Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wedding Webistes

Its been a quiet and almost uneventful week for me so far. I've not really got much to say apart from the fact that you guys must have seen my ticker move a little bit more. I have lost 5KG in three weeks! My last weigh in was on the 21st of March when I went to see the GP and weighed 90KG then. Last week, when I stopped by the GP's to get some prescriptions, I decided to step on the scale just for the fun of it to see if I was making any progress. Indeed it seems I had made very good progress. This welcome result is quite inspiring and is spuring me to be even more faithful to my eating plan. Come June, I'd like to see a new and rebranded "Calabar Gal" LOL!! I'm trying power walking now most evenings in the park near my house and when my legs allow, running 1 or 2 laps round the park near my house too.

This is going to be a short post as I've got to get back to work on my research. I would like to leave you with links to some wedding websites that were sent to me during the week:

Elizabeth and Victor
Charissa and Marshall
Theresa and Louis
Yetty and Debo

The Theme at the Festival of Light was "ALL WILL BE WELL". I would like to encourage each and everyone to believe God that all will be well indeed in every sphere of our individual lives.


  1. Will check them out asap! How you dey gal?

  2. hey,,, thx for visiting me bk, hope u enjoy my writings,

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    c ya

  3. awww...i really love d calabar couples' sites. The costumes r so wonderful. I've promised myself not to visit those kain sites again. They just make me so sad & emotional.

  4. sup love,, thanks for the website, let me go and peruse.. ur loosing wieght.,. go CG!

  5. Oh girl you are really doing well on the WL oh! I have not shifted a pound in 2 weeks though I can feel my clothes getting looser. Don't leave me behind.

  6. Ok I really need to shift that sort of weight and fast...if u keep it up..there might be nothing left of u.

    Oh thanks for the sites...i am a sucker for wedding

    Yeah FOL was fantastic...thanks for your words of encouragement.

  7. *shakes head and says-women adn weight loss, na wao!!!*

  8. Keep up the good work on the weight loss!!

  9. Keep up the good work on the weight loss!!

  10. about to ask if u've been talkin to my mom. See here.

    Congrats on loosing 5kgs...hope we get to see pictures.

  11. You lost 5KG? You go gal!!! I'll go check out the wedding sites. Did u see the video on my blog?

  12. Na wah for all this weight loss thingy sef ... calabar girl u wan tell me say u no dey chase bus or train for morning or nite ni? Cos na when I come London I dey always get my dose of exercise o.Anytime I come to london,I must loose nuthn less than 6Lbs sha ni ..still dont know how I do it sha ...

    Check out this link

  13. I'm happy for you. Set your goal, stick to it, and watch the results roll in. A healthy lifestyle leads to immeasurable wealth. I wish you success. Wedding websites? Hmn! Tempting! :)

  14. congrats on the weight loss!


  15. Keep up the good work, you sure do know how keep one glued to the scree.

    Stay blessed.

  16. Another webbie for u, Calabar girl


  17. Hi, Your blog is really interesting. I would like to talk to you about it vai email. Rest assured, I am no freak. Bless me Lord LOL. I am jourmalist scouting the web for interesting blog sites and your is intelligent, smart and witty. I like the one about Festival Of Life. Bless you.
    Feel free to drop me an email and my blogpage is:
    Remain blessed

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  19. @Nyemoni: Fine Girl - but busy.

    @Whiskey puzzler: OK

    @Wienna: Are you from CRS? LOL at the dresses making you emotional. Efik weddings are always colourful. You should get a blog you know? I think you are quite a character. (smile)

    @Bimbly Lads, Omara, Dimples, Princess, Jumoke, Chameleon: Hope there will be more improvement at the end of the month when I go back for another weigh in.

    @Ugo Daniels: LOL!! Men talk about their Biceps too. (smile)

    @Mari: Before and after pictures hmmn? I've taken the 'before' pictures. Waiting till june when I'l take the 'after' pictures too. (smile)

    @Vera: I did see the videos'. You guys sure had fun.

    @Naija Bloke: LOL at chasing train and buses in london. We are used to that as its the norm over here. I think th ebus drivers enjoy passenger running after the bus cos they'll be looking at you in their side mirror then just when you've run up to the door of the bus, they pull out of the busstop majestically leaving you breathless and angry.

    I saw the dog meat article ages ago. I even have a link to it in my March post - "Time Goes By".

    @Anonymous 1: I love them immensely. They keep me glued to the screen too. (smile)

    @Cherub: What is wrong with the link? Tried to have a look at the pics but they werent uploading.

    @Belinda: I didnt write anything spectacular about the Festival of Light. But feel free to drop me an email. My email address is in my profile page.

    @Diary of a G: WUP to you too. (Whatever that means) LOL!!!

  20. Congrats on the weight give only me the REAL secret ;-) i luvvd the calabar couple's website...teww luvly!i remember the film you were tryn to remember...Genevieve starred on a's called Last Party!hope u r havn a fab weekend?

  21. oooooooh wedding secret favorite delight...

  22. ur losing weight?..ahnn kul..weddin hmmh? may b i shud confess it so i can possess it..lolllllllll

  23. lovely new site here!


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