Sunday, April 01, 2007

P45 on its way....

I have resolved to refrain from staying in the club of those who make only a minimum payment on their credit card in order to get my credit limit increased - for my £200 card that is and then pay off the balance of my other credit card slowly but steadily. I'm contemplating cutting up the second card to avoid the temptation of spending any money off it until the entire balance is paid and then order a new one when the entire balance is paid off but lets see how it goes.

Just when I was having all these positive thoughts mentioned earlier, I got a letter from one of my agencies over the weekend. It read in this light :-
"It is our policy to terminate the employment of flexible employees who havent been on active assignment for a continous 8 week period" - Yeah Right. Whose fault is that? You havent offerred me any good job offers with reputable hours either.

"This is giving you two weeks notice and your P45 will be forwarded to you in due course. Please inform your branch if you would like them to seek suitable assignments for you and re-employment is straightforward" - Indeed, I am also tired of your agency not being able to satisfy my work requirements. I will gladly accept the P45. Thank You very much.

So thats it. My CV has been dusted and reworked ready to be sent off to companies directly. No more agency work. Why has getting a steady and permanent job been so difficult for me? I have even reached a stage and accepted and very willing to be engaged in unpaid or voluntary work. This has to happen just when I had made up my mind to be paying off my full balance off at least one of my cards monthly. I guess I still have the other agencies I registered with to fall back on and thats why I'm not too bothered about being struck off this particular one's list.

Update: I've started my cold calling project and so far, 4 entire sets of 12 pack postal stamp sets have been put to good use and countless emails sent out. Chartered Secretary is also my next best friend too.

I've got some conflicting information about my weight loss process. Went for a weighing session and the scale at my GP's says I have gained 2kg and my current weight is 90KG. My scale at home however says I have lost 3KG. So I've decided I'll disregard all readings from my home scale and always go for a monthly weigh in at my GP's. Seeing that I had shifted little or almost nothing during the entire month of March, I decided to do some research on Atkins Diet and it made me realise that I hadnt been following the rules strictly at all. So I decided to start the Induction Process all over again and go shopping specifically for items to use in planning and preparing my meals.

I want to thank London Naija Chic for the Efo Receipe she finally sent to me after serious entreaties by London Chameleon. I tried it out during the week for hubby and the meal came out OK if I may say so. Thanks Girl!!

I can be funny sometimes and do the most absurd things in certain cases. Yesterday I was waiting for the NEXT Online sale to begin only to be informed that the online sale starts at 10am. Not ready to miss out on things for sale this time venturing out of the house, I decided to serve a huge fry up to my friend and my hubby to kill time. Fry-up prepared and served - I had a omlette myself, it was time to hit the sales. I was on the lookout for good deals on shoes and boots and was a bit dissapointed. Wanted some knee length wedges or boots and there was nothing at all just some snow boots. To think that I postponed my saturday morning jog so I wouldnt miss out on the sales. Anyway, I headed to my favourite supermarket after that to get some water - Flavoured Water for hubby and Sparkling Water for me. Got 6 litres of each, added a couple of tins of canned fish, some olives, some stationery, lucozade, 2 frozen chickens, some vegetables and headed to the till. Paid for the items and then a thought entered my head. I had read somewhere that carrying your shopping about maybe 100metres (not sure the exact distance) burns about 500 calories and so I thought to myself. Why not burn some calories by walking home with your shopping? And thats exactly what I did. Do you have some funny story about ridiculous things we do in order to loose weight?

It wasnt funny at all. 6 litres flavoured water, vegetables and tins in one hand, 6 litres sparkling water, chicken and stationery in the other, the walk home began. Slow and Steady. I'm estimating that my house is about 1000 - 1500 metres away. The first 200metres were OK. The next 200 metres a bit gruelling and after that the silent panting and puffing began. I was chiding myself in anguish - what kind of punishment is this? You cant go back now - forward ever. After sometime, I was wondering if any calories were being burned at all for this kind of gruelling punishment I had subjected myself or my arms were just being pulled out of their socket for nothing. When I was almost at my door, a passerby asked: "Isnt that a bit to much for you?" "I dont mind." I replied. "I'm trying so looose some weight too so....... " OMG!! Talk about self inflicted punishment. When I told hubby and my friend about my journey back home, they both laughed at me. Oh well, as long as some weight drops off, I really dont mind.

Made a salad with the Cabbage Medley and it was so yummy. The astounding thing is that after I had the salad, the desire to be peckish or snack flew out the window and I was quite amazed. Even up till the end of the day - about midnight when I was ready to turn in for the night, still didnt feel peckish at all.

The carrots in the Winter Vegetables mix will be chucked away as its not on the acceptable foods list. I'm praying in my heart I keep it up this meal plan and ketosis comes fast with the aid of these:

April is here and I've got just two months to tidy up work on my dissertation and submit in the first week of June so please pardon me if I dont reply all your comments individually or stay away too long without updating. I'd been contemplating putting up an 'Away' counter like Tminx had on her page but I know myself that most likely my resolve to stay away wont last. So forgive me in advance if I write posts a little bit infrequently from now on.


  1. Na you oh! I can't walk that distance because I want to lose weight :-).

  2. CG- I am sorry about your job.As for the weight loss thing I weigh myself every day. I think it is a little bit compulsive but I think it works for me. So many thing affect weight gain. Sleep patterns- how much sleep you have obtained during the night, fluid intake throughout the course of the day, how close your meal is towards your bedtime, your portion size of the meal. Generally, the rule is that your meat and carbs should not be bigger than your fist, also menstrual cycle also affects weight gain. I hope this helps you. You said you are 90 kg, but you did not indicate your height.

    CDC. gov has a way to calculate your BMI and ways that you can do to reduce weight.

  3. CG, pls could u give me d recipe to your salad pictured there. It looks tantalising. :) thanks

  4. CG, email me at Have loads of Atkins info which helped me immensely. Have some Ketostik to send you. You have motivated me to get back on the LC wagon. Will be diet buddies :) Prepare yourself and your hubby. The first 3 days on induction are awful. Real carb withdrawal shakes.

  5. Hey, really sorry about your job. I hope something comes up soon. The job market is usually buoyant about now.....

  6. sorry to sound negative but you can only keep atkins up for so long. once you revert back to your old ways or anything remotely close, the weight piles on.

    atkins is best for '2 weeks to a wedding' type of stint. for the best and longest lasting results... weight watchers/slimming world is it.

    you are allocated points depending on ur weight and each food item has points. alot of foods have zero points like salad veg and fruits. also 30mins of exercise wins you 3pts which u can use or save for the weekend esp if you have dinner or parties to go.

    the more weight you lose, your points reduce whuch means less food but by then, your stomach would be used to it. besides, you'd have all the zero point foods to snack on.

    its more of a healthy eating lifestyle than a fad diet.

  7. also, you can eat absolutely anything!


  9. mehn i see some scrumptious meals on your page and the recipe for that salad will be very much appreciated, lol...i lurrv food o :) dont worry eh, just stick to working out and eating in moderation whatever you do please don't starve yourself o, some of my friends are resorting to that and i try to tell them you only put back on more than you lose from starving.
    it will all work out.

  10. girlfriend ..i am so sure you will get something much better ok/ cus when one door closes,A thousand other open, just ask for direction cus you may be a bit confused about which one to choose.
    Sweetie chill on the dieting healthy but remeber your ttc so don't overdo it.
    Chartered Secretary..u know i am a lawyer to (2002 set)..Hubby and I plan to be in the UK for a year for masters but i dont think i can cope with LLM and two kids..maybe i should do the chartered secretary thing..i will ask u for advise when the time comes..Have a great week.

  11. yeah the salad looks scrumptious,lets know what u did.

  12. Can I have some salad please, i know ur home addy o.

  13. Ehen, I have never worked for any company thru an agency. Agency wahala is 3 much. Don' t bother urself madam ur permanent job is knocking.

  14. Believe you can do it girl, shed those fatz. Put all you've gat into it and dont look back

  15. LOL....Carrying your shopping back..I have done it too and almost passed out...Underestimated the weigght of stuff...My new project is the exercise ball...

  16. Sis, something better will come up. Keep your chin and spirits high. Nice grub

  17. Don't lie... your arms ached the next morning after carrying all that LOAD! Pele.

    Good luck with your dissertation!

    I am not a diet guru but I heard Atkins is not the best long term thing. You need carbs, you do! It also gives you bad breath...?

    Like LC said... weightwatchers is really good.

    Take care and have a nice week.

    P.S. It's good to stick to one scale. If it's your GP's scale, stay away from the one at home!

  18. CG- when are you going to update??

  19. I could not but laugh... imagining you with your 6L of water. The things we do to lose this weight. The weight did not come in a day, so slow and steady - a beg oh!

  20. Awww those annoying agencies eh? Don't worry girl, your better opportunities are coming your way.
    How's the dissertation coming on? How many words have you written now?

  21. If you want a job that bad, why don't you just ask me. I can hire you. I'm looking to hire someone to do my blog rounds. You interested?

    I've updated o...and I have a picture of me up there.

  22. Sounds like you are gonna have your hands full trying to find a suitable job, finishing a dissertation, and let's not forget losing weight. It will be all good. Best wishes.

  23. dont worry too much about the job..better things coming

    why are u suffering yourself carrying your shopping like that ah biko sofry o

  24. Hey Girl, Its only a matter of time before you find that job... Don't worry, everything will fall into place... I wish you all the best...

  25. @Azuka: I do the craziest things and have the most absurd ideas sometimes. (smile)

    @Simply Gorgeous: I'm about 168m dats abot 5ft 7 I think. Thanks for ur tips girl. I do try not to eat anything after 6pm but thought since its atkins, I could eat in small quantities anytime huh?

    @wienna: It wasnt anything spectacular. Just a mix of acceptable foods: cabbage, cucumber, boiled eggs, tinned fish, tomatoes, olives or whatever is available at home and on atkins acceptable foods list also. Tantalising hmmn? Thanks.

    @kemi: which one is LC and ketostik again? I am learning new terminology everyday. (smile) will send you an email. Thanks.

    @Boso: Thanks Bro: So I've been told. Not relenting at all in my efforts.

    @chameleon: thanks for the tips. I think buki mentioned wight watchers earlier. Will look out for their meetings in my area.

    @beyond: Thanks girl

    @mimi: thanks girl. No particular receipe, just a bed of cabbage and whole lot of other items thrown in: olives, tinned fish - mackarel, sardines, tuna etc, cucumber, tomatoes etc. see my reply to wienna's comment.

    @chioma: what happened to ur page girl? have you gotten ur blog back now? I would recommend you go for a course in Corporate Governance. There are certain uni's that offer a collaborative course so you kill 2birds with one stone and gain ICSA membership also at the end of ur course as well as a masters. Send me a Private mail and I'll enlighten you more or go to I was in the 2002abuja set too. But then, I'm only seeing ur nape and not ur face so not sure if I know you. (smile)

    @temmy: come over then and get it. dosent take long to throw some things together specially for you. (smile) I am so over with those agencies. Not relying on them at all anymore.


  26. @ugo: he he he, I beieve! I really do believe I can do it. Thanks.

    @uzo: Exercise ball huh? May ur steafastness ever remain. (smile)

    @ababoypart 2: Thanks. I am keeping it up - really high.

    @londonbuki: You know I really cant remember if my arms ached at all come to think of it. (smile) I am looking into going for a weightwatchers meeting around me ASAP. Will combine the two. Being knowledge about a lot of things never hurts.

    @simply gorgeopu: blog police!!

    @omara: slow and steady is my watchword till june that is when there must be not only perceiveable results, but visible results also.

    @favoured girl: Thanks girl for ur concern. Not up to 10 000 words yet I'm ashamed to say.

    @vera: yeye dey worry you. Me wey I dey look for person to help me do my own rounds, you want to offload urs on me!! Wipe that soot off ya face quick, quick!! We want to see d real vera.

    @butterflygirl: They are full indeed. HAve a wonderful easter weekend.

    @dami: I no no who send me oh!! LOL!!

    @Nyemoni: Thanks Girl!!

  27. i must know you! anyway will take a cool picture soon and reveal myself..I might as well since I am not anonymous.My url is now chiomamom.blogspot....didnt give me your address .pls send me a mail at, would really appreciate all the info. God bless


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