Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Official First day of Spring

The papers and news channels say its officially the first day of spring today so - HELLO SPRING! I think the clocks will be going forward one hour now that spring is here officially this coming weekend although I havent heard any concrete, official confirmation about the clock going back yet. Will keep my ears to the ground though.

My friend who was house hunting finally found a place which was big enough and good enough for her and decided to move house on Sunday so I went to help her move. Hubby drove us to her new place and we removed her things from the car and he left us there to unpack after having a tour of her new place. 2 weeks after she had paid her deposit, her landlord is still working on the house. The heating is now not working and the workmen are still on it, there is no hot water either now, the new kitchen cabinets are already falling off the wall, Ok, just one set fell off the wall and her flatmate says he's beeen harassing the landlord for the past week to do something about the non functional heating and all he says is 'tomorrow' or 'the day after' so maybe we can add some pressure on him too. We called his mobile but his fone was switched off. Lesson: Always go the day before you move into your new place to check that everything that needs to be checked is functional. He's now gotten her and her flatmate some compact heaters to keep them warm pending when the heating is restored.

Sice the weatherman wasnt expecting the cold snap (snow) until sunday night, I decided to launch my
poncho since it was already spring in my own dictionary. Folly of my life. When we left her house, it was so windy!!!!!! She was laughing at me and singing beside me; "poncho", "poncho", "poncho". We contemplated going back to her place to get a jacket for me but she's a size 8 - 10 and I'm a size 14- 16 so figure that out for urselves. Yeah - nothing of hers would ever fit into my frame. I was doomed. I couldnt help laughing at myself either. I knew there was going to be a cold snap and yet I decided to wear a poncho out of my home. Serves me right. The bus decided to take its time and we had to spend more than a couple of minutes at the freezing busstop but when it finally came, I couldnt jump fast enough into its warmth. Pheeewww!! The things we girls do sometimes. LOL!!

I have returned my Hp PDA. Sob, Sob. Just when I was falling in love with it but Vodafone sent me an HW 6910 instead of the HW 6915. The difference between the two is an integrated 1.3MB camera which the 6910 doesent have. Indeed, the 6910 has no camera at all!! I tried to get the returns dept to exchange the 6910 with the 6915 for me but they said the 6915 isnt one of their free fone options and that I would have to buy it myself on the open market. WTH!!! So I opted for the Palm Treo and the lady informed me it wasnt exactly free either and I would have to pay £65 for it. WTF!! No amount of cajoling and wrangling and sweet talking would make her budge. Only 5 days previously, the Palm Treo had been offered to me for FREE and the only mistake was that I choose the HP PDA over the Palm Treo then. She stuck to her guns and said she didnt know why I had been offered that and that only sales dept could give such an offer - if at all they could. Transfer me to sales dept now? No Way!! I even told her OK - the Palm Treo was being offered in vodafone shops on the high street for £50. Why was I now being asked to pay £65? No budging. Oh well, tough luck. The HP PDA has been returned back to sender and the Palm Treo is now on its way.

Thank You everyone for all your comments and your good wishes on my previous post. Doc smiled and sent me home after checking my blood pressure and saying it was normal. (I knew he would do that) *SIGH* But observed that I seemed a little bit anaemic and asked if I had been feeling unusally tired lately which I hadnt. Anyway, his advice is to keep on trying cos the normal, usual medical, hospital policy is not to conduct any checks until we've been trying unsuccessfully for at least more than a year. So there wont be any referrals of moi from him for any check ups until then. We're both working as hard as we can and know how to. (wink, wink)


  1. yep, thats the spirit, keep working hard at it... lol

    abt the phones... na wa o, ur hot! yet again, i got a headache. im so scared of gettin my phone upgraded now. like, whats all that terminology about? mike just got the N73 and was so excited about it being 3G and what not... *sigh*

    LMAO @ poncho.... awww... pele, my dear!

  2. lol.. that wind no get part 2.. e be like hurricane! lol. WORK HARD ABI!! wink wink wink!!

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  4. I feel you on the sudden cold snap o. Saturday was nice and warm, but Sunday had changed and it snowed on Monday and Tuesday! Phone tech is getting annoying. No sooner do you upgrade than there's a better one on the market for £50 extra!

    You & Mr should continue 'working hard' o, that's the best bit insn't it?

  5. I've decided to stick to my simple phone- all these upgrades na wa

    Enjoy the work ;-)

  6. nne i don't understand your phone gist.happy spring is weather can be feeling cute with no jacket and suddenly the cold will come from no where na wa. have a blessed day

  7. CG- Iam sorry about your ponch mishap and your palm treo, and your problems- I am just sorry in general.

    My inlaw- has been trying now for three years and no issue. They have taken every testknown to man, the doctor has told them that nothing is wrong with both of them , to continue trying. End result her acidity in her you know what, can be killing off his you know what. Last resort now is IVF. Have you asked your doctor to have you try Clomid? That is if you don't mind multiples.(smile)

    But if you don't want that then you can always have fun trying some more.

  8. CG sorry about your poncho misfortune. The clocks are actually going to be moved forwards and not backwards. Wish you all the best with weight ur loss and conceiving. CIAO!!!

  9. Spring spring, spring --- boring, boring, boring!

  10. clomid? multiples....?

    im need to remember that. just get preggaz, deliver two one time. shop closed.

    i like....
    abt the weather... they showed ice over london for today in the weekly summary on monday. wey the ice naaa? i just wore extra thermals for norrin.

  11. ah when i c 1st day of spring, i was like, ehn which part of jand calabar gal dey live?? bcos dat cold was on anoda level..

    good luck gal, ull be fine

  12. Greens greens and more greens sweetheart: eat those greens!
    What you need now is some steamed veg with dried fish, smoked fish and no

    Ndo o abt ur phone!
    I just got my N80 so I no dey put eye for any phone for the next 7 months or so..when I'll be getting the latest HP PDA phone!!! yay!!!
    Or if Nokia has theirs out by then, I'm so in there!

  13. Well the trying is fun right? LOL...It will happen and it is well....

  14. Oooooooohhh I can't wait for a little Calabar girl...with all this "trying" going on around here! (lol). So do u guys want a girl or a boy anyways???

    Lolll @ launching ur PONCHO..I feel like I haven't heard that term in a long while...

    You returned ur beloved new gadget? Awww...

  15. Yes it is spring, and the clocks go forward, so I'll miss an hour's sleep sunday morning!

  16. Hey, keep having fun trying !!

    Clocks go forward this weekend, so I guess Spring is here. It's still snowing up North though...

  17. Have fun trying girl, just try not to put you mind on it too much so you don't overstress yourself... It will come naturally.


  18. i don tell you the secret to this baby thingy is lots of prayer but mostly joint matrimonial prayers and full scale action- no slacking baby! enjoy yourself and make sure your ready for the double troubles abi na triple.
    LOL@ poncho on sunday, what were you thinking guess the comfort of cars can make us funny!

  19. good luck dear.. i like your spirit

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  21. @chameleon: first indeed! the 3G range widens daily. hope mike enjoys using his N73. LOL at wearing extra thermals for nothing.

    @bimbylads,favoured girl,uk naija: yes yes yes. LOL!!

    @chioma: Thanks babe.

    @SG: They wont give it to me yet. still too early. hope ur inlaw gets there soon.

    @anonymous: thanks. I've corrected the slip.

    @law_damsel: north jand. LOL!!

    @mocha: used to have the N80 and it was fun but then bigger n better toys are being churned out daily. hope ur upgrade date comes sooner than u think

  22. @uzo, nyemoni, ijeoma: Thanks Ladies.

    @jaycee: Either one of the two will do just fine.

    @shola: corrected the slip. meant to say the clocks go forward.

    @boso: Is it?!?!! Guess we are lucky down south. Welcome back.

    @lolita: True talk. Guess the car deceived me.

  23. lol @ the poncho gist. An unfortunate decision which we've all made all in the name of feel cool with ourselves. Oh well, least you haven't caught a cold.

    Our weather is warming up nicely and we did have our share of a wintery(sp?) spring which wasn't funny.

    Don't worry CG, in God's time, you will have that baby. The both of you keep praying hard.

  24. this na fake spring abeg...wen the real one comes,you pple shuld let me know so i can crawl out of bed...hardwork is the way forward;-)

  25. just doesnt feel like it....Calabar bodi? Ababoy dey greet - I am back.

  26. C girl, you should not have collected the plam treo, technically, when the returns dept recieve the phone, the contract should be cancelled. You can then go to either another network like o2 which i am with or go to upgrade on the high street...abi?

  27. Eh yah, sorry about your phone o! All these funny company policies, sometimes they favor you and sometimes they don't. In Naija, you go and get your phone yourself from computer village and you buy your sim card on the streets. No interaction with the Phone company at all.
    About the Calabar addition, you guys should keep trying o!!! Very soon, something will happen.
    BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog.

  28. it is well, only a matter of time. Gosh I feel like Ive been away for far too long.

  29. sori about ya fone.

    I am digging my last year poncho out. It is spring!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Just keep on trying my dear, it'll definitely happen sooner than you expect, just don't get yourself worried or worked up about it... calabar addition is on da way...

    Ah! I have to go get meself a new poncho too o! meanwhile, what kin dof spring is this one sef?? it's still as cold as anything else, if we talk now dem go say na global warming dey cause am.


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