come in handy. Maybe I need to stop being tight-fisted and order one... ;-)

  5. Calabar gal pls can I have your other phone?I mean the old one you just replaced.I've been dreaming of owning a new phone .Thank you! And STOP CHEATING!!! we know we both need to lose weight before summer.Next time the announcement will be,"Will CALABARGAL please refrain from eating any fruits or other products until after she has paid for the items. Thank You."

  6. You remind me of a friend of mine who is a complete gadget geek, she always has a phone that can like read minds and stuff... your new phone looks amazing!

    Good luck with your diet, I know it's tough being strict, we want to see that ticker move though! lol at the announcement in the fruit aisle!

  7. That is too funny..lmao!
    Den don know you
    320GB??? gurrrrl! you dont do things by halves d'ya?
    I dey jealous o! I cud do with some good extra memory right now, I need to reformat my system for real! its is just crying for a break..
    And I am so with you on your diet; we go ever do am! Just dont be like me and give yourself excuses for that extra croissant..even though its hot..and cheesy..and there's some delicous apple and blackcurrant jam to go with it..*in a trance*..mmmmmm...

  8. Calabar gal, I have my hats off for youoo. You no easy!!!you needed to have seen how lost I was when I walked into Staples (US office store)and I wanted an external hard drive to help offload my stuff as I exit from my former company and they asked me what size and I was so lost...I ended up buying one when I explained what i wanted to do for $100 but please do not ask me what size...I have no you see, you be better modern girl but me I sabi cook better ogbono, onugbu, edikainkong,affang and any type of rice (fried, baked, boiled and even roasted)...

  9. man, reading that gave me a headache. im such a techno-phobe. girl, im impressed. u sound like one of those PC magazines.

    as for phones, i go for the nicest flip or slide phone on offer when its time for my upgrade.



  10. Hey Calabar Gal,
    I was just looking back on my blog and you were my very first response. How are you? I thought I was doing well on my blog but you've gotten three times as many views. What's your secret. I suppose I haven't been very consistent changing my focus as I see fit. I've gone over the top quite a bit and might do that again. But I think I'm settling into a new phase of more contemplative observation. I've gotten a lot of guys responding, many who are thoughtful. But rarely do I get girl visitors, not for awhile now.
    take care,

  11. Hey see CG going all Tech on us oh...! The phone looks good girl..As for the fruits, I'm quite sure they were referring to you...You know now!

  12. 5Thank God for back-ups! I wonder what would have happened to me a renowed careless person. Lol! @ the supermarket announcement. Gosh! i don't know what would happen to me if i ever give up eating eba or pounded yam.well done so far and good luck on your weight loss

  13. Hey CalabarGal, thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Good luck on your no carb/low carb diet. I wonder how people do it! Please keep us updated about your progress.
    I'm looooving your PDA.
    Lol@ the announcement in the store! I always end up eating half of my (unwasshed) grapes before I get to the checkout!

  14. Beloved sister: I might need your help answering some questions on Akwa Ibom girls.


  15. liking that phone gurl...wanna get one too.. lol@ d announcement.. will keep my ears open again.. kai.. no more ribena for me!

  16. @Simply Gorgeous: I know they see us. But are just too polite to stop us osmetimes. LOL!!

    @London BukiThat was my first time of hearing the announcement too. I hope the cold spell isnt that bad cos I'm not bringing out my woollies anymore.

    @Azuka: Te He, I'm loving it.

    @Mrs Somebody: My younger sis has already put in an application for the handset. Sorry!! (smile) It is so hard to stick to this carb thingy.

    @vickii: Te He. I'm becoming a gadget geek the rate at which I'm going. I'm praying myself the ticker moves. I'm delaying the weigh in as much as I can. LOL!!

    @mocha: Not at all. the bigger the better. LOL!! Dem send u come? I'm having enough problems trying to resist hubby's croissants without u giving me a vivid and detailed description of what they taste like.

    @amaraee: girl, next time I'm in lagos, I'm coming over to taste ur edikanikong and afang.

    @chameleon: I sound like a techno phobe?!?!? LOL!!

    @flip flop girl: howdy girl? go blog stalking!! Thats the secret. LOL!!

    @Nyemoni: They werent refering to me alone. LOL!! I was actually shocked one day when I saw a guy popping a nectarine into his mouth. I deal only with small and minute fruits. There are loads of culprits in such stores.

    @londonnaijachic: Where there's a will.........

    @ladybug: I'm loving it too.....

    @eaglesnest: need some help? Drop me a PM. Address is on my profile page.

    @bimbylads: the PDA is really enticing. Once u see it with someone else, you cant help but want one too...

  17. It took me some time to scroll down to the bottom of your BIG comment section. But I am here, and thank you for stopping by.

    I can sympathize with your diet plan. I struggle with mine all of the time. I follow Weight Watchers, and last month I stayed the same...neither up nor down...a little disheartening since I had worked hard.

    Oh well...maybe this month it will go DOWN!

  18. Blog stalking? Yes, I do that from time to time. I could do more work on my blog too but it's doing pretty good, I think. And you could add me to your links if you like. Ha. Ha. I could add you too. I really need to do something with that part of my blog.

  19. I was thinking of getting a black berry but is that soo last year? Your really a techky arent you! I cant belive anybody from the land of afang and banga will try and cheat themselves out of the goodlife and go on a carb diet, and i'm sure ur like a size 10 your always the ones on diets(only God know why!), lol!
    Btw leave mrs.somebody alone! she just told me u were part of the Crybaby association, if I hear you have touched her eh, u will contend with the Cheetah!lol( plus shez going tru some chinchin stages at her gyms lol)

  20. So na you dey chop all them fruits? heheheheh dem catch you for camera now! so as them see say you don land, dem get to take precautions! hahahahahahah

  21. hey yah pele!i know that feeling.abeg the carb diet thing is not easy jo.i actually think its ok to cheat as long its once in a while.

  22. You know I never got a hang of the whole eating fruits thing before payment, something about pesticides and chemicals, puts me off. I remember my aunt, she picks a large bag of Grapes as soon as she starts her grocery shopping, and by the time she's ready to pay, the thing is GONE! Ok not completely but you get the picture.

    I went off my no-carbs this week, my mind has just been in different places at the same time, I guess I'll be back on by sunday. Definitely seeing results so thats good :)

    Thanks for stopping by, I'll try to be more faithful to the "cause".

  23. Oooooohhh Calabar girl...loving ur new phone...(ha ha...see the way u were waiting for UPGRADE DAY...)

    Did they really announce that in the GROCERY STORE???? HA HA HA...I've never heard of that one they knew u were around naw!!! MUAHHHHH! Have a great weekend darl!

    Enjoyed ur post...needed a laughing break from studying all this jabanjantis!!! Muah again!

  24. Okay...
    Now you are talking my language.. for the last 2.5 years I've had the 80GB freecom hard drive.. it's a beauty. Very Very solid hard drive and soo light, it goes everywhere with me. Absolutely everywhere, even in my handbag. when I travel it's with me..
    The new versions have shock aborbers on it which makes them even more robust. I want a 250GB in that size if I can get it.

    Re: the phones, Ilike the HP PDA for it's wireless abilities.. simply because I'm looking to set up a phone exchange system at home, which will mean that I might not need BT at all anymore and no land line system at all. But we'll see..

  25. @masgblog: Big comment section huh? So not true!! Thanks for stopping by.

    @flip flop girl: I will. cheers.

    @cheeterah: I am so not a sixe 10. more like once upon a time size 14 rapidly getting to 16 if nothing is done. As for mrs somebody, she is so like yesterday.

    @biggerhugs: thanks for stopping bye and spreading some love.

    @waffarian: no be only me oh!! we plenty. (smile)

    @chika & mamarita: I cant say I havent cheated but then what has to be done has to be done to achieve any kind of positive result at all.

    @jaycee: u have a lovely weekend too.

    @soul: I love ur language too. Now I wonder how we ever lived with it. And the freecom is so functional, portable, cute and lovely. My brother inlaw moves around with his too. There are a lot of 250GB and 500GB if you want to upgrade. Just shop around.


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