Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bag of Nerves

We (me and hubby) want to open a banking account for our business. Went to Lloyds and collected the form and Halifax too and got some forms, filled them, returned them and the banks said they would be in touch with us. Had a phone call later on in the evening and it was Lloyds asking to speak to hubby. They asked him a couple of quetsions and wanted to fix an appointment for a face to face interview. I was mouthing to hubby that wednesday (yesterday) wasnt OK as my interview was scheduled for that day and he also had a diabetic appointment in the morning. The guy on the fone finally agreed on a date and time for the interview and I was furious when I discovered that hubby had fixed a 10am meeting with the business manager for wednesday. My interview was at 10.30 am in the city that same morning and there was no way I was going to forgo that. Of all the times to pick. He could have asked for an afternoon meeting!!!

Alright, after hyperventilating, we agreed that I would call the company and ask them to reschedule the interview for later on in the day. The interview wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I got to the building 5 minutes before the appointed time and told the front desk official I had an appointment with the HR Manager. It turns out the HR Manager was the extremely cute 'ROCK CHICK' with extremely lovely and punkish looking boots and apparel standing by his desk. She'd been waiting to receive me. We made our introductions and went upstairs.

In the boardroom, we were joined by the CoSec Manager who told me how many people were in the CoSec team and the kind of work they dealt with in the department and the company as a whole. Interview then began proper:
Q1: Tell me about yourself.
Q2: Tell me about what sort of work experience you've had: I mumbled all the things I've done so far.
Q3: Have you been part of a team previously? How were you able to cope?
Q4: In a busy office, how would you cope with the work load or schedule?
Q5: Are you working now? Why did you leave your former office?
Q6: What's the range of salary you would expect from this company? I tried to throw the question back to her to make her give me sort sort of range they normally pay but she refused to bite. I finally gave her a very wide range within which I would be pleased to accept an offer. There were a host of other behavioural questions.

We moved on from the behavioural questions to Specialization questions proper. I must admit that I felt inadequate in this area. I had been researching up on Interview Questions and had a fair idea of questions which would be asked, but hadnt thought of brushing up on practical experience and knowledge and up to date happening in our industry. Note to self: Sit up next time.
Q1: What amendments have been made to the New Companies Act? I smiled. There had been several articles on this in the most recent issues of Chartered Secretary and talked about private companies cosec requirement which had been dropped as well as the new amendments I could remember. In my heart I was thinking YEAH why didnt I think I would be grilled on this?
Q2: How does the new amendment affect nominee companies and the directorship requirement? I answered the questions as I best could.

Do you have any questions to ask us?
Q1: Strength and Weakness of your company?
Q2: Growth potential of your firm and the employees in your firm.
I wanted to ask them what qualities they prized most in employees working under them but interview tension and my liver did not allow me. They answered my questions, thanked me for coming and said they'd get back to me. The Cosec manager walked me to the lift and downstairs where we said our goodbyes.

Outside the building, I let out a breath of relief. It didnt go too bad but could have been better. I've still got till the end of the month till I hear from them. The search goes on. I got back home to find this email from another company saying

Calabar Gal,
Thanks for your CV which has an impressive track record and commitment to corporate governance. Unfortunately we are not able to offer you a place with us but would like to invite you to our AGM in August to see corporate governance "in action". Please let us know if you can attend so we can make the necessary arrangements. We would be happy to let you know more about corporate governance at our company over a cup of tea in our offices anytime.


I dont want a cup of tea!! I want a JOB!!! LOL!!!

I've decided to chronicles my weight loss journey in my other blog which has been lying fallow and didnt want to bore you guys cos its mostly a food diary about items ingested each day by me so I made it a reader invitation blog only. If anyone wants an invitation to read the blog, pls dont hesitate to send me ur email address and your invitation will be sent pronto.


  1. That job is urs! I agree with you on that.

  2. Those 'Unfortunately for them letters'..i have reecieved so may i ve decided 2 reply some of dem one of these days...will put a sample on my blog when i finally summon d courage 2 do so..

    Sorry dear u''ll get a Job soon..

  3. Praying that a sista gets the job she deserves...Amen!

  4. How do they say it in MFM - The job is yours...Seriously, I think you will nail this one.

  5. My wife is looking for work as well, don't worry, it'll all work out.

    Congrats again for being the 1000th person to comment on

    Interviews are really funny, I hate them so much !! The book I won from Dr. Rob Yeung is really good though, very good questions in that one.

  6. awwwwww.. ull get a job soon love.. but i make good tea o ( read my latest blog)..... God is in control. u know how it is in this country... na so so.. sorry, unfortunely.. hisss.. its thier loss my dear..

  7. There will be others darling!!
    Trust me, if this one didnt work out, its because it probably wasnt for you.

  8. U will get a job sooooon!
    Dont worry, just keep praying.
    Please send me an invite to your other blog:

  9. The job is urs in Jesus name. Something beta will even come your way soon if that one doesnt work out.

  10. I dont want a cup of tea!! I want a JOB!!! LOL!!!

    That had me cracking up, I've been there. What kind of consolation is a cup of tea when you go for a job? Never mind, like I said before I have claimed this job for you in the name of Jesus.

  11. Good luck on your job search.

    This is totally unrelated to the post: Please teach me to tell time with that clock you have on the sidebar.

  12. @Babsbeta, Law_damsel & Ababoypart2: Thanks Guys.

    @Boso: Surely posting the 1000th comment surely deserves a prize like a return ticket to the US or Dubai?!?! LOL!!! Pray madam gets one too very soon.

    @Bimbylads: I dont mind making tea. LOL!! Just want the opportunity to make the tea not just be invited to drink it only. (smile)

    @Bluntremi, Temmy Tayo & Monef: Such positiveness. Thanks

    @Bella Naija: Invitation Sent.

    @In my head and around me: LOL!! Even I had to study the clock properly to learn now to tell time on it. The red eyeball is the long hand of the clock and the white eyeball is the white eyeball is the short hand.

  13. yo quick fast check my blog out ASAP

  14. girlfriend, hope in will get that job. much love.

  15. Aww, CG- don't worry... there will be others that u will find.. everything has its time?

    Tell me sometimes don't you feel like strangling husbands sometimes? (smile)

    Stop eating 404's. How did you start that habit anyway:?

  16. calabargal I see dat your weight loss program is getting on fine. I'd like an invitation. my email is Thanks!

  17. You'll be fine babe! Practice those interview questions and you'll ace them.

  18. Claim it and its yours.Please invite me to your diet blog,my


  19. Keep ure head up and dont lose hope. Its always frustrating at the beginning of a job search but put it in mind that your job is out there.

    And remember, easy come easy go.

  20. Hey, hope ya cool, when's da next update coming, huh?

    btw, if yu've gat time, peep into my blog, i've gat a lil somethn i need help on

  21. LOLLLL @ "I don't want a cup of tea, I want a job."

    Yes, the job is urs stress...everything will work together for ur good...

  22. pls add me to your diet blog.
    i need to lose weight, so i am looking for motivation.

  23. Goodluck with the job girl! The right one for you will be yours in Jesus name. Amen!

  24. Way to go CG.I can see your scale has moved.Well done!!!

  25. sorry for interrupting but its quite urgent come check my page out its the last time i swear

  26. Posted a comment before but its not showing. Could you please add me to your diet blog. I also need some weight loss motivation. e mail: . Thanks!!!

  27. @Diary of a G: I have been to ur page.

    @Yankee Naija Chick: I'm trusting him for more offers to come my way.

    @Simply Gorgeous: Its an eating habit thats been passed down for generations in my family oh. Not sure I can stop except if hubby threatens to kick me out - and I'm not sure even that will have any effect on making me abstain. LOL!

    @Anonymous 1 & 2, A Naija Wife, Stuck in my Throat: Invitations sent.

    @Favoured Girl, Mari, Jaycee, Tminx: I'm already practicing for the next interview I'll get.

    @Ugo Daniels: Next update ke? u don turn to blog police? Will check ur page as soon as I'm done replying comments on mine.

    @Mrs Somebody: It has moved oh. Achieved some loss in 3 weeks. Sent you an invitation to my weight chronicles blog. Check ur email.

    @Diary of a G: I have been there.
    Something New? I'll be right over.

  28. oh ya own a business good stuff maybe you can give me a few pointers when am ready to open mines I'LL holla

    have a sup-splendid-delicious weekend

  29. Oh sorry, the next one will be a breeze!

  30. Been a while, CalabarGal. You might get to find opportunities while 'having a cup of tea', so to say. I hope things work out fine for you.

  31. The Other Side Of A Gemini now showing

  32. CG, tell those Oyinbos "Do i have a tea drinking face???, DO i look like i drink tea? abeg give me the job o jare" rubbish.

  33. Girl you will get something soon in Jesus name!

  34. @Klara, Diary of a G, Butterfly Girl, Biodun: I will. Cheers.

    @The Professor: Its been so long. How have you been?

    @Baba Alaye: Back from ur break?!?! I'm off to ur page to have a look at whats going on there.

  35. Damn, I'm late! Don't worry, e go better! Na UK u de, so I wouldn't be surprised one bit with that. And dem use cup o' tea do Brits...lmao, they even specified it in the IV.

    btw, I'd love to meet a HR Mgr dressed up in rock outfits, woohoo! :P

  36. Cup of tea? Silly people....The job is yours...It will be well...

  37. employers shud be looking for u.dont wori they'll find u soon.goodluck babe.

  38. Would you even see my comment this far down? LOL Hang in there, the perfect job is round the corner!

  39. Hey Calabar Gal...Long time...hopefully this site will accept my comments today..what can I say...I come and then it will not accept my comments and I leave without giving you a 'piece of my mind'...the job will come but I am more interested in saying "well done on losing 5kg...15 to go, your next 5 kg should come off with a little bit of hard work and then the last 5 will really take some effort...not discouraging you but giving you an insider information...oh how are you doing with ignoring those tempting dishes???


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