Sunday, April 29, 2007


My week has been uneventual as usual. I'm looking forward to this coming week. I know it has loads of good things in store for me.

As usual, I was perambulating Oxford Street which seems to becoming a favourite past time of mine. A good friend of mine called me and asked me to please do a favour for her. Her colleague was coming into town for a conference and didnt know his way around town since it was his first trip so could I please show him around the shops? I had met him before and he seemed an OK person and so was quite happy to oblige being the perambulator that I am. He was staying around my area and the plan was that we would meet at the nearest station and start our journey to the city from there. I spoke to him as I was leaving my home and he said he was with his colleague who was coming along also and they would meet me at the designated place as they were equally setting out then. One hour later, they still hadnt arrived. I told myself maybe they were still on the bus or something and decided to give them a call. No answer. Thirty more minutes, they still hadnt arrived. I was contemplating going back home. This kind of African Time was not being funny at all. I had other things I could have utilised with my time. I was contemplating going back home seriously now. Na me voolunteer to do ojoro work abi? I decided to call one more time before heading back home and this time he answered his mobile. He was full of apologies. Apparently, since the day was a sunday, they had been perambulating round their area looking for shops to buy travelcards and finding a shop that was open and sold travel cards also was a problem and they had only just found one and were heading down to meet me.

When they arrived, I laid out the options to them. Liverpool Street or Oxford Street. Knowing that if we went to Liverpool Street, we would end up spending the day there, and not be able to hit the West End, I decided to take them to Oxford Street and fash Liverpool Street Market. Since they were working in the corporate world, I suggested going to get work shirts first and suggested going to get some shirts from TM Lewin or Hawes and Curtis. We took the train to Picadilly Circus and headed down Jermyn Street. When we got there, they changed their minds and said they didnt really like the shirts there and one person said he wanted only white shirts since they had enough of white and blue shirts in their wardrobe at home. I was flaberwhelmed. Maybe they didnt like those kind of shirts or hadnt heard of them before and were looking for a nice and polite way of telling me I was taking them to the wrong shops so far?!?!?!?!

We got talking and I mentioned that Liverpool Street Market and it now rang a bell with one of them and he said his friends had told him about it that we should head down there. I looked at the time, it was almost 3.30pm and going to Liverpool Street would mean heading first to Bond street on a 10 minute bus ride traffic allowing to take the tube, the 15-20 minute train ride and then we'd probably get there about 4pm - 4.30pm if we were lucky and I was pretty certain the traders would be packing up and getting ready to leave if they hadnt done so by then and that would be the whole of the day wasted. It just didnt look feasible at all. I decided I didnt want to be around when they were doing their shopping as it would seem as if I was inducing them to get items they probably didnt want to get or would seem too expensive or was showing them round expensive shops only.

I then suggested showing them around the shops at the Marble Arch end of Oxford Street and we would just browse through and they could come back on their own during the week, knowing where to get items they wanted and doing their shopping on their own. They both jumped and fell for that. So we went into Next, Primark, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, and Mothercare. (I must go back to mothercare very soon as they were having this marvelous sales going on - up to 50% off adult clothing.) I got a couple of items from there but I must head back there soon.

I told them of course that if they wanted any pointers to anywhere or how to get any particular item during the week, all they had to do was give me a call and I'd be happy to point them in the right direction over the phone. Thank God we decided to browse instead cos one of their colleagues called not too long after and they were off to South to visit him. Was I being too hard on them? I think this is the last time I'll volunteer to show anyone the shops ever again. I'll simply write a list of shops to visit and a description of how to get there and point you off on your way. No more being Miss Nice.

I am going to weigh myself tomorrow. If there's any progress, you'll see my ticker move some more - I hope. I'm praying in my heart it dosent move in the opposite direction and I've gained instead of losing. I jumped on my friends scale some days ago when I spotted it in one corner of her house and it said I now weighed 87kg. I refuse to belive that! Tomorrow will tell.


  1. wow I am so thoroughly impressed, been visiting your site just to see your progress on the weight loss regime, I am so tempted to do it, but have no will to really be involved. I will just keep looking from the side lines I think.

    Good luck with it all, I am seriously routing for you.

  2. Some people are so ungrateful. The good things is, I'm sure, that you lost some weight while perambulating ...

  3. hope your ticker moves some more....but not in the opposite direction

  4. Great way to end an otherwise, would have been a bad outing...LOL!

    Keep doing dat weight thingy! U'll def. have cause to look in the mirror and smile SOON!

  5. @Azuka, my thoughts exactly!
    @CalabarGal, how come your ticker didn't move? Haven't you lost any weight yet? Come on girl, You can do it!

  6. Keeping your fingers cross with the ticker thingy.. good luck with that!ht

  7. Good luck with the ticker girl...

  8. Dyu know thats my job, taking people round to shop, and I HATE OXFORD CIRCUS,BOND STREET &MARBLE ARCH!'but wheneva any1 comes from naija which is always they always speed dial me and woe betide me to say no CG, they will finish me! I put my foot down to going to selfridges on boxing day! who wan die!
    Pele jare I feel your pain, good luck with the ticker,will check out for your progress

  9. flaberwhelmed - love that.

    TM Lewin - Well...

    I bet they had their minds set on Liverpool St.

  10. u even dey patient sef!to wait 4 dem that long...
    Liverpool street baby!4 d boys ...u were definetly taking them to d wrong store and they cudnt really come out to tell u dat "oh baby,dis wan no reach our pocket o"
    I no go lie o i don hit liverpool street couple time o

  11. I willnever go down that road.. I hate going shopping... much as less taking strangerstogo with me... I don't think theywere appreciative. One hour, no that is wrong, CG.

    I hope your reach your weight goal...

  12. My dear that was so unnecessary pele. Pls finding ones way around london aint that hard. Next time just tell them a list of good places to go and hand them a tube map. They prob wanted to go to liverpool st mkt but didnt want to appear cheap or something. The only time you need to take anyone anywhere in london is if the person is someone u want to spend time with or its a place not accesible with Public transport and you need to drive the person there.Plus they totally wasted your time..abeg no try am again.Anyway now i know who to call when I need someone to go ahopping with in london.:)

  13. LOL...Oi! Offering help backfired big time....

  14. Hey Calabar girl, Its my first time on ur blog and am really impressed. Am new to blogsville and doing some blog hopping trying to make some friends, hope u will be one.
    Its a coincidence! am also on a weight loss project now and am also inching towards my goal. Wish u all the best of luck cos i know how it is with the big D word-Discipline.
    Will drop by soon. Check my blog out and leave a comment, will u? Cheers.

  15.'re definitely a lot more patient than I am, everytime we had guests (and I mean these were people who actually stayed with us). I gave them directions and a map....oh and a ride to the train, hey people have things to do you know..

  16. hope your ticker moves to the right,to the right... ;-)oxford street with even london based pple is work...not to talk of naija pple...headache oh!!!

  17. @LOASCM: Dont stay on the sidelines. A little bit of fitness wont hurt. Summer is soming you knwo? (wink) (smile)

    @Azuka: I think I probably didnt take them to their kind of shops. They felt at very much at home when we stepped into Primark though. (smile) I didnt mind the perambulating cos its a form of working out in itself.

    @Chidi, Tayo, Naija Vixen: I got to the GP late and they were closed so havent weighed myself yet. I think I'll postpone it till Friday.

    @Ugo Daniels: I'll try. Cheers.

    @Akin, Nyemoni, Simply Gorgeous: I'll try. Cheers.

    @Cheeterah: I guess I enjoy taking people round the shops and I know in my heart this wont stop me taking the next person that asks me. If you hate the west end then whish part do you go shopping? Bluewater, Brentcross or Lakeside?

    @Ababoypart2: Well, they should have said so before we set out. I did mentionit to them and they did as if it didnt matter where we went to.

    @Pink Satin: LOL!!

    @Chioma: No problema t all. I dont mind shey its you? Any item you but for urself, you get to buy one for me too in matching colours. What are friends for? LOL!!

    @Uzo: LOL!! The positive side of that episode was that we didnt have to carry huge bags of shopping around and it was a relief moving about "light". (smile)

    @Princess: Thanks for stopping by my page. If you want access to my weight loss blog, let me have ur email and I'll send you an invitation. We can exchange tips et al. (smile)

    @9jamommy: LOL!!! Hubby says the same thing too.


  18. im sure ur ticker will move... ur walking breathing ketosis machine!

  19. I try not to linger in the west end when im alone,since im dea alot with shoppaholic, im kinda of a directory(very sad), I know where 2 go and the quickest way to get it and cut out, believe it or not sometimes I go to the Oracle,its nt in london ut I like it and its like home,spent 1year in that mall,lol!But I much rather go to covent garden anyday! esp during the week, less stress and errtin close. Lakeside! My friend's 2nd home!only eva go there when shez around so mayb 4x a year! Bluewater!once only! This comment isnt helping my class abi! sound like a waka about shopper!Lol!later girl!

  20. I second Chioma's comments- what nonsense! Dem no know say Time na money o!

  21. You tried o! You have the patience of a nun....

  22. kpele, at least no one can say you didnt try. I love shopping but honestly, when it comes down to shopping with ppl who can't make up their minds, I get irritated and begin to think of ways to ditch them.

  23. Thanks for the offer, the email addy is
    Expecting ur invite.

  24. You are nice oh! I would not have waited that long for them. Keep up the good work on the weightloss.

  25. Damn you for making me feel guilty about my you got me all motivated to whip my behind in shape. I don't even want to weigh my behind....i know i must have gained a good 10Lbs over the holidays..Hey, Perhaps we could work out a chubby club might not be a bad idea you, good luck with the weight loss thingy.

  26. He be like say i go make you my friend so that anytime iam in London with my footballers,they will have a good aunty to take them round.You are such a nice person,Londoners no get that kin time.Anyway,dont worry you will definately have burn some calories.Pele iya alanu

  27. i really hope ur weightloss is giving the results that u r looking for. it may at times not be as quick as we would like it to. but biy i am thankfull at evry weight in time that has even just 1 pound lessd than my last. it means 1 more pound closer to my goal. though right now it seems like i am lingering at this same weight n not loosing anymore.

    i would be definately interested in getting access to ur weight loss blog. who knows what pointers or light bulb moments i may be able to come away with.

    so if u would pls oblige me access.....

  28. Hey babes, 1st time on your blog. What a laugh! The thing with many first-timer naijas is that they come to the UK with ridiculous pocket money and want to shop the world. My friend came with £185 & she wanted perfume, jewellery(DKNY wrist-watch included, clothes, shoes and bags(DKNY) and she didn't even come with any bag/box.
    Maybe next time, u shld ask what sort of things they want and then advise them, 'oh in Jermyn street,u get good quality shirts from at least 30quid, in Next, u can get from about £20 quid but in Liverpool street, you can get 10 for £5(lol). Where do uwanna go?'
    Pls email me an invite to ur weight management blog

  29. @Chameleon, Omara, Tutsy: The ticker has vexed and refused to move for some time. (smile)

    @Cheeteerah: Covent Garden huh? I'll head out over ther eone of these days and have a look.

    @UK Naija, my talking beginnings, Mari: (smile) Since we didnt have to carry shopping bags full of purchases around, it was ok to me and less stressful.

    @Anijawife: Bring on your footballers. You know that footballers have heavy wallets and so they must be prepared to open it and dole out freely to 'aunty' whether they are underaged or not. (smile)

    @suburbannijamom: The weight loss seems to have stalled for sometime but I am not despairing. Sent you an invite.

    @Copido: I couldnt help but laugh at your friend. £185!! I'm sure it would just aboput buy the sizeable DKNY bag she had in mind and leave her no money for anything else. Poor her. Her designer dreams stalled. LOL!! Did she get monetary reimburesemet from home while she was here cos her £185 certainly couldnt have gone far at all. Will send you an invite.

  30. Come to think of it, i think the parents should be prosecuted, or what do you think?


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