Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Time Goes By

Time goes by so quickly. Cant believe its one week already since I updated my blog and I havent even had the time to reply any comments either. Its been a rollercoaster ride for me. I thought my page looked too dark and then I was looking at the templates again and fell in love with this new white one. The problem is the template page looks different from the previous classic template format and I'm having difficulty transferring my clock and counters to this new template as the blog links were transferred automatically. Its giving me a right old headache. So if I revert back to the old black template, its not cos I love it so much but cos I havent been able to figure out how to get my counters onto this new white one. The template page keeps on closing down automatically each time I attempt to paste any codes on it?!?!!?!?!

I made this wonderful pot of Ogbono soup with bitterleaf over the weekend and couldnt help but cheat on monday. Yes, I confess I broke my no carbs rule and perched on hubby's meal. You know how you make only one cup of cornmeal or semolina cos you know you arent supposed to be eating any carbs but still put some water on the cooker for some more semolina just in case when serving ur man cos you know in u r heart that you're going to perch a little on his meal and dont want him complaining his meal is too small. Thats what happened on Monday. The soup was super if I may blow my own trumpet. Wish I had taken a picture of it to take its pride of place on my page.

Attempted a little spot of catering practicals also and the meals came out OK. Hubby said it was nice and asked for more. I remember when in university my younger sis used to churn out wonderful pots of fried rice and no matter how she described how she made it, mine never ever came out tasting as nice as hers or even looking as good either. Making Fried Rice hasnt been one of my strongest points but I decided to brave it and try one last time in very small quantities. My friend was around and I asked her if she had any idea how to make it but she didnt and we decided to both brave it, compare notes and experiment. In the end, it was delicious!!!! I now know how to make fingerlicking fried rice like my sisters!! I think previously I was using too much curry and cooking oil. Couldnt help doing a little jiggly dance in the kitchen when I saw my end result.

I'm off to catch up on whats been happening in blogville while I've been on hiatus.
P.S: Finally figured out the counter and clock thingy. Hooraayyyy!!!!

This article seems to be very popular on the BBC News Website and apparently is the most emailed article but it has brought back a lot of fond memories for me and had me salivating seriously. Ooooohhhhh cant wait to get to Abuja and visit all the joints there and tuck in for my special fix of 'gearbox', 'kickstarter' 'headlights'. Clapping my hands and doing a jiggly dance in my chair. LOL!!!


  1. 1st!!!
    Congrats on the delish fried rice...
    I dont know how to cook but shhh dont tell anyone..
    Calabar Girl....dont tell me u r serious bout the dog meat thng..I thot it was a myth!!!

  2. First!! Finally!

    I should come to you for fried rice lessons. Mine is still whack despite gluing myself to the BBC foods channel.

    I might I actually need it to help catch someone to solve my medical problem *wink*.

    Nice clock!

  3. Bella! I was supposed to be first! The race is on!

  4. Seriously what does dogmeat taste like? I donot think it's a good idea to go back to the old blogger.

  5. Do you need help with your template? Let me know.

    Good luck with getting your BMI down... how's jogging going?

    My fried rice is not on point! I have no problem with Jollof Rice but Friend Rice... it doesn't taste like I want it to!

  6. way to go calabargal!CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st delicious bitterleaf soup and fried rice hmmm....yummy.You know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach so keep churning out those sweet delicacies.

  7. Welcome back calabargal.... Congrats on your fried rice and ogbono soup... as per your 404 thingy, I'm sorry to say but I feel like YUCK!!! As they say, one man's meat is another's poison abi? No vex o!

  8. I honestly dont understand how ppl can cut carbs out of their diet.....i cant do it.

  9. I agree with Elle Woods... I dunno how 2 cur carbs outta my life. Even now sef that I'm typing, I just finished enjoying a blueberry muffin, and for lunch, I'm getting me some chinese rice...more carbs!

    Calabar Gal, inspire me please. How do u do it? And what do u eat instead??

    Congrats on ur soup & rice.

  10. So you have decided to become chef for the dya. Bitterleaf my fav- o - rite. I feel you on the no- carb diet. This winter alone I have gained 5 lbs. It is very hard for me to lose the damn weight.

  11. ur a great chef ha. Lucky ur man.


  12. You just made me hungry. Good luck on you BMI reduction i see your ticker. i am on my way to weight loss also

  13. Please share your recipe for fried rice, mine comes out good, but it's not quite fried

    Funny enough I read the dog meat article yesterday and I thought of you and I was like "...9jamommy, that's so stereotypical, why do you think she'll eat dog meat just because she's calabar...", and alas I came here today and read this. You guys are trying sha ,you can't pay me enough to eat dog meat.

  14. @bella naija: I wont tell anyone. LOL!! It isnt a myth. Its delicious. I'll put up a post on it one of these days.

    @In my head and around me: goodluck on solving ur medical problem. LOL!! Try cooking one cup at a time. It comes out nicer than trying to cook a whole lot.

    @omodudu: It tastes scrumptious. Finally sorted out the counter thinhy. had to do with adding a new page element.

    @London Buki: Got it sorted out now thanks. Jogging is down to once a week now. Trying to garner as much determination like you with the weight thingy. Seems there are a lot of us still experimenting with fried rice eh? LOL!! Try experimenting with smaller quantities.

    @Mrs Somebody: Thanks You, Thank You. The ogbono soup wasnt my first but the fried rice definetely was the first one that came out right.

    @Nyemoni: U r right. one man's meat. Not sure I would like to eat snakes either but they say its tastes wonderful and looks like frozen mackarel.

    @Elle Woods & Vera: Necessity they say is the mother of all inventions. I look in the mirror and envisage the day I'll go back to having lean cheekbones and not chubby cheeks anymore. Thats how I keep my determination to cut carbs out. As it worked for others, hopefully, it'll work for me too.
    size zero - here I come. yeah right!! LOL!!! What do I eat? Once a day. Soup only, or crunchy nut with skimmed milk or porridge or baked beans and 2 slices of wholemeal bread. Sometimes just sprouts and brocolli but try to drink loads of water to fill me up. I dont see my eating plan right now as punishment afterall some celebrities eat just one stick of carrot a day.

    @simply gorgeous: Bitterleaf is good. I may be on an eating plan but my man must not be denied his decent meals. Havent weighed myself yet so I dont really know if my plan is working yet or not.

  15. @Keshi: Thanks. I do try my best but I must confess that the man keeps me on my toes. He's a far better chef than me!!!

    @Pink Gloves: Thanks. I saw the ticker on skittles page. She's lost 25pounds so far.

    @9jamommy:Guess i love seeing the shock on people's faces when I tell them I love dogmeat. Cant help it seeing that I was brought up to devour the delicacy. Didnt see an email link on ur page so my receipe goes thus:


    One cup of Rice
    Vegetable Mix
    Chicken Seasoning
    A dash of corn oil or any oil u wish
    Prawns, Pork, kidney, liver or whatever you choose.
    Pepper, chopped onions, mild curry

    1. Parboil One Cup of Rice and then wash it a second time and add 2cubes of knorr chicken or other seasoning and put on heat until soft. When the rice is soft, its ready to be added to ur vegetable mix.

    2. I used pork and cut it into little pieces and fried in a pan or wok with a little oil. When brown, I added the chopped onions and mixed vegetables, prawns, pepper, chicken seasoning and just a little dash of mild curry.

    3. When the vegetable mix was ready, I turned the soft rice into the wok and stirred. Then left it to steam on very slow heat and tara!! The rice was ready to eat!!

    Lets hope it turns out OK for you guys too. Have a successful Catering Practicals!! Anyone with anymore tips on making fried rice please share. LOL!!!

  16. Thanks for the recipe :) I'll try i out and let you know how it goes... (I had to scan through real quick to make sure it didn't include any dog meat in the

  17. Luvvn ur template oh CalabarGal!

  18. this red theme na wa o. are u making a statement with the colour

  19. calabar gal pls wht do u do with ur bitterleaf? as in do u buy it fresh and wash it yourself or buy the freeze dried one in packs. i tried to make onugbu soup once and it was the worst thing ever cuz i didnt wash fresh leaves properly.

    abt fried rice, i parboil my rice in coconut milk and always use a dash of dark soy sauce.

  20. I like your blog's new look!! It seems you are quite the chef!!

  21. hmm you are a true calabar meat eating and all lol. Its a pity you can't get any of that where you are. I am actually suprised that its been eaten so widely now, i guess it must taste good, but no thanks.the most i have done is eaten rabbit meat(tastes like a cross between chicken and goat.your fried rice sounds good..the thing about cooking is that you can make a dish is so many ways and it will turn out well, just relax and pay attention(don't open the pot every 5 second!)take care and happy I have finally updated

  22. I read that bbc article, even had it up on my cubicle wall, but I took it down and replaced it with my Yar'Adua is dead / Yar'Adua is alive headlines. I would hate on you, but I rememer the looks I got when I tell people that termites are delicious.

  23. I think experimenting with small quantities is the way to go... cos I know how to make fried rice but the seasoning is never on point.

    I even boil my rice in chicken stock.

    Chameleon, I will try out the coconut milk and soy sauce one day.

  24. I love the new look on ur blog! I am not a big fan of garri or semo but ur ogbono sounds tasty n makes me wanna change my mind. Now if only I could perfect making ogbono, mine comes out bad 5 out of 10 times, lol. Congrats on perfecting Fried rice!

  25. hmmm! fried rice.makes my mouth water.It took me quite a while to master.Dog meat?eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwh!

  26. Dog meat! Bingo and bitbit, ahhh no!
    I was on a no carb diet a while back, and i almost passed out one day! I don't know how to do it, so i changed to low carb!
    Fried rice is my specialty and i love me some ogbono.... darn this blog is making me wanna hit my kitchen! Lol

  27. You this woman, you better not let RSPCA find out about this your love for dog meat. You know in this country, their pets are more valuable than their children.

  28. LOL at some of the comments on here. CG congrats on cutting carbs from your diet. I've started doing the same and it's been good so far. I just hope I don't get bored soon. You could have asked me for fried rice tips. I'm quite a chef.... LOL. Thank God it came out nice sha. Hope you have a great weekend!

  29. ogbono soup.. now am craving it.. been a while

  30. Oh btw there's a meeting of bloggers in London being discussed on Londonnaijachic's blog. Do you want to come?

  31. Cutting carbs out of your life is tough, but scientists have found a way you could "cheat". I don't make it an habit but if I feel that I must eat rice or potatoes or something of the sort, I take my Phase3 pills, made out of white kidney beans, something about it neutralizes the effect of carbohydrates. And I've been on a low-carb diet now and I'm still in "ketosis".

    I like to cut my vegetbles fresh when I make fried rice, and you learn new ways to make fried rice. The other day I tried the chinese version, you cook the rice and stir fry the vegetables and meat and then mix them all together. Bellisimo I tell you, and to make fried rice you always have to have your green pepper, crispy carrots, and kidney!!! Or else you better be adding eggs and calling it chinese fry rice :)

  32. @9jamommy & chioma: OK

    @naija vixen, dotun & princess: Thanks I'm loving it too.

    @chameleon: we learn from our bad experiences girl. I buy the freeze dried ones all the time and the first time I bought it, I thot it was already processed and put it into the pot just like that. The soup was BITTER!!! Now, I process the freeze dried ones myself as if it were fresh: Wash it, grate it, wash it again, grate it, wash it and then cut it finely before putting any in my soup. Once bitten.......

    @snazzy: I love termites too!! I love seeing the shocked expressions on people's faces when I tell them I adore 404.

    @londonbuki:True Talk. I think thats what saved me.

    @biodun: I couldnt help laughing at ur statement. Once upon a time we were there too. I remember one ogbono I made a my friends house came out horribly wrong and I used to think then I could cook. He took a lot of stick from his mates on account of that ogbono soup I made.

    @londonnaijachic: eeewwwwwwwwwwwh to u too!! LOL!!!

    @sisinaija & ijeoma: I know. I'm saying to myself right now: this blog is turning slowly into a cooking blog!! That wasnt the intention. (smile)

    @boso: I know!! On the other hand, pls dont fail to put me in the know if anyone discovers any joints over here.

    @favoured girl: I'm getting impatient myself and just wish I could get rapid results. I'm due for a weigh in.

    @mama rita: which one is ketosis again? Phase 3 pills eh? I'm googling that straight away!!

    @butterflygirl: hi de hi!! LOL!!

  33. Why do I smell food as I got on your page? "Calabar Gal (Edika-Ikong, Ekpankwoko (sp?), Afang, Okazi)", "Ogbono w/ b.leaf mix", "fried rice" AND the infamous BBC link! One thing's for sure: You must enjoy cooking and I sure would love to be your guest! Awoof no de kill me, whichever form it comes! :)

    *never been behind any Uni's walls, except for casual visits/stays

    *Been to NITDA (Abuja) countless times, still pop-in

    *Yeah, I'm Leo. Apparently doesn't match dude

    *I'm not from Cross River, but two of my colleagues r from Ikom and I know countless folks from there. Some affinity here, but we'd see where it goes.

    Enjoy the rest o' ya weekend!

  34. So you have 20kg to go?good for you then,I've got 40kg to zap off my body!

  35. Hmm Bitter leaf Ogbonna that must have been soo sweet!!..
    My own Mr Man loves Ogbonna it's his fav always bugging me to make it!!..

    I never used to make fried rice was always scared but now i have it down to a T i suggest that liver makes the best fried rice and you actually need that small curry powder they have in Naija that is secret ingredient if you cant get that use Patax curry powder always fry the oil with the curry powder first before adding
    Just my lil tips dnt mind me i loooove cooking!..

    I'm glad you fried rice came out sweet oo my mouth was

    Calabar Girl!!! i know say you dey joke about DOG MEAT!!!!..LOL

    It's sooo funny my sis just came back from ABJ i asked about our dog she said he went missing.. as i come read the article the other day i phoned her quickly and told her to have a look... We have now concluded that he is in one pepper soup at South Africa Joint.. Chai!!!..

  36. Babe ketosis is when your body starts processing excess carbohydrate in your body, it sort of comes off in your pee. Most drug stores sell the testing kit and I sort of check that I'm still loosing fat after cheating on my diet and taking my Phase 3 pills :)

  37. Okay, can you update already?!

  38. @yosh: OK if you say so. I suspected you were different people but similarity in ur pic really was striking. I tire for my blog sef. It seems to be turning slowly and dteadily into a food blog.

    @mrs somebody: I'm due for a weighing sef. To know if my abstinence has resulted in any changes or ketosis.

    @abujababe: ur dog should know better than to leave the four walls of ur compound nowadays in abuja if he values his life. A word is enough for the wise......? LOL!!!!

    @mamrita: Thanks babe. I'm learning new words everyday. I've even started using it sef. Check out my comment (reply) to mrs somebody. (smile)

    @vera: Update mistress. U don come again?!?!?!?!?

  39. Update!

    [I know I haven't left a comment but I've been a bit selfish -- reading without leaving comments].

  40. UPDATE.!! tried making ogbono soup.. failed woefully.. sob sob..

  41. e still remain? I wan come chop.

  42. ive taught bimby lads how 2 make ogbono soup several times.. my dear. from d chef her self, any tips

  43. HA !!

    I am the super pro at fried rice .... let's do a blogsville cooking competition, lol

    Stick to your diet girl,,, don't perch!


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