Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Accent Training

Both Accent reduction books have arrived and I am still contemplating whether to keep both of them or return one. My friend and I listened to both Audio CD's yesterday and we were giggling to ourselves as we repeated the words and sentences after each sentence. We have to be more focused than that if we are to make any headway innit?
I read all your comments in my previous post and couldnt help laughing. To answer all your questions - No, I do not have a 'calabar' accent. Infact, I am rather proud of the foundation I was given and I'm sure there is no hint or trace of all those famous 'Gringory' and 'Akpan' accents you guys hear all the time in TV comedies in my own accent.

I just want to improve my diction, pronunciation and phonetics a little bit. Life is all about improving one's self isnt it? LOL!! Anyway, I got this accent reduction idea from one 'SILVERBIRD BABE' like that whom majority of you know very well. I read her post last summer when I joined blogville and didnt think anything of it or about doing the same thing but earlier on this month began to dwell seriously on the possibility of improving my speech. How successful I will be, only time will tell.

Want to know who she is? Check out her posts HERE and HERE.


  1. Still... very interesting... :-)

  2. well, I don't think I need any accent training, I like my Nigerian Accent lol...

    but I think I need you to check my blog, see the concluding part of crush; CRUSH - 2


  3. You gotta be kidding me, right?

  4. OK o! So u wan de use pho-neh wound us, shey? God de...

  5. wow... this is something ive never heard of... good on you though.. and yes youre right it is all about self-improvement.. i need to learn french and get a 6-pack... and the rest of my life shoul fall into place.. lol

  6. Na wa o. I'm proud of my naija accent, however, these oyinbo people dey always ask me to repeat myself sha.....

  7. lol....should get some of these

  8. @boso lol

    awwh its good that u wanna better ur self. But cant u just watch Jon Snow on 4 or better still, listen to the!

  9. reminds me of the movie Singing in the Rain... where the guy tries to change the girls accent and all that... interesting... accents have never been a problem for me.. i change mines just cuz it amuses me to do so... but i truly wonder if the motivation to change it is all about self improvement..

    well let us know how it goes...

  10. men, i love my accent o.
    When i switch it on, my classmates know that I am no longer in play mode. I MEAN BEESNEZZ!!!!

  11. I've been seriously thinking about changing my accent o. I mean when am with friends and very relaxed am totally Nigerian, the moment I am with people am not comfortable with, it starts with a lot of "eh" and suddenly all my sentences are questions (Canadian accent extraordinaire).
    If you're thinking of changing your accent, send back the tapes, go Sidney Poitier style, find an actress whose accent you love so much, watch her movies and repeat after her. Do that for three months, in no time you'll sound like her :)*na d cheap way be that o*

  12. hey pple,the contestants have sung their rock songs...pls listen to them via our voice player and vote for ur favorite.and pls leave us a comment.tanx

  13. i couldve sworn i left a comment here before...anyways madam oya update

  14. Hilarious.
    I'm a little curious about the details in those books but I leave them for you to read and inform us on that.
    Wouldn't trade my accent for anything and no it's not tied to any tribe what so ever. I make a conscious effort to speak clearly cos I hate hearing the "pardon me?" line from a listener. Then again I sensed people dig hearing me speak cos once upon a time,I flaunted it (repeatedly)as the only african in a class of 254.

    Gosh I'm soo glad you don't have an Idiakpon

  15. i bought
    'accent reduciton made easy by jane welbourn' in dec 06 from barnes & noble after reading adaure's post...

    like u said.. life is all about improving urself..

    could not get thru the first cd... it is BORING...
    maybe i will try ur cd...
    nice post

  16. mamarita.. which kind of advise is this? lmao.. dont mind mamarita oh calabargal.. ever since i kne wthis girl.. wetin dey no dey commot for her mouth oh.. shes always speaking queens english.. she wants to opress those of us who are walkin around wth our azzents... yeye girl.. lol

  17. my sister, i still have my naija accent- you know the "cant tell what tribe" accent. In a million years, i will never try to adjust it at alllll! Its gotten me jobs, and one time, I did a presentation at work and my oyibo ogas kept ooing and aaing my "unplaceable accent" and it led to me being selected for a TV gig.

    So if you dont have an overwhelming ette accent, then mfna iduge- Shebi thats how they say no probs in Efik?

    cheers- luv ya blog

  18. Ooops... I never knew there are books for people who want to "funkrize" their accent.
    For me I do not think changing ones accent is necessary, all you need to do is to pronounce your words clearly and talk slowly.
    My friend was telling me about a certain politician who came to campaign in the US before the last Nigerian election, he had everybody laughing, I guess he thought his jokes and speech was that interesting, but they were actually laughing at the "American accent" he was trying to imitate in front of a Nigerian crowd.


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