Tuesday, May 29, 2007


SolomonSydelle has written an article titled THE NIGERIAN PROCLAMATION . It expresses discontent about the recent election fiasco and the state of Nigerian affairs in general.

Today May 29th will be the first time Nigeria has witnessed the transition of power from one democratic administration to another. The recent elections were severely criticized for not being fair and free. We bloggers are unified in our disgust and disappointment with recent and ongoing political events.


  1. The elections may not have been 100% free but of the 3 top candidates I believe we have the best. If I had voted (I wasn't in the country then) I would have voted for Yaradua. He has a very clean record, he managed his state very well for 8 years and for the first time in the history of this country we have a university lecturer as president (not a mediocre soldier).

    This country is definitely going to turn around in the next 4 years. I expect well thought out economic and development policies from the new enlightened government we are putting in place.

    So folks please stop bad mouthing our country and stop singing the tunes of spoilers. what we need is the support of everyone.

  2. I also agree that we got the best of the three candidates, but how we arrived at those three is the issue. Nevertheless, there are some good signs.

    1. This is the first civilian to civilian transfer
    2. The president is educated.
    3. Barring a coup we will have the first transfer from a pure civilian (no military background) to another civilian.

  3. i support the nigerian proclamation as well...

  4. You know after I posted 2 comments on 'Timi-inspired' posts, my Mr reminded me about the swearing in taking place back home. I was silent and he noticed. My silence must have been driven by some guilt that i ( and my fav bloggers) apparently had IdolWA and couture on our to-blog-read(to-blog-on)list.

    I feel like one who dropped her dentures and up until then forgot she really had no teeth to smile with or about.

    Cheers to thoughtful you and SolomonSydelle.

  5. Even though i know the presidential elections were flawed, Yar Adua would still had won the other candidates (not by that large margin sha o) even in a free and fair election. but the fact is it was highly flawed and that is the crime

  6. Nigeria...well, our first attempt was a major flop. 1993 is still fresh in our political minds...If things were allowed to go as open as it should, free and fair, then I fear we are trying to return to '93 with the military taking over. I fear something like that may happen, again.

    So I've just learned to take what happened in this past election in good faith and hope things get mended before the next one and we can hope for a free and fair election, with little or nothing to worry about unleashing chaos...If that was what it took for us to not go through another gory election, so be it!

  7. Hello - very nice idea but Nigeria will be better. Yaradua has noted the failings in the process that produced him and has promised to address it. Great post and God bless

  8. The proclamation is a good thing,and it certainly got noticed (BBC) Goodluck with the weightloss too babes.

  9. Funny i just finished venting about whole Nigeria/Democracy situation on Naijabloke's blog. I am certainly in favor of the Proclamation....

    I guess i would be lying if i said i'm looking forward to something great in this new regime...probably would be the same ol' B.S if not worse....Guess we have to stick around and see if i'm right or not.


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