Saturday, May 19, 2007


I must admit my heart was in my mouth during the entire match. First Half gone, no goals. Second Half still no goals. Towards the 90th minute, I was nudging my blues team in my heart to please score cos if the Reds beat them to it, then that would be the end of our dreams but alas - as at full time it was still Chelsea - nil, Man U - nil.

Extra time and boy did I jump when Drogba shot home that goal. It was more than welcome. Chelsea has achieved the feat of being the last team to win the FA Cup at the Old Wembley Stadium as well as winning the very first Match at the New Wembley Stadium.



  1. What's this extreme fascination with everything Chelsea? I'm no Chelsea fan but us neutrals need to hear of something other than the latest jibes form Mourinho, Abrahamovic or even Mourinho's dog.. Well Chelsea won, but could have ended differently.. Guess my only question is that "Was the FA/ Carling cup double worth the $80M investment? At least Benitez has showed again that he has the measure of the "Special One"


    Watch a real team on Wednesday night ;)

  3. funny how the first thing these losers always come up with is how much money chelsea have spent. By that logic surely we would have win the quadruple, the La Liga and ther Bundesliga!!!! let's wait until the man u takeover fully kicks in, the liverpool takeover by the Thai king is complete and Arsenal also get sold to some rich Americans. I guess then we will have a level playing field again and Chelsea and our "Special One" will continue to rule. Can we kick it? Oh yes we can. Chelsea Rules.

    p.s-Man U- please ensure you keep the Premiership Cup in a safe place so we can find it easily when we come to pick it up next season.

  4. @Drjax: Ok. Slow down. So you are a liverpool fan huh? No worries. Just dont begrudge us the 80M we spent on our players. Was it worth the double? Of course it was. Watch out for the Blues next season and eat your hearts out! LOL!!

    @Boso: Will surely watch the match on Wednesday. I'm rooting for liverpool too. Watched last years match in turkey and cant wait for wednesday's match.

    @Yosh: you can pout all you want. We WON!! Lol!!

    @Temmy Tayo: Yes Girl! The Blues ROCK!! Lol!!

    "Man U- please ensure you keep the Premiership Cup in a safe place so we can find it easily when we come to pick it up next season."

    @Toks BOy: I support you o Jare. Thats exactly what I said on Olawunmi's blog when he and other Man U fans were rejoicing over their winning the premiership.

    I said they should enjoy their being champions while it lasts cos that cup is coming back to Stamford Bridge next season. LOL!!

  5. Yes Yes Yes. How many times did i say dat. HAteerz beware. Chelsea Rules!!! and will continue ruling. As per Man U. Watch out for another fireworks next season. It aint far again nah!

    Sorry guys, i was drunk since last nite. It was so sweet, even sweeter than...

    @calabargal, keep flyin da flag ya end. no long thing

  6. CG- Ican see you are a true soccer fanatic- do you have the matching sheets for chelsea also (smile)?

  7. Drogba deserved that goal..he's been fight so hard for that since the game started.Thumbs up to him!

    Well i don't like football,but i watched just coz i knew you were

  8. chelsea won the FA cup, but i dont think it was cos they were better. chelsea should thank peter chec and ferguson for that cup. chec for being outstanding and ferguson for so many mistakes. i think it would have been a disgrace if chelsea had not won with all the millions pumped into the team. i guess Mourinho should thank his stars drogba scored. all the same, chelsea won, but i dont think mourinho would keep his job

  9. Shioooooooooo.... (from a United fan) How you dey sha???

  10. OK OK Ok, No fighting plzzzzzzz!Am not much of a football fan except when Nigeria is playing.I dont have anything against chelsea winning espeially as it was Drogba that scored. I just love him! (Guys, eat ur hearts out!).
    Calabar girl, How u dey?

  11. Football=Dra...lolllll!!! Hi girl, congrats on your 5kg loss

  12. @ Toks I trust

    btw: hope to see you around calabargirl and am curious about your other blog - chronicles where is it gone?

  13. CG, no be only u oh.. i almost entered the sreen when drogba scored... we Deserved it my dear.

  14. @Ugo Daniels: YEs I will keep the flag flying this way. Lol.

    @Simply Gorgeous: No I dont have matching sheets - yet. Lol!!

    @Jaybabe: I'm glad you enjoye dthe match too. (smile)

    @An Ibo Dude's Corner: Why do do you guys begruge us our spending our players? Its not as if we're flaunting it in ur faces arewe? LOL!! Mourinho is staying!

    @Nyemoni: Jubilating!!! Lol!!

    @Princess: I'm fine Thanks.

    @Tminx: That 5kg loss was a long, long time ago. Its refused to budge anymore since then but I'm not giving up either.

    @pseudo-independent@ Its reader invite only. Full of boring stuff about my exercises and stuff I ingest. Want an invite? Send me your email address.

    @Excited Jade: Me too!! I was ecstatic! I even jumped up and shouted with all my strength and might, and hugged hubby with joy - even though he was supporting Man U. Lol!!

  15. Whatever men!!!!...boring game...can't wait to see Ac Milan beat Liverpool 2moro sha.

  16. one minute, calabar gal, the double? You think the Carling Cup rates as a trophy?

    For me, it's any team but chelsea.

  17. You guys dont be such sour losers. Chelsea won, rejoice with those who rejoice.

    Chelsea rules!

  18. What was really cool was the team that was beaten in this final...I am still fuming about the looked like sweet revenge...I am just a sore loser I guess


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