Thursday, March 01, 2007

Who's knocking at the door?!?!?!!?!

I wanted to start a new month with a new look and attempted to change my template some days ago. Though I succeded in changing the template, neither my clock nor my counters were transferred to the new template and try as hard as I could, I couldnt fathom how to get the counters or the clock onto the new template so I switched back to the old template pending when I'm able to get it all right.

Over the weekend, me, hubby and my friend were lazying the sitting room partly watching movies and partly sleeping when we heard a knock at the door and hubby went to open the door. Heard someone ask him some questions and then say "Can we come in?" and in my mind I was like "No honey, pls dont let any strangers into the house". Too late- he stepped back and let the strangers in our home and they turned out to be two gigantic policemen!!! They asked who were those living in the house and hubby replied that he lived there with his wife - moi and her friend who was visiting for a couple of days. They in turn said that "we've had a complaint about a child crying in this house" Or maybe they said child being abused in the house but well, the complaint had to do with a child. We both replied that we had no child living with us but that a couple of our neighbours had kids though and maybe the complainant got the address wrong. Thank God there were no friends visiting with thier kids that day or that it wasnt one of the days I helped a friend babysit her child. They asked if they could look round the entire house and we obliged them and they radioed their station to confirm that they had gotten the right address and to inform the station that they were at the "scene". They then asked for some form of identification and hubby gave them his business card and they took his date of birth and other details and then left. But not without commenting if hubby collects degrees. Yeah they guy has got a lot of them - a couple of first degrees, several masters degree, one Phd and he's currently studying for yet another one. I suppose he enjoys studying.

After the policemen had left, we couldnt help but wonder if it was really a case of the police not hearing properly and getting the wrong address when the complaint was being made or a case of someone playing malicious pranks on us and making false complaints. Hubby remarked if our neighbour Mr M. who used to be quite troublesome was out of the mental hospital cos it sounded like what he could do.

Mr M used to live next door to us and spent most of his day sitting outside his house smoking. Hubby says its pot he smokes but I dont know the difference between proper cigarettes and pot cos they smell the same to me. Anyway, sometime ago, hubby's cousins came on holiday and Mr M tried to make friends with them but they werent willing to be his friends since he looked quite scary with bushy and extremely long dreadlocks. Soon, he progressed to harassing them whenever they were leaving or entering the house and made a comment about how they'd be pregnant with twins for him before their holiday was over. Hubby didnt like the comments and harrassment and asked him to desist and thus began a spate of spite towards our home.

When he took his cousins to the airport after their holiday was over, he came back to find himself effectively locked out of the house and that his lock had been filled with superglue and his key couldnt enter the lock. This happened a couple of times and reports to the police didnt bring any solution. It then progressed to all four of hubby's car tires being slashed almost fortnightly and once they were changed, then we would find them slashed again. We still suspected Mr M but since he had never really been caught in the act, there was nothing the police could do. Mr M admitted to us that it was him but it was our word against his. We then took to parking the car in the garage to prevent any further mishaps and he took to vandalising the door locks again.

Finally, one day, as hubby was about to drive out of the garage, he attacked hubby with a knife and slashed his car tires once again. This time, since the tires were slashed in hubby's presence, the police decided to take action and went to have a chat with him in his home. Mr M let them in but a few minutes later, they ran out again with horrific looks on their faces and called for backup. He had tried to asault them!! He locked himself up in his flat but they gassed the house and broke down his door and arrested him and then sealed up his home. The Iron door they put up when they sealed his home was removed some months later but he's been in the mental home since then and hubby said we'll be informed before he is released for our own safety.

The visit by the policemen brought back these memories and we were wondering if Mr M had been released from the mental home and had started new spates of attacks towards us. I sincerely pray it was just a case of the police getting the address of the "scene of complaint" wrong.


  1. wow...what a story. Listen about the template thingy, you'll have to copy all your add-on into the new template as well. Just like staring from scratch. Sorry.

  2. Wow, that is a serious matter.

    My wife and I are terrified we'll have our neighbours call police one day when the baby is crying.

  3. Wow! That's crazy!!! Thank God he didn't cos any physical damage! Super glue in the lock? How malicious and childish!

    Yeah, like Mari said... you have to go to your template and copy the code for your guestbook, your clock and any extras on your sidebar.

  4. I'd be scared. Freaks are irrational.

  5. How scary. glad hubby is okay this one the guy attacked him with a knife. Well hopefully, its a case of wrong address.

    meanhwile, waht is the point of this word verification biko?

    have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Talk about the neighbour from hell

  7. I agree with uknaija - Mr M is truly a neighbour from Hell!

    You should be able to confirm from Social Services or the Local Authority, whether or not Mr M has been discharged from the mental hospital; and then as previous victims of his irrational (and dangerous) behaviour, you should be able to discuss your options with the police.

    Take care of yourselves!

  8. Wow, that is a scary! Pele o. Hope you and hubby are ok. It's not funny when you complain about people like this and the authorities don't take you seriously. Please find out if he has been up to his old tricks again and inform someone. Stay safe.

  9. The freak actually did all that and u did not do anything,omo it would have gone down since the very first day.Slash my 4 tires,na yam ..

  10. Thats some crazy ISH!.... He clearly suffers terribly why would they let him out in the first place kai!! thats a real neighbour from hell!... Super Glue in the lock thats just Crazy..

  11. Chei!!!well, hope its all a mistake!

  12. Cg- I don't know whether to feel frightened or laugh it is the way you tell your story. He must look a sight for the " babylon" to run from them. na-wow, I hope you will be safe.

  13. Okay, why am i the only one to laugh when something serious is being discussed? I'm sorry but as serious as this is, I found it to be somewhat funny too.

    There are a lot of them around here in the UK i'm afraid. I visit my friend who lives in a block of flats quite regularly and I never fail to notice a drunk who I unfortunately usually get in the lift with. I remember he once tried to grope me and on two occasions, pinched me in the bum. Anyhoo,you and your hubby should take this issue seriously and insist that he be moved permanently to a mental home where they would take proper care of him.

  14. That guy gives me the creeps without having ever met him. What's wrong with Blogger? I couldn't post a comment all through yesterday?

  15. Man, your hubby too like school! tell him to take it easy o!
    As for Mr. M... He's seriously high a cheap drug! You guys need to be extremely careful around that lunatic.. Jeez...

  16. Thats really freaky... Do you own or rent?

  17. LOL

    That ur Mr. M sha. Hehehe.

    You know what I think about the cops visiting ur house in search of kids? I think it means, there are some beans baking in ur over (i.e. a child/children is/are on its/their way)


    Lemme know when u r put 2 bed.


    But u might wanna raise ur kids somewhere far away from Mr. M.


  18. That neighbour's crazy- slashed tyres, glue in door locks?
    I don't have to tell you there's a real need to be careful.
    All the best.

  19. @DESOLA: It's only u a drunk man will pinch in the bum. Calabargal, That's some crazy stuvvs o. God'll continue to protect u and hubby from the likes of Mr. M. Na wa o, hubby too like book. Tell him to chill small nau. Enjoy ur weekend.

  20. That sounds scary! Some Neighbours can give one a hell of a time! Hope it gets better

  21. I was one of the first to read this post but was unable to comment. Blogger!

    This reads like a movie. All we need is music and credits. Amazing!

  22. xgmqgdiwhat kind of neighbour is that please?Slashing tyres and doing all the crazy things?Sorry anyway and please stay away from him.

  23. that sounds so unreal!
    crazy stuff. hope the guy isnt out yet,or anytime soon for that matter.

    on another note, i've missed blogging soooo much- and your blog with all the gist and the hubby and all. good to be back and commenting at least!

  24. Yeyyy, life with a mad man!

    That must be crazy...

  25. You changed your template! I was expecting pink!

    Hope you are ok... :-)

    Have a nice week...

  26. Warramess!.. I've actually come across nut cases like this.. but not in the "real world".. I've seen them locked up.

    Now ur experience is just horrific!. To have to deal with ppl like this daily.. and live around then is just insane!

    He might have been released and it could possibly still be him making reports to the police.. unfortunately, the law doesn't allow for him to be locked up.. except he's @ "imminent danger to self or others"

    Hopefully though.. it's not him again.

  27. slashed tires? gasing his house? mental hospotal? This si some serious stuff. Glad you guys are okay. Absolutely unreal. Anyway naija blogger bachelor debuts on my blog tomorrow so look out for that

  28. Wassup girl i hope all is well...

  29. @Mari: I have tried to copy but the new one looks so different and each time I try to put the code for my sitemeter it closes down the page.

    @Boso: I sincerely hope they dont. It isnt a pleasant thing at all.

    @Londonbuki: I have tried that but this new template looks so different from the old one and it seems I'm still doing something wrong.

    @omodudu: They are!! You never know what they'll do next!

    @chameleon: word verification is trying you ehn? (smile)

    @UK Naija, April & Favoured girl: Yes we will. Thanks.

    @Naija Bloke: Do what? Beat him up and get done in for assault, apart from verbal exchanges, our hands were tied as there were no witnesses to his pranks. We were even considering putting up hidden cameras.

    @abujababe: We were suffering the effects of the toll of years and years of taking hard drugs on his mind.

    @waffarian & simply gorgeous: well, lets say he wasnt exactly prince charming either. (smile)

    @desola: pinched ur bum eh? There are a lot of them around. He's been in confinement and we havent seen him around since then.

  30. @Azuka: Gives everyone around the creeps!!

    @Nyemoni & Cherub: Tell him to take it easy? Impossible - He wont. He loves studying!!!

    @Anonymous: Very Freaky. Rent right now.

    @Vera: Certainly not raising my kids around here. We're moving ASAP!!!

    @lasapi, Klara & mrs somebody: Thanks.

    @In my head and around me: Better watched on screen than experienced in real life.

    @Jadedkiss: where have you been girl?!?!?!

    @Jaycee: Life with a mad neighbour isnt fun at all. U try to keep ur distance in case he's in one of his moments of insanity.

    @londonbuki: Yeah. Finally got the counter thingy sorted on th eblack template but now I'm loving the white template more so I'm back to figuring how to put the counters code on this one too.

    @Chameleon: really? looked too dark to me.

    @smoothvibes: ...hopefully, its not him again like you said.

    @Uzo: blogger bachelor hmmn? Honkey doh!!!!

    @Abujababe: had a really busy week. Thanks.

  31. Used to have some neighbours from hell a few years ago, the police wouldn't do anything so i installed a webcam. I sent the police images of some of the crap they were doing, the police paid them a visit showing them the evidence.
    It obviously freaked them out as not too long after the visit they moved away.

  32. Your neighbor M sounds scary!!! I cannot believe he repeatedly slashed the car tires!! Hope he hasn't been released from the Mental institution yet!!

  33. Na wa for your pyscho neighbour..Please if the guy is out you people should leave that place for him oh! I mean he could cause you some grievious bodily harm, God forbid! Thank God he is locked up in a psych ward,just make sure you know when he is out, cus pysch wards in jand are always full so once they feel someone is somewhat ok they discharge them.
    God bless you and hopefully the police won't be visiting y'all again.

  34. dang, that is some scary shit! freaky neighbors and police, not a good combo! Glad he is out though!

  35. @ijebuman: Noticed the law isnt ever willing to act until there's some 'hard' evidence.

    @princess: looked for some pics of the slashed tires to post but they were lost when our PC crashed.

    @chioma: he isnt out thank God.

    @sisinaija: u mean glad he's still out and away from this area eh? lol!!LOL!!

  36. na wa o, continue to pray that the loony doesnt do anymore than he has already done.

  37. Men that guy na compound were o! lol...thank God he didnt attack you or anything...the guy'll be harrassing his fellow weres in his new home! lol...

  38. @justme: He's still incarcerated.

    @mrfineboy: I couldnt help laughing when I read ur comment. U had me in stitches. Could be true. He may be harrassing other fellow were's in whichever home he is.

  39. Some scary stuvv going down at your end.
    You take care o.

  40. Whoa! That's like some Hollywood film! Luckily, you guys didn't get hurt. At night. When you were sleeping.

    Luckily his madness towards you consisted of just gluing locks. Nice post.


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