Saturday, March 17, 2007


I decided to move a step ahead of the update masters & mistresses before they start calling for an update. I'm just back from a brief spell of jogging. As I was leaving my house, I saw this lady jogging down the road towards me and contemplated asking her if I could be her daily jogging partner but then, one mind told me - you that you are a tortoise at jogging and still in ur early, learner phases you probably dont know her speed or level and if you become her jogging partner, you could pull her back. So I let her go past me and started jogging in the opposite direction. My liver failed me - HA!!

I remember when I first started jogging two years ago, that was when
Michelle Mcmanus started her own weight loss regime and she's dropped several dress sizes since then but I waivered by the roadside. Anyway, I remeber the very first day I went jogging - Yeah!! My waist and hips were on fire!! I couldnt even move 30 metres without stopping to catch my breathe. It was as if the ligaments in my hips had all worn off and my pelvic bones were rubbing against each other. The friction was painful!! I'm glad to say I've come along way since then but I know I still have a lot to do to catch up with the likes of paula radcliffe or even my girl - buki.

Me and hubby stay awake all night loads of time cos he does his work best at night and when the temptation to head to the kitchen, open up the fridge and get a snack comes up. I tell myself you're fooling no one but urself if you cheat. Somedays I tell myself, I wont eat anything and drink only water the entire day but it is hard!!! LOL!! I fail woefully. Thank God its Lent right now so I eat only once a day and most times, its one bowl of crunchy nuts with skimmed milk which I estimate to be at most 400 calories and then a peanut butter sandwich when the urge for a snack arises. Then subconciously I tell myself, one bowl of crunchy nut - 300 calories + one peanut sandwich - 300 calories = 700 calories. That means I'm having way less than the estimated daily allowance for a lady which is 2000 calories so why isnt any weight falling off drastically? I once saw on TV an anorexic girl revealing her secrets and saying that if you allow any morsel of food to pass thru ur lips, then you've failed woefully and failure isnt an option. I'll try that approach soon. I do want to drop a dress size so badly. Let me stop boring you guys with my woes and move on to happy thoughts.

I got a text from my friend Bee informing me of her new baby Ella's entry into the world. Very, very welcome news. I was so ecstatic and happy for her. Baby Ella is her second baby. I remember when I was in naija for my wedding last july when another friend who used to babysit Bee's first daughter - Christabelle called me to tell me Christabelle was dead. I couldnt believe my ears. Bee and Christabelle had suffered so much. Christabelle was born 2 months early and was always in and out of hospital for one treatment or the other. Then, when Christabelle was about 2 and a half yrs old, she now had leukamia which took her life. It was so so sad and I remember telling Bee that God would certainly wipe away her tears and give her many more healthy babies as long as she was alive and that he was that faithful and behold - its happened! I've got to hurry up and go visit them with loads and loads of baby thingys and sow a seed. The fact that they are in another city dosent make my procrastinating any easier.

Thinking about my friends new baby activated my amebo, busy body, attitude and I decided to do some calculations myself to unravel the time of conception for new baby. Her elder baby died last july and thats exactly 9 months this month. That was fast!! She and her hubby sure didnt waste time at all. LOL!!! Made me realise that its been 9 months since I got married too and my inlaws and relatives will be listening hard and fast to hear the almighty announcement - "We're expecting a baby" Unfortunately, it hasnt happenend yet.

Isnt it amazing how we spend our younger days trying very, very hard not to get a bun in the oven before those dotted lines are signed and then when we're finally ready to shove a bun in the oven after signing the almighty dotted lines, the almighty bun just refuses to get into the oven talk less of staying there. *SIGH* LOL!!! We didnt exactly start trying for a baby until a couple of months ago but aaaaaarrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!! Its supposed to have happenend by now. I've booked an appointment with my GP for Monday. I know he will tell me I'm being anxious over nothing (as will everyone else) and should relax and keep on trying but well, I still want to see him.

My woollies were retired last weekend only for the weatherman to tell us there's going to be another brief cold snap this weekend. Apparently, we're to expect some more snow sunday night but hopefully, when the sun comes out, it'll melt the snow!! O well, lets see how it goes. I doubt I'll bring them out (my woollies) though. Will try and brave it. Spring is here. End OF!!


  1. So you're one a weight loss program too? I've been drinking slimming tea for the past two days but can't bring myself to walk. That's right, my chosen exercise is walking not jogging!

  2. calabar gal, pls join weight watchers for steady weight loss. if you stick to your allocated points and combine like 2hrs exercise a week, u can loose 3 pounds a week.

    also, u can eat all your naija stuff too, u just need to prepare it with less oil and up the veg.

    weightwatchers is the best and is not a quck fix, it becomes a lifestyle.

    abt the baby, considering we only have 2 days of ovulation a month, have u been charting your cervical mucus and basal body temperature? im not plannin a baby but im charting both so that in a year, i'd have a clear idea of my most fertile days for when im ready to get preggaz. i recomend the book 'Taking charge of your fertility by Toni Weschler'. you can even plan your baby's sex.

    good luck.


  3. I wonder why this craze for a size zero frame by every woman i know...what happened to the age tested fattening room philosophy of the Calabar people?...well just saying sha.
    About baby making, i thot it was supposed to be shove bun in oven, smile, and wait for the dough to rise....abi, I know dough even rises when bun just says high to oven. Do not worry yourself, e go be like film trick...all we will hear will be "Mama na boi!"..So keep ya head up, nothing dey happen.....but come to think of it,this winter is trying me O!

  4. Hey, I've just decided that I need to lose some weight. You may well become my inspiration.

    As for the baby, don't worry too much about it. It is well.

  5. I tell you what a wise man said: ur married, there no such thing like trying for a baby, it will come!Plus uve just been married 9mths, im sure if you carry on as normal without extra stress and worry u'll concieve(take note I have no medical qualifications lol)
    o girl! have you been outside 2day? Its freezing!
    Just realize you actually went tru my entire archives! I feel Loved!

  6. Sounds like you could do with a hug ((HUGS))

  7. hmm about the baby tell hubby that practice makes perfect. I no dey talk pass that one.

  8. hmmm ubongada u say practice makes perfect?? I think i should tell hubby the same thing. He would love that "TIP".

    Gal, the advice i get from all those "i too sabi pple" say u should RELAX. The answer i give them is that hubby & i r still on our honeymoon. It will happen real soon for u because i will include u in my prayer list.

    U are right about the fact that we spent our younger days praying for AF to show up and then now when she shows up, u get so pissed. IRONY OF LIFE.

  9. Hey CG... I agree with LC, weightwatchers helped me change my eating habits.

    It's cold right now o!

    About the baby... I don't know what to say... Very soon, you'll give us a blog niece or nephew... x x x

    What part of London do you live? North, South?

    Take care babe!

  10. CG,Nyemoni says drinking lemonade is good for weight loss so meet her for more tips on that.
    As for Calabar baby boy/girl/twins....just relaxxxxxxx,he/she/they will come.

  11. LOLLLLLL...calabar its 9 months???? You think its only them? Iz a lie too I'm waiting for baby news...


  12. there really any needs to go to e extreme of drinking water only, our daily acts can help weight lost, - some dish-washing, mopping of floor, walking to mart instead of those vehicals (cycle will do too =/), as for jogging, i suggest you starts with some walking gradually to jogging ='
    zoom out~

  13. continue to drink water o.. i need inspiration to drink water too..

    babe, Gods time is the best, and i can assure u that God never fails and u will have twins soon by grace.. then u will now come and blog about ur 2 bundles of joy.. ok.. i yarn too much..

  14. Nothing like having a good support system when on the weight loss thingy. All the best with it! I know it's a big deal cos someone so close to me is in need of such and I wish I was closer to help out as I can.

    Btw, feeling your storage thingy on the last post. Anything over 100GB in external storage is fly!

    Have a good week!

  15. make I join you now... i wan fat, and dem talk say if i join person wey dey loose weight do exercise, say her weight go enter my borri... make i beg again? :-D

  16. Way to go on jogging. If I tried that at this point all my layers of fat would be slapping me all over. So, for now I walk. :)

    You're probably not losing any weight because your body has gone into starvation mode. If you don't eat enough, your body thinks you're lost in the woods or something and conserves fat for energy. Try eating a little more, but healthy choices.

  17. baby girl God will def give you a set of....(twins, triplets, quards) choose your choice! not to worry babe take your mind off and give ur darling more of the fun.... i dd just that and you know what i've got yeah.

  18. Thank you skittles for sage advice...when you fast, your body goes on lock down and stores energy=fat. As per that anorexic technique, may it not be your portion, it is a mental illness. Since you jog, the important thing is to be fit and healthy, not skinny and unhealthy,take little steps and be consistent, that is the only way to take it off and keep it off. Eat smaller meals and in 3-4 hour intervals. Eat within 40minutes of waking up, just so your body does not go into fast mode and preare for the next "famine" period. Train your body to receive energy and burn it off in time for the next wave of food to come through. The body is a well oiled , intelligent machine.

    I'm sure you did not gain the weight in 6 months( short period), so do not try and lose it in ^ months.


    Peace and Love, Reader in Toronto

  19. You will get pregnant and have a baby when it's the right time, meanwhile enjoy all the time you and your husband have together because your life will change once you have a baby!

    Your diet doesn't sound very healthy ... sure it's low in calories but you should eat enough because right now your body probably thinks you're starving it. And also you're not eating any fruit or veg. I think it's great that you're doing something about the weight you want to lose, but please, do it healthily! And well done on your jogging! I don't know if you are already but try buki's 6 week start jogging program ... it's amazing and got me into running!

    Have a great week!

  20. Awww, thanks for stopping by. Dont mind my mommy o, hehehe.

    About losing weight, i hear not sleeping early/enough worsens it, maybe you shd sleep more...i'm sure you'll be fine, you sound determined. I'm going for this orphanrun thing on saturday, i hope i dont pass out considering i cnt run except something is chasing me, LOLOL.

    You'll be pregnant real soon by God's grace. Will you announce it on blogville? I think i'm one of those people who'll be secretive about being pregnant lol...i'll keep you in my prayers.

    Very happy for your friend and her new baby, God is good. Yes, you should sow seeds, they work wonders!

    Have a fabulous week, i'll be back:)

  21. Oh my dear girl, best believe that baby will come. Believe it. Baba God no dey sleep.

    It was the other way round for me, i was on the pill but God was like, "Bobby, those pills are not more powerful than i am...take, i dash you your first pickin..."

    I was shocked...Othro Tri Cyclen, failed me??? Chineke!!! But now i am so happy it failed me man. walahi.

    God knows what he's doing...i cant wait until you blog and tell us your belly is growing...

    I have the best collection of preggerz books, i wouldnt mind sending them to you...when the bun gets nice and hot...

  22. Hey CG, Thank God for your friend's Baby! God Answers prayers oh, you better beleive it! Wait on the Lord, his time is the best. Your Baby(ies) will come in God's time, so just relax! Plus your marriage is relatively new,enjoy yourselves jo!
    As per your dieting, starvation really slows down your metabolism big time! your body will hold on to those 700 little calories! Your best bet is to eat smaller, healthier portions 4-6 times a day, so you are never hungry. That will speed up your metabolism and get rid of the calories faster. Get plenty of fluid in there too and its great that you are jogging. Keep at it girl, you will definitely see results.
    Enjoy your week girl!

  23. The weight is all coming off very soon seeing that you are sticking to your guns and very focused. The baby is on its way, you just calm down and remain patient.

  24. laughed at "my waist and hips were on fire". Being consistent in exercising is the key.

    Glad about your friend's new baby.

    "HE makes all things beautiful in His time".

  25. I hear the baby will come and sooner than you think but still go see your GP, it will not all those late nights staying with hubby while he does his work was not just "stand and stare hun"? Happy for your friend and God has certainly wiped away her tears...soon afterwards.

    Weight loss is doable and sustainable. Lifestyle change is required though...exercise is a lot of discipline and I am saying it from experience...but you have made a good start. Keep up the not make excuses for yourself and fall off the wagon.

  26. I need someone to make me jog. I am just soooooooooo lazy!

  27. pls extend our best wishes to your friend.God is great indeed..

    As for you don't even start getting worried..I am sure you know when your fertile and you both should just relax and work with your body,and God will put an edididiong or effiok in there.

    I am sure your doing ok with your weight loss.I too struggle with snacking at night cus hubby comes home late and snacks too. I wish i had a jog partner too, my neighbour jogs but I don't think she wants company plus she is not regular.
    I am sure you will eventually get a weight loss system that works.The anorexic style is a no no especially since your trying to conceive :).

  28. lol... so far having tons of sex with the boyfriend isn't exactly taking off the pounds... so i just might have to think of something.. actually scratch that i don't really want to loose weight although i'm sure i should.. the only thing i want to do is get a six pack oh.. i did situps for 2 months straight and saw no results so i got discouraged... i heard that you have to combine that with some exercise regimen to get it... in all honestly dont even know what to do again oh cos summer is already upon us and i want to get my belly button repierced and show off oh... yekpa... we;re happy for your friend oh.. i hope the bun pops into the oven soon oh cos me i want to be a blog godmother(and this is enough advance notice oh.. dont let londonbuki come with her british accent and decieve you into giving her my position you hear?!) trust me i will be great and teach her soo many things... lol.. you trust me now abi?

  29. About the weight-loss thingy, I have never been particularly into counting calories but i guess it helps. Do you exercise? combine dieting with exercise for fast results. Just a tip.

    About the baby, lol, you will have morning sickness soon and that will your first sign ... hehehe. But all the best. Your pregnancy rate is very high usually when you are ovulating so watchout for that period. Cheers!

  30. Hey CG, how it going? Anyways, I will tackle this one after the other lol..

    For weight loss, honestly you need to take a more healthy approach, starving or eating one meal a day will only make you hungrier, then you'll binge eat loads of try eating smaller portions of healthy food at least 3 times a day and of course keep up your exercise.

    About your friend, praise be to God. I cannot imagine the agony of her losing a child but God giveth and taketh. God grant her new born with good health.

    For you, your time is coming...honestly the baby will come at the right time! I know people who have been waiting for 7 years (that is not your portion ooo) but just go to the GP and keep the faith!

    Anyways, have a great week...Cheers!

  31. Am I glad for your friend Bee or what? Not to worry, I'm sure you're fine... God will do his thing sooner than you think! Stay positive girl... God bless!

  32. CB i guess this is the time for you to eat well and properly as your body needs all the necessary nutrition to conceive a baby. Sure it will come soon. Can i just ask if you have recently just come off the pill? cos if you have, it might take a while for your body to adjust.

  33. CG- don't worry your weight loss and your baby will all come in due time. You are stressing yourself out and your diet is not helping the situation. Please try to eat normally and see if that helps. I am glad for your friend, losing a baby is never easy.

  34. everybody is on some type of weight loss plan.

  35. I absolutely agree with Elle.
    CG, I cant believe I havent commented on here.
    Lemme start by saying how happy I am for your friend; God does not forget.

    Then I'd like to share my promise with you and ask you to read Romans 8 and use any verse that strikes you in it when you pray.Hold onto those promises girl!

    Then, I absolutely agree that you should relaaaaaaaaaxxxx the best things happen [like weight loss!] when we arent obsessing over them!
    Even though we cant help it!
    I'm under some other kinda pressure myself [dont get me started]and I've realised that its not worth giving into those pressures and esp the ones WE put OURSELVES under..go easy on urself CG...enjoy yourself, your husband and being "newlywed" the damn thing and extra gurl!

    Girl I dey with you on that weight loss somtin o!
    I've gone up and down in the past yr and I don tire..I joined a gym and was going religously; my biceps and thighs were sexy and soooo toned!
    But since my schedule got more hectic and I havent been able to go, I've fallen back to being a wobbly girl getting my BUTT up to walk/jog is just soooooooo hard...groan..
    But something's gotta give!I've got a birthday coming up soon and I have to lose some damn weight!

    Mind over body men!

  36. Yes, Overwhelmed will teach ur daughter all the latest, most technologically-advanced sex positions... and all the wireless, wetness-operated gadgets. And let's not 4get the spanking too! LOL

  37. Thanks Everyone for all ur tips and advice. Points noted and taken and will be adhered to as is strictly possible. (smile)

  38. Oh forgot to add.

    I lost 40 pounds on weight watchers in only 8 weeks...true story.

    Weight Watchers works like madd.


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