Saturday, June 30, 2007

Modelling isnt easy

This video was sent to me via email and couldnt help sharing. Hilarious!! Highlights one of the several travails models go through to make it on the catwalk. Watch the video HERE.

Countdown to First Race - Day 1

I did my final training run yesterday. It was so and so. Didnt feel like running on the streets since everywhere was so wet so I went to the park where I first began to run. It was ok but could have been better. Each lap round the park took me about 7 minutes but I must confess that I didnt complete each lap without stopping. I just dont know what happened. Went 5 more laps round the park with periods of rest in between the laps doing 10 - 20 tricep dips on the park bench . Decided not to push my luck and stress my body too much and finally left the park after an hour.

I am resting today and will be back tomorrow or on Monday to tell how the race went. Although today, I couldnt resist playing with my dumbells and doing a couple of crunches and situps just to get my metabolism going for the day. Just checked the Aasics British 5k website and the news there is that the race will still hold despite the high level of alert in Central London due to the car bombs that were found in Picadilly and Park Lane yesterday.

Trying to get everything I need for tomorrow in place.
Race Trousers - Check
Race Vest - Check
Socks + Running Shoes - Check
Race Number + Safety Pins - Check
Water bottles - Check
Camera & Batteries - Check
Umbrella in case of heavy downpour - Check

The love of my life is coming with me as well as my running partner who refused to enter the race with me to cheer me on. Maybe this race will inspire her to run the other 3 races I have entered into this year with me but whether we will drive into the city is still to be determined due to the high level of security there right now. He is going to be my official paparazzi and will be on 'pap duty' all morning. LOL!! I am so apprehensive and excited at the same time.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Buki!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUKI!!! Wishing you many, many more happy years ahead!! Your zeal, determination and focus has been an inspiration to a whole lot of us and we all pray that God will grant you the grace and wisdon to live each day in his will. May you and yours be forever covered under the shadow of God's loving wings. Remain Blessed. Cheers.


Woke up on time and we went for our run on time. We ran bouts of 5 - 8 minutes each time and made it to the finishing line of our 5km route in 63 minutes. I'm glad we went today. It was good.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Countdown to First Race - Day 4

My intention was to go for an early run today at about 5.30am - 6am since I couldnt run yesterday and it became my day of rest. Woke up at 5am, looked at my watch and figured I had about 30 more minutes to nip and the next thing I knew, it was 2 hours later. Running shelved.

Went powerwalking in the evening instead. Mapped out a 10km route thanks to runlondon and set off. The journey took about 2hrs, 40 minutes with a 10 minute stop at Argos to get some rechargeable batteries for my mp3 and another 10-15 minute pit stop at my friends place at the 6km mark.

At the 8km mark, my speed slowed down a bit cos I was getting tired but trudged on till the end. My body feels ok right now, just that my thighs hurt a little bit but I'm sure I'll be ok tomorrow. I intend to run tomorrow and on friday too unfailingly - if only I can wake up at the right time and stay awake too. LOL!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Countdown to First Race - Day 5

Thanks to Abimars who sent me an email and I got several useful links from her page. Amongst them one link detailing a training plan for those who want to progress from sitting on the couch to running a 5k race. Its called Couch25k. There are loads of podcasts too you can download to listen to while running. Downloaded all the podcasts and anyone who is interested can go there too and have a look.

There's this group of ladies I run with and yesterday was so wet, I almost didnt go. Decided to go in the end since I had promised myself that I would run on Monday and Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, run again on Thursday and Friday and rest on Saturday in preparation for my big day on Sunday. Big Day ke?!?!?! It shouldnt last more than an hour! LOL!!

We started well and I kept to my own pace and didnt mind others. Come to think of it, I think the fast runners didnt turn up. About 10 minutes into the race, I started feeling some pain on the front muscles between my knee and my ankle (forgotten what they are called) and had to walk a bit. Tried to ignore the pain and run a bit more but it wasnt pleasant and the trainer soon came to run with me and asked what the matter was and told me to take it easy. In my mind I was like, I simply cant afford to be injured at this time! How can I pull out of the races I have looked forward to running so much? While she was running beside me, the pain went away a bit cos we were talking to each other and running and she mentioned that it could be a shin or ankle injury and I could go and see a doctor or physiotherapist to be sure. Maybe my problem is I havent any one to talk to while I run or what? LOL!! Spoilt Brat!

I made it to the finish line eventually in about 50 - 55 minutes I think did my stretches then set out on my journey back home. The pain had gone away by the time I got back home. Did my home work outs and took painkillers.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Accent Training

Both Accent reduction books have arrived and I am still contemplating whether to keep both of them or return one. My friend and I listened to both Audio CD's yesterday and we were giggling to ourselves as we repeated the words and sentences after each sentence. We have to be more focused than that if we are to make any headway innit?
I read all your comments in my previous post and couldnt help laughing. To answer all your questions - No, I do not have a 'calabar' accent. Infact, I am rather proud of the foundation I was given and I'm sure there is no hint or trace of all those famous 'Gringory' and 'Akpan' accents you guys hear all the time in TV comedies in my own accent.

I just want to improve my diction, pronunciation and phonetics a little bit. Life is all about improving one's self isnt it? LOL!! Anyway, I got this accent reduction idea from one 'SILVERBIRD BABE' like that whom majority of you know very well. I read her post last summer when I joined blogville and didnt think anything of it or about doing the same thing but earlier on this month began to dwell seriously on the possibility of improving my speech. How successful I will be, only time will tell.

Want to know who she is? Check out her posts HERE and HERE.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fathers Day

Fathers Day has come and gone. Happy Fathers day to all the men in blogville and all the fathers out there. You are all greatly appreciated. For me, fathers day was spent hitting the shops .......... getting a present for my man. He is afterall going to be the father of my kids so I figured we might as well start celebrating fathers day together early. I had planned to take him out but he was busy trying to meet his deadline (as usual) so I headed off to the shops to buy some presents for him. Being the naughty girl that I am, I decided on getting him some aftershave and fragrances - but only those that came with free gifts attached so I could get something on the side and more value for my money too. LOL!!

My race pack for my July 1st race arrived today. The days draw closer and all of the sudden, there never seems to be enough hours in any one day for me to train. Am I becoming boring? All I seem to be talking about nowadays seems to be my upcoming raceor my weight loss. Talking about my weight loss - my body is STUBBORN!! Ah ah!! Since April, the silly weight has been yoyoing steadfastly between 85kg and 88kg. Lord!! I look forward to going below the 85kg mark and maybe I'll throw a party when I finally hit that mark. That will be the day!

I'll share a bit of the purchases I have made lately with you guys. 3kg, 2kg and 1kg Dumbells and 0.5kg Ankle and Hand Weights:

Personally, Methinks I am becoming a little bit vain. These ones arrived today:

I'm loving this exercise book. The exercises are illustrated vividly and I'm hoping they'll work wonders if only I'll be steadfast. I'm loving it though. And this one too:

This is my vain side rearing its head. I was hoping for an audio book but the audio CD seems to conatin only audio exercises for each chapter in the book. Lets see how it goes. If I dont like it enough, may send it back to the seller before the return window closes.

I'm still expecting these purchases below. Maybe they'll arrive in the post tomorrow or during the week as they were ordered from the same suppliers. The purchases I'm still expecting are:

Will keep you guys posted when they arrive and if I'm making good use of them. Do have a lovely week ahead folks.
P.S :- The remaining purchases I was expecting are now firmly in my possession.

Friday, June 15, 2007


This picture greeted my eyes when I opened the papers two days ago. A naked bike protest through london's city centre! Why, oh Why, didnt I hear about it? I sure would have gone to feed my eyes! LOL!! Apparently, the naked cyclists, some sporting strategically-placed body paint, had toured the streets of London and other cities around the world on Saturday to protest oil dependency and the car culture. It made me think - If I had known about the protest? Would I have had the liver to join the protest and been a part of it? What about you?

I often look at the pictures of art like the one below created by the now famous photographer (his name fails me) who assembles volunteers in various cites and gets them to 'sit', 'stand', 'bend' or 'lie' for his pictures. Would I have had the liver to join them? Just for the fun of it? Maybe someday - if I get to hear about it on time?!?!?!! Lol!

I cant believe the first round of Blogville contest is over and I missed out. I had enough advance notice about it but believe me, I have been pretty busy since this week begun, and didnt have the time to check up on the contestants until now. Unforgiveable I know. My friend listened in on my behalf and she was telling me how funny and lovely ONB sounded as well as the other contestants. Must watch out for the second round this time.

I'm still training. What else has been happening to me? Good Things though. I'm still alive and my husband still loves me. (Dry?!?!?!) LOL!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Pheww!! At long last, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My dissertation done with and submitted on time on Wednesday. I have promised myself that I'm not going to undertake any more research based studies for sometime. Exam based studies, I dont mind that much but research based seems to be so tasking. I'm just so glad its all over now. But thats not the end of studying - I still have to practice Microsoft Office Programs and Outlook to horn my office skills and enhance my employability. Got some assesments coming up pretty soon.

Walking through the supermarket, I looked mournfully at all those biscuits, chocolates, cakes and a variety of various goodies displayed on the shelves that are beyond my reach right now. And to think that they were mostly on reduced prices! I was just thinking to myself - all these stick thin celebrities probably dont get to enjoy all these things like me now cos they're always on one diet or the other to maintain their 8-10 stone weight and to test my veneer, I strolled mournfully down the chocolates and biscuits aisle looking longingly at all the goodies displayed there that I couldnt have and made it to the end of the ailse and out of the supermarket without picking any. LOL!!

Thanks for all your advice on my previous post. My face is back to normal now and I'm getting specialist advice on what products to use. I have joined a running club too and running more now. The days are ticking fast and its only 21 more days until my first race. Wish me luck!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Disastrous Beauty Regimes

There comes a time in a ladies life when she realises that her biological clock is ticking and certain things may start heading 'south' pretty soon as well as get wrinkly in certain places. Well, that was how I've been feeling these past few weeks. I resolved to myself to stop being more of an 'I dont care' person and take better care of my self and my 'bits' so that when I hit my 'forties' and above, I'd give the teenager a run for their money and pass for twenty years younger.

So off I went to the shops to get some bodycare products. I got some Foaming Facial Cleanser, Apricot Scrub, Hydra + Cleanser, soft peeling gentle exfoliating cream bar and daily Facials lathering clothes with a firm resolve not to forget to use them daily. Yes I confess I am not really a girly girl and on past occassions, such items have remained in my cupboard for months without remembering to use them. From now on, it would be different I told myself.

The reason why I am telling this story is that just 2 days after I had started making good use of the above items, my entire face - specifically my cheeks and chin have broken out in scales. My cheeks are 'burnt' and terribly rough and no matter how much cream I apply, the cream soon dries up and the scales and rough burnt patches appear more vividly. The problem is I dont even know exactly which of the items mentioned above is the culprit for this misfeasance. So much for trying to look twenty years younger and being a girly girl. Its turned out to be a BEAUTY DISASTER! I will now have to get a really good moisturizer and hope the scales will go away ASAP, then try to work out which of them caused it so I can stop using it and continue with the beauty regime with the rest.

My ticker hasnt moved ever since its first slide on the 13th of April cos my weight hasnt gone past what you see above for the past 7 weeks. But my diet buddies have encouraged me that I may be loosing inches even though the weight isnt really faling off drastically yet and indeed I have discovered this to be true. There's this pin striped jacket that I loved so much but had to move it to the bottom of my wardrobe cos my arms were too fat and strained against the fabric quite obviously making wearing it anymore an impossibility. Even trying to wear the Jacket with a sleeveless top didnt resolve my dilema - my arms still wouldnt go through the sleeves of the jacket. Well, I am happy to announce that this jacket has been resurrected once again as it seems I have lost several inches in certain places as well as some flab off my arms. I wore the jacket on sunday to a christening and there was so much flab gone from my arms that I even wore a fitted long sleeved shirt beneath the jacket. (This is a jacket I couldnt even wear with a sleeveless top or shirt previously) HOORAY!!!

So to keep up this flab burning regime, I have taken up running. I found a running partner on GUMTREE or she found me rather and we've been running together at least 3 times a week. Our stamina and endurance is improving and we have both graduated from barely being able to run a 2 minutes stretch without collapsing to running for about 10 minutes or more non stop although I must confess that sometimes, there are days that our bodies scream out horribly in pain. Inspired by the FIT ladies, Buki whose fitness diary I have been following keenly for the past year as well as her running partner Vickii, I've also registered for three 5KM races - Women London Run, Race for Life in July, the Hydro Active Race as well as the 8 KM R4W Race in September too. So this summer, I wont be cheering them -Vickii and Buki as well as other runners on from my sofa but will be participating in the races myself! I have declared WAR on that remaining 15KG. It must drop off by hook or crook. LOL!!